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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 8
and I am winterborn
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
Official rules/FAQ/Page-A-Mod post is there for reference, but you know how it works by now. Be nice, no kink-shaming, this is not the place to have it out with people who are Wrong On The Internet, detailed lists of kinks in headers are good, no RPF except for historical figures. Link to your fills (complete or incomplete) on the Fill Post. Mods reserve the right to enforce reasonable standards of conduct even if they are incapable of explicitly enumerating every possible way someone could act like an asshat online.

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Announcements for Round 8: The Filth Fest Challenge is back by popular demand! Let's kick this round off with a bunch of panty-scorching prompts for people to come back to if they're ever in need of... inspiration. If you weren't there for the last Filth Fest, it's pretty simple: the first 50 prompts (at least) must be filthy and/or kinky as fuck. Keep your gen and your G-rated prompts in reserve until page 3--which if the last round is any indication will arrive quickly enough--and work on earning yourselves a dedicated first-class carriage to the special hell.

Fine print: In the original announcement. Basically, prompts on the first 2 pages that aren't on-topic for the challenge will be quietly screened or deleted and can be reposted later. There is no minimum subjective hotness requirement, just keep things sex- and/or kink-focused for those first 50 prompts.

Enjolras/always-a-girl!R modern au, crack

As a joke, fem!R walks in cafe Musain reeking of Chanel no. 5, wearing a red dress and introduces herself as Patria. Enjolras is frustrated but secretly aroused so it ends with him servicing "Lady Liberty" and fucking her into the matress.
+multiple orgasms, overstimulated R
+++ R having big breasts which E loves
+++++ Afterwards, R angsts over how Enjolras wants her only because she fullfiled his fantasy of fucking someone who pretends to be Patria but Enjolras is having none of it and he makes love to her sweetly worshipping the hell out of R.

Re: Enjolras/always-a-girl!R modern au, crack

oh my god i really want this

eR Roadtrip

I want to see angry eR forced to go on a road trip together (can be like for some political trip or not, doesn't matter) where they're the only people in the car and they argue the whole damn time about everything and nothing and the music and how the other drives and no we don't have time to stop again

and when they get to the hotel/motel enjolras is incensed to find out that not only is there only one room but the one room available only has one bed (and no couch) and they must share a bed

hence angry going to bed next to each other, shoving, stay on your side, that ends with we've-been-fighting-all-day-and-you're-the-worst sex

and then cuddles.

Re: eR Roadtrip

I'm so behind on my schoolwork it's not even funny but this prompt is screaming at me to write it so write it I shall. It might take me a little while though, so if someone else fills before I do then that's a-okay! I'll start today and see how much I can crank out..

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Re: eR Roadtrip (Anonymous) Expand
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E/R Humiliation/Size Kink?

Grantaire really gets off on Enjolras telling him how tiny and useless his dick is when in reality its huge

Would read any of the amis though, doesn't necessarily have to be E/R

Re: E/R Humiliation/Size Kink?

Enthusiastically seconded.

It's the Bitch of Living

As of last night, I think we need a crossover between Spring Awakening and our favorite sad French people. For the Revolution.
I personally can see a parallel between Eponine and Ilse, Fantine and Wendla, Melchior and Grantaire, or Herr Knockelbruch and Javert, but I'm interested to see what anybody else comes up with.
+24601 points for the "Angel" people keep waxing poetic about in Spring Awakening being equated with Patria.

Re: It's the Bitch of Living

No promises here, but I'm gonna try to fill this. It might come out different than what you had in mind, though.

Enjolras/Grantaire, modern AU

Modern AU where Javert is Enjolras' dad and who E fights a lot with. The last straw is Javert dating Valjean who moves in with his daughter Cosette. E is incredibly jealous of her because he thinks Javert loves her and hates him so to get his revenge(because Javert approves of Marius, Cosette's boyfriend) E invites his boyfriend R and rides him into the mattress.
+for everyone being homr at the time
+++Enjolras being incredibly vocal

RoV crossover, canon era

Can we have André and Oscar be reincarnated and have them show up at the Musain

And have shenanigans

Bonus for Oscar calling them out on their military tactics or lack of thereof

Extra bonus for Cosette/Rosalie

Valjean Does Toulon

Valjean gets his slut on and lets all the guards use him as their fucktoy. His sentence might not be shortened but it's a hell of a lot more enjoyable.

Re: Valjean Does Toulon

Holy shit your subject thread makes me want to see if there's 70s French gay prison porn or something.

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Re: Valjean Does Toulon (Anonymous) Expand

Teacher!Jolras and Dad!Taire

Enjolras is very popular with his students at the elementary school where he works. He's even more popular with the single dad of one of the students in his class. I just want major fluff with R blushing at every parent/teacher conference, volunteering for class activities just to be near him, and basically just trying to get his attention and win his love uwu

Re: Teacher!Jolras and Dad!Taire

Have you read Not A Rom-Com on AO3? It's definitely rtyi.


