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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 6
exit pursued by javert
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
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E/R, White Collar AU

Enjolras is Peter, Grantaire is Neal. Maybe Combeferre is Elizabeth? I'd totally be okay with OT3, since the Peter/El/Neal dynamic on the show is so great.

Re: E/R, White Collar AU

Oh my god, this is perfect.

Re: E/R, White Collar AU (Anonymous) Expand
Grantaire never shuts up (even in his sleep he mumbles) and somebody makes it their mission to silence him.

Seriously I'm up for any pairings and any kinks you'd like to include, please

Enjolras caffine withdrawal

Someone, for whatever reason, decides to switch Enjolras' (and possibly also Combeferre) coffee for decaff (Courfeyrac and R for a joke? Joly to save his health?).

It does not go well for anyone as Enjolras starts going through caffine withdrawal - he's irritable, snappish and downright unpleasant to be around. It's even worse when he finds out the reason for his misery...

E/R pairing preferred if any


The only concept of a man in Cosette's life is her beyond middle-aged father, who she adores. You love what you know: young men don't take her fancy, but older men do. So after that near-robbery in the square, she doesn't fall for young Marius, but for the police inspector who saved them...

I'd love to see a story around this. Does Javert return her feelings, or is he just being polite? Does she introduce her suitor to her father? How much does she tell Valjean about her love interest in the first place? And how does the story unfold now? After all, Valjean went to the barricades to rescue Cosette's suitor...

I'm not picky. A!a is invited to take this where her muse leads.

Re: Javert/Cosette

Seconded, because this is both a very interesting and a really plausible concept!

While we're on the subject, I think I once read a scientific study which said that people do tend to, subconsciously, seek out a partner who is similar to one's parents because it brings forth the feelings of safety, affection and stability, provided that the person's family relations and childhood memories are happy. Therefore, those with old parents go for older men/women. Sigmund Freud would have a field day if he knew...

Re: Javert/Cosette (Anonymous) Expand

'save your kisses for me'

Something involving Little Cosette, Father!quastvert and the song 'Save your kisses for me' (by brotherhood of man)

Minifill: 'save your kisses for me' 1/2

Stop dropping these great prompt when I should be sleeping! The moment I read it, the song went on auto-repeat in my mind and would not go away until I wrote this.
Modern-AU, for some reason. No actual lyrics, but heavily inspired by the song. Shameless fluff ahoy!


Javert had never liked children. They were loud, messy, incoherent and above all disobedient. When he fell in love, he had believed one of the benefits of having fallen for a man was that the subject of children would never come up.

Except that he man he fell for had a daughter. An adopted daughter, but a daughter nonetheless. A young child, too, with big brown eyes that would gaze at him from above an innocent smile. When he had first moved in with his lover, it had taken Javert months to accept that where Cosette was concerned, that innocent smile was not a ruse to hide that she had been stealing cookies or other pastry-related items. She was Valjean’s daughter, after all. But what was worse, as far as Javert was concerned, was that she was unnaturally fond of him. What he had done to deserve that attention, he didn’t know, but he was sure he didn’t want any of it.

That was a year ago. If people had told him then that she would start calling him ‘Father’, he would have glared at them. If they had told him that he would actually come to enjoy that she did, he would have had them arrested for ranting drunkenly in public.

But she did call him ‘Father’ with as much affection as she called Valjean ‘Papa’. And although he had never said it out loud, Javert loved it that she did.

Today was no different than other days. Javert’s rituals before going to his work were always the same, regardless of which shift he had. He could set his clock by every motion he went through. But after living under the same roof for so long, he wasn’t the only one to do so.

When he came out of the bathroom, showered and dressed, he would go to the kitchen to pack some sandwiches. Except that today the blue lunchbox already sat on the counter, perfectly packed with four sandwiches, prepared exactly the way he always did. He stared at them in confusion when two little arms hugged him from behind.

“Morning, Father,” said Cosette cheerfully, diving under his arm to come up in front of him.

He smiled down at her, stroking her hair with his. “Good morning, Cosette. Did you do that?” He nodded at the lunchbox.

The girl beamed at him. “I did!” Then she bit her lip. “Did I get it right?”

He made a point of checking each sandwich, although he knew he wouldn’t need to.

“One hundred percent,” he replied. “Did Jean help you?”

“No,” she said reproachfully. Then she closed the lunchbox and put it in the bag he carried to work, in the exact compartment he always did.

“Thank you, Cosette.”

