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Spin, Hugo, spin!

making Victor Hugo turn in his grave since 1885

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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 8
and I am winterborn
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
Since LJ seems to have finally capitulated to the Russian government and is now subject to Russian anti-obscenity laws, I'm not going to take a chance on sudden deletions. The Les Mis kinkmeme now lives at https://lesmiskinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/. (Round 8 here.) Everything has been backed up there. The LJ kinkmeme will stay up, but is now closed to new comments.

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Valvert, soldier coming home

Javert's a soldier returning from the war and surprises Jean. As much behind the back plotting and public surprise ad possible please.

Plus 1 I'd like it if jean was a teacher and his students hadn't even considered he was gay untill the reveal.
Plus 2 Quastvert prefered
(Frozen) (Thread)

Fill: (Valvert, soldier coming home, Modern!AU) - Part 1/5

I couldn't pass it up. This was too beautiful. I tried to work in your pluses, but while I did manage one, I am not so sure about about this being Quast!vert


Javert doesn't have high hopes when he logs into his Skype account on the community computer at the base that he is going to speak with either member of his family. Jean is most likely at school while their adopted daughter Cosette should be at university and in a lecture. That is the defining word though - should. Her skype account says she is available though and so he writes her:

>Shouldn't you be in a lecture?<

It takes just a moment before back comes:

>PAPA!!!!!! Can u wait a sec.<

>Until what?< Javert writes back, but she doesn't answer back. He is just about to write Jean a message, when a video call comes in. It's Cosette and he answers it, heart warming at the thought of his daughter.

The connection isn't good, but it is good enough for Javert to make out his beautiful daughter's smile. Behind her are shelves he doesn't recognise, but they almost look like a broom cabinet. Deciding not to ask if she broke into that space so she could have a few minutes alone with him, he asks as soon as the connection stands: "How are you?"

Cosette looks healthy enough, cheeks slightly reddened and hair full, but arranged into a bun with a pencil through it so it is out of her face: "Fantastic - it is so good to hear from you. Not that we have been worried, but it is so difficult to talk to you. And it's good to see you. You have been in the sun a lot - seriously, have you looked into a mirror?"

"Yes, just this morning - I still need to shave," he answers and Cosette rolls her eyes: "I'm not sure daddy will recognise you at this rate. His holidays start in two weeks so you might be able to talk then, but right now- it's difficult."

"His new class?" Javert asks. He leans back into the chair, his fingers fiddling slightly with the envelope in front of his. Taking a quick look at the clock, it shows he still got close to ten minutes on the computer.

"Yes, he adores them - what else? Even though they seem to be mostly bratty teenagers. God, I don't want to know how I was like when I was fourteen or fifteen."

"You were definitely worth the trouble," Javert remarks. He does mean it though there never has been much trouble with Cosette and she knows it.

Cosette tilts her head. Suddenly her posture tenses and though the connection doesn't enable him to see the worry lines on her forehead, he knows them to be there. When she asks if he is alright, her voice has dropped slightly in pitch and has becomes more mature, somehow more like the grown up that she is.

He opens his mouth, then closes it. Somehow he hasn't anticipated that this might be so difficult, so strange to get past his lips after nearly a year of service away from his family. He opens his mouth again and when he speaks, his voice is rough: "I'm coming home."

Cosette screams in delight, then muffles herself before again squicking, apparently not being able to find any words. The door to the broom cabinet opens and Javert can see Marius enter, who closes the door behind him and then asks Cosette: "What's going on, darling?"

"Papa's coming home," Cosette nearly sobs and points to the screen.

Marius apparently doesn't quite know what to do next, but the gives Javert a court nod and a 'That's good to hear, Sir', before squatting down next to Cosette and hugging her tightly. Cosette simply hugs back, now clearly sobbing.

It leaves Marius and Javert both at loss with each other. When he had left for his deployment he had barely known the young man, just that he was Cosette's boyfriend, which she intended to keep - so no shovel-talk, papa - and who was more than a little nervous in his presence.

