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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 8
and I am winterborn
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
Official rules/FAQ/Page-A-Mod post is there for reference, but you know how it works by now. Be nice, no kink-shaming, this is not the place to have it out with people who are Wrong On The Internet, detailed lists of kinks in headers are good, no RPF except for historical figures. Link to your fills (complete or incomplete) on the Fill Post. Mods reserve the right to enforce reasonable standards of conduct even if they are incapable of explicitly enumerating every possible way someone could act like an asshat online.

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Announcements for Round 8: The Filth Fest Challenge is back by popular demand! Let's kick this round off with a bunch of panty-scorching prompts for people to come back to if they're ever in need of... inspiration. If you weren't there for the last Filth Fest, it's pretty simple: the first 50 prompts (at least) must be filthy and/or kinky as fuck. Keep your gen and your G-rated prompts in reserve until page 3--which if the last round is any indication will arrive quickly enough--and work on earning yourselves a dedicated first-class carriage to the special hell.

Fine print: In the original announcement. Basically, prompts on the first 2 pages that aren't on-topic for the challenge will be quietly screened or deleted and can be reposted later. There is no minimum subjective hotness requirement, just keep things sex- and/or kink-focused for those first 50 prompts.

What I wanna see is two of the Amis tied up together (back to back or face to face but slightly apart) so they can feel all that the dom is doing to the other but not do anything about it.
If you want it could be as a punishment for one of the ones tied up: being tied up and feeling vibrations from moans but being touch starved.
Anything welcome and any Amis welcome but it would be great to see orgasm denial/cock rings, Dom!Enjolras, Sub!Taire, vibrators!
Thank you in advance to anyone that considers this!

I know you said Dom!Enjolras... but what are your thoughts on Dom!Combeferre and sub! E and R?

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(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand

Enjolras/Jean Prouvaire erotic poetry

Jean Prouvaire drunkenly recites Catullus 16 in chaste Enjolras' ear. It ends with a messy handjob and Enjolras coming in his pants. Later on, he lets Prouvaire pedicabo and irrumabo him.

Grantaire/Enjolras: Misinprented as a abusive relationship but Grantaire is just clumsy

This is practically a repost really from another round.

Grantaire is really clumsy, especially when he is drunk. Somehow he always manage to hurt Enjolras (trips and drags him down with him, accidently opens a door on him... The possibilities are endless. The thing is, this leaves bruises. And their friends notice how Enjolras flinches and the marks on his body. They don't believe Enjolras when he says that it was accidents because his "excuses" seems so unrealistic.
This leads down to them confronting Grantaire about this and him being heartbroken over his friends believe that he would do such a thing.
Que to some hurt/comfort

(or you can always take it into the darker route and make it into that Grantaire actually hits Enjolras only that he forgets about it when he is sober and Enjolras doing everything he can to cover it up since he knows that Grantaire would not be able to handle the truth)

Re: Grantaire/Enjolras: Misinprented as a abusive relationship but Grantaire is just clumsy

Hi, uh ... I really like this. And I'm working on it. And here's a snippet (is this allowed? I've never done this before):

"It's just—joining a fight club doesn't seem quite your style," Combeferre says.

(Deleted comment)

Modern!AU: E/R reunion, bullying

Grantaire is invited to his high school reunion. He does not really want to go but does it anyways. He brings his boyfriend Enjolras with him.
This makes his former bullies completely flabbergasted. How did they nerd get a boyfriend who looks almost like a god?

+1: They try to make fun on Grantaire or hit on Enjolras
+10: Enjolras is a charming young man capable of being terrible (Meaning, he will rip them a new one if they even try to be mean towards his boyfriend)

(I would prefer if it were a slight age-difference between Grantaire and Enjolras, as it probably is in the book.)

Re: Modern!AU: E/R reunion, bullying

Yes please!

