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Spin, Hugo, spin!

making Victor Hugo turn in his grave since 1885

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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 8
and I am winterborn
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
Since LJ seems to have finally capitulated to the Russian government and is now subject to Russian anti-obscenity laws, I'm not going to take a chance on sudden deletions. The Les Mis kinkmeme now lives at https://lesmiskinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/. (Round 8 here.) Everything has been backed up there. The LJ kinkmeme will stay up, but is now closed to new comments.

valvert crucifixion

Because it's Easter time and hope springs eternal.

Javert crucifying Valjean. Maybe it's a scarily erotic and gory dream? Or maybe they're experimenting with ropes and roleplay. The important thing is Valjean suffering attractively on a cross.
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Re: valvert crucifixion

I meant to finish the whole fic before Easter, but I don't think that's going to happen...Here's the first part, and the rest should be up within the week!

The first thing Valjean was aware of was Javert’s lips on his, and the second, the hands pinning his wrists to the bed. It was unusual, in that this was rougher than Javert usually dared be. No matter how many times Valjean told him he didn’t mind, that he’d enjoy it, Javert still treated him with reverence when they were together, as if Valjean were an icon to be worshipped rather than a man begging to be fucked.

Tonight, though, Javert held him down hard enough that it would certainly leave bruises, and there was a bite to his kisses. Valjean felt exposed beneath him, and he tried to turn his face away, hitting an edge of wood that was in the wrong place to be the bedframe. His hands had been stretched to the side somehow, and when he tried to sit up, to gain some sense of where he was, a tearing pain in his wrist drove him back to the ground. Through the agony, he began to piece together his surroundings—the sky was gray above him, the strange wooden frame beneath him was some sort of cross, and Javert stood to his side, one hand holding a hammer and the other steadying the nail through his arm.

This is a dream, Valjean realized with a sudden clarity, and once the thought had hit, he wondered why it had taken him this long to realize. But he still couldn’t wake up. (He didn’t know if he wanted to wake up.) “Javert, what are you doing?”

“You are Jean Valjean, the man who called himself Monsieur Madeleine, saint among men?”

“You say so. I’ve made no claims to sainthood.”

“And yet you hid your past, set out to erase it with good works.” With that, Javert resumed his pounding of the nail, and it took Valjean everything he had to talk through the pain. (It seemed he had to talk, that he was compelled to speak by forces beyond his control. There was something here beyond the logic of dreams, something that felt fated.)

“I never tried to save myself. I gave myself over to you, Javert, again and again.”

“And here we are. You wished to be the savior of that whore Fantine, of her daughter…well, this is what becomes of saviors. They’re martyred.”
Valjean knew Javert would never say things like this, in the waking world—or at least, he wanted to think that. But these words sounded less out-of-place than he’d like, easier than they should be to reconcile with the man who loved him, and whom he loved.

“Would you be my Pilate, then?”

“Everyone has their roles to play.”
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Re: valvert crucifixion (Anonymous) Expand

Les Amis, dancing

I recently discovered the awesomeness that is contra dance, and need it in Les Mis fic! Any kinks, any pairings, anything goes. All I ask is for dancing and that you keep the angst to a bare minimum.

Just some ideas I had:
-Les Amis are teaching Marius to dance for his upcoming wedding.
-Enjolras, Combeferre and Courfeyrac are under-cover at a fancy party.
-Joly, Bossuet and Musichetta dancing, with Bossuet constantly tripping and stepping on people's feet.
-Someone tries to teach Eponine, but she gets bored and spends the entire time trying to mess everyone else up.
-Courfeyrac either teaching Gavroche or carrying Gavroche on his shoulders while he dances.

+100 if Enjolras is a really awful dancer. Like, he knows the dances, but can't seem to communicate the information from his brain to his body.
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Re: Les Amis, dancing

Oh mY GoD, Courfeyrac dancing with Gavroche sitting on his shoulders. YES PLEASE! Someone fill this, please! I'd do it myelf, but i don't know enough about contradance to write it.
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Game of Thrones AU

I was reading the brick the other day, and I started thinking about how much better things would have gone if Enjolras had an army. Then I realized that he would essentially be a male version of Daenerys Targaryen.

So that's what I want.

