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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 8
and I am winterborn
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
Official rules/FAQ/Page-A-Mod post is there for reference, but you know how it works by now. Be nice, no kink-shaming, this is not the place to have it out with people who are Wrong On The Internet, detailed lists of kinks in headers are good, no RPF except for historical figures. Link to your fills (complete or incomplete) on the Fill Post. Mods reserve the right to enforce reasonable standards of conduct even if they are incapable of explicitly enumerating every possible way someone could act like an asshat online.

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Announcements for Round 8: The Filth Fest Challenge is back by popular demand! Let's kick this round off with a bunch of panty-scorching prompts for people to come back to if they're ever in need of... inspiration. If you weren't there for the last Filth Fest, it's pretty simple: the first 50 prompts (at least) must be filthy and/or kinky as fuck. Keep your gen and your G-rated prompts in reserve until page 3--which if the last round is any indication will arrive quickly enough--and work on earning yourselves a dedicated first-class carriage to the special hell.

Fine print: In the original announcement. Basically, prompts on the first 2 pages that aren't on-topic for the challenge will be quietly screened or deleted and can be reposted later. There is no minimum subjective hotness requirement, just keep things sex- and/or kink-focused for those first 50 prompts.

Feuilly, self-education

I feel like Feuilly hasn't been getting enough love lately so how about focusing on how Feuilly apparently teaches himself to read and write? He's still really in the process of learning when he's with the amis and he's very self-conscious about it because he's surrounded by all these intelligent students, and while he may be really smart and more than capable of keeping up with them, he hasn't read all of the material they have and often reference in discussions. Really even Grantaire, whose intellect Enjolras mocks, has read all these relevant works that Feuilly still can't work his way through yet.

Another ami realizing how Feuilly embarrassed he is about this and helping him in some way would be awesome, and canon era is preferred though not necessary.

Re: Feuilly, self-education


ExR, Attempted Suicide CW/TW

Can be either modern or canon era...

Grantaire gets drunk alone and in a fit of despair that no one loves or will ever love him, attempts suicide (by cutting wrists or hanging). Enjolras is for some reason making the rounds to the amis's houses to deliver a message about something, and/or noticed something felt wrong about R the last time he saw him and is coming to see him. The door is unlocked so he can let himself in.

Enjolras stops him and tells him he is indeed loved. Some nice tearful kisses would be appreciated, and don't let R die please.

Fill 1/?

It was when the light and heat of the day began to dull, when the air prepared itself for its final dying breaths, when Grantaire realized that he had never particularly cared for nighttime.

He sat outside on his balcony on a little artist’s stool he had nabbed from his college classroom, watching as the sun started its descent, sliding down the gold roof of Les Invalides, lighting up the Eiffel Tower with its brilliant, crystalline glow and allowing Grantaire a moment to feel its goodnight kiss along his stubble-marked cheeks before finally disappearing somewhere behind the buildings of La Défense.

He was a portrait of particular sadness this evening: a pencil was tucked behind a curl of his hair, which had gone uncombed for as long as he had been awake. He held a lighter in his hand, flicking it absentmindedly with bone-white knuckles. The flame danced in his peripheral vision and he wished he had a cigarette or a piece of paper or a scrap of cloth, something he could watch burn and disintegrate and fall apart other than himself.

No, he thought as the lighter dropped from his grip and rolled off the edge of the building, he had never cared for nighttime.

The corners of the sky were beginning to light up now, a few chosen pinks and oranges from dusk’s endless catalog of colors smearing themselves along the clouds still lingering at the close of day. Grantaire normally took note of these colors, always taking mental notes for future palettes, but it was too late for him to take note of anything but how veritably alone he was, in this apartment, in this city, in this world.

Paris during the day was what he lived for – the misery and mysteries were in plain sight, sure, but so was the beauty. The moon couldn’t hit the trees of the Tuileries or Luxembourg at just the right angle to take his breath away; the peddlers lining the alleys around noon had more charm than the thieves and cowards who moved in darkness.