She hopped onto the counter and put her little arms around his neck. “If you don’t need to make lunch, that means you have a few more minutes before you go.”

“A few more minutes to spend on you, right?” he chided lightly.

“Of course! Pick me up?” He was about to say she was getting too big for that – she was nearly eight now – but before he could, Cosette jumped off the counter, clinging to Javert’s neck and trying to wrap her legs around his waist. He grunted and stooped under the sudden weight, but with his length, her dangling feet still didn’t touch the ground. “Cosette, you are getting far too heavy for this,” he grunted.

“Ow, c’mon, Father. Please?” Cosette whined, not letting go.

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Valjean: the worst chef ever

Valjean loves the culinary arts, to bad it dosnt feel the same way about him.

That's it, that's the prompt.

Re: Valjean: the worst chef ever

He poured a glass of water once. It was burnt around the edges.

Dom!Enjolras/Sub!Grantaire, except the dynamic of their relationship is that Grantaire tops and Enjolras bottoms (as in this isn't just a once in a while thing that Enjolras lets Grantaire do).


So me, a total ignorant, has been studying for a Human Reproductive System final with a friend and learnt two awesome things today:
1) semen is shown to be an anti-depressant (no studies on oral sex as of yet but hey, licentia poetica)
2) one can get an awful allergic reaction to another person's semen.

Take any (or both!) of these, take my ship and run wild with it! Would prefer bottom!Javert but I'll take anything.

Re: Valjean/Javert

I have a vision of Javert getting hives after he blows Valjean and then refusing to take time to recover from it and having to try and explain why his skin is blotchy and his tongue so swollen.

Valjean is, as always, overly apologetic.


I would love something with this pairing in which Jehan is, if not big and burly, muscular and tall, and Montparnasse is little and lithe and good at sneaking about. Jehan loves dark and pretty things, and you can't get much darker and prettier than Montparnasse. And Montparnasse is vain and loves being adored, and you don't get much more adoring than Jehan.

I love the idea of delicate-but-deadly Montparnasse sitting in muscled-and-freckled Jehan's lap, and Jehan just being awed by his beauty, and Montparnasse being indulgent of the poet, because few people appreciate his good looks and willingness to murder people.

Art Fill

Here's a picture, hopefully similar to what you were looking for.


Re: Art Fill (Anonymous) Expand

Enjolras and Combeferre, Enjolras discriminates against...

Okay, so Enjolras is big into the rights of all men, and I'm not disputing that. But I think it'd be interesting if there was one group that he was prejudiced against, for whatever reason, even if he's not an outright bigot, and if Combeferre secretly belonged to that group.

Some examples (which would make different amounts of sense depending on the era) could be Enjolras being insensitive about females/women's rights, unaware that Combeferre is a cross-dressing woman; Enjolras is weirded out by trans people, unaware that Combeferre is a transman; Enjolras thinks homosexuality is an unnatural choice, unaware that Combeferre is gay; Enjolras thinks depression/other mental illness is a dramatic choice, unaware that Combeferre is suffering from it; or even Enjolras believes in human rights but doesn't like robots, unaware that Combeferre is an automaton.

Whatever it is, Combeferre is outed, and is terrified, because he already doesn't feel great about having (insert trait here) and he knows his best friend will hate him forever. And Enjolras, instead of saying 'oh, Combeferre is one of THEM' and judging him, decides to revisit his beliefs, because he knows Combeferre is a good person who he loves, so clearly he was wrong in his prior judgements.

(This could go Enjolras/Combeferre or stay platonic, either way)

Re: Enjolras and Combeferre, Enjolras discriminates against...

This is intriguing! Anyone of these goes, especially because it´s 19th century! Hope to see someone write it.

Cool Hand Luke Valjean

In Toulon, what Javert & Valjean have here, is failure to communicate...

JVJ A/B/O + Single Mother Javert

Javert has always done well at controlling and concealing his Omega nature. But all it takes is one slip. An unexpected heat shortly before Prisoner 24601 is officially paroled has its consequences, though he'll be damned if that convict ever knows of them.

A few years later...

A new, stern-faced inspector comes to the town of M-sur-M. Few are aware that he has brought a young boy in tow, and the story of who the child is seems to change by the day. What doesn't change, however, is how the little one, with his dark, curly hair and somber eyes, reminds the mayor of what he used to see in the mirror decades ago.

Monsieur Madeleine, what will you do?