It can be a GoT au, or even canon-era with Enjolras somehow obtaining an army and liberating prisoners throughout France until he has enough people to overthrow the king. Not picky about the details!
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E/R sketches - yes, more of them

So basically, Enjolras finds Grantaire's sketchbook and absently flicks through it, admiring the portraits of all the Amis (not just E, it isn't a shrine to Enjolras)

But Enjolras realises that although the others are all smiling, the sketches of him are only ever frowns, or scowls or looks of distaste. Enjolras realises that that is all Grantaire ever sees of him, for he never directs anything but negative emotions towards Grantaire and it really upsets him.

Don't mind if it results in anything romantic between them, I just really want to see Enjolras realising how he behaves towards Grantaire, and then some emotions.

(I'm not denying Grantaire is a little shit to him, but that's beside the point of this prompt:) )
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Re: E/R sketches - yes, more of them

Oh wow, I really want this.
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Grantaire/Sydney Carton

I don't know what the rule is regarding bringing in characters from other fandoms, but I've always felt like these two would be able to bond over their shared depression and hopeless unrequited love for blond angelic metaphor people.
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valvert - overactive sex drive

javert has denied himself sex all his life so once he starts getting some with valjean, his sex drive goes hyperactive. like, inordinately so. he can basically go for multiple rounds back to back and has to reign himself in.

valjean, however, has a normal--and by comparison, very low--sex drive.

tell me how they work it out, anons. preferably with lots of porn.
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Enjolras/Grantaire depression

Whether or not they're together, I just want to see Enjolras taking care of Grantaire on a Really Bad Day-- holding him while he cries, convincing him to eat and drink and move, reminding him that there are so many people who love him...
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Fic: Your hand in my hand 1/6


They’ve all been busy, it’s nearly the end of the semester, there are projects to complete, essays to finish - Combeferre loses forty-eight hours to a take home exam, after handing it in, he collapses into bed and when he wakes up he has to reread his notes to remember what he’d written about.

So they’re busy and stupid with exhaustion and they don’t notice none of them seen Grantaire for a week, don’t realize there’s a problem until Jehan goes over to check Grantaire isn’t stressing too badly over the portfolio he’s supposed to be handing in.

Somehow, for all their attempts at vigilance, it’s nearly always Jehan who finds him. Jehan knows there’s a problem the moment he opens the door and finds Grantaire’s normally tidy apartment has descended into abject chaos.

After one quick glance, Jehan steps smartly back out the apartment. It took them a year of arguing, persuading and flat-out begging to get to that stage but finally Jehan and Grantaire have accepted they can’t help each other at the bottom of their spirals without triggering each other into cascading circles of depression and guilt that were purely destructive.

Jehan calls Courfeyrac, who calls Combeferre, and they both head over straight away. Courfeyrac collects Jehan, who’s already insisting I’m not fragile which is both frustrating and heart-breaking because he is and he knows it and yet at the same time he and Grantaire both keep on picking themselves up, and it wears the rest of them out just to watch.

Combeferre’s nose screws up at the mess of the apartment. It makes his skin feel itchy and too tight standing there, he doesn’t know how Grantaire can live in it. He walks into the bedroom and gives the heap of duvet a cautious poke, there’s always a horrible half-thought that maybe, maybe this time Grantaire’s demons have destroyed him.

The bundle is alarmingly floppy, but from somewhere underneath comes a grumpy Grantaire-grumble and the covers tuck into a tighter ball.

Combeferre pulls out his phone and starts to make calls.

Bahorel sighs and swears, stupid little shit. He’s no good at all at dealing with Grantaire when he’s really low. While he understands depression intellectually he doesn’t seem to be able to translate that understanding into helpful actions, he either comes on too strong, or too sympathetic and is clearly thoroughly uncomfortable too boot. Combeferre’s a bit like that himself, there’s a reason why his job is manning the telephone tree after all and they’re both sorry they can’t be more involved but Enjolras always tells them they’re just as necessary to the support structure, and he knows they are useful.

After agreeing to book a slot for him and Grantaire at the climbing wall at the weekend, and a slot in the gym next week, and to find something to do Friday night that doesn’t involve alcohol, Bahorel signs off.

Bossuet just sighs when Combeferre calls him. He’s good with Grantaire when he’s like this but he tends to stay clear with Joly because seeing Grantaire so unhappy sets off Joly’s normally well-controlled anxiety. Bossuet agrees that he, Joly and Musichetta will go around that evening and tidy up the flat, it won’t take long, really, R doesn’t actually have that much stuff.

