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Spin, Hugo, spin!

making Victor Hugo turn in his grave since 1885

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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 8
and I am winterborn
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
Since LJ seems to have finally capitulated to the Russian government and is now subject to Russian anti-obscenity laws, I'm not going to take a chance on sudden deletions. The Les Mis kinkmeme now lives at https://lesmiskinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/. (Round 8 here.) Everything has been backed up there. The LJ kinkmeme will stay up, but is now closed to new comments.

This is amazing

I'd like to interrupt this kink meme with a brief announcement;
This meme has been going on for three years.
I'm so proud of us
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e/R: argument and strangeling???? possible dub??+

grantaire says something out of line which makes enjolras say something out of line and suddenly grantaire finds himself pressing enjolras up against a wall with a hand around his neck ...and with the hardest boner ever tl;dr: they fight and grantaire gets off by pressing up against and strangling enjolras??? kinda?? up to anon what enjolras feels about that
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Re: e/R: argument and strangeling???? possible dub??+

like... argument turns into spontaneous dubcon breathplay?
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The Amis are Cosette's reverse harem.
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Fill Cosette/Amis (1/?)

It was the heat that was the problem. The kind of heat that made it feel as if one were breathing with a blanket over one’s face. It made clothes stick to bodies and cravats be hastily undone.

That was the state that most Amis were in when Cosette entered the sacred meeting room of Les Amis. But rather than their usual talk of revolution and a new world, there was no talk for fear that the heat may enter through their mouths and never leave.

“Hello, my dear sweet Cosette.” Courfeyrac said when she entered. He sat with his legs spread, shirt one button away from being undone and cravat hanging loosely from his neck. He wore no vest or jacket. “And where is our doting Marius enjoying this excruciating heat?”

Cosette smiled gently. The heat had not outwardly affected her aside from flushing her cheeks, which only aided in her visual appeal.

“He is on the countryside, taking a day to himself.”

“And leave his blushing bride alone in such a dangerous city?” Courfeyrac returned her smile.

“I bid him go. He had become too anxious pent in the house and it was too hot for him to walk here. I thought it best for him to wait out the heat where the wind may blow.”

“I pray it does not blow him away completely.” Courfeyrac said.

Cosette let out her most sensual giggle, pulling the bonnet from her head and letting her hair free. A few more of the Amis turned at the bright shine of her locks, some acknowledging her presence for the first time. She made eye contact with many in the room, noting each look as she passed their faces, judging temperaments.

“And what do you mean to come here, discarding your hair covering so?” Courfeyrac said lightly, taking the bonnet from her casually and examining it with a feigned interest.

“I mean to take a day to myself.” She said, seating herself next to him. He pulled his legs together, not wanting his knee to violate the realm of her skirts. She responded by putting a hand on his thigh, the entire atmosphere changing as she did. Whereas before every party present was happy to allow the day to waste away with a lazy heated bliss, now the two in the corner and a few others among them became aware of a hand misplaced without a mistake being made.

“What are you playing at, my sweet, innocent Cosette?” Courfeyrac asked, holding her gaze with a guarded intensity.

She did not respond, instead closing the distance between their lips. Cosette heard many chairs shift and a few utterances of both Courfeyrac’s name and her own. The assured knowledge of an audience only pulled her deeper into the kiss.

The kiss ended with the weight of a hand on her shoulder pulling her from the intensity. She looked up to see Combeferre’s smart glasses and well kept hair, his cravat loosened the only indication that the heat affected him.

“Cosette.” He said, his voice stern as that of a mother who’d found her child’s hand in the sweets. “What are you doing?”

Cosette stood, looking him fiercely in the eyes as she unbuttoned the dress she wore. She’d chosen it for it’s easy buttons, making quicker work as she pulled each piece of fabric from her shoulders, leaving her only in a skirt. Combeferre and the Amis who had gathered behind them turned their eyes.

His hand felt warm and smooth as she lifted it from his side to her breast. The thrill of his touch rushing through her.

“I want this.” She whispered to him, loud enough that the closest of them could hear. “I want you. All of you.”
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E/R self conscious!R

[Newbie here; I apologize if this breaks any rules or has already been written]

So Enjolras is usually describe or portrayed as exceptionally attractive.

What if Grantaire felt less confident because he's naturally broader and rougher looking?
(Frozen) (Thread)

Marius/?, edgeplay

Marius is frustrated and embarrassed that he can never seem to last more than a few short minutes in bed. It gets to the point where he starts avoiding sex. His partner(s) are confused, and want to help him. This leads to them (consensually please!) Helping Marius last by tying him up and edging him for hours until he's a shaking, crying mess.

