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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 8
and I am winterborn
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
Official rules/FAQ/Page-A-Mod post is there for reference, but you know how it works by now. Be nice, no kink-shaming, this is not the place to have it out with people who are Wrong On The Internet, detailed lists of kinks in headers are good, no RPF except for historical figures. Link to your fills (complete or incomplete) on the Fill Post. Mods reserve the right to enforce reasonable standards of conduct even if they are incapable of explicitly enumerating every possible way someone could act like an asshat online.

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Announcements for Round 8: The Filth Fest Challenge is back by popular demand! Let's kick this round off with a bunch of panty-scorching prompts for people to come back to if they're ever in need of... inspiration. If you weren't there for the last Filth Fest, it's pretty simple: the first 50 prompts (at least) must be filthy and/or kinky as fuck. Keep your gen and your G-rated prompts in reserve until page 3--which if the last round is any indication will arrive quickly enough--and work on earning yourselves a dedicated first-class carriage to the special hell.

Fine print: In the original announcement. Basically, prompts on the first 2 pages that aren't on-topic for the challenge will be quietly screened or deleted and can be reposted later. There is no minimum subjective hotness requirement, just keep things sex- and/or kink-focused for those first 50 prompts.

E/F blowjobs

Enjolras serves the people. On his knees.

Re: E/F blowjobs

Just to clarify, I meant Feuilly, not France, although that would work, too.

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Papa Javert (adorable family fluff)

Much to everyones surprise, Inspector Javert has a family he it utterly devoted to. He does everything in his power to ensure his children never have to experience the childhood he did, sending them to school, keeping them out of the streets etc. He's stern and sometimes even distant (because he's Javert and kindness baffles him sometimes) and constantly worrying if he's being a good papa. I just want to see emotionally-constipated-but-still-super-devoted-Papa!Javert.

+He lays with one of his kids until they go to sleep to scare away the monsters and ends up falling to sleep as well.

(reprompt from round 7 because of dawwwwwwww)

Re: Papa Javert (adorable family fluff)

I fucking need this so bad you have no idea.

Also, imagine that his kids visit him at the police station and them being like: PAPA PAPA PAPA PAPA. And Javert can't resist them.

(And an officer chokes on his tea or something at the scene in front of him)

Valvert Fuck-Or-Die (Patron Minette made them do it)

Javert's raid on the Gorbeau House doesn't go as planed and he ends up gaged and bound on the floor with the gang about to execute him. They offer the pair a way to save their own lives, by making each other come.

I would really like to see them kneeling on the floor, humiliated as fuck at being forced to pleasure their worst enemy (and it's totally not hot, nope it totally is), jerking one another off.

+1 Javert gets roughed up more than a little bit.
+2 Background Montparnasse/Claquesous
+36729 Cum eating.

Re: Valvert Fuck-Or-Die (Patron Minette made them do it)


Reprompt: Madeleine-Era Stuffing/Belly Kink

Valjean binges on food once in a while as Madeleine. To his surprise, it majorly turns him on.

Bonus if Javert walks in one time and fucks him, finding the situation beyond hot.

A greatly respected Inspector probably modern AU

Javert is assaulted and beaten on patrol (maybe because he's come out, or another reason). His entire shift band together to support him, publicly as well as in more subtle ways Javert is stunned as, being Javert, he'd never really noticed how they felt about him

Re: A greatly respected Inspector probably modern AU

Aww, I am totally behind this. Maybe the younger officers all chip in and deliver him meals so he doesn't have to eat hospital food?


Javert and Jean Valjean start a relashionship when the later has already adopted Cossette and in the beginning she hates the inspector because he is taking the attention of his Papa from her.

Enjolras/Montparnasse (coercion and dub-con)

In times of dire need, Les Amis ask for ammo, guns etc. from Patron Minette(although I would prefer it if it's only Enjolras/Montparnasse without the others). In exchange the dandy asks for the virginity of the marble revolutionary, cause he finds someone prettier than him, so if he can't be him, he of course wants to have him.

+1 No non-con. I want it to be dub-con, with Enjolras feeling ashamed, but reluctantly enjoying it.
+1000 Montparnasse not getting off on hurting him, but rather eager to make Enjolras come.
+100000 Virgin!Enjolras.
+10000000 For Enjolras thinking of some Ami at the start, just to get into it, but then no longer needing to because despite his shame and feeling he has failed his Patria, he is so touch-starved that he starts to enjoy it.
+my kingdom and heir For Grantaire's reaction and him trying to stop Enjolras.

FILL [1/2?]

I want him.

