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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 8
and I am winterborn
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
Official rules/FAQ/Page-A-Mod post is there for reference, but you know how it works by now. Be nice, no kink-shaming, this is not the place to have it out with people who are Wrong On The Internet, detailed lists of kinks in headers are good, no RPF except for historical figures. Link to your fills (complete or incomplete) on the Fill Post. Mods reserve the right to enforce reasonable standards of conduct even if they are incapable of explicitly enumerating every possible way someone could act like an asshat online.

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Announcements for Round 8: The Filth Fest Challenge is back by popular demand! Let's kick this round off with a bunch of panty-scorching prompts for people to come back to if they're ever in need of... inspiration. If you weren't there for the last Filth Fest, it's pretty simple: the first 50 prompts (at least) must be filthy and/or kinky as fuck. Keep your gen and your G-rated prompts in reserve until page 3--which if the last round is any indication will arrive quickly enough--and work on earning yourselves a dedicated first-class carriage to the special hell.

Fine print: In the original announcement. Basically, prompts on the first 2 pages that aren't on-topic for the challenge will be quietly screened or deleted and can be reposted later. There is no minimum subjective hotness requirement, just keep things sex- and/or kink-focused for those first 50 prompts.

E/R Modern AU Politician Children

Enjolras and Grantaire are the sons of the president and vice president. Enjolras got banned from doing anything more than looking pretty during interviews after the *incident* in Iowa while Grantaire just does what the image managers say because he so cynical and they hate each other a little and have loads of sexual tension and cannot get away from each other while the election is ongoing.

Re: E/R Modern AU Politician Children

there's a version of this going around on tumblr!

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Javert/Valjean commuters

Both are commuters, on the same train. They recognise each other, but don't know each other or talk. Then one night the train is held between stations, and after may false starts, they begin to talk.

Romance goes from there.

ABC discovers about fanfic

What if the ABCs are reincarnated into the modern world, get their memory back, only to discover there's a book writing all about their life("About Cosette's dad, technically.""Not helping, Marius."), and a MUSICAL, and MOVIES, and a bunch of fan girls writing story about they fucking each other.
This is gonna be so hilarious.
Preferable E/R. Any minor pairing is at your choice.

E/R Assassin’s Creed AU

In which Enjolras is the assassin and Grantaire is the artist who occasionally patches him up and translates Codex pages for him. Because am I the only one who thinks GB looks kind of like Da Vinci in AC2?
Bonus for any other characters you want to drag into the story.
Bonus for French Revolution as background. Always a shame Ubisoft haven't done one in that era.

valvert - making out

valjean in javert's lap in a messy makeout session


So I was looking on Etsy for Les Mis things and there is an artist Delphine Enjolras

Thinking something under the lines of E doing these saucy paintings but denying any relation to this artist (doing a whole too obvious to be true thing) to the ABC and then Grantaire perving on said art and eventually finding out it was E..

or any other spin similar would be appreciated heaps.. :) do with what you will

fem!Enjolras/fem!Grantaire, Subjolras, boxer!R

Enjolras gets turned on by watching her girlfriend box and how strong and muscly Grantaire is, how she pins her to the bed when she fingers E or fucks her with a strap-on. Also, I would also like delicate, pretty fem!Enjolras being the subbiest sub ever who loves when Grantaire sits on her face and verbally humiliates her.

Re: fem!Enjolras/fem!Grantaire, Subjolras, boxer!R


E is temporarily blind

During a demonstration, Enjolras gets something thrown in his eyes (take liberty, I don't know how science works) and he has to go to hospital. It damages his eyes so they have to be bandaged up for a few weeks whilst they heal. E isn't too happy about being rendered suddenly helpless and sulks a lot. R offers to 'babysit' him as he is the only student who doesn't have to go to lectures - being an art major- so he brings his stuff to Ferre's and E' apartment. Cue fluff and arguments, R reading his classes to him and cooking for him and drawing him and stuff like that. (Ferre escapes them and stays over with Ep in her and Rs apartment...?) Then at the end when he goes with Ferre to have his bandages removed he comes home to R lazing on the sofa with a sketchpad and music or something and suddenly realises how much he cares about him and, being Enjolras, decided to go declare that by sitting on a surprised Rs lap and kissing him. Lots.

Re: E is temporarily blind

If the fic is set in the US, it's pretty common for riot cops to use excessive concentrations of pepper spray, which can cause temporary or even permanent blindness. This happened during Occupy. In Ferguson they used tear gas too.

Definitely interested in this prompt!

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E/R, centaur!R, fantasy AU

centaur on human sex.

Re: E/R, centaur!R, fantasy AU

I had that exact same thought today I want this so much now.

Bahorel/Grantaire or Courfeyrac/Grantaire - Teacher/Student AU

Grantaire shows up on his first day of his last year of high school and everything is going well for the most part, except, oh no, one of his teachers is really hot. The guy's funny and incredibly attractive and Grantaire can't help but to wonder where he's got tattoos other than on his arms and he just ends up with a gigantic crush on his teacher. Somehow, later on down the line, after much frustration and pining, they hook up. Whether or not they actually have a relationship is up to whoever fills this.