Re: JVJ A/B/O + Single Mother Javert

PLEASE! SOMEONE!!! THIS!!!!! NOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Valjean/Javert, for once Valjean is the one to come in his pants

Javert jizzes his pants an awful lot in fic and since people coming in their pants is basically my absolute bulletproof kink and I like variety hey hey hey whaddayou say we have Valjean mess his trousers for once

I'm talking like, Valjean coming with little or no stimulation, maybe just like....jesus fffff the dude is super touch starved what do you think I mean maybe Javert's touching completely unrelated parts of his body or something, or they're making out and Valjean just loses it, or maybe heck some deliberate teasing or



madeleine-era self fill god don't mind me (part 1a of a thing?? maybe???)

His dream builds like a cresting wave – a ceaseless storm of images, lips and hands and bare hot skin; he cannot run and hide, not now, he cannot duck away with a smile and a franc from his nighttime urges, the demands of his sleeping mind.

The wave bursts. He jolts awake, already arching his back, his hips pumping of their own accord as he spills hot and liquid through his nightshirt, staining the sheets; unthinkingly, he clutches at himself, palms desperately at his cock though soaked cloth, shivers out the last pulses of his orgasm, feeling his cock twitch against his hand.

His breathing slows. His mind clears.

It is barely dawn, but that is no matter, he would be awake in half an hour anyway. Madeleine rises, his spend cooling and clammy against his skin.

He strips and cleans himself off mechanically. It is not often he has these dreams – an understatement. He has not had one of these dreams since he was young in Faverolles; Toulon had burnt the capacity for this sort of surging ecstasy out of him, or so he had thought. It had been almost a relief. Another urge that he would not feel tempted to sate. He had not missed this.

Now he wonders why. The blind rut, the crashing pleasure; all of it had been – more intoxicating than he had expected, far better than he had remembered.

There had been a man in the dream. He cannot remember. The dream is fading fast, leaving behind only a heavy satiation to mark its passage; there had been the familiar lines of a body, but unclothed, and he – he cannot remember. It had only been a dream.

Madeleine splashes water on his face, dresses, hears the housekeeper begin to move about in the kitchen; only a dream, and the sun of the waking day would burn it all away.

There comes a knock on his door late in the evening; it is expected, but still, he cannot hide the slight pang of fear low in his chest as he announces, “Come in.”

Javert enters.

It takes Madeleine a long moment to recognize what is different and the answer is – nothing. Javert is the same. His posture rigid, his fingers tight on his cane, the buckle of his stock neat and aligned perfectly on the midline of his throat.

He rolls his fingers on his cane, a slow drum, one at a time, realigning his grip, and Madeleine finds he cannot look away.

Those long fingers had – slipped inside him, in the dream; he remembers now, aware of how they had filled him, the tight burn, the stretch of his hole around each knuckle. Dimly, he is aware that his hands are pressed against the desk, the edge digging into his palms, as though he is about to push away from the desk and rise to his feet and – do something, something unadvisable; it is absurd, it had only been a dream, an unfortunate dream about the unlikeliest of participants –

Javert opens his mouth, clears his throat. Madeleine follows the imperceptible trace of Javert’s tongue over his lips. “The days’ events, monsieur,” he says, and bows.

His head had bobbed, taking Madeleine’s cock to the root, a delicious slide, a chaos of warm heat – how had the dream been so vivid, when all that had touched his prick in his sleep was the cool night air and well-washed linen? Why had his control suddenly lapsed, why had his attention settled on – Javert, of all people? How had he managed to forget? Well, it has all returned, and in a most inopportune manner – Madeleine is achingly hard; he coughs and shifts a little closer to the desk, hunching slightly to disguise the bulge in his trousers.

“Go on, Inspector,” he says, forcing his voice into steadiness.

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grantaire constantly relives the revolution

grantaire used to believe in the revolution - but everytime he dies, he finds himself back at the very beginning. and everytime he sees his friends fall and die, only to wake up the next day to see them smiling and hopeful, he loses his faith a little more each time.

Re: grantaire constantly relives the revolution

D: i just yelled NO so loud i scared my dog so bad she peed a lil bit gahhhhh

potc style Les Mis

With Javert as the son of a pirate. He came to live in the port town as a boy and was taken on by the chief of police (or whatever the title might be).

Valjean is like the governor of the town. He is an ex-pirate and lives with his daughter, Cosette.

There are pirates out hunting for the son of a spy, who took a piece of their gold and left them cursed. Where the gold itself is, I don't mind, but when the pirates recognise Javert during an attack on the town they take him.