The sun brought the unspoken promise of a new tomorrow, but nighttime in Paris was an entirely different beast, one that couldn’t be killed with the good humor and hearts of his companions at the Musain. No, nighttime in Paris and what that meant for Grantaire could only be drowned out by one thing, and Grantaire was holding that thing in his hand.

He took a long swig from the bottle, and if whatever liquid was inside burned his throat, he didn’t notice; it never helped him feel less alone, but it helped him forget how he felt, which was as close as he was going to get, considering beggars can't be choosers (or so he'd heard).

He supposed it had started with their earlier conversation – he truly supposed it had started long ago, as many mental illnesses do, progressing and taking more of him as prisoner until something finally triggered him enough to make him need to pull another trigger. He supposed that as Enjolras was taking note of attendance that morning, Marius had swung open the door with a cacophony of pure, unadulterated joy, and that had started this – his not so newfound but much more desperate now desire to stop existing.

“A baby!” He’d cried, dropping down at the first table he saw, lifting his arms and letting them fall, twiddling thumbs underneath the counter, the smile on his face never breaking even as he couldn’t decide just what to do with his hands. “We’re having a baby! A girl, a little girl, and Cosette and I, we’ll finally be a family, a REAL family. A baby, can you believe it?”

“Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.” Courfeyrac grinned and slapped Marius’s back so hard he was sure he would find a handprint there by morning.

Combeferre extended his well wishes with a laugh and a formal, one-armed embrace. “Congratulations, Marius. Give Cosette my best, and if she has any questions or concerns, tell her to give me a call.”

Enjolras just smiled, the silent smile of satisfaction, the kind that turns up at the corners of the mouth like a smirk. “I’ll be damned,” he muttered finally, but he sounded pleased. Smug, even, like he knew it would happen all along, which most of them did.

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Arranged marriage, Cosette/Marius + E/R

Not sure if I'm essentially re-hashing an existing prompt, but here goes (feel free to berate me if it was your prompt. I loved your prompt so much that it stuck with me and it occured to me as a thing that needs to be):

After a disastrous attempt at introducing Cosette to Marius' grandfather and winning his approval, Cosette agrees to an arranged marrige to a young aristocratic man named Enjolras. Sometime fairly soon after their wedding, Enjolras confesses to Cosette that he likes her a lot platonically, but that he's only attracted to men and happens to be in love with a painter he calls "R." Cosette is perfectly fine with this, because she still loves Marius.

After discussing it, Cosette resumes her relationship with Marius, and Enjolras starts one with Grantaire. All four of them are perfectly content with this state of affairs.

Valvert-Javert hallucinates survival

In the moments between life and death after plunging into the frigid waters of the Seine, Javert hallucinates Valjean or someone else saving his life and experiences having a family and happy life (with Valjean or someone else at author's discretion) and dying as an old, old man with grandchildren. Ultimately, he still dies, but in his last moments experiences this alternate reality.

Reprompt: Enjolras thinks his friends are better off without him, kind of

"So Enjolras knows that he is a bit of a buzzkill and not the funnest guy to be around most of the time. So he decides that they're happier when they are hanging out without him and begins to say he's busy and can't come whenever they invite him out.
Then one of them figures out what he's doing so they invade his house and drag him in into a cuddle pile while assuring him they love him."

maybe combine it with this, altough the Grantaire bit maybe comes later? Kind of, Grantaire begins to realises why Enjolras suddenly is so withdrawn and is the one make the cuddle pile happen??

