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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 8
and I am winterborn
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
Since LJ seems to have finally capitulated to the Russian government and is now subject to Russian anti-obscenity laws, I'm not going to take a chance on sudden deletions. The Les Mis kinkmeme now lives at https://lesmiskinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/. (Round 8 here.) Everything has been backed up there. The LJ kinkmeme will stay up, but is now closed to new comments.

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Fill 9b/10

Enjolras is talking again. Talking about something. It’s probably important, but Grantaire doesn’t have to listen. Doesn’t have to argue, or worry, or do anything but this. There’s nothing he can do except start twisting his two fingers inside himself and enjoy the weight of Enjolras’ boot on him and know that he’s in his place.

He can pick out a few words, though. Words like “freedom,” and “equality,” and “the inherent dignity of man,” beautiful in Enjolras’ perfect mouth as he digs his heel into Grantaire’s back.

Grantaire is there on the floor for a while, fingering himself open thoroughly, trying to avoid his prostate so he doesn’t get any harder than he already is—if that were possible. He loses track of how long, but it feels like a while, enough that he’s very conscious of how sore his knees are. Eventually, Enjolras removes his boot.

“Up,” he orders, undoing his pants just enough that his cock is exposed. That—him being clothed while Grantaire is naked—is just another welcome reminder of how owned Grantaire is.

Enjolras takes a firm hold of Grantaire, guiding him down to sit, straddling Enjolras’ narrower hips, pushing him down, down, down until he’s fully seated on Enjolras’ cock.

He gets a moment to adjust, then, groaning at the pleasurable fullness, and then starts to slightly rock up, bracing his feet against the floor to allow himself to move. He looks down, embarassed at the weight of the stares on him, but Enjolras fists his hair, forces him to look up.

“Watch them watch you,” he orders. “I let them have you, but you’re mine. You’ll always be mine. The only cock you need is mine. Show them all. Show them you’re my own boy.”

Grantaire is gasping, letting out little keening moans as he rocks back and forth on Enjolras’ cock. Enjolras bites savagely into his neck and shoulders, leaving the imprints of his teeth behind. No doubt there will be bruises in the morning, another way Enjolras is laying claim to him.

“Look at you,” Enjolras practically croons into his ear. “Look at you sobbing and gasping for me. Look at how desperate you are to fuck yourself on me. How badly you need to be filled.”

Grantaire is almost sobbing, moving up and down as much as he can while Enjolras’ hands balance him, control him, while all their friends are watching, gazes hungry or content or both.

“Show them all,” Enjolras whispers, breath hot against his ear. “Come for me, spill all over yourself without a hand on your worthless cock. Show them all you don’t need to be touched to get off because the only part of you that’s good for anything is your needy little hole.”

Grantaire’s hips stutter, his body clenches, and Enjolras arches off the chair, driving upwards to thrust into him as he bites down on Grantaire’s ear. Grantaire’s body goes boneless as he comes, his vision whiting out. His head falls back onto Enjolras’ shoulder, and he can feel Enjolras holding him, still fucking up into his pliant body, until he growls and comes as well, and all through it their friends are watching.
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Re: Fill 9b/10

holy shit how does this fill gets better with every part. just HOW? anon, i am in awe
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Re: Fill 9b/10

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Fill 10/10

Grantaire is eased onto the floor afterwards. Enjolras murmurs into his ear, “I can’t hold you up, R, so I’m going to set you down, all right? I’m coming right with you. I promise, I’m not going anywhere.”

He manages to nod, but it’s an effort. Everything is an effort. He is exhausted, and the world has gone hazy. But Enjolras is holding him. Enjolras’ arms are around him.

Grantaire is dazed and sore and happy.

“And now?” Combeferre asks.

“R?” Enjolras asks gently. “What do you need from our friends?”

“No more,” Grantaire mumbles. “Tired.”

Enjolras laughs. “I think you’ve worn them out as well. I just mean- would you like them to stay for aftercare, or should that just be the two of us?”

“Just you.”

“But you’re all right?” Jehan asks, the profound concern in his voice so different from his harsh words of earlier.

“I’m good,” Grantaire manages to say. “Tired. Happy. Fucked senseless.” He smiles. “When can we do it again?”

Everyone laughs at that.

“Soon,” Enjolras promises. “Maybe next time I’ll tie you over the table, make you stay nice and still while every one of them fucks your sweet throat. Maybe next time, once won’t be enough- I’ll let them all have a turn at you, and when they’re finished I’ll let them take a break. But not you, because you’ll be taking a good hard beating from me on your lovely ass, until they’re ready for another round with your slutty mouth.”

Grantaire groans. “Ange, stop. You’ll get me all turned on.”

Enjolras kisses his forehead. “I aim to please.”

They stay like that for a while, Enjolras sitting on the floor with Grantaire lying half in his arms, half on his lap. Some of their friends head out- Feuilly has work, and Joly and Bossuet have to get home to entertain their mistress. Combeferre and Courfeyrac, as is their habit, have fallen into friendly debate. Jehan is saying something to Bahorel.

Grantaire is rather insensible to it all. Enjolras has him, safe and sound. Enjolras has his strong arms around him, and he’s pressing gentle kisses to Grantaire’s temple and then murmuring gently in his ear, “You’re mine, ‘Aire. No matter who you touch, who you please, you’ll always belong to me.”

Grantaire is drifting, pleasantly lost in a haze, sore and hurting and high and yet grounded by Enjolras’ touch.

Later Enjolras will carefully help him dress and support him while they get home. He’ll get Grantaire water and food and tuck him into bed. He’ll tell him again and again how good he was and make sure none of his bruises or marks are real injuries.

But for right now, Grantaire doesn’t need that, doesn’t need to be carefully brought back to reality. Enjolras will help him with that, when he needs it. But for right now, he’s here. He’s been used—he’s been useful. He’s been taken and hurt and degraded in all the most filthy, perfect ways possible, and now he’s back with Enjolras, back where he belongs. Back with the wonderful man he belongs to.

“What are you thinking?” Enjolras asks softly.

“Just. That I’m happy. I’m yours.”

“All mine. Mine to play with. Mine to use. Mine to share. But you’ll always come back to me.’

Grantaire hums happily and closes his eyes, relaxing into Enjolras’ arms.
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Re: Fill 10/10

Author!anon, can I like send you flowers or something? You are amazing and this whole thing is so perfect and beautiful.
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Re: Fill 10/10

op here. can i just say thank you? this whole fill is incredible.
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