Valjean sees this, and once he has finished helping the town through the attack sets out to find the young man.

Bonus if:

*Les aims are the pirates, though I do not mind if they are actual pirates or just trying to make a living and a point or something


*V and J are bamf

*Colette follows her father to help him, without him knowing, and comes across Marius...

Marius Playing Solitaire

Somehow, (anon can decide how, or not) Marius got rescued but didn't end up finding Cosette so he is playing solitaire while angsting about his dead friends.

Bonus points if the cards turn into the dead or lost
e.g. Cosette, Eponine, Enjolras, Courfeyrac, Gavroche etc.

Triple Bonus Points if Enjolras appears as a King and complains to Marius.

Re: Marius Playing Solitaire

Red And Black

Stack. Stack. Stack.

"Once the cards are outside of the tableau, they are sorted with their own color. All hearts running together, all the spades buried deep underneath each other."

Flip. Draw three. Or draw one. Marius felt despairingly confident that no one was keeping score.

"However, while they remain in play, they are strewn about at random, drawn onto the piles in a haphazard chaos with no semblance of order."

Slide things about. Counting. Numbers. Always counting down, trying to reach the end...

"You move them about, obviously. And you try to bring a pattern. Although sometimes, if you've really messed up badly, you have to bring those cards back down to the mess of the tableau once again."

If he had to talk to himself, at least he could give himself more helpful advice than the rules of the game?

"But before that final ascension of the cards, all you can do is interweave them. Back and forth, red and black."

"Oh, I say, that's a bit heteronormative, isn't it?"

"Okay," said Marius, "what?"

"Don't mind me," said the last voice, "nobody ever does, I'm just sitting upside-down here in the dark."

"Who else is here?" he whirled around.

"I'm underneath the table," said the first voice, "you cast me aside. No hard feelings, though, we've all been there."

"Under the..." Marius kicked out, feeling only empty space. He looked up at the cards again. They weren't moving.

Slowly, and somewhat embarrassed, he took comfort in the fact that if there was truly no one in the room there would be no one to see him make a fool of himself. He bent down and reached under the table, where he'd carelessly strewn the Jokers from the deck. "What?"

"C'mon," said the Joker. "Just trying to give you a bit of advice. No one blames you if your mind is elsewhere, of course. In fact, we're flattered, but step up your game."

Marius blinked. And blinked again. "Courfeyrac?"

"More or less," the Joker shrugged. "Er, do you mind setting me down? It's a bit woozy up here."

Marius, panicking, dropped the card, where it perched half-over the table edge until Marius pushed him backwards.

"Oy!" came another voice from below. "Don't leave me!"

Warily, Marius retrieved the second joker, that one looking unnervingly similar to young Gavroche. He set the card down next to Courfeyrac, and they scooted over to the edges of the card, where they exchanged high-fives at the boundary.

"Are you..." Marius trailed off.

"Well, get on with it," said Gavroche, "this is an entertaining game."

"Don't you have more interesting things to be doing with yourself?"

"Don't you?"

Marius, having no reply, turned over three more cards.

Soon enough, a crowd of face cards was giving him advice. The Jack of Spades scowled at his inability to correctly compute the probabilities of victory. The Jack of Hearts vociferously complained about the drab pattern on the back of the card. The King of Clubs glared at Marius and thwapped his nightstick, although not very threateningly given he was about three inches high.

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Fatherly Quast!vert looking after young Cosette

In light of this meme helping me discover some previously unknown kinks, and suffering a ear infection, can I request several construction truck loads of fluff involving a tender and fatherly Quast!vert taking care of a poorly young Cosette, and maybe a sliver of angst on the part of Quast!vert internally panicking if he's doing enough for her and if he's doing all he can to make her feel better.


Re: Fatherly Quast!vert looking after young Cosette

Will be filling

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Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell crossover

Enjolras is kidnapped by the Raven King, who quickly regrets it.

Re: Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell crossover

Haha someone likes their books large and suitable for use as a building material!
No but this is a fantastic prompt, and if I was actually finished with Jonathan Strange I would attempt a fill.

Gavroche has a lot of daddies

Gavroche being raised by Courfeyrac, with help from all of his friends (gen is awesome, in terms of pairings Courfeyrac/Marius or Courfeyrac/Combeferre(/Enjolras) preferred)


What it says on the tin. Cosette/Éponine with Éponine as Cosette's sub.

No petplay, please!