"The Amis are having one of their meetings and someone (not R) cracks a joke or two about Enjolras. Eventually the jokes get sort of mean-spirited and R notices that Enjolras looks uncomfortable and a little hurt, so he sticks up for him."

e/r; piningjolras, grantaire is a pornstar

Enjolras has a dirty little secret: he watches porn almost daily. (Sex isn't dirty, he will insist, but he's got a 'chaste priest of the revolution' complex going on, and he can't have people thinking he's a slave to his dick. Which he maybe a bit is.) His favorite porn involves a man known only as R, who may have a crooked nose but also has a chest to die for, and that's not even mentioning his cock. After several months of regularly wanking to R to take the edge off before meetings or just so he can get to sleep, who should walk into a meeting but R himself. He introduces himself as Grantaire and Enjolras tries his best to ignore him. Except Grantaire keeps coming back and is obnoxiously cynical yet charming. Cue piningjolras thinking there's no way he could get this guy into bed and is that even all he wants from Grantaire and no, he can't think about this, Grantaire is a... friend of his friends, and he can't keep getting off to videos or even thoughts of him. Except Enjolras can't seem to stop himself.
Up to you if they get together or not, but if they do, I'd prefer there be more to their relationship than sex. Any kinks okay.

Bonus points for Enjolras finding out just how filthy his mind and mouth can be.

Re: e/r; piningjolras, grantaire is a pornstar

omg this is a great prompt
(i would fill it if i could but then my writing skills are subpar)

Looking for a filled prompt

I'm looking for a prompt that was in one of the previous rounds (forgot to bookmark it). The prompt involved Marius convincing eponine to give blowjobs to all of les Amis. She is very reluctant but they convince her by telling her that Marius will love her for it. Thanks a mil

An AU where only Enjolras is genderbent

Canon era please. No secretly-a-lady Enjolras. I want badass female Enjolras leading Les Amis who not only accept her but respect very much and protect her like a little sister and even though they sometimes make jokes, insult her or be lewd and you'll get your arse kicked. I am fine with any pairing(although I would love her exploring her sexuality with multiple Amis but I am fine with monogamy). If you make E/R(with canonically ugly brick!R) endgame and throw in some unrequited E/Some Amis I will name you as my sole heir. (captcha is 'the dude abides')

ExR/Les Amis zombie apocalypse AU

Enjolras leading a band of his best friends against the armies of undead. Les Amis all falling one by one because they sacrificed themselves for the good of their friends. R being the last one to go, lying at his Apollo's feet in various stages of decay and finally asking him for permission - not to die with him, but to give in and let it all end. Enjolras's finger shaking as he holds it on the trigger, aimed at R's head, trying to decide whether or not he should shoot or stay with him until he turns, leaving this earth the way they were meant to - together. (captcha: I have fallen)

Enjolras leaves and comes back

I've seen fics and headcanons about Grantaire one day leaving without saying anything and sending postcards to the amis.

I want to see that but with Enjolras. You can make up your own reasons, I just want Enjolras to be the one who one day decides he can't take it anymore and leaves and goes around the world sending newspapers and pictures to the amis of the rallies he organises in different countries (because Enjolras will always be Enjolras), of the people he meets and the new experiences. And then one day, a year later, he comes back to them.

I don't mind if it ends up e/R as long as it doesn't end with Enjolras apologising to Grantaire but any pairing is welcome. Hell make it gen, it'd be fine by me :)

Valvert, medication and cuddles

something with one of them being mucked about by medication, perhaps going all weepy and hopeless, and the other providing comfort

Fill: [1/2] Shivers [Valvert, no warnings aply]

Warnings: I don't think any warning apply, but pain medications are still drugs, so *shrugs*
Additional Notes: This one takes place during the time in Montreuil-sur-Mer and Javert and Madeleine are in an established relationship of sorts.


If he was honest with himself, Javert wanted nothing else than to curl up and die. His ribs sent dull, aching pulses through his body in rhythm with his heartbeat, he could barely move his right arm for the fear of sending sharp stabs through his shoulder and even the pain medication did not seem to work properly against both. He was tired and exhausted from a night spent turning around and finding a comfortable position without using the laudanum. In the early hours of morning he finally couldn't stand not being able to sleep anymore and had taken a dose. But instead of sleep he only felt more exhausted and though the laudanum provided a little pain relief he shouldn't have taken it.

