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Les Misérables smut community. Home of the Les Mis kink meme. The rules: don't be an asshole, warnings are a good thing, follow the kink meme rules when on the kink meme, don't post off-topic. On-topic consists of (1) kink meme-related posts that serve some sort of general use, such as the fill post and the friending meme; (2) sexually explicit fanart and fanfiction. Anything else, including non-explicit fanworks, will get taken down.

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(RPF for non-historical figures isn't allowed on makinghugospin. Bellykink/stuffing/weight gain and J/VJ omegaverse/breeding/lactation kink are totally allowed, but if you're going to be posting a lot of them you might be better served on the specialized kinkmemes.)
absinthe-fuddled fearless leaders, alcohol as plot device, amorous frenchmen, avoiding the english clap, besmirching literature, buying fantine, candlesticks in uncomfortable places, crack-headed pairings, debauching barricade boys, does sister simplice lie in bed?, enjolras tied up, frenchboy orgies, gavroche shota, i have come to sleep with you, inappropriate flagpole jokes, javert's "nightstick", javert's nightstick, knifefucking, les miserables, making victor hugo spin, not g-rated fic, rum sodomy and the slash, sadistic dandies, subtext/buttsex otp, the flag of freedom, toulon prison sex, tricolour sash bondage, unapologetically filthy smut, unhygienic uses of canes, wands of copulation

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