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Spin, Hugo, spin!

making Victor Hugo turn in his grave since 1885

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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 8
and I am winterborn
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
Since LJ seems to have finally capitulated to the Russian government and is now subject to Russian anti-obscenity laws, I'm not going to take a chance on sudden deletions. The Les Mis kinkmeme now lives at https://lesmiskinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/. (Round 8 here.) Everything has been backed up there. The LJ kinkmeme will stay up, but is now closed to new comments.

enjolras/courfeyrac canon era

Much to my disappointment, Enjolras/Courfeyrac is not a popular pairing. And I feel like not many people write canon fics nowadays, and while I don't mind a good au, I really miss canon era fics. I'm totally okay with canon divergence. Bonus points for cameos from other amis, and for bottom Enjolras if you pick the smutty route.
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how about some everyone/Enjolras?

all amis are in love with Enjolras.
all of them.
bc let's face it, who wouldn't fall in love with him.
and they compete to gain his favour.

bonus points if Enjolras realizes it, and decides to use it to motivate them to be more devoted to the Cause.
bonus bonus points for "charming young man who was capable of being terrible."
you can pick the endgame, or decide to go with no endgame.
i personally prefer canon era, but modern au is game too
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Re: how about some everyone/Enjolras?

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E/r I'm not made of glass.

When Enjolras and Grantaire get together, Grantaire is always exceptionally gentle with Enjolras. It's not that Enjolras doesn't appreciate their slow carefully planned make out sessions. He just wishes that once in awhile they could just have wild passionate sex. Grantaire's having none of it.

One night Grantaire drunkenly admits that he thinks of Enjolras as a delicate flower who should be protected. He's worried about hurting his beautiful, fragile boyfriend. Enjolras is not happy to hear himself described this way.

How they resolve their differences is up to the filler.

Bonus: Enjolras complains to some of the Amis about Grantaire, and at least one them agrees with Grantaire's assessment of him and is happy to hear that he has a boyfriend who'll take care of him.
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Re: E/r I'm not made of glass.

Seconded so much!!!

It's so cute of R, but on the other hand I can understand how pissed off Enj would be about it <3
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Valjean escapes from Montreuil's jail by sucking the dicks of the police officers guarding him
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A Desperate Purchase - 1/?

Trigger Warnings: All the sex in this is dubiously consented to at best. There are definitely at least shades of non-con.


It was a skill he had learned in Toulon, though he had never thought to utilize it again. Moreover, calling it a 'skill' was even perhaps too great a stretch, considering he had only exercised it upon one unhappy occasion.

His last attempt at escape, in his thirteenth year in the prison when hope seemed a far off dream he could still yet not stop himself from grasping towards, his plan was almost stopped before it had begun. Half way up scaling a wall, a hand caught his foot roughly. Both his shoe and he were dislodged from their position, falling upon the ground to look up at a guard's thin smile. It was not a guard he knew well, they had all become faceless phantoms to him by this point. Still, Valjean's heart never knew hate so fierce as at that moment. He contemplated rising up, bashing the man's head in for doing nothing more than his duty when the odd silence was broken between them:

"Still in such a rush to leave, 24601? What would you give for me to look the other way?" He asked, "I like being here no more than you do, watching you filthy curs every day. Barter with me and I can be convinced."

For a minute, Valjean did nothing but look up at the guard, not comprehending the words. What would a prisoner have to offer? He owned little--even the tattered prison garments he wore were not truly his. It must, he decided, be a cruel jest. Nothing more than a joke to be played on a brute to further strip out the last ghost of humanity from him.

Then the guard moved his own hand to his trousers, undoing the fastenings.

Immediately, Valjean knew the meaning of such a gesture; he knew, though he had never been touched or touched another, that he would do this thing if it meant there was the slmallest chance it would deliver him from Toulon.

Hate burning brightly in his eyes and heart, Valjean learned how to take a man into his mouth there. Under harsh, tight fists in his hair, he received instruction in cold phrases, punctuated only by 'slave' to address him, how to relax under the unpleasant weight and open up his throat so as not to choke or asphyxiate. He took all that was demanded of him, swallowing the bitterness of both the guard's spend and that of the iron-taste of rage that this was the price the world asked of him. Afterwards, the guard pushed him to the ground, satisfaction and contemplation going back and forth across his expression, as he looked down at Valjean.

"I could have you in a cell even now."

Valjean trembled, the image once again coming to mind--a skull shattered, a mouth silenced, freedom bought in blood. It may not even be so terrible of thing with this particular guard's spend sitting heavy in his stomach.

"Go," the guard said, either aware of Valjean's thoughts or deciding on his own to be a man of his word. "Give it a try. It won't matter." Valjean took up his shoe. He ran.

In the end, none of it had mattered; his freedom, so desperately purchased, was measured in the short span of four hours. Then, he was returned to his cell, bloodied from the lash and feeling nothing.

