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Spin, Hugo, spin!

making Victor Hugo turn in his grave since 1885

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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 8
and I am winterborn
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
Since LJ seems to have finally capitulated to the Russian government and is now subject to Russian anti-obscenity laws, I'm not going to take a chance on sudden deletions. The Les Mis kinkmeme now lives at https://lesmiskinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/. (Round 8 here.) Everything has been backed up there. The LJ kinkmeme will stay up, but is now closed to new comments.

chubby courfeyrac

courferre or courfeyrac/R
courfeyrac being chubby and a little self-conscious about his body (not necessary). combeferre (or R) completely adores courf's soft belly. a lot of body appreciation, please.
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e/R fainting au

Enjolras is in denial about his feelings for Grantaire - Grantaire, who realizes this, decides to be a little shit about it and puts Enjolras to a test to find out how he really feels. During a meeting, when Grantaire and Enjolras stand up to square off and debate, Grantaire purposely locks his knees and ends up passing out right there in the middle of an argument. Cue an incredibly panicked OH MY GOD YOU COULD HAVE DIED I NEED TO TAKE YOU TO THE HOSPITAL Enjolras and Grantaire smirking when he comes to like whoops sorry must have been standing funny. Also, what was that about you not being in love with me? Want to take that back?
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Enjolras/Grantaire, genderswap!jolras

Enjolras wakes up as a female and, in true enjolras style, gets on with his day as per usual. Justice waits for no man! Er, woman. Grantaire is a lot more than a little interested in Enjolras' new body and also enjolras'old body. Well damn, it seems he has a thing for enjolras.
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Re: Enjolras/Grantaire, genderswap!jolras

not really what you asked for since it's not comedic nor full female but i might recommend to you a fic filled a few months ago here where Grantaire discovers Enjolras has boobs and is into it


but here's to hoping your original prompt gets filled too!
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Courfeyrac is a size queen

Courfeyrac is always looking for a new romantic adventure. He never looked twice at his best friend Combeferre.

Until he sees that Combeferre is really, really well endowed.
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Javert/Valjean - Javert's really bad trip

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Javert gets himself high accidentally. Maybe he pricks his hand with an used needle at work. Maybe someone swaps his aspirin with a whole different kind of pills to mess with him. Maybe Marius is a booby and picks the wrong type of mushrooms to be used on that pie he and Cosette gave to Valjean and Javert as a gift...

Whatever the origin of his unexpected trip is, the substance doesn't take effect immediately and Javert can't see the danger until the very vivid, gruesome and horrible hallucinations begin. Think of that episode of Family Guy where Brian trips on the magic mushrooms.

Since he's in no condition to take care of himself, Valjean steps in and sees Javert gently through it, wrapping him in blankets and petting his hair while murmuring soothing nonsense into his ear.

+ for descriptions of said hallucinations
++ for conversations where the other party communicates entirely with non sequiturs.
(Frozen) (Thread)


after the barricades or after his suicide attempt, he sets about starting up a relationship with valjean. except, not being terribly good with emotions, javert accidentally gives the impression to valjean that he's making a deal--valjean's participation in a relationship/sex with javert in return for valjean's freedom. combining that and cosette's impending marriage has an extremely detrimental affect on valjean's mental and physical health.

of course, it takes javert a little while to figure it out, much to his horror.

happy ending completely optional.
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Musichetta is dommed by her boys

I rarely see any porn with these three, and when I do, it's almost always either vanilla or with Musichetta as the Domme. Those are always fabulous, but I'd like to see it reversed this time, with Chetta as a sub to both Joly and Bossuet.

As for the kinks, please no non-con, but consensual rape-play is alright, and I'd rather avoid scat, extreme sadism, and ageplay. Anything else is fine. A one-off scene, a longer bit about them navigating their relationship, any era, any background pairings, all are fine.

(Captcha is "press into service")
(Frozen) (Thread)

Enjolras/Any, bottom!Enjolras, come inflation

bottom!Enjolras+exaggerated, anatomically improbable come inflation

+++pregnancy kink without mpreg
(Frozen) (Thread)

Enjolras/Grantaire Enjolras/Combeferre 'The sorrows of young Werther' AU

Grantaire as Werther
Combeferre as Albert
Fem!Enjolras as Lotte

It's up to author if it ends like the book(if so I'd like to see Ferrejolras' domestic life), if Enjolras ends up with R instead or if the three have an arrangement(a V polyamorous relationship). Smut is optional but encouraged.
(Frozen) (Thread)

The more things change

I would love to see a reincarnation or modern au fic where Grantaire is the inhumanly beautiful one and Enjolras is the ugly one (or, in the tradition of fandom, slightly less attractive one) but nothing else about their relationship actually changes and people are super confused about why Grantaire stays around but its because Grantaire loves Enjolras for being Enjolras, not because Enjolras is hot.

They can be together or Grantaire could just be pinning; mostly I'd like to see outsider's or other abc member's reactions.
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Re: The more things change

holy crow yes please!
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A!A (Anonymous) Expand
Re: A!A (Anonymous) Expand
Re: A!A (Anonymous) Expand

Enjolras' Family isn't what you would expect...at all.