A very, very pregnant Javert gets a footrub and a blowjob from the babydaddy.


Basically anything of these two would be much appreciated, it's so hard to find good fic of them. Maybe some lame domestic scenario turn smut? Anything is great!!

Eponine/Gueulemer daddy kink

Some dub con or non con of this. Large insertion, tears, biting, spanking, just Gueulemer having some huge thing for being a daddy dom and finally seeking out a chance to try it out. Some emotional trauma for Eponine and her past filled with an obviously abusive father. Really anything is appreciated!!

Shounen Enjolras

Citizens, I am in the dire need for crackfic. Most people have heard of Shoujou Cosette, yes? Let's have Shounen Enjolras - basically, the barricade boys as a shounen ai anime. Bring in every cliché you can think of. The crackier the better.

* Cherry blossoms floating about whenever Jehan appears somewhere
** Tsundere!Enjolras
*** Grantaire has yaoi hands

Re: Shounen Enjolras

my friend and I thought of more anime cliches:
*flames of passion when Enjolras starts going on about his beliefs
*little hearts or some romantic background every time there is Marius/Cosette
*Eponine with a rain cloud whenever her love for Marius is unrequited
*Grantaire occasionally turning into a chibi when drunk
*Skulls, gloom, and roses as a bg for Jehan reciting creepy Romantic poetry while everyone else turns into color-drained chibis
*Joly with that perpetual bubble that indicates sickness
*there's this huge glint of light shining off of Bossuet's head
*Cosette has a bg of flowers and sparkles that only Marius sees
*Combeferre's glasses shining when adjusted
*numerous Polish flags and symbols when Feuilly starts talking of Poland and finishes off with some kind of pose (Enjolras has the French version of course)
*Enjolras with that bulging angry sign when everyone else isn't being serious
*Enjolras most likely punching Grantaire into space (with the resulting bump after the blow)
*"do you hear the people sing with all these effects as they turn around one by one with sparkles and exaggeratedly moving hair"

Something based off "Dance with my father by luther Vandross. tw character death, past Valvert.

Listening to this made me think of a little Cosette who loses one of her papa's while she's still fairly young.

If you are really in for the sads make it Valjean who died (seems so like Javert to shut himself away before crying)

Re: Something based off "Dance with my father by luther Vandross. tw character death, past Valvert.

My poor heart. I would so read this.

Enjolras/Courfeyrac shameless a/b/o porn

Courfeyrac is not just Enjolras' center. He's his alpha as well.

Re: Enjolras/Courfeyrac shameless a/b/o porn

I would so read this

Blowjobs, basically.

I want something where Grantaire is making some smart ass comment during a meeting or something and Enjolras, jaw clenched in anger, says "why don't you put that mouth to good use?" or "how about you actually do something useful with that mouth of yours?" or something along those lines and long story short the meeting ends and blowjobs ensue.

Yep. That's it! Not too terribly kinky, no, but.

R kicking ass for E

For some reason I have this huge kink for Grantaire beating the crap out of someone on Enjolras' orders. I seriously don't even care what the context is, as long as it hits that violent/angsty/erotic sweet spot.

Re: R kicking ass for E 1/?

Grantaire is impossible to write but I've done my best. If anyone wants clarification as to the references he throws up, just ask.

The table's wood was more finely grained that Grantaire would have expected, and every whorl and knot is familiar from this close up, and he considered that he might have spent too much time in close acquaintance with it. It played the part at that moment of support, but was too uncomfortable to linger on for long when not cushioned with wine.

In the corner of the room Combeferre and Enjolras were exchanging heated words with each other, voices tight and low, and from long habit, Grantaire tilted his head to the side so he could hear. It's the usual argument. Enjolras walks alone through preference when he visits other groups, when he talks to the labourers who have formed their own societies. Combeferre was never happy with these state of affairs, reminded Enjolras that always there were spies, always there were people watching. "It's dangerous," he said flatly. "Enjolras, when I go on your command, you insist that I go with Joly, with Lesgles, with whoever can be spared. A friend to watch your back is an invaluable aide, these are your words and you counsel us not to walk alone."

"They are," Enjolras agreed but shrugged finely cut shoulders. "But Combeferre, the time is near, it approaches with great haste. We have no time now for caution, each man must do what he can. You are too important to act merely as a guardian, a sword-bearer. I go alone as is necessary. Between us, we must cover as much ground as we can."