The words echoed around the tiny room for a few moments before anyone fully processed it. Then, almost as if a button was pushed, everyone started talking at first. Well, everyone that was there - Courfeyrac, Combeferre, Grantaire and Bahorel, the last two as bodyguards rather than negotiators. Only the person that was supposed to be making a decision was quiet, and Enjolras remained quiet for some several seconds before saying anything, settling the whole business. His eyes were locked with Montparnasse's, and he wondered vaguely if having sex was really supposed to be a good thing when everyone was so quick to make sure he didn't have it.

But most of all, they needed the weapons, and if they came to the Patron Minette, then they really needed them. They had tried everything else, all the other gangs in Paris, but no one would give them what they needed. And, once Enjolras really thought about it, they were asking for a really low price, considering what all the others had wanted in return. They would be able to use the money for other things, and not waste anything. If his chastity was what they wanted, then they might as well have it.

Besides, it was a man that said this. It didn't count. None of this counted in the eyes of God.

"I'll do it." he said, and no one could argue with that. Negotiations, they could argue with. Major decisions, there were votations and elections. But this... Enjolras' body was his, and if he wanted to give it up for the cause, it wouldn't be any of the people there that would make him change his mind.

If he had looked to his side, he would have seen one of them gaping at him, staring in pure outrage. If he had opened up his ears and paid attention, he would have realised that most of the noise that ensued as everyone else was moved out was because that same man was screaming at him not to do this, that he didn't have to and that they'd find another way, they would always find another way, no, no.

But Enjolras didn't do any of that. His eyes were locked with Montparnasse, and he almost regretted saying yes for a split moment there as the young man - younger than him, rumour had it - smiled widely at him.

No, they needed this. They needed it and it was fine. Montparnasse wouldn't even hurt him, probably. Alright, maybe he would. But it was all for a good cause. He should see this as martymdom if it came to it, which it wouldn't. Slowly, Montparnasse got up from his chair and stepped closer.

"I knew you would make the right choice, lad." he said smugly, and Enjolras simply stood there in front of him, watching as he started undoing his clothes already. How unceremonial. Enjolras noticed, with the closeness, that Montparnasse's lips were a rather dark shade of pink, or red, and wondered why was that.

"Are you truly a maiden, leader? It's hard to believe it." he continued, and Enjolras took a deep breath as he felt the other's hand on his chest once all clothes covering his upper body were discarted to the ground. "Has no one ever touched you? Your chest, your arms? No man, no woman?"

"No." he said stiffly, and followed the other's eyes with his own as his body was explored. He was surprised with how gentle the other turned. His muscles got less tense.

"It's an honour to be your first." Montparnasse said, smiling a little. "May I?"

Enjolras needed several moments to be able to process that he was actually being asked a question, and even then blinked before being able to answer it. "I... yes." he said. Of all things, he didn't think a member of the Patron Minette would ask for permission more than once before touching him. What an evening of surprises.

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AU role reversal: J and JVJ

AU with role reversal: Valjean is the ever-forgiving inspector/prison guard who believes in redemption and the good in all people. Javert is the criminal/prisoner who views the world in black and white and absolutely cannot deal with this guy who thinks there's even an ounce of good in him.

Re: AU role reversal: J and JVJ

Yes! Although this is sort of what happened in the "I have made a false report" scene.

Montparnasse and Marius with Sexy descriptions of Eponine

I don't know why I want this, but : Montparnasse lusts after Eponine himself. Since she is only interested in Marius, Montparnasse torments Marius with the sexiest, most explicit descriptions of Eponine and what he would do to her if he was in Marius' shoes. Marius is aroused by this and ++for Marius coming in his trousers or even +++ for this ending with Montparnasse helping him deal with his arousal.

Re: Montparnasse and Marius with Sexy descriptions of Eponine

seconded omg

Genfic Javert Cross over with "The Kid"/sort of crack-fluff

Javert is awakened to a knock at his door and a mysterious gamin that looks just like him (and turns out to be through magic, time travel, whatever you want his childhood self). A fic where Javert is forced to deal with a child (something completely foreign and sort of revolting to him) and in the process confront memories from his own childhood.

Re: Genfic Javert Cross over with "The Kid"/sort of crack-fluff

Maybe Gavroche finds lil'Javert, figures out what's going on (or assumes it's an illegitimate kid and the Inspector isn't as chaste as he acts) and foists him on his future self.

Valvert Nightmare and Non-sexual cuddling

Valvert pairing where one or both are asexual. Javert has a nightmare after the barricades and Valjean comforts him. Would love a fic with sharing a bed, awkward old virgin cuddling and comfort. Plus if it focuses on Javert being distrustful or even somewhat fearful of the human touch and gradually becoming able to enjoy it.

