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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 8
and I am winterborn
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
Since LJ seems to have finally capitulated to the Russian government and is now subject to Russian anti-obscenity laws, I'm not going to take a chance on sudden deletions. The Les Mis kinkmeme now lives at https://lesmiskinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/. (Round 8 here.) Everything has been backed up there. The LJ kinkmeme will stay up, but is now closed to new comments.

Enjolras/Grantaire d/s negotiation

I just want a scene of good negotiation before the beginning of a d/s relationship. And, if you can fit it in, how they act and feel when one partner's biggest kink is the other one's hardest limit.
(extra points if the limit is exhibitionism)
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Re: Enjolras/Grantaire d/s negotiation

ooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i would read this so hard
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Jehan - not that sort of romance

I just really want Jehan's friends to keep going to Jehan for help with their romantic problems because, well, Jehan, he's a self-described romantic, right? And Jehan, while trying to be helpful, is just "??? nOT THAT SORT OF ROMANTIC GUYS." And just generally being really unhelpful because "uh if you want advice on like... lost innocence and death I'm here for you but I really have no idea how to make him notice you I'm so sorry??"

bonus if Jehan is aromantic and is like "I am literally the worst person to ask guys jfc pls sort your shit out"
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Re: Jehan - not that sort of romance

Seconded, because best prompt ever!
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Enjolras/Grantaire Soulmate AU

I read about a kind of soulmate au where the words printed on your skin aren't the first thing your soulmate says to you, but the thing they say that makes you realise you want to be with this person forever. And when I discovered this concept, my immediate thought was how deliciously tragic it would be if Enjolras' soulmark said "Do you permit it?"
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Re: Enjolras/Grantaire Soulmate AU

You are a cruel, cruel person.
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FILL from second anon (Anonymous) Expand
Re: FILL from second anon (Anonymous) Expand
Re: FILL from second anon (Anonymous) Expand

Marius, Bed-Wetting, Hurt/Comfort

Marius had a bedwetting problem when he was a kid, and occasionally, to his continuing horror, he still wets the bed when he's stressed. Naturally, his grandfather was never kind about it, and none of it has helped Marius's rock bottom self-esteem. Unfortunately, when he leaves home he starts regularly wetting the bed again. Eventually he ends up living with Courfeyrac and he tries desperately to hide it but eventually Courfeyrac does find out. Cue Marius bursting into tears and then a lot of comfort from Courfeyrac. I love kink but I'd prefer if there wasn't any here, please, I just want an h/c fic.

(Please?! I have no idea why I want to read this so much, but I do.)
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Re: Marius, Bed-Wetting, Hurt/Comfort

awww i love this idea, anon! i hope someone writes it :)
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Enjolras/Grantaire cellmates

Grantaire is in jail for... idk, something minor. He's delighted when he learns he's getting a new cellmate (Montparnasse is scary, okay, they say he's in for murder), but it turns out sharing a cell with Enjolras I-Didn't-Actually-Do-Anything-Wrong-It-Was-For-Justice may not actually be better. Monparnasse hadn't been likely to break Grantaire's heart, at least.
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Javert/Valjean - Javert's lack of self-esteem

TW: Psychological abuse, some mental health problems (?)

Because of his status as convicts' child and the childhood that followed because of it, Javert's self-esteem is next to none, as he had been told since he was young that he's from the gutter and would never amount to anything. Joining the guards and the police never made it any better: Javert devoted himself to the law because he felt it was the only way he'd ever be needed or wanted by others.

Post-Barricade, he's fighting to come to terms with the fact that he is not useless now that he's resigned, and that Valjean is willing to stay beside him no matter what because, contrary to Javert's own view of himself, his worth is not purely based on how useful he is, but that Valjean enjoys Javert's company and loves him for who he is.

Can be gen or slash, with any Valjean and Javert of your choosing.
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Re: Javert/Valjean - Javert's lack of self-esteem

just out of...curiosity...does anon still want this?
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Courfeyrac likes to spank Combeferre until he's a crying, shaking mess. Fully consensual, please. With lots of praise and fluffy aftercare. And emphasis on Ferre crying.
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marius/cosette, size kink

marius has a big cock and cosette loves it.

feel free to add in basically any kinks you want. (I'm also a big fan of dom/sub type stuff. especially if cosette is the dom). would also be cool with seeing cosette lending out her boy to (any of) the amis because they found out what marius was packing, but it'd still be nice to have an emphasis on cosette/marius if you choose to play around with that idea.
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Enjolras - personality split

The classic children's cartoon staple.