Combeferre sighed but made no answer for a long moment. "If we lose you," he said finally, baldly. "If we lose you to the thrust of a pickpocket's desperate knife or to the savages of a police spy, we lose everything. We fail." The words were considered, measured, all the more convincing coming from a man not given to exaggeration or foolish statements. "Think it over Enjolras, at least for today. There have been rumours that I do not care for, of an ambush perhaps, men drunk with wine who expect your visit and will seek to dissuade you from your path."

Grantaire heaved himself up from the table, and braced his hands against the solid wood. "I'll go, unless you're determined to play the Lucretius and disdain death," he said, and grinned, knowing it displayed discoloured teeth and not caring. "Enjolras, I'll walk beside you, the Briareus to your Zeus, a sturdy guardian, like a Cerberus barring your entry to the underworld. Let them come, two, three at a time, and I shall repel them with the force of my manly arms, noble brow and my brawling ways. If that does not work, I shall breathe on them and let Dionysius do his work. The grape is a noble substance after all, and will turn its hand to more than one task. Regardless, grape, malt, hops, they shall do their duty in this task, fire my blood, speed my sword, prime my musket."

"No," Enjolras did not look at him as he swept the armful of papers from the table and began sorting them - some for keeping and some for burning. "I need no nursemaid, particularly not one like you, belching and attracting attention because he can't keep himself quiet in the moment."

"Oh I shall be quiet Enjolras. Softly, softly will I tread, so quiet you will not know that someone paces your steps, stalks your shadow, a regular tsalmaveth as Jehan would say, and while you speak to your compatriots, your zealous friends, babble of deeds to be done while the time comes, I'll play the Pedius in both parts - walk with you on foot, and hear not what you say, the proverbial perfect manservant of Isiaiah."

Combeferre spoke quietly. "Enjolras, consider it. Grantaire jokes, but he is a pair of hands, and a stout pair at that."

"That can't be trusted," Enjolras cut in impatiently. "Will I entrust myself to a man who does not know the urgency and need of this task, who plays the laughing fool and will doubtless trip over his own feet on the way to a bottle." He touched the large pocket of his coat. "I am equipped and can handle my own if it is necessary," he said lowly.

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Re: OP loves you (Anonymous) Expand
OP (Anonymous) Expand


Enjolras wants to sleep with Grantaire but is intimidated by his inexperience so he goes to Courfeyrac for advice, knowing he has been with Grantaire before. Courfeyrac tells him what Grantaire likes in detail, Enjolras likes Courf telling him these things more than he thought and this leads to a threesome.

Les Amis, Consensual groping, humiliation (and maybe watersports?)

One (any) of the Amis fantasizes about being groped by several people at the same time, having their clothes ripped off, being called names and just being used by others until they're covered in fluids (come, spit, Grantaire's wine...). The rest of the Amis oblige them. Pretending our adventurous Ami doesn't want it is fine, but no non-con, everything has been agreed on in advance.

A massive bonus and several puppies for:
- Watersports. The Ami being laid out on the floor and pissed on by everybody while they tell them how much they want it and calling them the dirtiest things you can think of.
- No, seriously, go nuts with the groping and name calling.
- Somebody pouring wine over the Ami's chest and somebody else licking it up?

My gratitude forever for:
- Clean up and sweet aftercare from all the Amis.

Please note that I'm using "they/their/them" because I don't particularly care about the gender/sex/presentation of the Ami, not because there's more than one person being 'used'.

I would prefer if it was canon era but wouldn't mind modern day either (I understand the constraints of canon era when it comes to prompts like this, but magical handwaving of conventional 19th century sex is what we're here for).

Re: Les Amis, Consensual groping, humiliation (and maybe watersports?)

OP here. I forgot to say that I'd prefer if the Ami in question wasn't Feuilly (I don't know why but I just can't see him being into anything remotely subby) or Enjolras feeling like he has to reward the rest of the gang for joining The Cause. I can see it more like it being Combeferre needing a break from all the pressure (the revolution, the part he plays in shaping Enjolras' views, etc) or something like that (but again, any of the other Amis bar Feuilly are fine).

Mouth-fucking. Potential tw: noncon

Someone disagrees with Enjolras' rhetoric, and decides to fuck his throat so hard that he can't talk afterword (um, temporarily!). Can be entirely consensual, but I'm more than open to noncon or dub-con, too. Just, someone using Enjolras' mouth and throat as a fucktoy in order to shut him up. (OP now roasts nicely in hell.)

Bonus points: Cockslapping E's face, E in tears from pain and lack of air, comfort and TLC from either mouthfucker or an Ami at the end

more e/r bootkink, please?

enjolras, grantaire, "will you do me a service?" "anything. i'll black your boots." you know.

honestly, when i joined this fandom i thought there'd be a ton of bootkink, but now i've read everything there is, and i'm jonesing for some more. :(

Re: more e/r bootkink, please?

agressively waves the bootkink flag

Alpha!Javert watersports

Javert pisses on Omega!valjean to mark his territory.

