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Spin, Hugo, Spin! Beta Post
Moritz smoke
im_so_thatguy wrote in makinghugospin
Are you looking for a beta reader for your kink meme fill, or wanting to volunteer your services? Here’s a place to make connections!

(If you're looking for quick fact-checking, you can also try the Les Mis Anon Kink Meme Chatter Post. Actually, you should probably check out the Chatter Post anyway, because it is, to quote our lovely mod, "a goddamn resource goldmine.")

Readers, please reply to this post with the following information:
-Preferred contact method(s)
-Services you’re offering: quick spelling-and-grammar check, fact-checking (any areas of expertise?), style advice, whatever you’re willing to comment on
-Anything you’d rather not be asked to read: maximum length, kinks you’d prefer to avoid, era preferences, etc.

Writers, when contacting potential readers, please:
-Specify which of their offered services you’re requesting
-Include a brief summary of what you’d like them to look over, or a link to the prompt you’re filling
-Read their posts carefully, and respect their preferences
-Thank your beta for their help when you’re done!

(Inspired by the Hetalia kink meme's Beta Express.)

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yes! kickoff!

-- quick sp/gr check
-- style advice (NOTE: You'd probably want to first tell me what elements of style you do/don't want to be advised on. E.g minute things like syntax and metaphors; versus bigger issues like character development and plot structure.) I don't guarantee that my style preferences are in line with anyone else's, so please remember that my two cents is worth, well, two cents. Feel free to argue with it, spend it on candy, or simply disregard it with wild abandon.)

Would rather not be asked to read:
-- I'll read anything, at least for now while we're just kicking things off.

To contact me: message me on LJ

Preferred contact method: Email (enjolraic at gmail)

Offering: Spelling and grammar once-over, limited French language help (proficient but not a native speaker), historical fact-checking, characterization advice
Not offering: Style advice

Would rather not read: I won't say "I'll read anything," but my squicks are on a case-by-case basis rather than broad categories. I'm probably more useful for canon era than for modern AU.

Bonus: If you're trying to write canon era but you're stuck on something, I'm also up for answering one-off historical questions in this thread. Just reply and I'll answer as best I can.

Contact info: email me at etwas [dot] wie [dot] traurigkeit [at] gmail

I’m willing to help with spelling/grammar, and style if you ask. If you have any specific questions about your work, let me know (e.g., “is XYZ thing coming across the way I want it to?”). The only kinks I'm unwilling to read are vore and non-con (though I am willing to read consensual, pre-negotiated rape play), and I can probably comment on the mechanics of kinks if you’d like. I’d rather not get involved in a Brick-length epic, but I don’t have a set maximum length. Any era is okay.

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