He only felt worse now with the nausea, dizziness and shivering setting in. Out of the three the cold was the worst because it meant his body was trembling and tensing, all even more putting strain on his injured shoulder. While he had been thinking about going to the station yesterday evening after the arrest, he now knew this was not an option as he was already seeing the first morning light. Somehow he was thankful for his second-in-command for listening in when the doctor had a look at him - especially his shoulder. At least now he did not need to send a message to the station when the doctor had made clear he needed to spend the day if not week resting.

With a sigh Javert shifted and tried to curl up. Somehow he must have moved his shoulder wrongly because a sharp pain runs through his whole side. It took a moment to pass, which he spent with his teeth pressed together, suppressing a groan. He tried to fall asleep and failed yet again, awakened by the pain another tremble caused. So instead he started praying for the room to stop moving. He also hoped for the shivers to stop.

At some point the inspector nearly managed to fall asleep, but then there was a knock on the door. Javert glared at it before pulling the blanket over his head with his left hand. It somehow still managed to jar his shoulder and he was barely able to bite back a groan.

There was another knock on the door, this time more insistent. Javert tried to glare at the door again, but that would involve moving. He was also not sure whether he should make the knocker aware of himself or not.

There was not a third knock. Instead the door opened and a stern Monsieur Madeleine stepped into the room. Javert could tell he was angry by the clipped movement and his set lips. His voice was curt when he said: "You have been injured? Why haven't you sent me a message earlier?"

"Because it is not that bad," Javert answers, trying to sit up. Pain shot through his shoulder and ribs. With a moan he sank back against the pillows. The stern look from Madeleine's features vanished. Instead he steps closer to Javert. His voice was soft when he spoke: "Do not get up, Inspector."

"It's not proper to greet one's superior in bed," Javert answered, again trying to sort his limbs.

"You are not greeting your superior right now," Madeleine replied, his voice firm. He moved across the room, slowly as if not quite sure how to proceed. Somehow the presence of Madeleine was not something Javert was used to in his small bedroom. They usually met in the Mayor's house - either in the man's office or his bedroom, but never at his place. He was also not quite sure what to make of the other one's words either. Shifting, another sharp pain shot through his upper torso. He exhaled sharply. Blue eyes bore into his and Javert needed to look away again.

Madeleine stepped closer. He looked around and saw the only chair was occupied by Javert's coat. Not moving the clothes he instead sat down on bed. He laid a hand gently on uninjured shoulder. The touch was warm through the thin night shirt Javert was wearing. He shivered again as that served as another reminder of how cold he felt.

valvert, dreams

either javert or valjean can't help the fact they dream--often--about the other


So I was lying awake last night, thinking about poly amis, as one does, and then I started thinking about Combeferre/Cosette and realized it is a perfect amazing pairing, and also Combeferre would be the best, most interested son-in-law Valjean could ever have. Combeferre would love to hear all about the cool stuff Valjean has invented, and Combeferre and Cosette would be so good for each other. This is an excellent pairing and I really want to read about it.

Fem! e/r - taking a long time to cum

fem! Enjolras and fem! Grantaire enter a relationship, and the first few times they have sex it is pretty much Grantaire focusing entirely on Enjolras, who is very sensitive and cums very easily, and deflecting when Enjolras tries to reciprocate. Eventually Enjolras asks what's up with that and Grantaire reveals that it usually takes her a long time to cum (like up to 30-40 minutes long) and partners in the past have gotten frustrated with her and made her feel bad about it, so she has been avoiding it because she thinks Enjolras will feel the same as her ex.

Enjolras proves that is not how she feels at all. Sexily. For as long as Grantaire needs.

Re: Fem! e/r - taking a long time to cum

oh my gosh SECOND

this is AMAZING

Toulon-Era V/J, Forced Masturbation

Javert orders 24601 to masturbate for him. Bonus points for Javert making Valjean lick his own cum off his boots afterwards.

