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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 8
and I am winterborn
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
Official rules/FAQ/Page-A-Mod post is there for reference, but you know how it works by now. Be nice, no kink-shaming, this is not the place to have it out with people who are Wrong On The Internet, detailed lists of kinks in headers are good, no RPF except for historical figures. Link to your fills (complete or incomplete) on the Fill Post. Mods reserve the right to enforce reasonable standards of conduct even if they are incapable of explicitly enumerating every possible way someone could act like an asshat online.

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Announcements for Round 8: The Filth Fest Challenge is back by popular demand! Let's kick this round off with a bunch of panty-scorching prompts for people to come back to if they're ever in need of... inspiration. If you weren't there for the last Filth Fest, it's pretty simple: the first 50 prompts (at least) must be filthy and/or kinky as fuck. Keep your gen and your G-rated prompts in reserve until page 3--which if the last round is any indication will arrive quickly enough--and work on earning yourselves a dedicated first-class carriage to the special hell.

Fine print: In the original announcement. Basically, prompts on the first 2 pages that aren't on-topic for the challenge will be quietly screened or deleted and can be reposted later. There is no minimum subjective hotness requirement, just keep things sex- and/or kink-focused for those first 50 prompts.

e/R based on the pair at 1:15 in this video

The video on youtube is called "First Kiss" (with Queer Ladies) and yeah the pair at 1:15 scream e/R to me and this is all I want

Valvert cooking show

Valjean works as a host in a cooking show and Javert is the director. They can't stand each other but to ValJean's surprise in tonight's show starts whispering dirty things in ValJean's earpiece. Cue Valjean whimpering and moaning on live tv, secretly touching himself behind the counter.

Re: Valvert cooking show


Captcha: brick house :)

Fem!E/Dark!Amis TW: noncon, humiliation, possible noncon impregnation

Very dark prompt, sorry:

Cis-female Enjolras expects that the Amis would accept her when she reveals to them that she is a woman. Instead they restrain her and intend to teach her 'her place'. Whether she escapes/saved or not is up to the filler.

+forced orgasms, double/triple-penetrations, breast-torture
++her 'training' takes several days/weeks/month, she isn't allowed to wear clothes all this time
+++she ends up pregnant - pregnant sex
+10000! - her feelings of utter betrayal

(i'm going to hell for this)

Re: Fem!E/Dark!Amis TW: noncon, humiliation, possible noncon impregnation

Don't worry you won't be going alone. I give my kingdom and firstborn for a fill.

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Valvert Teacher/Student Relationship

Javert is a lonely 40-something high school teacher and Valjean wants to ride that dick before he graduates.

Re: Valvert Teacher/Student Relationship


valvert - size!porn in every way

i just want porn in which valjean has a big dick and uses those muscles of his to his advantage. any time is fine, but i have a special love for toulon.

Re: valvert - size!porn in every way

seconded oh my god

Courfeyrac/Marius - Marius gets jealous

Courfeyrac is Marius's roommate and dear friend, but they aren't (yet?) a couple. Courfeyrac is very generous with physical affection; he can often be found touching, hugging, kissing his friends. Marius sees him kissing someone in a friendly way and doesn't understand this strange feeling suddenly tying his insides in knots (spoiler: it's jealousy), and he decides he needs some space to sort out his confusion. Courfeyrac has to figure out why Marius suddenly seems to be avoiding him. Canon-era preferred, but AU would be okay.

Sub! Enjolras long term chastity and orgasm denial

To remain undistracted Enjolras takes a vow to remain chaste until Patria is free enlisting the aid of his guide and center to remain true (milking, ruined orgasms, cbt, humil, punishments,tease and denial, corporal, etc) Eventually Grantaire of all people takes full control as his master and finally liberates him of his bondage and unhealthy views over his body. Chastity devices and depression, reference to past self-mortificaton, guilt, angst, hurt comfort, aftercare, eventual E/R Canon era preferrably but AU is fine

Chronicles of E/r journey through sex as the former develops
wilder tastes in bed urethral play, fisting, whatever kink you like
as long as thres lots of love and tenderness

I hope you manage to continue this, is kind of amazing.

