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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 8
and I am winterborn
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
Since LJ seems to have finally capitulated to the Russian government and is now subject to Russian anti-obscenity laws, I'm not going to take a chance on sudden deletions. The Les Mis kinkmeme now lives at https://lesmiskinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/. (Round 8 here.) Everything has been backed up there. The LJ kinkmeme will stay up, but is now closed to new comments.

Madeleine the Party Mayor

I just want M. le Maire to be fun and into parties

The first time he meets Javert in his office he casually offers him some 19th century tequila to celebrate

The closest thing 19th century M-sur-M has to a night club thrives (and since Hugh Jackman can dance) M. le Maire is a fantastic dancer

Maybe there's less crime? Everyone is happy and laid back and M le Maire is still really charitable, so things in the town are great. Sure there are drunken fights, but Madeleine's parties are so well hosted and organised that doesn't happen all that much

(if you want to do pairings then maybe Madeleine spends a lot of time trying to convince the uptight Inspector to do body shots in private with him?)
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Re: Madeleine the Party Mayor


Glasses that prevent champagne from going flat, smoke-free lamp oil and some new touchy-feely dances are but few of Madeleine's numerous inventions
The town is so happy and laid-back crime is practically nonexistent, which means Javert is practically out of a job and climbing the walls because of excess energy
He keeps skulking around the edges of Madeleine's parties, glowering at people, daring them to commit some small offense so he has an excuse to jump them
This is all a part of some sinister plan, a mayor shouldn't be so happy and so irritatingly cosy with his subjects, his charity and kindness can't be genuine
Madeleine glowing and happy, circulating, dancing, touching people, listening to their grievances, offering his help and canapes
The inspector is the only one who doesn't seem to be enjoying himself, what a deeply unpleasant man, but kind of pretty if you like that sort of thing
He really could use some loosening up, but apparently the only way to make him accept a drink is to hold him down and pour it down his throat
Hmm there's a thought
Snap out of it, Madeleine, you won't find him so pretty when he's dragging you back to Toulon
I know, I'll make him dance with me, let's see him be suspicious and threatening when he's stumbling over his own feet
Dancing is frivolous, Monsieur la Maire, and I've never taken the time to learn
Is he here on his own time? Then he can't turn down a dance without giving offense
Is he on the job? Then he can't refuse the mayor
They dance together and it is confusing
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Doctor Who crossover

Javert (pref post barricade, but I don't really mind) gets whisked away for an enlightening trip in the TARDIS. That's it, that's the prompt.
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RTYI, sort of, kinda.

I wholeheartedly second this, anon!

In case you haven't read it already, there's also one other Doctor Who/Les Mis crossover in Ao3. It's Madeleine!Era with both Valjean and Javert so it doesn't fit 1-to-1 with your prompt, but it's still a DW crossover:

http: // archiveofourown (dot) org/ works/ 1182877/ chapters/ 2413008
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Montparnasse/Ami of Choice, Knife play, blood play, watersports (possible Dub-con/non-con)

One of the Amis kneels naked in the center of the room while Montparnasse circles him, knife in hand. Occasionally he cuts him, sometimes chokes him, etc., all while mocking him. Forces him to suck first the handle of his knife, then his cock. Pisses on him. And all the while the Ami gets harder and harder from that alone because he gets off on the pain and humiliation.

Finally, Montparnasse fucks him hard and rough until they both cum.

I would prefer a consensual arrangement, but dub-con or non-con is fine too. I would also prefer either Prouvaire, Combeferre, or Enjolras to be the Ami, but am open to others. Either canon or modern era is fine.
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Re: Montparnasse/Ami of Choice, Knife play, blood play, watersports (possible Dub-con/non-con)

Oh that's sound really good I will love to see it with Combeferre

Hope that someone will found interesting and write it
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bossuet/bahorel/any ami