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TW: death; ExR angst

Grantaire dies. Alcoholism, suicide, in place of someone else, a drunken accident - up to you. Everyone takes it hard, but Enjolras's grief is on an entirely different level. I want a fic where a few months or years later, Enjolras is fighting at a rally and is mortally wounded. Everyone is crying, but Enjolras just laughs and smiles, denying all medical care and swatting away his friends' hands because "I get to see him." 1000 Marius goats and a pie for the filler. Please, please break my heart.

Re: TW: death; ExR angst

Possibly RTYI: http[://]archiveofourown[.]org[/]works[/]1013984

The last chapter especially focusing on Enjolras but his grief is really present throughout

Enjolras/Grantaire cheating

Maybe because I recently watched Othello.. I really want Grantaire to angst about how he is ugly compared to Enjolras, he thinks that their friends talk about it. He starts to think Enjolras is cheating on him(with Combeferre, another Ami, all of them??) so he starts treating him badly(give me Dark!R if you want). Up to filler how it ends.

Re: Enjolras/Grantaire cheating


Enjolras/Grantaire or Gen - Brooklyn Nine-Nine AU

A Brooklyn Nine-Nine AU with Grantaire as Peralta (Immature but a brilliant detective) and Enjolras as Santiago (Uptight and competitive with dreams of becoming a Captain). Could be gen or E/R, specifically focusing around the bet they have from the show. (If Grantaire gets more arrests then Enjolras he gets to take him on the worst date ever, which doesn't actually go that bad...)

Really though I just want a Brooklyn Nine-Nine AU it doesn't have to be that plot or focus on E/R.

Bonuses: Eponine as Gina.
Javert as Holt and Valjean as his husband.
I don't really know who else would fill which roles but yeah.

Re: Enjolras/Grantaire or Gen - Brooklyn Nine-Nine AU

Okay so I have actually been thinking about doing a B99 AU for these guys (complete with Holt!Javert and Kevin!Valjean) so I am going to take this as a sign I should give it a try.

I'll do my best anon, but if anyone wants to give it a try, feel free!

another Graceland crossover, Mike/Grantaire

Art is not exactly profitable and Grantaire's vices are expensive, he has a sideline dealing drugs with Patron-Minette. Mike Warren wants to take down P-M as his next big case, and he hears on the grapevine that Grantaire is prone to talking too much and has a weakness for pretty men. He begins cultivating Grantaire as a contact. Then, obviously, feelings happen.

Enjolras/rule 63!Grantaire , mommy kink

I would actually prefer it if Enjolras isn't genderbent but Grantaire is. I would like some mommy kink. I want it to come up as an accident and poor Enjolras is angsting about how he fucked up but Grantaire is having none of it.
Bonus points for:
+breast worship
+++++hair pulling and name calling

Re: Enjolras/rule 63!Grantaire , mommy kink

Seconding. Hopefully it gets filled.


feuilly likes to ride bahorel into oblivion after bahorel gets home from workouts covered in sweat

Cosette/Convent Girls

The convent girls gangbang Cosette. Lots of fingering and cunnilingus with Cosette being the giver.
OP descending into hell in 3...2...1...

Enjolras/Grantaire, self-harm alternate

Enjolras and Grantaire recently started sharing an apartment and Grantaire quickly claims one room as something of a studio for himself to work on his art in. Some time passes and Enjolras starts to notice paint flecked a little bit here and there in the room but doesn't think much of it - Grantaire is messy. But then it starts to get over the top, there'll be paint splattered everywhere in the room, in any colour, and it looks pretty fucking deliberate and Grantaire isn't giving straight answers and Enjolras is getting really annoyed.
Eventually it comes out that Grantaire splatters paint as an alternate method to self-harm.

Enjolras/all the amis an AU where they win, dark!Enjolras

So there was a prompt and fill where Enjolras styles himself a king and fucks Grantaire on a throne and keeps him at his feet so he can have easy access.
I want dark!Enjolras who becomes a king(and is gruesome to the ex-aristocrats) and keeps his Amis like a boy harem and each night he chooses one to take to bed. They all compete for his affection.