Because of Reasons, two distinct versions of Enjolras appear: one that embodies all his kindness, compassion, and affection, and the other all his fury, conviction, and ruthlessness. A very frazzled "original" Enjolras has to desperately try to corral them before they can cause too much damange.

+ if you work e/R into it somehow
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C-squared petplay

Courfeyrac pretends to be a cat as a joke (a totally innocent joke!) and Combeferre takes an unexpected interest (NOT the innocent kind).
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exR | d/s, come-eating, multiple orgasms

E and R ave been together for a while and have spent a lot of time preparing to safely integrate BDSM/power exchange into their sex life. They're both excited to start, but when they try to start their first real scene, Enjolras is so keyed up that he comes in his pants. He's humiliated and disappointed that he's ruined their first attempt. Grantaire, ever the opportunist, undresses him, licks him clean, and wrings another orgasm out of him, and another, until he's an overstimulated, sobbing mess.

+ for Enjolras crying at some point
+ for everything consensual

(captcha is don't dawdle. you heard the boss, get on it.)
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Re: exR | d/s, come-eating, multiple orgasms

This is everything.
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Enjolras responds to disagreement in a mature way

Enjolras encounters intelligent opposition to his beliefs (that is to say, NOT Random Bigot #6538) and he doesn't react by being disgusted and then devaluing all this person is and believes. They have reasoned, tolerant conversation in which there are no slurs or ad hominem attacks. The other person is impressed with Enjolras' logical, respectful debating and is eventually convinced by it.
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anything with them being happy and sexy together because this is a thing we should have more of
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Re: Bahorel/Grantaire


Bahorel was involved in an intense discussion of exactly how blind the ref was in the last Liverpool match (answer: very) when someone tapped him on the shoulder.

“Yes?” he turned on his barstool, not sure if he should be glaring at the interruption or not.

“Hey mate, you responsible for the short and curly menace?”

“Oh god, what’s he done now,” Bahorel groaned. Then commonsense reasserted itself and he shook his head violently. “No, no, I have no idea who you’re talking about, and I’m definitely not responsible for him.”

“Up to you mate, but he’s getting into it with the posh tossers in the back room. Maybe want to go and retrieve him before they start getting nasty?”

“Oh god.” Bahorel closed his eyes and wondered if counting to ten would help. Opening his eyes he sadly realized he had not been transported to alternate universe where he had not somehow become responsible for a short and curly menace.

“So much more trouble than he’s worth,” he muttered and looked mournfully at his nearly full pint. “Such a waste.” He necked about half of it and then set the glass back down and set off on his retrieval mission, planning to take the loss out on a certain someone’s hide.

The back room was full of a lot of smart university boys, and Grantaire. The smart boys were all staring at Grantaire who was in the middle of one of his long rambles. Bahorel couldn’t tell if they were stunned by the argument, or the fact someone was arguing with them. He didn’t much care either, he was just grateful violence hadn’t broken out yet. Though given the way the guy standing at the head of the table was flexing his fists it couldn’t far off.

“Okay, that’s enough trouble-making for one night, let’s go.” He grabbed Grantaire’s arm to haul him out the room.

“I’m not trouble,” Grantaire whined, locking his knees like a stubborn toddler. “It’s not my fault Apollo here thinks being pretty is a valid argument.”

“Pretty!” snapped the man at the head of the table, who, now Bahorel took the time to look, was really rather blindingly pretty.

“Oh for god’s sake,” Bahorel growled. “You are such a fucking magpie.” He yanked Grantaire again and was rewarded as he staggered back a few paces towards the door.

“But shiney,” Grantaire wailed, making grabby hands.

“Hold on,” said the guy at the head of table, and yeah, he sounded mad.