(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

Fill: (Valvert, soldier coming home, Modern!AU) - Part 2/5

Marius gives Cosette a peck on the head and then asks: "When are you arriving in Paris, Sir?"

"In five days a transport leaves in the evening. We will have a short stopover somewhere in Germany because it will be ambulance service, but we hope to be in Paris in the early morning hours of Friday."

"Cosette and I can pick you up. We haven't got classes on Friday, just a meeting at the café in the evening ."

Javert knows about Cosette's awareness campaigns and protests, especially since she has joined a student's group working from the basement of the café, which name he tends to forget. Though he doesn't agree with all of them and finds their leader a bit of a hardliner, he cannot blame her for taking an active role in society. As long as it remains legal, he is fine with it.

He is just about to say something, when Cosette suddenly perks, brushing away her tears with Marius' sleeve: "Sorry, it's just fantastic news. I cannot wait to tell dad."

"I want to surprise him and tell him myself that I am coming home," Javert says softly.

"I don't think you will be able to tell him that in person," Cosette says, now back to being practical. "He is busy with his class, especially this short before the holidays. And you are going to be busy too."

"That's right," he amends, but he still thinks this to be something he needs to tell Jean personally.

Cosette suddenly perks up and says: "Dad doesn't have long school on Friday either so he is just there for four periods I think. How about you meet him beforehand and while he is off to school you unpack before you are getting a lovely welcome back party at the café."

As soon as she sees his reaction at the words party, she adds: "Don't worry, just the family and Marius. We will just go and eat something nice before you and dad go back home and make up for lost time."

Somehow Javert has got the feeling, Cosette isn't as innocent anymore as he believed her to be, especially when she gives him an over the top wink. But she looks happy now and he hopes it's going to stay that way. She also beginning to just chat ahead, organising the things which need to be done out loud and he puts a gentle stop to it as he says: "It sounds like a good idea. Can I leave it in your hands? My time at the computer is nearly up."

"Sure, I will give you one last update just before you come over. Maybe you can give us a heads-up when you are in Germany. Or in Paris - really either is fine. Marius and I are going to pick you up. Or maybe only Marius-" at this Marius gives her a horrified stare. Cosette stares right back, brows furrowed and though she is still talking to Javert, she is also addressing Marius: "I won't be able to make a good excuse for being away and you know I cannot lie to dad."

Marius simply nods before glancing at the computer screen. Javert thinks about glowering at him only for the fun of it, but he isn't sure if Cosette is going to give him one of her stern lectures about not scaring her boyfriend.

"It's okay," Javert says, mostly directed at his daughter, but also at her boyfriend: "I don't mind Marius picking me up. It's fine."

Javert says his goodbyes and Cosette responds, clearly excited to have her dad back. When the screen turns dark after they have ended the conversation, it takes him some time to log out. Even when he logs out of his account, he does so slowly. His gaze travels to the envelope, which lies on the table and is his reason for getting home.
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

Fill: (Valvert, soldier coming home, Modern!AU) - Part 3/5

Five days pass quickly and even more so when the officer taking over from him arrives. Javert spends more time in meetings, talking with the new officers and organising the smooth transition. It's a surprise when Thursday rolls around and he finds himself on a transport to the airport, somehow having managed to pack his things in the last minute. In his pocket his hand curls around the envelope as they enter air field. Finally he spends his last minutes under the setting, hot desert sun. The men travelling with him pass him and he cannot help but smile slightly at their excited chatter about coming home. He is one of the last man on board, but still manages to get a decent seat and as soon as the hatch is closed they are off.

The flight is going by quick, but when they reach Germany they are delayed at the airport because their next flight is delayed because of the weather. It is close to one in the morning and Javert is exhausted. He sends of a quick message from the phone of one of the staff, who are providing them with information, that he might be delayed. He gives it back to her and she asks: "Your sweetheart?"

"My daughter. My sweetheart is going to be surprised."

The woman smiles softly, filled with warmth: "Then I hope you will be home soon. I'm sorry for the delay."