+10 for lingerie

Re: Domme!Cosette/Sub!Éponine

This might be relevant to your interests. (can't include a link but here's the AO3 info)

Title: Devil's Playthings
Author: ASongInMyHead
Story ID: 765308

I love Radio Rock crossover

Les Amis as the members of the boat of the film "I love Radio Rock", trying to bring the....Music Revolution!!
Bonus point for E/R and Combeferre/Eponine

Re: I love Radio Rock crossover

PSA: this is "The Boat that Rocked" or "Pirate Radio" in English

Cosette seperation anxiety

Cosette suffers separation anxiety regarding valjean.

He however, is sent away to a potentialy dangerous situation (deployed army chaplain?) leaving Javert, by virtue of his legal status as valjean's partner as in loco parentis. The problem is, he doesn't have the same bond with her.

Cosette suffering, Javert trying to ease it/help her adapt, while trying to hide his own fears for v saftey

valjean/javert---- sort of a new take on punishment fic or some shit

oh my god so wht if javert had like. other mayor bosses. and they were like corrupt assholes. and u know javert isnt perfect so like u know. he messes up or some shit and he goes to his boss and hes like

"oh shit i messed up shit shit gotta fire me" and then the dudes like

"nah ur a good dude (plus since i keep spending the budget on drugs and prostitutes we cant let u go)"

"no punish me" and then like idk the guys like " yeah man" and then u kno. javert sucks his dick orsome shit. idk.

so then like maybe hes had a couple of other bosses that end up w/ the punishing sexual shit and javert is kinda e on the whole things hes like "bleh i deserve it who cares if he strapped me to the ceiling, dressed me up like napoleon and had sex with me in a fursuit."

and then like u know he comes over to madelines and he s like . wow. oh man. this town is nice. the mayor is hot. oh go d i want him to punish me. oh shit i might be gay. fuck.

and then like idk he fantasizes about all the punishments w/ madeline and maybe he tries 2 find excuses like

"hey there --ooOOPS (spills coffee all over him) fuck now u have to punish me. whip me. call me a bad boy. have sex with my butt." and madelins like

"wh wh a what i what uh whatever javert just ... uh... yeah" and javert is like god fucking damn it

then after madeline does that bullshit with the cart javerts like "ooOOOH ITS VALJEAN OOOOOH" and then hes like 'PERFECT." and basically he wants 2 be punished for assuming that madeline is valjean.

and hes like really serious. seriously serious. and madelines like. no. go away. quit unzipping your pants. stop stripping. please stop doing those hip shakes javert you're going to break something.

and then like after all this convincing he slike "FINE JUST COME OVER TO MY HOUSE ASSHOLE" a nd javert is like yay were going to do the do

and he gets over. has a nice dinner. heslike what the fuck. where are the whips and the bondage equipment and the dildos. what kind of mayor are you.

and they finally go into his bedroom. and hes like OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH. and madelines really awkward and hes like "uh yeah we can like.... go to sleep in the same bed WHOa thats scandalous. also do my dishes. that ur punishment." and then after much convincing, there is an awkward blowjob. or something. maybe htey do the full yaoi . who cares. javert is dissapointed and a little mad. and hes fucking done. but then they become pals. like friends wiht benefits. idk. the fucking end.

u could make it as cracky as i described it or you could make it hot and really serious. i dont give a shit. just fucking make it

Re: valjean/javert---- sort of a new take on punishment fic or some shit

go home, grantaire. you're drunk.

Montparnasse and vore and possibly breathplay

Montparnasse has vore fantasies. Also he's kind of made for breathplay so if you can put that in there A+ go you.

Idk. Cherry lips. Go wild with food imagery with regards to Montparnasse's body. Also his junk, that's cool too. hahahahh junk food i'll see myself out

Re: Montparnasse and vore and possibly breathplay

So Montparnasse is fantasizing about being eaten?

I could get down with that. Any preference for pairings?

j/jvj, role reversal as therapy

Javert didn't jump and is now boarding at Valjean's house (whether they're lovers or just acquaintances is up to the filler). However they bicker and argue a lot, and it's quite frustrating.

And then someone (Cosette, perhaps?) points out that they'd probably understand better if they tried to see things from each other's point of view.

A statement that they take literally. They switch clothes and Javert pretends to be Valjean and acts how he believes Valjean to act, and vice versa.

whether they learn anything from the experience or just get annoyed at the other's portrayal of themselves is up to filler, and I'd prefer something cracky.


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