Revelation of Javert(Quastvert?)

Something where Javert reveals he is gay- to his shift mates perhaps, either just dropping it into the conversation, or perhaps in exasperation when someone has been ranting against homosexuals and he snaps


With Virgin!Grantaire and Experienced!Enjolras.

Shounen Enjolras-Alternate Interpretation

Because I thought that Shounenjolras prompt was going to be a very different thing...

When the evil Louis-Philipe announces his intention to enter the upcoming Martial Arts Tournament Internationale as part of his plan of monarchical world domination, Enjolras and friends join in order to stop him. Will their training be enough? Will Enjolras master the super mega ultimate technique in time? Just how will winning this tournament lead to global domination? Only copious amounts of manly yelling will tell.

Power level bonuses for Javert as announcer and Valjean as former world champion and/or enigmatic tournament patron.

Re: Shounen Enjolras-Alternate Interpretation

OP from Shounen Ai Enjolras:
Yes pls. Enjolras wears goggles. Somehow, magical card games are involved.

Middle/elementary school ExR

(this is paraphrased from tumblr user noctunu's post about Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes in case you see that circulating around your dash)

All I want in this life is an AU where tiny fiery nerdy baby Enjolras is thrown into a dumpster (out-debated a bully in class?) and starts to get out but suddenly another boy is thrown in and they talk and get on but Enj starts the conversation by asking ‘Why’d you get thrown into the dumpster?’

The boy says, "I didn’t get thrown in, I just wanted to join you" and that is how Enjolras and a little brown haired boy named Grantaire meet.

(totally up to you if you want to make it longer and go on to talk about their friendship/relationship in high school I would cry if I got the bare minimum but if you made them grow up and date later on I would give you four puppies and an apple pie)

Where You Go (i will follow) 1/4 - Re: Middle/elementary school ExR

(Hopefully this will be able to tide you over until you get a better fill)


There were, no matter what Enjolras might be willing to admit, a few logistical errors which perhaps should have been considered a bit more carefully in advance. Quite a few, quite carefully, and quite a bit more in advance if Combeferre was to be listened to when he cornered Enjolras later in the coat racks after class, a list which included (but was by no means limited to) the fact that Enjolras was:

a) in grade four
b) small for his age on top of that
c) no, seriously, did you forget that you aren't an inch over four feet?
d) that the aggressors in this particular situation were sixth graders
e) and pretty much gorillas

And while these points had flitted briefly through Enjolras's head at the time, they had immediately been burned out by the flames of indignation and righteous fury that sprung up in the child's chest when he saw the muddy dress and teary cheeks.


“What did you say?” Two heads turned on Enjolras; one of the boys continued to hold the struggling girl where she had been shoved to the ground, dress covered in the mud that accumulated in great fields behind the gymnasium, but the other got up and paced menacingly towards Enjolras.

Enjolras, to his credit, didn't so much as flinch. He stood straight, neck craned to look the older boy in the eye and didn't give an inch even when they were nearly chest to chest.

“I said,” Enjolras said with slow, clear enunciation, “that you can't single a victim out just because they belong to a marginalized–” (This word was said with particular emphasis. It was a good word, Enjolras felt. He had heard it on the radio last week and had then carefully dragged the enormous household dictionary down to look up a definition and found himself quite fond of it. Despite the seriousness of the situation, it felt good to get a chance to use it – and to use it in the way it was intended, he felt, to defend those it described.) “–social group. That's prejudice, and mindless complacency to harmful social constructs besides. She wasn't hurting you, you're just doing this because she's a girl and you think that means that you get to push her around.”

Enjolras stuck his chin out a bit at the end of his speech, feeling he had presented his argument quite well and that the point would have to be ceded in his favour. His opponent, however, was faced with a sudden imbalance in his world view. Here was a younger, smaller student who was not running away crying from him. Who had, in fact, started talking back to him using a bombardment of senseless words. It was like having a spelling test suddenly stand up and bite him; a cat couldn't have been more surprised if it had been attacked by a mouse. This was not, however, a boy prone to philosophical musings, any more than Enjolras was a boy prone to backing down on an issue he held convictions on. And this is the impasse that led an immovable object being introduced to an unstoppable force.

“You think you're such a tough guy, do you?” the older boy growled, shoving Enjolras's chest aggressively. “Think you're clever? Think we have to listen to a little girly wimp like you?”

Enjolras just scowled. “Being a girl isn't an insult,” he snapped. “Your mom's a girl, isn't she?”

The bully's face visibly reddened. By this point his lackey had completely forgotten the girl (who had promptly fled) and was sitting in the mud and gaping at the display.

“What did you say about my mom?”


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