Finally the plane arrives, but again there are delays. They are almost three hours late when they finally take off and Javert is sure he is not going to make it for breakfast with Jean. When they arrive at the Parisian base, there is already sunlight creeping over the horizon and Javert is acutely aware of the fact he still needs to be checked out. This time he finds a telephone and quickly leaves a short message on Cosette's mailbox that he has arrived in Paris, but still expects to need some time to sort out his paperwork.

'Some time' indeed passes until Javert has been probably cleared and his paperwork in order, but the small, spunky officer, who gives him clearance and hands him over the final documents to sign is helpful and tries his best to be fast. When he finally tells Javert he is allowed to leave, Javert suddenly feels anxious. He lifts off his backpack from the floor easily, still in dusty combat gear with his things most likely still filled with desert sand. When he steps outside of the compound and into the parking lot, the sun has risen, but it is cold - at least to compared what he has been used to in the last year.

Javert spots Marius only after a moment of standing in the morning light and the boy looks anxious as he hurries over the parking lot clad in a thick parka. So at least he isn't the only one, who think it is cold. Marius looks even more anxious from up close. He speaks fast as well, when he steps up the steps to Javert: "Good Morning, Sir."

Javert needs to hold back a smile when Marius offers to carry his backpack. He declines the offer and simply follows the nervously chattering man to the car, who is talking about everything starting with the weather and ending with planned protests.

Only when they are in the small fiat, Marius starts to talk about the plans Cosette has put into motion. "Cosette has told me to tell you that we can pick Jean up even earlier. She spoken with the headmistress and she said she is going to find someone who can takeover Jean's class. So we can pick him up directly. Then we will eat something at the café down the block and we will take you back home."

Javert nods. It only slowly he thinks back in that he is home and that he is going to see Jean soon. He is excited to see his partner again, glad he has come back home and he so wants to kiss Jean senseless, but there is also something else, which makes him weary and makes his heart pound. With every kilometre they drive, he feels more anxious. Rationally he knows Jean hasn't changed and will be glad he is home. But somehow his heart is still pounding and his hands are clammy. Some part of his brain whispers softly 'what if he has changed' and 'what if he doesn't want you back'.
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

Fill: (Valvert, soldier coming home, Modern!AU) - Part 4/5

They turn into an area of Paris he knows better than most and yes- there is the playground where Jean and he had taken Cosette when she was younger, there is the little corner-shop, the flower stand and then they turn around a corner and stop in front of the school. Behind the gate stand two people and one of them is his daughter.

Warmth spreads through Javert as he sees her, dressed in casual jeans, trenchcoat and her locks spreading around her like a halo. When she hears the car stop, she turns around and her smile lights up.

Javert heart is pounding even faster. He needs to take a calming breath before he steps out of the car. He doesn't have much time to react to find himself with an armful of Cosette, who is so exuberant she nearly pushes him back into the car.

"Dad," is squeaked into his hair, at least two octaves too high for his liking, but Javert simply hugs his daughter tightly, breathing in the scent of hair with the orange-scented shampoo she will never change and the whiff of perfume she puts on. He closes his eyes and the moment the anxiety has gone and he is simply filled with joy.

After a while he extracts himself from Cosette, but still has an arm around her shoulder. She looks up at him, tears shimmering in her eyes, but a grin on her face. He grins back as well and she giggles: "You are brown as nut. I can't believe it. And you look well. That's even better. You know how papa gets if you won't eat enough."

Javert knows she will chatter on until she is stopped and so he says: "It's good to be back. Where is the man in question then?"

"Oh, still in class. Also, I really should have introduced you, Dad."

The figure standing next to Cosette proves to be the head mistress and the one taking over Jean's class. She gives a smile before leading them through the building. She stops in front of a very ordinary class room door, but Javert recognises it immediately.

Almost as fast as the recognition is the sudden anxiety in the pit of his stomach. His hands are slightly shaking, something he has never felt even when he had been in critical situations during his deployment. Then he can hear Jean and for a moment he is almost dizzy.

The headmistress knocks, then opens the door, stepping inside while saying: "There is someone to see you."