Feuilly just swears, should have known. He’s too rushed off his feet to be able to spare much time, but he can provide his expertise. His job is going to be salvaging what he can of Grantaire’s heap of paintings and turning them into a portfolio that can be handed in. Combeferre agrees to get in touch with Grantaire’s friend Floreal and find out what the theme is supposed to be, never know he might have got lucky and they’ve picked ‘obsessive portraits of golden angelic looking people’, and to try and come up with some blurb for the context part. It doesn’t have to make sense, any old bullshit will do, R’s art speaks for itself.

Then Combeferre takes a deep breath and calls Enjolras.

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Fill 1/2 (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fill 2/2 (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fill 2b/2 (Anonymous) Expand
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Re: Fill 2b/2 (Anonymous) Expand

E/R/C Threesome, D/s, Humiliation

I want either Dom!ferre to dom the hell out of Enjolras and Grantaire, or Dom!jolras to dom Grantaire and Courfeyrac (these are my guilty pleasure threesome pairings)

Intense scene where one of the subs is doted on for being a very good boy while the other undergoes extreme humiliation - they'll do anything - to get back in the good books.

And then aftercare <3

Any and all relevant kinks welcome except water sports or scat please :)
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Les Amis hiding a body (crack)

Shit goes down, and Les Amis find themselves with a corpse to dispose of. Maybe they killed the guy, maybe he fell out a window and they really don't want the cops poking around their house, or maybe they wake up after a crazy night of drinking with a corpse in their car.

Anything goes, just as long as you don't get too dark with it. I'm really just looking for some crack right now.

Remind me tomorrow to stay off the meme when I'm drunk.
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Re: Les Amis hiding a body (crack)



after my mountains of homework are reduced to manageable piles, that is.

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Scenes from a hat!!

That's literally all I want.

Could be canon era, where Courfeyrac (or anyone) gets bored and makes up a new game. Or it could be a modern AU where they see it on Whose Line and decide to play their own version.

Or anything, really. Pairings, if any, are up to anon, as are any details. Minifill, long fill, couple lines of pure crack, I don't mind! Anything is good!
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Reprompt from round 7

Grantaire works on the docks every night. The Amis find out, and assume the worst of him because he's so promiscuous in general and drinks his money away. Turns out, he's trying to stop drinking and make ends meet, but it's far easier said than done.

Bonus points:
+ Gavroche gives everyone the wake-up call to what's actually going on with Grantaire
+ Grantaire is a sex-repulsed asexual (his previous promiscuity is him trying to fix it) (just a personal headcanon; it would be phenomenal if included, but I get that it's kinda arbitrary)
+ Grantaire refuses to come to anybody for help because he's convinced they all hate him -- that they don't help after they've found out solidifies his belief
+ They don't really think much of Grantaire's injuries, because he's constantly getting into fights
+ Happy ending!

Please no romantic/sexual pairings (other than the people Grantaire is paid to sleep with). If anything, I love a strong platonic eR (that develops after the truth is told or whatever).
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Re: Reprompt from round 7

oh my goodness i am in love someone please fill this
please sex-repulsed ace R
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eR sadomasochism, day after

that is to say, not a scene where sub!R is actively being hurt, just playing with the bruises leftover from the scene the day before. looking at them gets e hot too.
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FILL 1/2 Re: eR sadomasochism, day after

Loved this prompt, op. I feel I might have strayed a bit, but I hope this comes close to what you wanted.


Grantaire wakes up feeling stiff. He groans into his pillow, not ready to move yet.

"Are you awake?" whispers Enjolras in his ear.


Enjolras chuckles and lays a kiss in his hair. "I'll make you some coffee," he says, and leaves both the bed and the room.

"It's fine, just leave me to die here," Grantaire complains to the pillow.

"You're being melodramatic again," Enjolras cries from the other room.

Grantaire considers throwing a rude gesture in his direction, but the effort to raise his arm isn't worth it.

He listen to Enjolras move around in the kitchen for a while, until he decides he's ready to move.

Grantaire levers himself up and sits up in his heels. He extends his arms, trying to get the stiffness in his muscles to recede.

He yawns and that helps relieve some of the tension.

Grantaire inspects his wrists, noticing the faint marks of rope burn, and looks down his torso. The scratching and biting marks Enjolras left in him are still quite visible and Grantaire can't resist tracing them again in the daylight.

Good thing it's winter. He won't be able to go around shirtless for some time.

He twists himself to look at his back in the tall mirror - a flight of fancy they found in a second hand shop and that has proven to be very useful. Grantaire's back is covered in scratches, long pink lines going down from his shoulders to his waist.

There are still some marks left by the riding crop on his ass, although Enjolras had set it aside early on, when he decided to take a more hands on approach.