Yet, now in Montreuil's jail, he contemplates this old lesson. Javert had brought him in irons, locked him into the cell with a triumphant look. Now, the other officers, look at him with confusion and betrayal. They are younger than Javert, malleable and human in ways Javert never was. He knows them well enough after years of hearing reports of arrests and injuries. He knows which of them frequent the docks and which do not. Yes, there is a reason such an old lesson has returned to Valjean's thoughts.
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Grantaire, vouyerism

Because there's a lot of artist!Grantaire, but not much vouyerism. So, anything where Grantaire is watching someone else having sex and gets inspired/enjoys himself quite a bit).
(Frozen) (Thread)

Cosette + Javert(/Valjean) - Post-Seine, Cosette can see ghosts

Ever since I heard 'Castle On a Cloud' for the first time, the part where Cosette sings about 'a lady all in white' has had me convinced that it can't be anyone else but Fantine, either an angel or a ghost.

So, what would be it like if Cosette could have always been able to see ghosts? Would she immediately trust Valjean in the woods, not because he helped her with the bucket, but because she saw that 'the lady' approved of him?

So, this brings me to the prompt: Throughout her years with Valjean, Cosette has never seen his papa have any friends or family, alive or dead, other than herself and Fauchelevent. But then, after the Barricade, the two of them are suddenly not alone anymore: Sometimes, she can see a lone ghost of a man, who wanders around the house and seems to be attached to his papa in particular. Who is he? How is he connected to her papa? Why had she never seen him around when he was still alive?

So, I wish to see psychic!Cosette slowly forging a friendship with ghost!Javert. Background Valjean/Javert is appreciated and adored a whole lot, but not necessary.
(Frozen) (Thread)

Valjean/Cosette bonding

Cosette gets her period and Valjean awkwardly gives her "the talk"-Fluff please!
(Frozen) (Thread)

Valvert - masturbation

Valjean hasn't wanked since the Bishop. Javert thinks its time to teach him how to love himself
(Frozen) (Thread)

Doubting!Enjolras before the Barricade

Canon Era or Modern adaptation is okay.
Based on a production I just saw, where Enjolras tried to leave before "Do You Hear the People Sing" and the others in there cut him off. When he first started singing, he sounded doubtful but quickly regained his confidence.

So give me that. Just before the Barricades (or equivalent), Enjolras finds himself doubting. After all, he's young but not stupid: he must know they are about to die, and maybe he isn't as willing to make the sacrifice of himself and his friends as he first thought. Maybe he's scared.
But he has a responsibility.
Give me angst, doubts, and finally resolution, that certainty he's dying for the right cause
(Frozen) (Thread)

in msm it comes to javert's attention that madeleine may secretly (and illegally) allowng same-sex marriages. it is the best and worst kept secret of the town. javert goes to confront the mayor...only it comes out sounding like a proposal, to his horror.

of course, it ends up with valjean and javert tying the knot.
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E/R, banned books and Enjolras' shamerousal

So Les Amis are mostly focused on education reform, like they were in the book when they first got started. And they want to do some events for Banned Books Week. Well, it turns out that Jehan actually knows an author whose books have been banned in several states, countries, etc. Grantaire. They reach out to him to get involved in their Banned Book Week events. The problem is, his books are banned because they're full of super weird, kinky smut.

(like, really weird. Think somewhere between Burroughs and Patricia Lockwood. The laws of biology and physics may or may not apply.)

Enjolras doesn't get why anyone would want to write stuff like that, but he'll defend to the death their right to write it. Except that when he actually starts reading Grantaire's books -- for research! -- he finds that some of it actually... really works for him? Like some if it is just weird and goofy but some of it is actually really smart and sexy, and he finds himself... enjoying it. A lot.

Cue awkward interactions and lots of sexual tension until they finally get together and have weird, awesome sex.

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Bossuet/Joly(/Musichetta), hair loss

A modern!au where Bossuet doesn't lose his hair prematurely because of unfortunate follicles

but because he's going through chemotherapy.

(No death fic though! Feel free to do whatever you like but please please don't actually kill him)
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Valvert- Pet Play

What it says on the tin. Preferably fluffy with minimum angst (unavoidable with this ship really). Dont care who is in which role. Don't care what era or canon era vs modern AU.
If there is a collar/leash involved uh yes please.
Not a fan of water sports or scat.
(Frozen) (Thread)

Re: Valvert- Pet Play

I've always wanted pony play with sub!Valjean.

You just know Javert has access to the town stables.
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

exr, Grantaire loses interest

so, one day Enjolras and Grantaire hook up for some reason.
at that point Grantaire realizes that Enjolras is not a perfect, chaste, god-like figure, and he starts losing interest.
enjolras in the mean time starts falling in love with Grantaire.
cue angst. lots of angst.

(there's a vaguely similar prompt somewhere in the past rounds, and i meant to repost it, but i was too lazy to find it so yeah)
(Frozen) (Thread)

Re: exr, Grantaire loses interest

I love this.
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

Valvert, Valjean/any, business deals

Javert finds out that M-s-M is so rich because M le Maire allows influential businessmen to fuck him over his desk to make good deals.

Does he watch guiltily? Does he try to save Madeleine? Does he try to join in?
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Re: Valvert, Valjean/any, business deals

uuuuuuuunf, seconding this
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