Valjean pauses in writing on the board and has turned slightly frowning. Javert had followed her, stepping into the room behind her. A moment Valjean is silent and then he is across the room and in Javert's arms where he bloody belongs.

All the worry seems the sag away from Javert because he has been foolish, hasn't he? To believe Jean wouldn't love him anymore, to believe the other one had changed. Right now he feels like nothing has changed.

So he holds on. Jean still fits perfectly against his body, slightly shorter so Javert can bury his face in almost white hair, can slide his arms around the other one's body and more importantly can be pulled close easily close by Jean like he is now.

Then Jean moves and they kiss - not passionate and long, but short and sweet and if he needed to describe it, Javert would have said it would have been more of a peck on the lips.
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Re: Valvert, soldier coming home

Then there is clapping and even wolf-whistling and that's when Javert realises they are standing in a class room filled with bratty teenagers. He breaks a little away from Jean and tries to hide his blush, but Jean gives him another kiss, this time on the cheek and whispers in his ear: "You are back."

Javert just nods and speaks back: "I missed you."

"Me too, though you probably can tell."

They part even more, but Jean still has his arm around Javert's waist and Javert in turn has an arm around Valjean's shoulders. It is only then that Jean frowns and he says: "I still have class."

"No, you haven't," replies the head mistress. "Now off you go."

A particular loud whistle cuts through the room and Jean says loudly over the nice: "I know it's you, Arséne, and if you continue that you will hand me an essay of at least a thousand words on the social acceptance of whistling."

"Oh, come on, Sir," the boy in question replies. "You never told us."

"Ms Gaines will be disappointed," another voice shouts, but Javert couldn't have said if it had been a girl or a boy.

"I will the pool, folks," a small boy with a broad grin shots back. And after that there is chaos The head mistress ushers them outside where Cosette is waiting and smiling, with slight tears in her eyes. She falls around their necks as soon as the door closes behind them and the head mistress manages to get the class back under control.

For a long moment they stay like this, in a three-way hug and Javert cannot help but feel immense joy and gratefulness that he is holding his two most precious people in the world close. Only after a long while, Cosette pulls away and asks: "So, what about breakfast?"

"That sounds good, " Jean answers, his eyes fixed on Javert as if he means the world to him.

Much, much later Jean and Javert are lying on their sofa in the living room. At some point, Javert has managed a shower and hasn't that been sent by the gods themselves because it was simply fantastic to have a decent water pressure again. He hasn't even let himself be disturbed by Jean walking into the bathroom and filling up the washing machine with Javert's clothes. After unpacking they had ended up on the couch, Jean lying back with arms around Javert, who was comfortably resting against the other one.

For a long moment they don't speak and Javert soaks up the quiet, the rest and the simple warmth of another human being. He slowly sinks against Jean and most likely will fall asleep at some point, but then Jean gives him a kiss on the top of his head: "You okay?"

Javert hums only, enjoying the softly muttered words against his skull.

After a moment Jean continues: "It's just - I cannot believe you are home. And somehow- maybe I am just always too worried, but - this is not a medical leave, isn't it?"

"No, it isn't," Javert replies. He's suddenly very conscious of the latter again, which now lays on their bedside table. "This is not a medical leave, " he continues and then says: "Do you remember that position as a technical instructor at the academy?"

It takes a moment to sink in and even a moment longer for Jean to say: "You got promoted?"

"Yes, I did," and Javert cannot quite hold back on the smugness. "I have it in paper, too."

"Wouldn't have mattered if you had it in alphabet soup. As long as you are staying in Paris," Jean murmured and shifted.

Javert tilted his head and their lips met, slow and unhurried as if they have all the time in the world.


I apologise for any mistakes I have made. English is not my mother tongue and I don't have a beta-reader. I hope it was enjoyable none the less :)
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Fill: (Valvert, soldier coming home, Modern!AU) - Part 5/5

And of course, I mess one posting up - Sorry everyone :)
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Re: Fill: (Valvert, soldier coming home, Modern!AU) - Part 5/5 OP here I think

Thank you so much for this, it is so wonderful. Don't worry about miscounting the parts, we've all done that before now.

Thank you again
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