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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 6
exit pursued by javert
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
[Round 6: No vacancy]Official rules/FAQ/Page-A-Mod post is there for reference, but you know how it works by now. Be nice, no kink-shaming, this is not the place to have it out with people who are Wrong On The Internet, detailed lists of kinks in headers are good, no RPF except for historical figures. Link to your fills (complete or incomplete) on the Fill Post. NKMWA = No Kink Meme Warnings Apply; see rules post for details. Mods reserve the right to enforce reasonable standards of conduct even if they are incapable of explicitly enumerating every possible way someone could act like an asshat online.

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Asexual dom/sub

Dom/sub relationship between two characters. One is asexual, the other isnt. They make it work. If it makes it easier to write (or if you want some kind of porn in there, I'm fine with that) the asexual one can be perfectly okay with pleasing his partner, just doesn't want anything... In return, as to speak. I just don't want dubcon, or anything near it, but a very healthy relationship with understanding people etc.. This includes understanding!sexual person as well as understanding!asexual person, just two people understanding and accepting each other's sexualities and what they want/need/don't want/don't need
I'm sorry for the long prompt I just

(yes okay I may or may not be frustrated with my own sexuality and just want this in fanfiction at least please)

Re: Asexual dom/sub

Do you have any pairing preferences, and would you prefer the asexual character to be the dom or the sub, or don't you mind?

Re: Asexual dom/sub

My "usual" pairings are E/R, E/Combeferre, Jehan/Courf and Jehan/Ferre, but I am open to others so if you have an OTP or just a preferred pairing, go with it :)
In my mind the asexual is the sub but really, you can go your own way there if it works better for you. I mostly have preferences, not fixed ideas (:

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