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Spin, Hugo, spin!

making Victor Hugo turn in his grave since 1885

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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 8
and I am winterborn
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
Since LJ seems to have finally capitulated to the Russian government and is now subject to Russian anti-obscenity laws, I'm not going to take a chance on sudden deletions. The Les Mis kinkmeme now lives at https://lesmiskinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/. (Round 8 here.) Everything has been backed up there. The LJ kinkmeme will stay up, but is now closed to new comments.

Anything with a sniffling, sobbing Combeferre getting the sweetest, fluffiest aftercare after a rough scene.
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Dom!Courfeyrac loves dressing his Sib, Combeferre, in women's undergarments. Lots of lace. Silk stockings. Lots of Combeferre being told what a pretty little boy he is.
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OP: *sub
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Repost from previous round

*triple-checks anon*

All the Amis get captured by the army/police/whoever, and are forced to watch Enjolras being beaten and gang-raped in front of them. Because Enjolras will never betray his co-revolutionaries, but maybe his friends will start naming names in order to save him...


+ Enjolras ordering them not to say anything no matter what happens

+ some kind of corporal punishment like whipping or caning

+ Les Amis in a cell and Enjolras tied to the bars on the other side, so they can touch him and talk to him but not stop what's happening to him
++ whoever's in charge giving up on getting information out of them after a while and saying "fine, it stops as soon as one of you succeeds in getting him off"
+++ if Combeferre and Courfeyrac reluctantly try, but in the end Grantaire is the one who manages to get Enjolras to orgasm mid-gang-rape by sucking him off, and it fucks him up so much that Enjolras has to comfort him afterwards

+ Enjolras being all defiant and proud of having braved so much for his beliefs
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Re: Repost from previous round FILL 1/?

ok, so - obvious warnings for non-con and rape. I think I met most of the criteria here.


“I would rather die than betray my friends!”

A dark chuckle accompanied the harsh blow that followed and Enjolras tasted blood.

“Very stirring!” the Captain of the guard sneered before spitting at Enjolras who refused even to flinch at the derogatory gesture. “Let’s see how your friends feel about that.”

Enjolras felt a moment’s confusion, but he was swiftly hauled to his feet and half dragged, half pushed out of the door and down the corridor. There was a moment before a door, keys jangled and a lock turned before he was pushed inside.

The large cell was divided in two by a row of floor-to-ceiling bars. As he entered the room, Enjolras could see all his friends huddled at the far side. His heart sank. So they were here too.

Joly appeared to be tending to Bossuet, using a ripped shirt as a bandage, but otherwise all seemed relatively unharmed apart from a few cuts and bruises.

Combeferre sprang to his feet, but Enjolras jerked his head ‘no’ and mercifully his friends stayed silent.

“Well now!” the guard said cheerfully. “Isn’t this a nice reunion?”

Enjolras could see the tension and horror in the faces of his friends and he wondered what he must look like. He made an effort to straighten up, to relax his shoulders. He must not appear weak.

Suddenly he was pushed forwards towards the bars, his wrists fastened just slightly above his head. His hands curled naturally around the cold metal, holding onto them tightly as though he was holding on to the earth itself.

At such an angle he was bent forward slightly. Strong hands seized his shoulders and there was the sound of ripping fabric. He closed his eyes, inhaling sharply as the cold air met the soft pale skin of his back. He could not suppress the shiver of vulnerability and being exposed in such a way.

“Fetch me the whip,” the Captain instructed.

“You may beat me to death if you wish, Sir,” Enjolras spoke over his shoulder, jaw set and eyes cold. “But I will still say nothing.”

The man reached forward, grabbing him by the hair and jerking his head back. Enjolras hissed.

“Maybe you won’t say anything. But what about them?”

He pushed Enjolras’s head so that it faced forward once more, looking directly at his friends. He tried to communicate with his eyes, looking at each and every one of them.

Please, he thought, stay strong. Give them nothing.

Combeferre and Courfeyrac stood side by side, holding hands. Joly and Bossuet clung to each other eyes wide. Bahorel stood grimly, armed folded, black eyes glaring, Feuilly by his side, face pinched with strain. Jehan was on his knees, face buried in Grantaire’s shoulder. The latter sat on the floor of the cell, staring with a lost expression, attempting to comfort Jehan. He looked up to meet Enjolras’s gaze, face pale and taut.

The first blow landed hard across both shoulders and he was unable to prevent the cry from passing his lips.

“You want to stop this don’t you?” the Captain’s voice was silky smooth with malice.

Another blow, overlapping the last. Enjolras was somewhat ready for it this time, but he still gasped at its sharp sting.

“Then tell us what we want to know!”

Enjolras gasped again at the bite of the whip, this time further down. Then the delivery began to speed up and the room was filled with the sound of leather on flesh.

“It’s really very easy. All this will end when we’ve got what we want.”

“Tell them – ah!” Enjolras shouted, eyes screwed up tight. He had long since given up counting each stroke. Combeferre darted forward, reaching up to touch Enjolras’s hand where it curled tightly round the bars.

At the gentle gesture Enjolras’s eyes flew open, meeting Combeferre’s steady gaze. The man was white, eyes blazing with cold fury and worry.