So, in most fic, Enjolras' family is portrayed as very rich, very disdainfull and narrowminded idiots who are against everything he stands for... Which is why Enjolras is doing what he does : going against oppressors, fighting for the poor ...

But what if THIS (fighting against oppression, helping the people) is actually sort of the "family business" ?

Like a fic where Enjolras has to go back to his familly for awhile, because something big is happening (maybe it's an election thing? a new year ?), and basically the Amis tag along (they are affraid of what could happen to him if they let him go there alone ?they can be invited by Enjolras? he can ask them to come because otherwise he knows will go crazy ?). And, they expect his family to be living in a mansion, to be strict/unloving because Enjolras is so dedicated to take down the oppressors of freedom and equality (maybe to show them he is right?) / he is always a vegetable in social circumstances or downright terrible (because it reminds him of his awful childhood ?).

But what they found instead is absolutely the opposite.

Like go wild.

- His house is one of those new architectural house protecting the environment and being in the middle of nowhere (because his mother is still deep down a hippy from the 1970's)

- His father is a sociologist at the greatest university of France, and he is always talking about society and the world (aka Enjolras' dedication and passion comes from him) and smoking his smoking pipe (Sartre-like? maybe ?) while cooking the most complicated thing ever ? And being just very very calm and cool.

- his mother is a great journalist going around the world to talk about policies on social and environmental issues, and it always looks like she is fighting with the jungle when she is just trying to cook something alongside her husband (*cough* enjolras' cooking skills* cough*)and she is always overeacting (like "I can't kill a mosquito ! I'm going to destroy the entire local ecosystem ! But what if it attacks my dear children ?" *cornelian dilemma*)

- maybe his uncle use to be a communist (Valjean ??) and now he is a retired philantropist helping in Africa to improve access to education ?
- his older sister is an ethnologist working in Artica, trying to help autochtones'traditions to survive... (these are just suggestion, please go wild ! I want them to be just very successful in what they do AND very aware of the current situation, like they raised Enjolras JFC ! This has to come from somewhere!... but also very very silly-lovely)

And worse of it all : his family is always showing HOW MUCH they love him (which is a lot... )and how much they are proud of him.

So if he never leaves to see them, it's actually because :

a) it's really hard for them to have some time together because of their jobs.

b) he is always embarrassed to be with them since they never stop hugging/kissing/ teasing him (about his work ? his activism? Like "Oh come on mon ange ! You were only arrested twice by the police since the beginning of the year ?? What a shame !And me who thought you would finally beat your uncle's record!")

c) AND usually family reunions are wild : like maybe each year there is a contest to see who was arrested the most by the police (they have a list of crimes ,and you receive point(s) when you did one ?) , who brought down the most corrupted politicians/ oppressing laws/ revealed the most social scandals ... and it always ends up in a huge debate not about politics but about "how can you compare a politician who prevented a lot of family from benefiting from the health system to a scandal about corruption in Russia ! It's bloody russia JFC ! You can't win that round, no you can't".

Please ?

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Valvert - bladder desperation

Okay, Esteliel's new fic has got me really stuck on this now. Apologies.

I require more desperate!Javert with Valjean around to witness the whole thing (and Javert all the more embarrassed when he realizes that Valjean knows exactly what's wrong with him.) Valjean finds himself enjoying seeing Javert squirm and is very conflicted over whether he should try to help somehow or just let things unfold into a most likely very humiliating and damp ending for the poor inspector. Assuming Javert would even accept any offered help, of course.
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Huggy Amis

What I would really really want right now is one of the Amis to be away fron home or something for an extended period of time and realising how much they miss casual things like hugs from their family or getting their hair played with or stuff like that. But then they meet the Amis and Courfeyrac is all huggy and Jehan is affectionate and Grantaire will play with people's hair when he's drunk (so... like always :P)and they are just so happy.
Canon or modern or any era is okay. I could probably imagine Marius or Combeferre or Fuilly as the touched-starved one, but whatever the filler chooses is fine by me. Also, you can make it slash if you want, but gen is fine too. I just really need this after a month away from home with no real friends yet.
Bonus if:
You include desccriptions of how it feels for the Ami to be touched again after so long.
(Frozen) (Thread)

I prompted this back on round 5 and it was unfortunately never filled, so I'm posting this again:

Joly thinks he's contracted some deadly illness and quarantines himself. A drunken Courfeyrac thinks that he must be awfully bored and decides to strip for him over Skype to provide a bit of entertainment. Joly is insanely turned on by this. I'd prefer if it was not an established relationship.
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Valvert, fisting

that's it thats all I want from life is more valvert fisting.
I really don't care what era, don't care who is being fisted by who, all I want is for whoever is being fisted to be absolutely begging for it like 100% consensual. unless madeleine era, obviously, with identity porn, but that would be the only reason for dubcon.
this kink i swear to god. it's my biggest weakness ever. i would sell my soul for this kink with this pairing i am so weak.
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