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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 6
exit pursued by javert
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
Since LJ seems to have finally capitulated to the Russian government and is now subject to Russian anti-obscenity laws, I'm not going to take a chance on sudden deletions. The Les Mis kinkmeme now lives at https://lesmiskinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/. (Round 6 here.) Everything has been backed up there. The LJ kinkmeme will stay up, but is now closed to new comments.

Enjolras does not fit in modern day society.

Repost from Round 5 (not original prompter, but I need this like woah):

"In a surprising twist of events, Enjolras is the 'loser' sitting at the front of the classroom who no one likes. Why? Because of his radical left views (regarding overthrowing the government); his tendency to drop into political speeches at a moment's notice makes people avoid him LIKE THE PLAGUE.

Like seriously, he sits in class and people would rather sit next to the guy with bad BO than sit next to Enjolras. There is a 2m circle of space around him when he sits on the bus. Enjolras recites his speeches to ducks and pigeons because not even his parents want to listen to him. He has no friends because he's 'no fun', and because he's also shockingly unsympathetic about people's small problems (ie 'I'm so scared my boyfriend's going to leave me' - 'your ancestors fought for women's rights and this is how you repay them?') - which comes off to other people as selfishness/pretentiousness/preaching/judgment. He may or may not also get punched in the face a lot.

Enter the Amis, or an Ami/Cosette/Eponine, who teaches him that it's okay to be himself. Genfic or pairings, I don't mind!"
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Re: Enjolras does not fit in modern day society.

While this Enjolras appears to be probably the most rejected and disliked person ever, it doesn't sound like he doesn't think it's okay to be himself or was making any effort to tone down the almost over-the-top obnoxiousness.
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Marius/Cosette, Cosette/Others - consensual infidelity

Madame Pontmercy is infamous. She's slept with every man in town and a fair few of the women. The things she's willing to do in bed are legendary. Everyone assumes Monsieur Pontmercy, sweet, naive and hopelessly in love with her, is utterly oblivious.

Plot twist: he totally knows, and Cosette does this because they both get off on it really hard. When Cosette comes home from her 'exploits', Marius makes love to her slowly and reverently, kissing and worshipping every place she's been touched by another.

Bonus: the townspeople-or-whatever have some sort of mocking nickname for Cosette, "the Whore of Wherevervania" or something wittier than that, and Marius calls her that when they're alone in complete adoration.
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Re: Marius/Cosette, Cosette/Others - consensual infidelity

A+ prompt and I really hope it gets filled!
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Enjolras/Amis, secret affairs

Enjolras has a thing with all the Amis. The thing is, they all think they're the only one he has a thing with. Enjolras doesn't feel a particular need to tell them he has secret little affairs with every one of them - on the contrary, he asks them to keep it their little secret. They agree to his terms and remain none the wiser.

Optional bonuses:
- They all play along with the idea that Enjolras is still a virgin, because they all believe they're the only person to know he's not.
- Some of the Amis suspect that he's sleeping with several of them, but keep quiet because they don't want to break their little promise, especially if it turns out they're wrong.
- Joly and Bossuet share.
- Marius is part of the equation.
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Any Ami; Head shave

something with someone getting their head shaved whether it be for a good cause or not this is all i want
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Re: Any Ami; Head shave

Potential filler here-- Would you be okay with Enjolras forcefully getting his head shaved by the National Guard, as sort of an act of degradation/humiliation? If not, that's cool :) Just wanted to run it by you.
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Re: Any Ami; Head shave (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Any Ami; Head shave (Anonymous) Expand
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Javert/Marius Gunkink. Non/dub-con

After Javert is exposed as a spy on the barricade, Marius is told to keep watch over him for a while. Javert is his usual sassy self and tries to needle Marius in to shooting him. Instead, Marius either (a) fucks Javert face down ass up with one of the guns or (b) takes the Inspector himself and makes Javert blow the pistol.

Bonus for:
.crying (either party)
.dirty talk
.regretful Marius trying to hug it better after the fact but knowing what he has done is unforgivable.
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Ok, so Coufeyrac makes homemade popsicle in a shape of male anatomy.
During a game of truth or dare, he dares Enjolras to eat it. And everyone (especially Grantaire) gets turned on to certain degrees.