Re: Enjolras/all the amis an AU where they win, dark!Enjolras

Wowowowow yes i really hope someone fills this

Long angsty prompt ahead! :)

I'd love for a fic in which Enjolras, Combeferre, and Grantaire were all childhood friends (Enjolras and Combeferre were super close, and while Enjolras didn't particularly care for R he tolerated his presence because Combeferre liked him.)

Enjolras' family ends up moving away and he and Combeferre promise to keep in touch, which they make sure to do, emailing each other every single day.

And everything is going well until one day Combeferre dies in a car crash. And R finds himself left with the responsibility to tell Enjolras who is no doubt wondering why combeferre's taking so long to reply to his latest email. And R doesn't have enjolras's email himself but he knows ferre's password so he logs into his account to find it, and he's opened a new message to tell Enjolras the horrible news but he just can't find the words and as he's staring at the blank message he gets a horrible idea and instead of telling Enjolras about ferre's death he replies to his email pretending to be Combeferre

And he keeps telling himself he'll tell Enjolras the truth soon, but he never does and continues to reply to Enjolras as if he were Combeferre and he manages to keep up the charade for several years.

And R unwittingly ends up letting more and more of himself slip into the emails until it's less him-pretending-to-be-Combeferre talking to Enjolras and more just him as Grantaire talking to Enjolras. Only Enjolras has no idea and finds himself looking forward to the emails and falling bit by bit in love with who he thinks is Combeferre, and as for R, he ends up falling even more in love with Enjolras

Then Enjolras decides to surprise Combeferre by flying back to his hometown for a visit

Oh nooooooooo

(Captcha is Murphy's law)

star trek au with cardassian javert

i don't even care what else happens, i just think les mis in space with javert as a cardassian would be amazing. maybe valjean is a soft-hearted romulan or worf-ish klingon on the run? eponine as a bajoran born under cardassian occupation? les amis as a ragtag group of humans, bajorans, and self-exiled vulcans fighting for the freedom of the alpha quadrant? or maybe just everyone is pretty much the same as they always were, except they're on federation space ships. who knows. show me what you got.

Re: star trek au with cardassian javert

Oh my fucking god yes.

Enjolras/Grantaire first time, rough sex

I want canon-era Enjolras deflowering. He begs Grantaire to be rough with him, so R fucks him within an inch of his life. Lots of hair-pulling, scratching, very vocal, screamer Enjolras. Also I'll give you my kingdom if you work in afterglow fluffy cuddles.

Enjolras crack

Enjolras decides to be chaste during his youth and dedicates himself to Patria and just generally doesn't think of sex as anything other than reproduction. Poor thing catches his parents going at it(come on you know they'd be gorgeous, they made Enjy after all) and is scarred for life.

Combeferre/Joly, oviposition

Combeferre deposits eggs in Joly, who isn't used to it and finds it quite painful (but it is consensual). Finally, when he feels like he's full to bursting, the eggs stop and Joly's left to gape at his enormously swollen belly. Emphasis on pain and what it feels like to have the eggs inside of him, please~

Re: Combeferre/Joly, oviposition

so this isn't very great and your prompt was a long time ago but... hey, better late and something than never and nothing, right?

archiveofourown org/ works/3786310

Summer family fluff (Valvert and Cosette) Quastvert would be adored

We had Christmasy in December, now may I request the summer version. Don't really mind what
Trip to the beach/abroad
Anything summertime, and fluffy you can think of.

School AU: Enjolras being bullied

I just want something where he is horribly bullied in school. They can target him for anything really. His feminine looks, him being so passionate about everything, him turning everything into something political etc.
I just want some angst.

FILL: School AU: Enjolras being bullied, 1/?

A/N: Warnings for physical violence and slurs.
They cut Enjolras’ hair in the boys’ bathroom during the second-to-last week of eighth grade.

