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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 7
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
Since LJ seems to have finally capitulated to the Russian government and is now subject to Russian anti-obscenity laws, I'm not going to take a chance on sudden deletions. The Les Mis kinkmeme now lives at https://lesmiskinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/. (Round 7 here.) Everything has been backed up there. The LJ kinkmeme will stay up, but is now closed to new comments.


First comment means I have to prompt first times, obviously. Five ways Enjolras didn't lose his virginity (+ one way he did, if you so choose).
(Frozen) (Thread)

e/R daddy kink

grantaire in all his scruffy 30-something glory meets twinkjolras at a bar or something (holy fuck is he even legal?) and they hit it off

turns out twinkjolras is just downright dirty and gets grantaire to be his daddy and he likes to walk around in his panties and play innocent because he knows that's what his daddy likes

yay filth fest
(Frozen) (Thread)

Someone, anyone, being completely and utterly fucked out. Like, totally worn out and exhausted from lots of good sex, preferable consensual with multiple partners. Descriptions of loose, stretched out holes leaking cum would be awesome, as would loving aftercare with washings and being put to bed.
(Frozen) (Thread)

Javert won't behave (Valvert)

They're traveling somewhere, on a plane or a coach, sitting side by side, and Javert, keeps (subtly) nibbling Valjean's neck occasionally and wandering his hands onto the others thigh and lap. Valjean is trying to stop him, because of public decency, but it doesn't help that he has to keep his reactions in check as well.

(Frozen) (Thread)

*triple-checks anon*

All the Amis get captured by the army/police/whoever, and are forced to watch Enjolras being beaten and gang-raped in front of them. Because Enjolras will never betray his co-revolutionaries, but maybe his friends will start naming names in order to save him...


+ Enjolras ordering them not to say anything no matter what happens

+ some kind of corporal punishment like whipping or caning

+ Les Amis in a cell and Enjolras tied to the bars on the other side, so they can touch him and talk to him but not stop what's happening to him
++ whoever's in charge giving up on getting information out of them after a while and saying "fine, it stops as soon as one of you succeeds in getting him off"
+++ if Combeferre and Courfeyrac reluctantly try, but in the end Grantaire is the one who manages to get Enjolras to orgasm mid-gang-rape by sucking him off, and it fucks him up so much that Enjolras has to comfort him afterwards

+ Enjolras being all defiant and proud of having braved so much for his beliefs

/me scuttles off into the den of shame
(Frozen) (Thread)

This is a patently awesome prompt that pushes all my buttons! I shall start work on it as soon as I get home from work tomorrow.
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

J/VJ - All out, no apologies

Because let's face it, that night at the barricades may have changed things between them, but there is no denying the history they have. Valjean is an ex-convict that did 19 years of hard time and spend his life since as a fugitive. Javert was a prison guard who disciplined convicts. Madeleine broke the law in countless ways and Javert denounced him, hunted him and send him back to prison.

I want then to have raw, no-holds-barred sex making the most of that history. It's not the first time they have sex (preferably not, because this takes trust), but I want them to go all out without regrets, without excuses and most of all without apologies.

What I mean is that if Javert calls Valjean by his prison number, Valjean may not actually like that, but he won't run/hide/whine about it, and Javert won't even consider apologizing for saying it.

A!a is greatly encouraged to be very creative: D/s, bondage, discipline, any available surface, objects, whatever your mind comes up with. Show me kinks I didn't know I had. I'm a sucker for top!Javert, but if you can make Valjean take charge without holding back, be my guest. Hints of (partial) non-con/dub-con are welcomed, but no actual rape, please.