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Jehan/Courfeyrac - ageplay

So Jehan and Courfeyrac take ageplay as a lifestyle. Baby!Jehan and Daddy!Courfeyrac
Because Jehan in diapers and sucking on a pacifier is something that needs to happen. And Courfeyrac would be such a wonderful Daddy! =)

I'm okay if it becomes sexual, but it doesn't have to.

- if Les Amis (or some of them) know and sometimes babysit and spoil baby!Jehan to no end
-baby!Jehan has a favorite and VERY fluffy stuffed animal (Cosette's gift, maybe? I have this headcanon that they're bff's)

But I'm really not that picky, just ageplay with my OTP is enough =D
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Re: Jehan/Courfeyrac - ageplay

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Silly Marius, tricks are for kids!

That's it. That's the prompt.
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Enjolras' father was abusive

Enjolras disapproves of Grantaire's excessive drinking because his father was an abusive drunkard. This is revealed one day when all the Amis start harping on Enjolras for being so hard on R.
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Re: Enjolras' father was abusive

I've had this headcanon for ages but not gotten around to prompting it! Please someone write this!
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beneath the lash, upon the rack

I was re-reading an old Toulon-era fill that mentioned the rack being used as punishment. I have no idea how historically accurate that would be, but it made me want to read fic about Valjean suffering on the rack.

Any pairing or none at all is fine, I just want medieval torture and whump.
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Rare Pairings: Cosette/Montparnasse

There's a reason no one ships it. Let's find out what that reason is.
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Re: Rare Pairings: Cosette/Montparnasse

i mean what i
who said that
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Cockslut Enjolras

That's it that's the prompt.

Enjolras being a willing cockslut for the rest of the Amis and getting come all over his face and maybe being fucked by two people at once.

Please no dubcon or noncon, scat, or watersports
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Re: Cockslut Enjolras

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write us a brick, you're the hugo man

Les Mis parody/filk of Piano Man with Hugo as the piano man
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Re: write us a brick, you're the hugo man

We're back on the old-school calendar.
And I'm hanging out in exile.
There's an old man who is visiting
Me upon this microscopic isle.

He says, "Sir, can you write a biography
I can't really say I know whose.
But it's sad and it's long.
I knew it like a song
Back when I had nothing to lose."

Write us a brick, you're the novelist
Including my wife's dad.
Cause we're all in the mood for some memories
That make us feel miserably sad.

Azelma's just another emigrant.
She'll happily talk to me.
But she stares at the waves, towards the uprising slaves
And there's someplace that she'd rather be.

She says, "Vic, I know I don't deserve this."
As we talk and we sip from a drink.
And she looks at boats on the horizon
She's wondering which ones will sink.

Cosette's an excitable mother
Still glad to be Marius' wife.
She talks with two brothers, who don't know the others
Who helped them out early in life.

And everyone's speaking of politics
But the businessmen all are corrupt.
Though my friends share a deep camaraderie
Sometimes they look down on their luck.

Write us a brick for a barricade
Write us a brick today
Well we're all in the mood for some history
And maybe we're feeling okay.

It's a pretty sad crowd that's surrounding me
And their faces continue to plead.
Cause they know I'm the one, that when their days are done,
People will continue to read.

And my poems all sound very romantic
And my paintings I hid out of sight
They choose love and not hate, they put bread on my plate
They say "Visit Waterloo tonight."

Write us a brick, you're the narrator
Write us a brick tonight.
Well we're all in the mood for some reprises
Until someday we get it right.
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AU: Mermaid Fantine

All other details of Les Mis being the same, what if Fantine had been a sea-girl lured to the surface world by Tholomyes? Would Cosette hear the call of the sea? Would the lead to her falling in love with Marius Merpontcy? YOU TELL ME.
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Re: AU: Mermaid Fantine

Not going to lie, Marius Merpontcy would break my heart. Valjean would literally not be able to follow her into that new life.
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Re: AU: Mermaid Fantine (Anonymous) Expand
i have had a particularly stressful and not fun day so i would love some relaxing fluff, preferably combeferre/courfeyrac or e/R

thanks in advance!!!
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