The finger imprints in Grantaire's hips are enough to show it was an excellent decision.

Enjolras returns, naked and holding two cups of coffee. Of all the things to love about this place, the fact that the central heating encourages Enjolras to walk around naked is in Grantaire's top five.

"You can't be that bad, if you're already ogling me," Enjolras teases, as he hands Grantaire his cup.

Grantaire sticks his tongue out at him. Enjolras laughs and sits beside him, laying a kiss on his shoulder.

Grantaire manages to change position without spilling coffe, and sits cross legged, enjoying his drink and Enjolras' comforting presence.

"You know," he says, after a while, "back when he started going out, you used to bring me breakfast in bed, after a scene."

"Yes, and you would complain, because you didn't need to be coddled." Enjolras kisses Grantaire's ear, then his neck, his shoulder.

"Well, I didn't want to sound needy." Grantaire leans into Enjolras. "I was pretty insecure back then."

"I know." Enjolras puts the empty cups in the bedside table and straddles Grantaire, pushing him so he's laying down on the bed. "You think I wasn't?"

Grantaire snorts. "What did you have to feel insecure about?"

Enjolras doesn't answer right away. He runs his hands up and down Grantaire's chest, following the scrath marks in his skin.

Enjolras keeps his eyes fixed in Grantaire's when he finally speaks, with an unusual, almost self deprecating smile in his lips. "Well, you were the first guy I slept with more than once who didn't mind my..."

Enjolras brushes his thumb over the bite mark closest to Grantaire's nipple and he finishes the sentence for him. "Vampiric tendencies?"

Enjolras gives him a genuine smile. He leans forward and starts kissing the bite marks he left the night before, one by one.

"Do you have any idea what it does to me, seeing you like this?" Enjolras says, between kisses. "Knowing you'll be walking around, with my marks on you." He comes back up, clashes his mouth to Grantaire's.

He opens his lips, pulls Enjolras to him. "Do you know what it does to me?" Grantaire glances at the mirror and Enjolras follows his gaze.
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Grantaire's walrus mustache

Because Hugo apparently thought Grantaire looked like this: http: // plinytheyounger . tumblr . com /post/51783225072/firmine-now-that-i-have-figured-out-how-to-get

My firstborn to anyone who can give me:

Other characters' reactions


OR an answer to the question: Why the hell does he have this mustache?
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Supernatural AU

I love Les Mis and I love Supernatural. Can I have both? I'm really up for anything, but I have a few random ideas, in case anyone's interested!

-Les Amis meeting at various hunter-friendly roadhouses and eventually teaming up.
-Joly and/or Combeferre run a clinic that specializes in injuries sustained from supernatural creatures.
-Bahorel and Feuilly being total badasses and beating the shit out of the monster of the week.
-Valjean owns a roadhouse/hunter ammo shop/whatever with Cosette, but very adamantly does not want her involved in the hunter lifestyle.
-Javert works at the police station, and helps hunters get out of sticky situations with the authorities.
-Les Amis team up with the Winchesters at some point.
-Éponine kicking more ass than Feuilly and Bahorel combined.
-Grantaire painting all the wards because, thanks to his artistic talents, his always work best.

You don't have to use any/all of these, since they're just ideas to get the creative juices flowing. Anything anon wants to write is perfect for me!
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Re: Supernatural AU

not exactly your prompt, Op, but have you read "under my wings you will find refuge"?


e/R, R is an angel in disguise tryin to keep e from killing himself. the other amis have various roles in e's current or former life. never see the brothers, but it operates in the same world. at the very least it should occupy you for some time, unless you've already read.
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Re: Supernatural AU (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Supernatural AU (Anonymous) Expand

Modern AU, Enjolras + Cosette, Street Harassment

Enjolras and Cosette (they can be siblings) having to deal with street harassment.

Throwing ideas :

Maybe Cosette also gets really nice compliments from passerby because she looks so sweet and approachable ? But she has to run from old perverts and stalkers ?

Maybe Enjolras has to listen to creepy and violent suggestions that would be done to him ? Maybe they even get handsy in public or corner him in empty alleys ?

And it's kind of a daily basis thing, so they don't react to the tamest ones. Sometimes when they're hanging out just the two of them, they protect each other. Maybe when they're with others Amis, Amis X is just really horrified to discover it's happening ?

Gen, but if you want them to have boyfriends, I like the usual e/R and Cosette/Marius.

(Also I'd love it to be set in Paris, but you really don't have to, okay ?)

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