Re: Toulon-Era V/J, Forced Masturbation

please someone write this

Modern AU, The Amis live in the same house, Marius may or may not be included

So this came from a discussion with friends a few weeks ago, and I thought why the hell not.

The Amis end up living with each other in the same house for god knows why and how long, and for some ungodly reason, every attempt by an Ami to move out ends up botched. Shenanigans ensue.

joly/bossuet/musichetta - feeding/stuffing kink

Musichetta likes to cook. Joly likes to experiment. Bossuet likes to eat.

Patron-Minette Make A Porn Movie

Patron-Minette hatch a scheme to make money via a porn movie (starring themselves, but mostly Montparnasse). Up to you how inept or successful they are, as well as who's starring, who's filming, etc. I would prefer this enterprise to be limited to Patron-Minette (as in no outside characters, except maybe Thenardier if you want?), and would be immensely grateful if some size kink (well-endowed!Gueulemer/Montparnasse?) was involved, although that isn't necessary!

Combeferre/Courfeyrac which turns into Combeferre/Courfeyrac/Enjolras

Combeferre and Courfeyrac are in relationship. Courfeyrac starts fantasizing about Enjolras and so does Combeferre. They both hide it at first but once they confess they realize they love each other AND Enjolras. They eventually confess and Enjolras accepts to be in a polyamorous relationship with them.
+Smut please
+++Combeferre and Courfeyrac take Enjolras to bed for the first time and are super careful because Enjolras is a virgin
+++++What can I say about Enjolras?['boy is a bottom' plays loudly in the background]

Re: Combeferre/Courfeyrac which turns into Combeferre/Courfeyrac/Enjolras

I want this with ALL MY HEART!! >

Javert and literary references

Something happens at work, and one of the coworkers makes a childs literary reference, which has a reposte. Only Javert provides the reposte, and everyone is astonished.

I'd love it if it was to do with Narnia, 'caught on a hook half way' anyone

e/r Gothic AU

Castle or old mansion, graveyard, etc. Captcha is labour of love. YES!

Re: e/r Gothic AU

have tentatively started plotting, writing.

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valjean/any orgasm denial

Valvert preferred. Valjean feels guilty about taking pleasure in sex, so his partner takes control and teases him every night without letting him come until he's desperate and begging for it. Bonus points if you can involve a chastity belt of some sort.

e/R, Grantaire always bottoms

Some good old canon-era internalized homophobia

In a lot of texts, especially ones related to Ancient Greek/Rome (which Grantaire seems to have an affinity for) sex between men often only appeared "shameful" for the person receiving, whereas it was a "manly" act for the one on top. And then just the whole idea that it's the "woman's" position and heaven forbid a man degrade himself by acting like a woman.

Because of this, whenever he and Enjolras have sex Grantaire always makes sure he bottoms because he knows that he's already sullied and degraded but he doesn't want perfect, pure Enjolras to have to debase himself for the likes of him. Enjolras eventually realizes what Grantaire is doing.

Re: e/R, Grantaire always bottoms

oooooooooooh what a great idea!

Enjolras/Grantaire, self conscious!Grantaire (d/s undertones?)

What I want is a Grantaire that's pretty self conscious about his looks + weight. Established e/r relationship. I want Enjolras to find out about how Grantaire is feeling and solve it via Magical Healing Dick and lots of praise during sex. Lost and lots of praise and compliments. I want soft and squishy making love porny goodness please!

Re: Enjolras/Grantaire, self conscious!Grantaire (d/s undertones?)

now i want this too.

Montrieul sur Mer in WWII or liberation. (Underlying Valvert PLEASE)

Show me what it was like for them, under the Nazi's

Some suggestions:
Valjean as part of the resistance, and using his money on the black market to help people.
Javert quasi collaborating to keep his job, and hiding his heritage even more. Terrified of having to kill or order the killing of the man he loves.
Heartache between the two (Nazi's made homosexuality illegal again in 1942)

Liberation party, singing drinking, kissing.


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