There's not nearly enough sub!Courfeyrac fic in this world.
So, that's the prompt. I'd prefer Bahorel, Joly, or Enjolras as the dom, but I'd be happy with anyone else except for Jehan.


Any of the Amis getting captured after a protest or for something unrelated (can be canon era, modern au, dystopia or whatever), and being tied to a whipping post and flogged.
+ if ami is Grantaire
++ focus on the aftermath, loaads of h/c and all around support from the rest of the amis

Re: Whipping

oh good lord yes please

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female!Grantaire and 1830s sexism

Grantaire is loud, obnoxious, artistic, political, hard-drinking, and better-read and better-spoken than most men. Grantaire is also a woman. Men will sleep with her but despise her for her unbecoming unwomanliness. Women are put off by her personality and behavior. She knows of Les Amis and wants to do what they do; she adores their passionate young leader and the strength of his convictions. But Enjolras is a Jean-Jacques Rousseau fanboy, and thinks women's most important role in society is to stay home and dutifully raise their sons to be good republicans. Grantaire asks to join their crusade -- Enjolras politely but firmly rejects her.

Some time later, Grantaire-disguised-as-a-man, disillusioned from years of scorn and nothing ever changing, gets drunk in a corner of the Musain. She wonders if today will be the day she finally asks Enjolras why he and his friends readily accept a useless nihilistic drunk in their meetings week after week, when they once turned away a passionate republican simply for wanting to be more than a woman was allowed to be.

Grantaire/disillusionment, Enjolras/shame, Amis/holyshit

Re: female!Grantaire and 1830s sexism

This is absolutely everything I ever wanted ! God I hope someone fill it !

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joly/combeferre, ageplay

Combeferre secretly lived through some sort of severe trauma (up to author; it could be a scary illness or an accident or anything). He's managed to keep it mostly covered up and repressed and separate from his everyday life... but occasionally, when he finds himself getting overwhelmed and just can't cope anymore, he regresses -- to maybe like 6-8 years old; just a time before it all happened, when he remembers being happy and safe and he didn't feel so afraid all the time.

Joly happens to find Combeferre in that state and can't get him to snap out of it. He's sort of weirded out and also kind of fascinated to be observing what has to be some kind of rare phenomenon -- but on the other hand, this is his friend, and he's clearly unwell, and if he needs to just be taken care of for a while, then he'll do it. And Joly is a very gentle doctor, and he's quite good with his littler patients...

Canon era preferred, but if for some strange reason you really want to fill this prompt and you like modern, I'd be happy to read anything you want to write!

Valvert - nettles

Javert flogs Valjean's balls with nettles.
It could be consensual d/s play, or a dub-/non-con punishment scenario in Montreuil? Anything goes.

Re: Valvert - nettles

I love this so much and ended up reading up on nettle kink because of this comment.

I truly hope you get a fill.

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enjolras/courfeyrac canon era

Much to my disappointment, Enjolras/Courfeyrac is not a popular pairing. And I feel like not many people write canon fics nowadays, and while I don't mind a good au, I really miss canon era fics. I'm totally okay with canon divergence. Bonus points for cameos from other amis, and for bottom Enjolras if you pick the smutty route.

how about some everyone/Enjolras?

all amis are in love with Enjolras.
all of them.
bc let's face it, who wouldn't fall in love with him.
and they compete to gain his favour.

bonus points if Enjolras realizes it, and decides to use it to motivate them to be more devoted to the Cause.
bonus bonus points for "charming young man who was capable of being terrible."
you can pick the endgame, or decide to go with no endgame.
i personally prefer canon era, but modern au is game too

Re: how about some everyone/Enjolras?


E/r I'm not made of glass.

When Enjolras and Grantaire get together, Grantaire is always exceptionally gentle with Enjolras. It's not that Enjolras doesn't appreciate their slow carefully planned make out sessions. He just wishes that once in awhile they could just have wild passionate sex. Grantaire's having none of it.

One night Grantaire drunkenly admits that he thinks of Enjolras as a delicate flower who should be protected. He's worried about hurting his beautiful, fragile boyfriend. Enjolras is not happy to hear himself described this way.

How they resolve their differences is up to the filler.

Bonus: Enjolras complains to some of the Amis about Grantaire, and at least one them agrees with Grantaire's assessment of him and is happy to hear that he has a boyfriend who'll take care of him.

Re: E/r I'm not made of glass.

Seconded so much!!!

It's so cute of R, but on the other hand I can understand how pissed off Enj would be about it <3


Valjean escapes from Montreuil's jail by sucking the dicks of the police officers guarding him

A Desperate Purchase - 1/?

Trigger Warnings: All the sex in this is dubiously consented to at best. There are definitely at least shades of non-con.


It was a skill he had learned in Toulon, though he had never thought to utilize it again. Moreover, calling it a 'skill' was even perhaps too great a stretch, considering he had only exercised it upon one unhappy occasion.