Happy Ending for Fantine

Javert/Fantine (could be relationship, or friendship)

He respects her dedication to the law.

I mean seriously, she sold her FRONT TEETH before resorting to anything illegal, and even then, she prostituted herself before stealing anything.

Javert meets her pre-prostitution, after she's sold her hair, maybe before she sells her teeth? Sees how desperate her situation is, is impressed when she, IDK, returns someone's dropped purse? Offers her an honest living?

She isn't frigid; she's subby and too innocent to know it. TW dubcon and Dom/sub

In an AU where Courf survives: The marriage of Marius and Cosette is going badly, as Cosette is totally uninterested in (and slightly turned off by) her new husband's passivity and politeness in bed. Marius moans to Courf that his wife is frigid. Courf, like Stanley Kowalski, thinks any girl will melt if you whisper nasty things in her ear, take charge and spank her if she misbehaves. He convinces Marius to invite him over and then hide in a closet and watch Courf pull Cosette down offa those columns. Courf is totally right, of course. Marius watches in fury and lust as his bride pants with desire and does every progressively-more-dirty thing Courfeyrac demands of her. Finally he bursts out of the closet, and he and Courfeyrac by turns dominate, use, and comfort her while she loses herself in total bliss. Bonus for her getting off on humiliation and spit-roasting.

Re: She isn't frigid; she's subby and too innocent to know it. TW dubcon and Dom/sub

Seconded, sil vous plait. SECONDED HARD.

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Valvert with trans* Valjean

After getting released on parole, Modern AU Valjean decides to finally live as a woman. Javert is shocked when he finds himself
attracted to a woman for the first time in his life but he and Madame Madeleine hit it off.
Bonus if Madeleine is a very pretty, well-built woman who's a bit shy about the muscles and curves Javert drools over.

Fem!E/R/Ferre - Painting models

Grantaire needs to do a painting for school showing a couple, and she wants sort of an erotic queer painting featuring girls, because fuck heteronormative gender roles, and she asks Enjolras and Combeferre, already a couple - and subject of many many many of R's (day)dreams -, to model for her. Enjolras looks sort of uncomfortable about all that but Combeferre gets excited, and they agree about modeling, even though R's idea of both of them full nude was quite clear.
They show up on Grantaire's flat intending to spend the full weekend, and fall into easy routine, to R's complete surprise. Ferre and Enjolras are affectionate with each other and doesn't hide that from Grantaire, and, by the time they get into work and R asks them to get intimate and they start fulling making out, everything escalates, they start getting each other off, and Grantaire just watches. Until they both ask R to join them, and Ferre confesses she was on both her and Enjolras thoughts even before the invitation. (◡‿◡✿)

I don't care if full of plot or pwp, just want my ot3 and girls love because this fandom deserve more girls love <3

Valvert tangled AU

Tangled AU where Javert is rapunzel and Valjean is mother gothel and instead of Javert having very long hair he had a very long dick. So instead of 'rapunzel rapunzel let down your hair' it's "Javert javert let down your cock" and for valjean to stay young he has to make Javert come everyday.

Re: Valvert tangled AU

this is basically post-seine lbr

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onesided R/Enjolras, Most perfect sex I never had.

In the movie "Interstate 60" a side character explains to the main character that having had a somewhat disappointing first sexual encounter and subsequent disappointing sexual encounters, she was now on a quest to have perfect sex. After, she invites the main character to have sex with her.

He turns her down, explaining that his reason for doing so is because since she never had sex with him, she would always wonder what it would have been like and her own mind would turn it into the most perfect sex she could ever think of.

It is my headcanon that something similar happened between Grantaire and Enjolras and that is why Grantaire is so obsessed with Enjolras.