Bahorel flashed them all a big toothy grin, “Sorry guys, things to do, places to be. Come on!” He tugged at Grantaire again and when this produced no result he bent down and simply heaved Grantaire up so he was draped over one shoulder and he could carry him.

“Whoa,” Grantaire cried, as he clutched on to Bahorel as best he could. “Why’s the floor moving?”

“Yeah, you’re toasted.”

Bahorel carried him quickly out the room, shutting the door firmly behind them, and then out the bar altogether.

“This is undignified,” Grantaire grumbled, his drink-scrambled brain having finally caught up with events.

“You’re the one who was eyeing that poor sod like you wanted to take him home and keep him in a box.”

“But he’s so pretty, Bahorel. And wrong. Very, very wrong, but pretty. Bahorel, my head hurts.”

“Are you going to be like this all the way home?”

“You could give my mouth something better to do,” Grantaire tempted, would-be sly but too drunk to do more than leer.

“Arguing got you hot, huh?”

“Yep.” Grantaire nodded his his head, incidentally clunking Bahorel in the kidneys with his forehead.

“Menace,” Bahorel accused, letting him slide off his shoulder and onto his feet. But Grantaire didn’t stop there, slithering right down onto his knees. He turned his face up to Bahorel and grinned,

“Make it up to you,” he offered cheerfully, hands already creeping towards Bahorel’s fly.



“I’m not a wuss, but spending a night in the cells is not as exciting as the movies make out.”

“You don’t want me,” Grantaire drooped in place, curly head bowed.
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Re: Bahorel/Grantaire (Anonymous) Expand

e/r student/teacher

The reason Enjolras is so mean to Grantaire all the time is because he has a really bad case of reverse favoritism.
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e/r fake dating fail

Both Enjolras and Grantaire are bad at objectively judging people's physical appearance (Enjolras only sees ideologies wrapped in skin and Grantaire thinks everyone in the world is more attractive than himself). So when Enjolras needs a fake boyfriend to introduce to his parents, both of them think Grantaire could pass as a Parent's Worst Nightmare Boyfriend.

The twist is that Grantaire is actually a lot more attractive and charming and successful than either of them gives him credit for, and Enjolras's parents like him so much that they end up reconciling whatever the issue was with Enjolras himself (and they're not complete and utter assholes, they're just stubborn like Enjolras).
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E/R, pretty!E, oblivious!E

i love, love, love ridiculously attractive!E (which hey, it's brick canon) with cheekbones and blond ringlets and flawless skin. stupidly attractive E makes people turn in the street, and leaves moves open and heads ringing wherever he goes. all the les amis agree; enjolras is their amazing yet flawed friend, but holy fuck, he looks like a supermodel

and enjolras just has no idea. yeah, he's pretty and kind of girly looking, and people have told him he's attractive he guesses, but he has no idea the effect he has on people. just no idea. completely oblivious.

give me an enjolras who is confused as to why people choke up when he talks to them, who's confused as to why people are so nice to him all the time ('that's flirting, E'), who says casual things like 'oh i wish i looked more like you' and people shocked because 'HAVE YOU LOOKED IN THE MRIROR LATELY?'. maybe a 5+1 deal?

bonus: E/R with E being wholly, completely smitten with ugly!R, and R who is just in awe of enjolras' everything

tl;dr ridiculously attractive E being oblivious to the effect he has on others
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[shortfill] E/R, pretty!E, oblivious!E (1a/1)

it seems like a sin to not fill this with 5+1 amis ensemble fic, but i cranked out a little commentbox fill for this and figured i might as well post it. thank you for the prompt, anon!(^O^☆♪ oh, and, modern AU.

"I like your nose," Grantaire hears suddenly, and cracks one eye open. His other one is hidden, one side of his face still mashed up against his pillow, but he does his best to look skeptical with only the one, straining it to look up toward Enjolras' face. He doesn't look ill - at least that Grantaire can tell, though he's not sure Enjolras is actually capable of looking anything that couldn't be captured in stone - but maybe there's something in his eye. His hair is falling in an artful little handful over one shoulder, looks light as air from how he'd slept on it.

Grantaire doesn't know what his face does, but he sees the way Enjolras' shoulders relax, long fingers resting on his laptop where it sits open against his thighs.