Re: Valvert Nightmare and Non-sexual cuddling

This prompt bit me in the ankles. I know better than to argue. Gimme a little time, though.

Javert's Beauty Routine (maybe Valvert?)

Javert gives himself a manly mani-pedi, freshens up his genitals with a trim or shave, and takes a long hot shower with plenty of spa essentials, all while thinking about Valjean.

Crowe!vert preferred.

Re: Javert's Beauty Routine (maybe Valvert?)

Why is this so darn cute?! I endorse this!

Kiss it all better Marius

If you haven't heard the song "Kiss it all Better" By He is We, then go do that right now, The song is about a guy that kills the man who fatally shot his girlfriend/lover/fiance and is sent to jail with only the memories of the girl he loved.

So Cosette is fatally wounded by someone (Maybe Valjean doesn't catch Marius's letter and she sets out to the barricade to save him herself) and she dies in Marius's arms.

Basically make me sad.

Re: Kiss it all better Marius


Courf/Marius: canon era drunken fuck

Straight Courfeyrac and straight Marius go out for a night of drinking, come back to their apartment, collapse in their shared bed together, and proceed to fuck like crazy. Then in the morning, the horror dawns. The embarrassed blushes when they go to the cafe and have to sit on opposite sides of the room from each other. Never again

Except maybe they end up kissing in bed the next night because it's undeniably fun here we go again.

(either on top/bottom is fine)

Re: Courf/Marius: canon era drunken fuck

never again
lol irl
this is so cute

Enjolras/all the amis

I want Enjolras to play innocent and coy even as he is getting used by all the Amis.
+daddy kink
+++the amis using him until he is a begging, swearing mess
+++++tender aftercare.

Re: Enjolras/all the amis

I would be writing this in a heartbeat if I was actually a good writer because that prompt is panty dropping hot

Tiny!Valjean (5+1?)

So my head canon states that Valjean is short, and I'm not saying an inch or two below average, I'm saying like just over five feet. I just want to see how people constantly underestimate him because of his stature and how he proves them wrong.
Bonus Round:
+1 He drags around a chair while cooking or cleaning because god knows he can't reach the top shelf.
+500 Someone in Toulon decides to pick on 24601 (I mean, how tough can that tiny guy be?) and gets his face punched in.
+100000000 He still has a huge cock

Re: Tiny!Valjean (5+1?)

Just over five feet is NOT BAD! (5'2")

Re: Tiny!Valjean (5+1?) (Anonymous) Expand

Enjolras/Grantaire, Grantaire/his alpha, a/b/o

Omega!Grantaire is forced by his parents to bond to an alpha he doesn't love (can be any character or an OC, it's up to you). When he meets alpha!Enjolras, the attraction is instant, since they are bond mates. They become friends, but it’s hard to deny the desire, so they eventually share some kisses and light touches, always followed by all the guilt and the sorrys. R’s alpha suspects that something is going on, but he can’t feel it, because their bond is too weak.

One day R’s heat comes too early, when he’s with E. E, being as respectful as he is, offers to take him to his alpha, but R wants E to fuck him and break his bond. E and R’s previous alpha become rivals and you decide what happens next.

Make it as smutty as possible, please ;)

Madame Farouche

...is Grantaire's alias when he performs as a singer of raunchy songs at this secret special!club.
Sometimes, "Madame F." gives costumers a lapdance, too.
Guess who she singles out when Corfeyrac and Bahorel (who might have the tiniest mean streak; and might or might not know Madame's secret identity) take a reluctant Enjolras there to "round up his education"?

Canon!era preferred, b/c easier suspension of disbelief re: Enjolras' confused boner.

Young Valjean's First Time

Jean the pruner gets fucked hard but lovingly after a seduction by a big-dicked peasant man. Bonus if Valjean is shy, they fuck under an apple tree or in a cozy bed, he makes Valjean ride him, and the man talks dirty to Valjean.

Re: Young Valjean's First Time


Nobody puts Eponine in a corner

Right after AHFOL, Enjolras (or one of the other Amis) finds Eponine crying outside the gate, runs up to Marius and Cosette, and shouts, "Nobody puts Eponine in a corner!" Then he proceeds to dance with her, while she remains heartbroken and confused.

Re: Nobody puts Eponine in a corner

I'm laughing this is the greatest thing

Omega/Omega ExR or CxC

I've seen a lot of a/b/o fics and requests, but they all seem to fall into the classic alpha/omega scheme.