The thing is that Bahorel has a really large cock. And so does Bossuet. Bahorel loves the fact that he can make anyone cry from it while Bossuet is always scared he will hurt the person he is with. Somehow they get to talk about it (they're drunk and boasting about their sex lives perhaps?) while they're in the company of one of the other amis (jehan or Feuilly might be fun, though it can be anyone)
Turns out the amis is a huge cockwhore who is getting very turned on by the talk
And then they fuck him one at a time before he demands more and they give him a good old fashioned double penetration fucking
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Re: bossuet/bahorel/any ami (OP +points)

OP here
+points if Bossuet is holding back at first but when both Bahorel and the ami is encouraging him he goes absolutely crazy

++points if the ami gets aroused by getting called names such as "whore, slut, toy, hole etc"

++++points and my firstborn if there is lazy, friendly cuddles afterwards with a blown away Bossuet, smug Bahorel and very happy ami
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Modern AU, Bronyism

The cast of Les Miserables are bronies. Yes, all of them. Grantaire draws fanart for the show, Enjolras feels guilty over liking a programme with a positively-portrayed monarchy but still loves the show too much to stop, Valjean and Cosette share a collection of MLP memorabilia and Javert owns every episode ever made on DVD (because watching online is illegal and Javert won't do it even to spare himself the embarrassment of a predominantly pony-related DVD collection).
Bonus points for:
- Javert/Valjean and Enjolras/Grantaire in any form.
- All of Patron-Minette are into the show too and Montparnasse has been known to kill people to get his hands on good-quality pony stuff.
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Re: Modern AU, Bronyism

Clarifying question: we're just talking "bronies as a term for people who like MLP(: FiM)" vs the bad subset, yeah? Because I may be able to work with this if so... ^_^ (Combeferre who gets so into the history of it all and Feuilly who makes customs and Grantaire who constantly criticizes the messages because "nothing actually works out that way this is BS" but really actually clings to it internally...)
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Bandit/Prince AU

Enjolras is a prince and Grantaire is a bandit who steals from rich looking carriges together with his men (and women), in order to make a fairly proper living for their families.

One day the carriage that they rob is a royal one, with a young beautiful Prince inside of it. Whether they decide to take him with them or he goes willingly out of curiousity (perhaps he wants to learn about the people in order to become a good king) is the writer's choice.

R is painfully honest with Enjolras and will threaten him if need be (when the Prince isn't paying him the respect he deserves), though still kind otherwise and calls him by his rightful title. Enjolras is very respectful of the people and the group of thieves, but oftens finds himself being rather rude and angered by R.

Enjolras gets to live in Grantaire's poor excuse of a house, and has to learn how to do normal house- and field work. Perhaps R makes fun of him for it, but Enjolras tells him that he will be of much more use if he'll just teach him.

The King sends a search party out after the Prince, and they have to hide Enjolras from guards roaming around the kingdom. The ending is up to the writer, though I'd like it to be a happy one with the boys together.

Bonus points if it's a slowbuilt with touches mostly from R's side

Extra bonus points if R teaches Enjolras how to make love and as soon as he gets the hang of it he is a total tease and seduces R whenever he gets the chance
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Javert and sad bondage

Valjean/Javert. Basically Javert has severe depression and he finds that he can find comfort in being tied up by Valjean and then Valjean cuddles him and kisses him and it's all fluffy.
Tears if you want, that would be nice actually.
If you want Valjean to get Javert off to make him feel better that could come in like after the main cuddly bit.
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Re: Javert and sad bondage

(damn this is too close for comfort, but...) Yes please!
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Reprompt: Toulon A/B/O Valjean MPreg

Valjean, as a strangely strong and fertile Omega, is instead imprisoned and forced to breed and give birth every 9 months during his time in Toulon. Each child is kept with him until it no longer needs to nurse and then is taken to train as a guard or a nun.
+1 if after finding out about his fertility, the guards want to keep him pampered and fat to help him have healthy children.
+100000 for dirty descriptions of knotting and breeding.
+10000000000 if Valjean is so emotionally broken that he stays as a breeder even after he's released.
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Somehow they meet and somehow they fuck.
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Valvert, time travel

Valjean and Javert circa 1832 wake up and find themselves back in 1799, young as they were at the time, where they were at the time, but in full possession of their future memories.