Gargoyle Javert/ Human Mate Valjean.

Because he is supposed to be fairly ugly and he is obsessed with the law, which could be seen as a form of protection of the populace: Javert is half gargoyle.

The whole thing about his father being a criminal is just because he misinterpreted what his mother meant when she said his father had been a beast.

Also, Valjean is his mate which messes with his head because on the one hand he's like "I just want to curl up in his big shackled arms all night long" and on the other he's like "why am I having such thoughts about a nasty criminal?" and that's part of why, other than his dedication to his duty, he's so intent on getting Valjean back into prison when he breaks his parole: to hopefully put Valjean from his mind permanently.

Courfeyrac and Jehan are Combeferre's Doms. Jehan is sweet and indulgent and generous with his praise and affection. Courfeyrac is rougher and likes to tease and spank his sub.

Combeferre loves them both dearly and is always eager to please his Doms.

Madeleine the man-magnet

Even the most dedicated dudebros in M-sur-M want a hunk of their mayor's godly ass. No homo.

The Unnecessary Toy Store AU

Grantaire works at an independent toy store in a mall when Eljolras is dragged in (probably by Coufeyrac) fluffy oblivious pinning on both sides suffocates the group until Jehan intervenes.

Valvert Mouth/Lip Kink

Javert becomes fixated on Valjean's plump, pouty lips.

uber-fluff family renunion

Cosette and Fantine meet at heaven's barricade.

+24601 points for JVJ introducing them 'cause they don't recognise one another

Enjolras/Grantaire High School AU, rule 63

Grantaire is pretty much uninterested in anything going in her life, let alone school or *shudder* school activities. Enjolras is a perky blonde cheerleader and even though Grantaire has had one(or fifty) fantasies about her, she thinks Enjolras is shallow but once she gets to know her she finds out she is smart and caring and fun and so not straight and they become girlfriends.
+Enjolras doesn't wear anything under her skirt one day and it makes Grantaire blush and get very, very turned on
+++Enjolras is as passionate as she is on the field and protests as she is bed and loves going down on her girlfriend and gets very into eating her out, moaning as loud as Grantaire and not stopping until she has made her come at least twice(and god, where did she learn to do that with her tongue?)
+++++Grantaire being insecure about her body ++++++butch!Grantaire. Give me butch!Grantaire with tattoos and piercings and unfriendly demeanor but she is actually the nicest person ever towards her friends and her girlfriend

Fem!Enjolras/Grantaire, spanking, fem!dom

Fem!Enjolras spanks Grantaire, bonus for emphasis on the size difference - how small E is, compared to R.

Re: Fem!Enjolras/Grantaire, spanking, fem!dom

Anything else you would/wouldn't want to see? Canon or modern? Would you be alright with established relationship with R as Enjolras' sub.

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unexpected family

After adopting Cosette, Valjean decides to find out the fate of his sister's children. Turns out they all died, but he does have one grand-nephew living in Paris-a little gamin called Feuilly.

Re: unexpected family

Omg yes please.

TW rape

One of the Amis gets raped. Here's the catch though; it's not Enjolras or Grantaire this time.

So what happens? Is Bossuet in the wrong place at the wrong time? Does Joly try setting up a clinic on the wrong side of town? Does Bahorel get caught up in a fight he can't finish?

Because I've never seen a rape fic that wasn't E or R, so be brutal, be original, and have fun!

Re: TW rape

Does OP (or anyone else) have any preferences between these possible scenarios?

1. Joly, cornered in an alley on the wrong side of town

2. Prouvaire, canon-era version of roofied at a party

3. Feuilly, attacked by his boss

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VJ/J and a butt plug

Javert fucks Valjean, cums in him, and plugs him up so that for the rest of the day he has to walk around with Javert's cum in him.

Re: VJ/J and a butt plug

Seconded!! Please someone write this

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