Brick or TAC preferred (can't see this happening in movie2012!verse, sorry)
(Frozen) (Thread)

*preheats the oven and prepares to bake you a cake*

*a cake of shame and button-pushing*
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

JVJ A/B/O Publicly going into heat

Madeleine era - Omega!Javert forgets his pills/has a mind blank/whatever and goes into heat somewhere public, sparking a minor riot/public disturbance as alphas try to get at him. Alpha!Madeleine wins/is chosen and mounts his omega on the spot. Rough sex, dirty talk, mentions of mpreg, anything.
(Frozen) (Thread)

Valvert- new and different kind of bondage

This can be set in the barricades when Javert was captured as a spy. And instead of being tied as described in the Brick, the 2012 movie, or whatever adaptation, he's tied in a Kinbaku (Japanese bondage) style.

You can read here for references:

Don't ask me how any of the Amis know this style! *blushes*

Possible scenario is that Valjean walks in and finds Javert in that kind of situation and some kinky and dirty sex comes in with Javert, getting some rope burns.

(Frozen) (Thread)

Cosette/Valjean, Cosette/Others, underage (thus related consent issues), incest-ish (duh)

Cosette is young, doesn't know what sex is, but has recently become sexually mature and is desperately horny.
Valjean is unsure what to do when his little daughter comes to him, crying about how much she feels she needs something inside her, especially since she has no idea what she's talking about. But he can never see his daughter upset for long, so he fingers her until she feels better, and instructs her in how to take care of herself.

Except soon, it's not enough, and she's back, begging for more, so he fucks her, properly, because she's sobbing for it, and it makes her feel good and she thanks him for it and looks at him like he's the best thing ever.

But then, even he can't satisfy her, and he feels horrible because his poor little Cosette is still wanting, and he'll do everything for her, so he finds some kind and discreet men and pays them to satisfy her, and watches through the keyhole to make sure she's okay. (She is. She's thrilled.)

(Frozen) (Thread)

Lesbian Orgy

I've seen an all male gangbang, and a just-one-girl sort of deal. But howabout we genderswap all Les Amis and have them have sex in a great big pile (or however you want to run this.)

Adding in a ridiculously thrilled and lucky feeling boy!Eponine and/or Cosette could also be fun, just as long as there are far more ladies at this party.

Bonus points: focus on the boobs. I like boobs.
(Frozen) (Thread)

e/R; virgin sacrifice, vore, TW: Major Character Death

Enjolras is a god who needs sex and human flesh to live, Grantaire is the life long cynic who's finally found faith and offers himself as a sacrifice. In a glittering temple, Enjolras deflowers him, sucking him off and drinking him down, before fucking him ragged until Grantaire is a sobbing begging mess. Enjolras pulls out to come on his face and the Grantaire comes again, and Enjolras licks all the come off his body.
Sexually satisfied, Enjolras begins to devour Grantaire, first by slicing off strips of skin, later cutting off limbs and then removing organs, until all that is left of Grantaire is bones and hair.
Grantaire should stay alive as long as possible and Enjolras should keep his name and not be an incarnation of a classical god, especially not Apollo.
Bonus if Grantaire is fed some of his own skin (up to a!a how into that he is)
Double bonus if Grantaire gets hard again and maybe comes again while he's being consumed.
Triple bonus if Grantaire soul lives on and continues witnessing the consumption after his body loses consciousness and eventually dies.
Feel free to add anything you want to the sex, no kinks are off limits, the harder and dirtier the better, so long as Enjolras cleans him up before eating.
(Frozen) (Thread)

Joly is the cleanest dirty boy ever

Joly is not exactly missionary-vanilla. However, he also appreciates having very, very safe sex.

So, rimming with a dental dam, facefucking with a condom, rubber gloves everywhere, large amounts of lubricant (when getting DPed, either by two people or his bf and a toy), sanitizing sex toys appropriately, enemas and douches for optimal cleanliness, etc.

Basically, I want Joly to be an insatiable sex-fiend who is open to pretty much everything that is safe.

I love Joly/Bossuet or Joly/Bossuet/Musichetta, but anything with Joly will do (Combeferre and Jehan are the other two I've seen with him, so it that's your ship, go for it.)
(Frozen) (Thread)

Re: e/R; virgin sacrifice, vore, TW: Major Character Death

i am crying. i need this.
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