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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 6
exit pursued by javert
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
[Round 6: No vacancy]Official rules/FAQ/Page-A-Mod post is there for reference, but you know how it works by now. Be nice, no kink-shaming, this is not the place to have it out with people who are Wrong On The Internet, detailed lists of kinks in headers are good, no RPF except for historical figures. Link to your fills (complete or incomplete) on the Fill Post. NKMWA = No Kink Meme Warnings Apply; see rules post for details. Mods reserve the right to enforce reasonable standards of conduct even if they are incapable of explicitly enumerating every possible way someone could act like an asshat online.

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Check in at Round 7!

I would really love to see some femslash of Enjolras and Grantaire. Thanks!

Re: Enjolras/Grantaire

archiveofourown org/works/925986
archiveofourown org/series/41484
archiveofourown org/works/923585
archiveofourown org/series/40566

are some of my favourite rule 63!e/R fics, but if you're asking because you want some new femslash e/R i want to place a tentative claim on this prompt

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Valvert: Confusing the Innocents (Embarrassment kink?)

Growing up in a convent, Cosette is a remarkably sheltered young woman. She only had the vaguest idea of what to expect on her wedding night, and is completely and utterly unable to parse that her father has a male lover, though the evidence is right in front of her face. Two men just can't, right?

Her husband, of course, knows what boys can do together, thanks to all his friends (who are dead). But he is of the belief that people that old just, you know, don't, right?

I wonder what it would take to get these sheltered kids to come to grips with reality... and hell, however they make it happen, it'd be great if it could be awkward and uncomfortable for all parties involved, man. Because don't we all want to know the details about how our parents have sex?

Re: Valvert: Confusing the Innocents (Embarrassment kink?)

Pfffff, I had a vision of Cosette walking in on Valjean and Javert being super kinky, Valjean shrieking and tossing a sheet over a bound Javert before putting his pants on backwards. And then no one made eye contact for a month.

Lullaby from Father (Quastvert)

Valjean's away, so it's Quastvert who has to calm down and soothe Cosette back to sleep when she has a nightmare about the Thenardiers.

Bonus ifthere is singing, double bonus if it's one of the songs Quast has sung (maybe Race you to the top of the morning?)

Re: Lullaby from Father (Quastvert)

Someone please write this (so I don't have to feel guilty that I really don't have the time to...)

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I feel like no one watched Being Erica but if anyone here did I would die to see an E/R crossover with Being Erica.

Either they're both patients who are travelling to fix regrets or one is the doctor and the other is the patient. I honestly have no preference how you write it I would just love to see a fic like this.

E/R with R meeting Enjolras, who is Apollo (in disguse as a mortal). Feel free to use any kink you want , i'll take what you give *coughporncough*, as long as R call E Apollo and E going "OMG how did you know"

Sorry Mod person, accidentally posted this in a diffrent round last night.

Combeferre, for one reason or another, gets punished by his Dom. Make it a harsh punishment. Make it so harsh he has to safeword. Make him feel unloved and have to be assured otherwise by his Dom. Make him cry. Make *me* cry. But happy ending, please.

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Valjean, Autofellatio

Valjean didn't need a man or a woman all those years because he could suck his own dick.
Bonus points if he's totally hung and aroused by himself.

Re: Valjean, Autofellatio

Yes, this is a thing I want, I didn't know I wanted until I read it *carefully files away in a thick manila folder*

I offer a plate of chocolates to the filler.

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Courfeyrac/Jehan, high school AU, first times

Courfeyrac and Jehan have been dating for a while. And after some talking and planning, they finally have sex, and though it was a kind of awkward first time, it was also totally fucking awesome for both of them.

The next day, Jehan and Grantaire skip class and Jehan fills him in on all the details and how sweet and awesome and cute his boyfriend is, and he's all gushing and happy.

And Enjolras and Combeferre get treated to Courfeyrac's X-rated descriptions of how fucking awesome non-self induced orgasms are. Also, as the first to lose his v-card, he feels the need to be really specific about everything that happened. And when it might happen again. And how totally into him Jehan is, which is awesome, because yeah, the cutest dude in school is fucking him.

Re: Courfeyrac/Jehan, high school AU, first times

Oh yes, that would be so cute. And Courf would definitely go in to details even if it was just to see the reaction of his friends.

Hey, guys! As we edge ever closer to 5000 comments, I figure it's time to announce a challenge that will be taking place at the beginning of Round 7, as well as some minor housekeeping changes brought on by the fact that Les Mis is no longer the megafandom of the week, things have calmed down, and the kink meme doesn't need to be as tightly modded.

Boring stuff first:

- I'm going to try relaxing the spam filter so that 'suspicious' comments no longer get diverted into a spam trap for mod approval. This means you might see the occasional spam comment on the meme, and subscribers (especially those subscribed to previous rounds) will get a handful of spam comment notifications. It's obnoxious, but now that we're no longer getting a hundred junk comments a day, I hope it will be a fair tradeoff for not having to go through all the headaches associated with losing comments that have links in them.