Free reign on era and ships, though ++ for Courf/Marius/Cosette

+++for hella cuddles
+++++for praise kink in there somewhere
(Frozen) (Thread)

Valvert, breathplay and Javert in a Corset

A post went around on tumblr a bit ago with Javert in a dress and all I could think about was him wearing a corset and and getting all hot and bothered wearing it and maybe Valjean also having him wear it during sex and having some breathplay happening there, either with just the corset or if you wanna add Valjean choking him that's definitely the kink I'm going for here. This would be consensual or dubcon, as long as Javert enjoys it either way. More breathplay!!
Crossdressing Javert is encouraged but optional, and I'm partial to M-sur-M era because dubcon identity porn. Plus that gives you options for the Mayor to drag Javert to formal events in drag and act as his plus one because that trope always gets me. Thats just a suggestion you can do something completely different if you want!
And yeah happy third birthday to the meme! I can't believe I've been here so long >.>
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Enjolras is secretly upperclass

I was reading some of the fills archived on Ao3 and one had a brief cameo of a male relative of E's as advisor to the king. This got me thinking that since the ideas of Rousseau and Voltaire were very popular in aristocratic circles, what if that is how E got involved with the Amis?

Does he sell off family heirlooms to help fund the group?

Does he use his knowledge of other upper class families to blackmail them or steal their goods to sell for money for the people?

Does he try to convert his peers?

Does Marius know or is E's family from an older generation of the aristocracy so they disdain 'newcomers' like the Pontmercy family?

How do the Amis react to this knowledge?
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C/C sub/sub but still with dominance

Combeferre and Courfeyrac are both subs. Combeferre likes service best, and Courfeyrac is a serious masochist. They figure out that if Combeferre can consider hurting Courfeyrac a way of taking care of him, and Courfeyrac is a bit pushy about what he wants, they can both Dom each other at the same time.
(Frozen) (Thread)

Jedi Valjean befriends and reeducates a sith Javert who used to work for the Galactic empire under darth sidious and darth vader . Javert was trained as a Sith because he had power with the force and there aren't Jedi left.
The barricade boys would be rebels
The bishop of digne is a Jedi who teaches Valjean
Cosette and Fantine would be the same.
Javert survives au kinda
Basically a different version on Valjean saves Javert except in the Star Wars universe
Slash or gen
(Frozen) (Thread)

MtF!Marius/any, Les Amis, modern AU

Marius comes out to Guillenormand as trans. This goes about as well as you'd imagine, and ends with Marius either being thrown out or running away.

Through a series of events that are yet to be determined, she ends up in group housing run by a local LGBTQA+ center. Here she meets the rest of the Amis, who have ended up there through various circumstances.

Go wherever your inspiration takes you after that! (Although I'd love to get the Amis' backstories . . . ) Any pairings are okay, though I do have a preference for Marius/Cosette and Marius/Courfeyrac.
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Re: MtF!Marius/any, Les Amis, modern AU

How do you feel about Marius/Cosette/Courfeyrac, OP?
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E/R, misunderstandings, hurt!pining!enjolras

modern au. all of the les amis know grantaire is hopelessly, desperately in love with enjolras. he isn't exactly subtle. but what everyone /doesn't/ know is that enjolras is hopelessly, desperately in love with grantaire

enjolras has no idea grantaire loves him or even likes him, b/c he's terrible at reading people and communicating his feelings (b/c of shitty parents maybe?)

so, when enjolras decides to blurt out a love confession to grantaire in the middle of a les amis meeting, everyone responses horribly. they're cold/mean to enjolras b/c they think he's teasing and making a joke out of grantaire's feeling for him

cue enjolras misinterpreting their reactions horribly (grantaire does hate me, they're disgusted by my feelings, they're responding terribly to my stupid stupid crush, ect) and leaves. he's just. crushed. heartbroken. he thinks they were mad at him for loving grantaire. lots of sad!pining!E, who just thinks R is the coolest thing ever, but thinks he would never love E

just lots of angst and misunderstandings and les amis being mean to a confused, heartbroken enjolras please. lots of comfort and e/r in the end pls
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Re: E/R, misunderstandings, hurt!pining!enjolras

So apparently I am having ideas for this. Is anyone still interested in it? Because I am writing it. It'll be in June sometime, but it's happening. Just thought I'd let you know.
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E/R Singer!Grantaire

Prompt: Enjolras gets dragged to a bar by the Amis and finds out that Grantaire is a fantastic singer.

Somehow when I picture Grantaire as a singer, Hozier comes to mind. If anyone can fill this it would be magical!
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(Deleted comment)

Re: Prompt

Hahahaha OMG this is amazing, hope someone fills.
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Valvert, Vibrating Panties

Javert puts Valjean into a pair of vibrating panties and takes him out to dinner. Bonus points if it's a pair that Javert can control with a remote.
(Frozen) (Thread)


Enjolras is tired of being seen as a pretty blonde and blue-eyed little angel of a person, so before he meets the amis he colors/cuts his hair/hides his eyes (depending on if modern or canon!era I guess this involves different things?? op has no preference). R falls head over heels for him anyway, Enjolras is still weird about it because he doesn't know if R somehow knows what he looked like before, or something like it, but. Basically R is just as in love with him either way, yadda yadda appearance really has nothing to do with it (although Enjolras's "disguise" really doesn't make him less pretty, he just assumes it does because he'd gotten rid of the cherub hair). I don't know. Go with this where you will, anons!

(captcha says "like a boss".)
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