So, how about some Omega/Omega? Preferably established, where one of them is pregnant and the stuff they have to deal with being two Omegas with a kid on the way. Because Omega/Omega pairs are the most frowned on, because they're considered weak and unable to take care of themselves and each other.

Or maybe something where one of them is afraid to say they love the other because of their status?

Anything that highlights the difficulty of being an Omega who likes Omega.

Enjolras and Grantaire is good or Courfeyrac and Combeferre.
Eponine and Cosette might even be a good way to go too.
Really, do what you like!

Re: Omega/Omega ExR or CxC

yo my friend. here it is. archiveofourown . org / works/ 1453807

Valvert, enemas

Javert has a health problem and needs an enema, but he's too embarrassed to go to a doctor (or maybe the doctor is busy/away). Valjean realizes Javert is not feeling well and goes to look for him in the evening. When he finds him, he gets the truth out of Javert and then proceeds to give him an enema (bonus if he's both loving and strict while Javert is ashamed and in discomfort or pain).

Double bonus if afterwards he uses a ton of oil and patiently works Javert open with his fingers until he's a slippery, trembling, loose mess and gives him a prostate massage to make him come and come until his balls are empty and he's too exhausted to even beg.

Re: Valvert, enemas


Re: Valvert, enemas (Anonymous) Expand

Puppy reincarnation

So the Amis are reincarnated into a litter of puppies and make it their mission to find and protect Marius.

(Reprompt from round 7)

Re: Puppy reincarnation

this is soooo adorbs. my friend also said she always wanted to name a golden retriever "Enjolras" and I wanted to name a pomeranian "Marius Pontmeranian" or just "Pontpuppy"

Simplice/Fantine hurt/comfort porn

Exactly what it says in the subject line.

Enjolras Masturbation + Encouraging Combeferre

Canon era Enjolras and Combeferre share lodgings, and Combeferre comes home one day to find Enjolras experimenting with touching himself. Embarassed, Enjolras stops, but Combeferre encourages him to keep going.

Oh, no, by all means.

It really wasn't like Enjolras could exactly cover himself with the pillow he had grabbed. Firstly, it only accentuated that there was something he was trying to hide. Secondly, Combeferre had seen it all already.

"Oh no, by all means. I just came here to get a book. Really." he said, turning his back to the young man to go to one corner of the room, picking through the bookshelf until he found what he came in to look for. That, and to hide his own blush. He had known Enjolras for years now, but never had he seen the man do something remotely like... this.

"I apologise. I thought you would be gone for longer. Or I would have gone to... to my room or..." the blond mumbled. "It's not something I do often. Or at all. Promise." he continued, and the tone of his voice was different from anything Combeferre had ever heard. Stretched out on the sofa, Enjolras, naked from waist down, feeling awkward for being caught with his hand on his prick. Slowly, the student turned around, book in hand, and frowned a little.

"Nothing to apologise for or promise, Enjolras. It's not like people don't do that. Daily, many times." he said softly, smiling a little to himself. "Nothing to be ashamed of."

His words didn't quite have the effect he wanted, the blond still flushed and embarrassed. Combeferre supposed he understood. So proud of his own chastity, being caught like that must make him feel like a hypocrite. Not that Combeferre thought he was one, but he understood where he came from. With a sigh, the guide walked closer to the sofa, kneeling in front of him.

"I mean it. Everyone does it. It doesn't make you any less of a person." he said, his voice lowering a bit. "Though the habit does usually start a bit earlier, I don't think it's ever too late to yearn to your body's desire. It's thought to be healthy, even." he added, staring at him. Then his free hand went up, lifting Enjolras' chin to force him to meet his eyes. "Look at me. I won't tell anyone that you are, indeed, a man with needs. Alright? Come on." he said.

Enjolras bit his lip. "Your intrusion was a bit of a mood killer, though." he said at last, just as softly, and they both smiled a little at each other, that smile reserved only for the best of friends, and Combeferre felt glad that he was at last relaxed enough to at least say something. His hand dropped from the air to the other's chest, and his own eyes followed as it trailed down until removing the pillow.

He made no comment on the other's appearance, on the hardness or length of him, though he knew Enjolras was watching his face intently. Finally, he took the blond's hand and brought it back to him, curling his own around his and Enjolras around himself. Only then did he look up, a smile on his face. "Well, it's not as if building back the mood is that hard." he whispered, encouraging him with a few strokes before letting go of his hand, still gazing at him.

As Enjolras touched himself, he gazed at him as well. It was only when he came that his eyes closed, accompanied by a moan louder than the others, and Combeferre's smile was both of pride and arousal.

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