Whatever happens is up to you, anons!
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Please, all floury
Sexytimes would be sweet too
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i want to draw this ;-;
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Re: bake!R (Anonymous) Expand
Re: bake!R (Anonymous) Expand


just rough playfights and sexy times
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Girl Grantaire is date raped.

Girl Grantaire is date raped. That's it that is what I want.
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Valvert, soldier coming home

Javert's a soldier returning from the war and surprises Jean. As much behind the back plotting and public surprise ad possible please.

Plus 1 I'd like it if jean was a teacher and his students hadn't even considered he was gay untill the reveal.
Plus 2 Quastvert prefered
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Fill: (Valvert, soldier coming home, Modern!AU) - Part 1/5

I couldn't pass it up. This was too beautiful. I tried to work in your pluses, but while I did manage one, I am not so sure about about this being Quast!vert


Javert doesn't have high hopes when he logs into his Skype account on the community computer at the base that he is going to speak with either member of his family. Jean is most likely at school while their adopted daughter Cosette should be at university and in a lecture. That is the defining word though - should. Her skype account says she is available though and so he writes her:

>Shouldn't you be in a lecture?<

It takes just a moment before back comes:

>PAPA!!!!!! Can u wait a sec.<

>Until what?< Javert writes back, but she doesn't answer back. He is just about to write Jean a message, when a video call comes in. It's Cosette and he answers it, heart warming at the thought of his daughter.

The connection isn't good, but it is good enough for Javert to make out his beautiful daughter's smile. Behind her are shelves he doesn't recognise, but they almost look like a broom cabinet. Deciding not to ask if she broke into that space so she could have a few minutes alone with him, he asks as soon as the connection stands: "How are you?"

Cosette looks healthy enough, cheeks slightly reddened and hair full, but arranged into a bun with a pencil through it so it is out of her face: "Fantastic - it is so good to hear from you. Not that we have been worried, but it is so difficult to talk to you. And it's good to see you. You have been in the sun a lot - seriously, have you looked into a mirror?"

"Yes, just this morning - I still need to shave," he answers and Cosette rolls her eyes: "I'm not sure daddy will recognise you at this rate. His holidays start in two weeks so you might be able to talk then, but right now- it's difficult."

"His new class?" Javert asks. He leans back into the chair, his fingers fiddling slightly with the envelope in front of his. Taking a quick look at the clock, it shows he still got close to ten minutes on the computer.

"Yes, he adores them - what else? Even though they seem to be mostly bratty teenagers. God, I don't want to know how I was like when I was fourteen or fifteen."

"You were definitely worth the trouble," Javert remarks. He does mean it though there never has been much trouble with Cosette and she knows it.

Cosette tilts her head. Suddenly her posture tenses and though the connection doesn't enable him to see the worry lines on her forehead, he knows them to be there. When she asks if he is alright, her voice has dropped slightly in pitch and has becomes more mature, somehow more like the grown up that she is.

He opens his mouth, then closes it. Somehow he hasn't anticipated that this might be so difficult, so strange to get past his lips after nearly a year of service away from his family. He opens his mouth again and when he speaks, his voice is rough: "I'm coming home."

Cosette screams in delight, then muffles herself before again squicking, apparently not being able to find any words. The door to the broom cabinet opens and Javert can see Marius enter, who closes the door behind him and then asks Cosette: "What's going on, darling?"

"Papa's coming home," Cosette nearly sobs and points to the screen.

Marius apparently doesn't quite know what to do next, but the gives Javert a court nod and a 'That's good to hear, Sir', before squatting down next to Cosette and hugging her tightly. Cosette simply hugs back, now clearly sobbing.

It leaves Marius and Javert both at loss with each other. When he had left for his deployment he had barely known the young man, just that he was Cosette's boyfriend, which she intended to keep - so no shovel-talk, papa - and who was more than a little nervous in his presence.

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there really isn't enough bahorel/grantaire around here! so anything with this pairing as long as it's not angsty. maybe them being sickeningly sweet together for a change
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Re: bahorel/grantaire

I want to let you know I'm working on a fill for this.
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