"What," Enjolras challenges, a tiny smile on his face.

His lips are pursed, just a tiny bit - like a showdog, Grantaire thinks, and tries not to think any harder about that. "Nothing," he grumps. Something twitches in his back and he makes a harebrained attempt to stretch it without actually expending any effort. "I think I dreamed that."

He keeps shifting, trying to dispel the little knot, but calms immediately when he feels one of Enjolras' cool hands in his hair, the barest scritch of fingernails on his scalp. He feels a bit like a dog himself.

"Dreamed what?"

Grantaire's eyes flutter shut again. "Nothing. I don't know. Did you say something?"

Enjolras laughs, quiet and warm. "I said I liked your nose," he repeats easily, and Grantaire feels his brow furrow.

"I don't think it's past nine AM," he says. "I'm addicted to the garbage and even I don't start drinking this early."

Enjolras clucks his tongue, though his fingers keep up a rhythm in Grantaire's hair. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Enjolras, I don't even like my nose."

"What, so I'm not allowed to like it?"

Grantaire considers this, shifting his hips absently under the sheets. "No. You're not." He casts his one eye up again just in time to catch the end of an eyeroll from Enjolras, and feels his own grin where it's pushed into his pillow.

"I do," Enjolras insists. As Grantaire watches, he puts his free hand up by his face and sticks his pointer out next to his own tiny turned-up nose; Grantaire gets distracted by his scattered freckles, perfectly visible in the soft light. "It's very - you know, it does, like, a thing - "

Grantaire snorts, an ugly little thing that - go figure - comes right out of his nose. "You're a charmer," he teases, "and a poet, especially early in the morning. 'It does a thing.' You don't have to lie for my benefit, Enjolras, I take full ownership of my freaky bird nose."

"It's not early," Enjolras murmurs immediately, "and - that's why I like it," he argues. It hits Grantaire that he sounds weirdly passionate about the whole ordeal, but that thought gets filed away easily; Enjolras has never not been weirdly passionate about just about everything he ever talks about. "There's actually - it has a shape, Grantaire, it's neat. It changes the whole composition of your face."

Grantaire feels his cheeks heat up - not so much at the compliment as much as the word 'composition' - Enjolras always asks about whatever Grantaire is working on, looks fascinated by his mediocre ability to paint adequate portraits, but Grantaire had never taken it for anything more than a misplaced interest in how his booty call spends his time when he's not actively getting fucked. To hear that apparently Enjolras had been listening that time he'd gone on (ad nauseum, he thinks) about strong lines and face contours is enough to make his heart squeeze in his chest.

Enjolras apparently doesn't notice this, fingers still soothing over his curls. "I don't like mine," he continues - and this makes Grantaire bark out a laugh so strong that they both look a little shocked - but really.

"You're mental," Grantaire pronounces, and Enjolras frowns adorably. Grantaire pays particular attention to the little scrunch of his nose. His fingers itch to paint.
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E/R addiction

Grantaire drinks most at meetings. So when his fingers shake the next morning, it's because his last drink was yesterday. When his whole body seems to burn with the craving, it's because he's saving his drinking money for the next meeting. A little alcohol will settle him down, allow him to think again. He knows he's an alcoholic, or at least he knows how addiction works.

(and if sometimes the alcohol doesn't work, if sometimes he gets blinding drunk and he still craves so badly he thinks it might kill him, if sometimes he looks at his golden god and his fingers steady instantly and his body calms as he drinks in the sight like a man dying of thirst... no one has to know.)
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Enjolras/Grantaire d/s

... with a relationship dynamic based on Shakespeare's Sonnet 57.
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Re: Enjolras/Grantaire d/s

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fill (Anonymous) Expand
Fill finally (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fill finally (Anonymous) Expand

Courferre medfet

Combeferre gives Courfeyrac a medical exam and Courfeyrac gets the hots. What happens next is up to the author. The more explicit the better.
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Prompt: Javert wakes up to see Valjean an desperately scrubbing at his nightshirt, convinced that there is blood from his old lashing scars,due to a nightmare. Javert calms him down
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This is amazing

I'd like to interrupt this kink meme with a brief announcement;
This meme has been going on for three years.
I'm so proud of us
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e/R: argument and strangeling???? possible dub??+

grantaire says something out of line which makes enjolras say something out of line and suddenly grantaire finds himself pressing enjolras up against a wall with a hand around his neck ...and with the hardest boner ever tl;dr: they fight and grantaire gets off by pressing up against and strangling enjolras??? kinda?? up to anon what enjolras feels about that
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Re: e/R: argument and strangeling???? possible dub??+

like... argument turns into spontaneous dubcon breathplay?
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The Amis are Cosette's reverse harem.
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Fill Cosette/Amis (1/?)