His last attempt at escape, in his thirteenth year in the prison when hope seemed a far off dream he could still yet not stop himself from grasping towards, his plan was almost stopped before it had begun. Half way up scaling a wall, a hand caught his foot roughly. Both his shoe and he were dislodged from their position, falling upon the ground to look up at a guard's thin smile. It was not a guard he knew well, they had all become faceless phantoms to him by this point. Still, Valjean's heart never knew hate so fierce as at that moment. He contemplated rising up, bashing the man's head in for doing nothing more than his duty when the odd silence was broken between them:

"Still in such a rush to leave, 24601? What would you give for me to look the other way?" He asked, "I like being here no more than you do, watching you filthy curs every day. Barter with me and I can be convinced."

For a minute, Valjean did nothing but look up at the guard, not comprehending the words. What would a prisoner have to offer? He owned little--even the tattered prison garments he wore were not truly his. It must, he decided, be a cruel jest. Nothing more than a joke to be played on a brute to further strip out the last ghost of humanity from him.

Then the guard moved his own hand to his trousers, undoing the fastenings.

Immediately, Valjean knew the meaning of such a gesture; he knew, though he had never been touched or touched another, that he would do this thing if it meant there was the slmallest chance it would deliver him from Toulon.

Hate burning brightly in his eyes and heart, Valjean learned how to take a man into his mouth there. Under harsh, tight fists in his hair, he received instruction in cold phrases, punctuated only by 'slave' to address him, how to relax under the unpleasant weight and open up his throat so as not to choke or asphyxiate. He took all that was demanded of him, swallowing the bitterness of both the guard's spend and that of the iron-taste of rage that this was the price the world asked of him. Afterwards, the guard pushed him to the ground, satisfaction and contemplation going back and forth across his expression, as he looked down at Valjean.

"I could have you in a cell even now."

Valjean trembled, the image once again coming to mind--a skull shattered, a mouth silenced, freedom bought in blood. It may not even be so terrible of thing with this particular guard's spend sitting heavy in his stomach.

"Go," the guard said, either aware of Valjean's thoughts or deciding on his own to be a man of his word. "Give it a try. It won't matter." Valjean took up his shoe. He ran.

In the end, none of it had mattered; his freedom, so desperately purchased, was measured in the short span of four hours. Then, he was returned to his cell, bloodied from the lash and feeling nothing.

Yet, now in Montreuil's jail, he contemplates this old lesson. Javert had brought him in irons, locked him into the cell with a triumphant look. Now, the other officers, look at him with confusion and betrayal. They are younger than Javert, malleable and human in ways Javert never was. He knows them well enough after years of hearing reports of arrests and injuries. He knows which of them frequent the docks and which do not. Yes, there is a reason such an old lesson has returned to Valjean's thoughts.

Grantaire, vouyerism

Because there's a lot of artist!Grantaire, but not much vouyerism. So, anything where Grantaire is watching someone else having sex and gets inspired/enjoys himself quite a bit).

Cosette + Javert(/Valjean) - Post-Seine, Cosette can see ghosts

Ever since I heard 'Castle On a Cloud' for the first time, the part where Cosette sings about 'a lady all in white' has had me convinced that it can't be anyone else but Fantine, either an angel or a ghost.

So, what would be it like if Cosette could have always been able to see ghosts? Would she immediately trust Valjean in the woods, not because he helped her with the bucket, but because she saw that 'the lady' approved of him?

So, this brings me to the prompt: Throughout her years with Valjean, Cosette has never seen his papa have any friends or family, alive or dead, other than herself and Fauchelevent. But then, after the Barricade, the two of them are suddenly not alone anymore: Sometimes, she can see a lone ghost of a man, who wanders around the house and seems to be attached to his papa in particular. Who is he? How is he connected to her papa? Why had she never seen him around when he was still alive?

So, I wish to see psychic!Cosette slowly forging a friendship with ghost!Javert. Background Valjean/Javert is appreciated and adored a whole lot, but not necessary.

Valjean/Cosette bonding

Cosette gets her period and Valjean awkwardly gives her "the talk"-Fluff please!

Valvert - masturbation

Valjean hasn't wanked since the Bishop. Javert thinks its time to teach him how to love himself

Doubting!Enjolras before the Barricade

Canon Era or Modern adaptation is okay.
Based on a production I just saw, where Enjolras tried to leave before "Do You Hear the People Sing" and the others in there cut him off. When he first started singing, he sounded doubtful but quickly regained his confidence.

So give me that. Just before the Barricades (or equivalent), Enjolras finds himself doubting. After all, he's young but not stupid: he must know they are about to die, and maybe he isn't as willing to make the sacrifice of himself and his friends as he first thought. Maybe he's scared.
But he has a responsibility.
Give me angst, doubts, and finally resolution, that certainty he's dying for the right cause

in msm it comes to javert's attention that madeleine may secretly (and illegally) allowng same-sex marriages. it is the best and worst kept secret of the town. javert goes to confront the mayor...only it comes out sounding like a proposal, to his horror.

of course, it ends up with valjean and javert tying the knot.


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