“Tell them nothing,” Enjolras wheezed, before groaning as the whip came down once more.

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Omega Enjolras

There has been a ton of alpha Enjolras lately, but very little fic with him as an omega... I'd be so down with anything (gen or any pairing) featuring omega Enjolras.
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Dom!feuilly / sub!enjolras

it's not a secret that enj adores feuilly, but when the leader literally lays himself to feuillys feet (maybe he's drunk, maybe just stressed out) he takes advantage of the situation in a way he will be ashamed of later.

Aka, enjolras is unable to deny feuilly anything and feuilly takes it a step too far
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this is everything I want in life yes please
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lady dom r/male sub e

please i just want a female r domming a male enjolras in my life i just need it a lot
or it could even be female enjolras domming male r but like i need it
it is a true need
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The media are shocked by Valvert

Valjean and Javert are both film actors, and to everyone's knowledge they loathe each other, that's what makes films they star in so good.

Then shortly after gay marriage comes in where they live, it comes out, quite publicly that they're tied the knot, and that they'd been together for years. Cue the media doing a WTH!?moment or ten.

I'd love to see their reactions to the articles, but go as freeform as you like on structure.
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Re: The media are shocked by Valvert

I don't ship it at all, but this could be really funny.

What kind of films were you thinking?
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When sub!Combeferre gets punished (like spanking; I like Combeferre getting spanked), he cries a lot, not necessarily because it hurts, but because he's so upset with himself for disappointing him Dom.
(Frozen) (Thread)

Combeferre getting weekly maintenance spankings from his Dom.
(Frozen) (Thread)

Psssst, the frequency and repetitiveness of these prompts is starting to get a bit spammy, would you mind cutting back a little?
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Power Bottom Valjean (Valvert)

Valjean is a power bottom and Javert loves it.
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E/R, Priest Kink, Reformation AU

Grantaire is a drunken incompetent priest who was more or less forced into the clergy by his family, and is basically everything that's wrong with the Catholic church in the Reformation.

Enjolras is a firebrand iconoclastic Protestant who wants to smash statues, disrupt the Mass, teach people to read the Bible for themselves, and to fuck the patriarchy.

And by patriarchy I mean Grantaire.

All of the purification/corruption religion talk while they do it.

(I have an image in my head of Enjolras being sentenced to burn for heresy and Grantaire stepping on the pyre to die with him, but I also really want E/R priest smut so anything please?)
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Re: E/R, Priest Kink, Reformation AU

as the history nerd i am, YES PLEASE
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A Toulon Moment (J/VJ first meeting?)

Prompt inspired by a little Brick!snippet which catched my eye:
In Digne, Valjean tells Myriel (who he thinks a simple village!priest) that he had seen a bishop once, in Toulon: "Monseigneur is what they call him. He was the Bishop of Majore at Marseilles. ... He said mass in the middle of the bagne, on an altar. He had a pointed thing, made of gold, on his head; it glittered in the bright light of midday. We were all ranged in lines on the three sides, with cannons with lighted matches facing us. We could not see very well. He spoke; but he was too far off, and we did not hear."
Now, this must have been a Big Thing, with all the guards attending too, with shined boots and polished buttons. So, Javert is there too - and during the service, a certain convict suddenly attracts his attention.
Why and in what way is up to author.
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Re: A Toulon Moment (J/VJ first meeting?)

Oh my god, yes! I never noticed this, but it would be so nice :)
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Alpha!Cosette/Omega!Valjean TW: Incest Undertones

Cosette knocks up her dear Papa during one of his heats and she happily takes care of him through his pregnancy.
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Re: Alpha!Cosette/Omega!Valjean TW: Incest Undertones

pretty sure that's a lot more than undertones, haha (not saying this to attack you--just because the child is adopted doesn't make it not incest, they're still parent and child! sorry, it's kind of a pet peeve)
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e/r (modern au, sneezing)

Grantaire never invites enjolras over to his apartment and enjolras is cool with it because he assumes grantaire never invites anyone over

And then he finds out that literally every other member of les amis hangs out there all the time and he’s hurt because he thought they were getting to be friends (he’s been making an effort)

So he goes to grantaire’s apartment to confront him and he opens the door and there are like 10 cats staring up at him and he’s really allergic to cats and it’s clear that that’s why grantaire never invited him (but now the question is how grantaire knew he was allergic to cats)

How it goes after that is up to you, but preferably this ends with grantaire and enjolras making out while enjolras sneezes or grantaire inducing enjolras using one of the cats. I don't care whether or not you give grantaire a sneeze fetish, but I would prefer there not be a overly large amount of mess, and I will really love you if you spell out your sneezes.

(Also, I have been on here before so please tell me if I'm breaking any rules of etiquette.)
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Valjean Introspection at Barricade

Barricade fic dealing specifically with Valjean's thoughts upon seeing Javert again and making the decision to spare/save his life. Can be gen, h/c, or a bit slashy at the discretion of the author. I've seen a lot of fics dealing with Javert's thought, but not many dealing directly with Valjean and I'd like to see the reverse. Extra points for descriptions of Valjean's reaction to Javert tied up in the martingale looking beaten and broken.
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Re: Valjean Introspection at Barricade

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