It was the heat that was the problem. The kind of heat that made it feel as if one were breathing with a blanket over one’s face. It made clothes stick to bodies and cravats be hastily undone.

That was the state that most Amis were in when Cosette entered the sacred meeting room of Les Amis. But rather than their usual talk of revolution and a new world, there was no talk for fear that the heat may enter through their mouths and never leave.

“Hello, my dear sweet Cosette.” Courfeyrac said when she entered. He sat with his legs spread, shirt one button away from being undone and cravat hanging loosely from his neck. He wore no vest or jacket. “And where is our doting Marius enjoying this excruciating heat?”

Cosette smiled gently. The heat had not outwardly affected her aside from flushing her cheeks, which only aided in her visual appeal.

“He is on the countryside, taking a day to himself.”

“And leave his blushing bride alone in such a dangerous city?” Courfeyrac returned her smile.

“I bid him go. He had become too anxious pent in the house and it was too hot for him to walk here. I thought it best for him to wait out the heat where the wind may blow.”

“I pray it does not blow him away completely.” Courfeyrac said.

Cosette let out her most sensual giggle, pulling the bonnet from her head and letting her hair free. A few more of the Amis turned at the bright shine of her locks, some acknowledging her presence for the first time. She made eye contact with many in the room, noting each look as she passed their faces, judging temperaments.

“And what do you mean to come here, discarding your hair covering so?” Courfeyrac said lightly, taking the bonnet from her casually and examining it with a feigned interest.

“I mean to take a day to myself.” She said, seating herself next to him. He pulled his legs together, not wanting his knee to violate the realm of her skirts. She responded by putting a hand on his thigh, the entire atmosphere changing as she did. Whereas before every party present was happy to allow the day to waste away with a lazy heated bliss, now the two in the corner and a few others among them became aware of a hand misplaced without a mistake being made.

“What are you playing at, my sweet, innocent Cosette?” Courfeyrac asked, holding her gaze with a guarded intensity.

She did not respond, instead closing the distance between their lips. Cosette heard many chairs shift and a few utterances of both Courfeyrac’s name and her own. The assured knowledge of an audience only pulled her deeper into the kiss.

The kiss ended with the weight of a hand on her shoulder pulling her from the intensity. She looked up to see Combeferre’s smart glasses and well kept hair, his cravat loosened the only indication that the heat affected him.

“Cosette.” He said, his voice stern as that of a mother who’d found her child’s hand in the sweets. “What are you doing?”

Cosette stood, looking him fiercely in the eyes as she unbuttoned the dress she wore. She’d chosen it for it’s easy buttons, making quicker work as she pulled each piece of fabric from her shoulders, leaving her only in a skirt. Combeferre and the Amis who had gathered behind them turned their eyes.

His hand felt warm and smooth as she lifted it from his side to her breast. The thrill of his touch rushing through her.

“I want this.” She whispered to him, loud enough that the closest of them could hear. “I want you. All of you.”
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E/R self conscious!R

[Newbie here; I apologize if this breaks any rules or has already been written]

So Enjolras is usually describe or portrayed as exceptionally attractive.

What if Grantaire felt less confident because he's naturally broader and rougher looking?
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Marius/?, edgeplay

Marius is frustrated and embarrassed that he can never seem to last more than a few short minutes in bed. It gets to the point where he starts avoiding sex. His partner(s) are confused, and want to help him. This leads to them (consensually please!) Helping Marius last by tying him up and edging him for hours until he's a shaking, crying mess.

Free reign on era and ships, though ++ for Courf/Marius/Cosette

+++for hella cuddles
+++++for praise kink in there somewhere
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