“Make you look more like a boy,” one of the boys pinning him against the bathroom wall hisses, his hot breath against the back of Enjolras’ neck. His hands are soft, Enjolras thinks. His hands are soft and strong and terrible. He’s bigger than Enjolras, even though the other one isn’t, and Enjolras is pinned. “Isn’t that what you want, fag?”

There are so many things wrong with that sentence, and Enjolras doesn’t say any of them. Coward, he thinks. You’re a coward.

They cut his hair with scissors, and Enjolras almost laughs at that. They should have used a knife. That would have made this picture perfect. A nice little cliche.

They chop off his short ponytail and the hair falls on the cold tiles like it’s the heaviest thing in the world. Perfect golden curls against grungy white. They look cheerful, as if they don’t know they’ve been destroyed.

Enjolras almost cries from the anger that has coiled up in his stomach. Anger at himself, anger at his attackers. Anger at the cheerful gold curls. What right do they have to be so happy about leaving him?

Enjolras never cries, except from anger. His anger comes out in the form of tears, hot and bitter and uncontrollable. It always has. He hates that about himself.

He keeps himself from crying from sheer experience. He has become an expert at keeping things in.

When they leave, Enjolras slides down the wall, and then, slowly, he picks up the bundle of hair. He pauses, ready to throw it away, but he can’t. Throwing it away feels like betraying something. Stupidly, throwing it away feels like letting them win.

Instead, he wraps it in paper towels, and zips it in the small, empty pocket on the front of his backpack.

He tells his mother that his hair had gotten annoying. That it was too hot for the coming summer. He says it nonchalantly, another thing he has gotten good at with practice. She believes him. She is disappointed in him. She calls the place she has her hair cut, and makes an appointment for them to fix the ragged ends.


Enjolras is described as capable of being terrible. What if he knew about Grantaire's affection towards him? I want a fic where he teases Grantaire until they stumble into bed. Enjolras has Grantaire gagged while he rides his cock, screaming someone else's name.
(my captcha is 'crocodile tears')

Valjean & Cosette, Valjean struggles with aspects of raising a child

This anon wants Valjean struggling and doing his best to raise and care for a child when he seems like the least qualified person in the world to do so. Would like to see Valjean perhaps drawing on his hazy memories of helping to raise his sister's children, and also struggling in particular with being a single father raising a daughter, which gets especially tricky when Cosette hits puberty and has to deal with her body changing and menstruation in particular. (Yes cosette did spend her later childhood in a nuns convent BUT for the sake of making Valjean's life yet more difficult let's say they leave the convent a little earlier than brick canon (maybe when cosette is 12 or 13 instead of 14)).

Teacher-student relationship, emotional manipulation, abuse of authority, E/any, (E/R?)

okay so i really love teacher-student relationship fics but I have not found one yet that makes it problematic and deals with how the teacher is probably manipulating and pressuring the student and so on.

So basically, I want a teacher taking an interest in Enjolras and starts a relationship with him (maybe taking advantage of him when he is stressed out over school? idk.) It's not an healthy one. Enjolras is afraid to say no and leave it because it may affect his grades and he does not want it to come out to others.

Grantaire is a friend/admirer (or an Art teacher) of Enjolras who notice that he, and the teacher, is acting weird and wants to find out why.

(the captcha says "Just friends")


The Grantaire bit is really optional. He can be replaced with another AMI, or that bit can be ignored completely.

Boarding School au

My friend was telling me about a fic she read where Les Amis went to a boarding school where Valjean was the headmaster and Javert was a security guard. She said it was on AO3, but I've looked everywhere and can't find it. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

She also mentioned something about a camera getting smashed and Enjolras maybe getting expelled...Thanks!

Re: Boarding School au

Here it is: works/843571/chapters/1609291


So I almost always see R as a brunette or having black hair (if not for the actors) so I'd like to see something where R is blonde (can be platinum blonde, Enolras-blonde, strawberry blonde...) It can be a thing where he dyes his hair so no one finds out, but then someone does and the secret's out... idk go crazy.


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