Note there's no need to report spam comments; they land directly in the mods' inboxes, so we'll probably see them and delete them before we even see your comment letting us know about them.

- I'll probably be going through the rules to trim and simplify them, since as noted above, things have slowed down considerably and we no longer have to worry about things like prompt freezes.

And now, the announcement!

The first two pages of Round 7--in other words, the first 50 prompts--will be devoted to a Filth Fest Challenge. For those first 50 prompts, you're going to have to break out your hottest, dirtiest, kinkiest ideas, so that we kick off the round with a nice solid bank of prompts to spark the prurient imaginations of potential fillers. Make someone gurgle incoherently. Set someone's pants on fire with the need to write porn. Make Victor Hugo turn over ever faster in his grave--or even better, make Victor Hugo get an awkward boner somewhere in the afterlife.

Got a G-rated prompt that's burning a hole in your head when Round 7 kicks off? Save it for page 3... but if it's any consolation, Round 6 broke 50 prompts less than three days after it went up, and I have full faith in this fandom's ability to turn out filth pretty quickly when challenged.

Fine print: Until Round 7 hits 50 threads, prompts that aren't heavily focused on sex and/or kink will be quietly deleted and can be reposted after the challenge is over. This is necessarily a judgement call on the mods' part, but chances are that if you're trying, you're fine. Verbatim reposts from prior rounds will also be quietly deleted, although if your general idea happens to be similar to something that's gone before, that's fine. If you spam with a bunch of prompts in a row in an effort to get past 50, especially if they're similar or obviously low-effort, that will also get deleted.

OTOH, if you want to continue thinking up the hottest ideas you can after the challenge is over, or if you want to get an early start of it in Round 6, that is both allowed and encouraged. Also allowed and encouraged: comments and fills (glorious fills!) while the challenge is still running.

If something dear to your heart gets deleted, contact a mod and we can resuscitate it out of our comment notifications and send it back to you so you can repost it when the challenge is over.

And finally, no, I'm not gonna be making the obvious Fifty Shades of Grey joke. The porn on the kink meme is way better than 50SoG anyway.


When Enjolras get's overwhelmed by the ugliness and injustice of the world, Jehan reminds him there's still beauty in it.

when professionality is difficult

Javert is called to some incident or other, don't mind what, perhaps a mass hostage, only to realise that Cosette is caught up in the middle of it.
whether or not he is newly valjeans partner, or they have been rasing cosette is up to aa

e/r, soulbond au

e/r -- at 22, it becomes possible to find one's soulmate; some small but visible difference makes it clear who it is.

the thing is, for all he's supposed to instantly fall madly in love with the other person, Enjolras doesn't actually feel any differently towards Grantaire...

(and they fight and things are awful but then he realizes he already /was/ in love with him so it's all okay)

Javert and Valjean: Bear dads

Cosette is harassed on the street one day by a group of men. Unfortunately for the men her dads are close by. Just show me them being bad-asses.

Re: Javert and Valjean: Bear dads


e/R songfic

i don't usually like songfics but. my quintessential e/R song is really fucking obscure.

i'm not sure if anyone is familiar with the homestuck fandom or the lovely and talented PhemieC, but she wrote a fansong about a pairing i don't really ship, but i still loved the song and always thought it fit e/R really well, esp the second verse.


there's a link for the song, and totes check out her other stuff too, she's kind of brilliant.

go wild with this, if you decide to write something for it, i'd love to see what your interpretations of the lyrics would be applied to this ship.

Re: e/R songfic

Not a songfic, per se, but I did get inspired by the second verse to do a thing

Page 1: http://24.media.tumblr.com/885b980dad5e3cfd9c8cae9e23d40d87/tumblr_mtt1hwVCwX1sskfizo1_1280.png
Page 2: http://25.media.tumblr.com/c8dc99cba999be8e5305c5b239fef565/tumblr_mtt1hwVCwX1sskfizo2_1280.png

Hope you enjoy!

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sub Bahorel

i just imagine he can take a lot of... whatever. honestly most things go, the more extreme the better. squicks are scat, blood, vomit and feet. bonus of my kingdom for some great aftercare.

Fill: say it, baby [1/?]

Here, have some badly-written Bahorel/Feuilly smut.


Feuilly knows that he’s possessive. A therapist – or Combeferre – might argue that his possessiveness is born out of being an orphan, a direct product of not having much to call as his own as a child. And while he enjoys biting at the corded muscle underneath Bahorel’s tawny skin, what he enjoys more is leaning back to stare at the bright, red marks of his claim – his ownership.

Having a physical manifestation of his proprietorship makes his cock harden and tingle deliciously.

And because he’s a possessive son of a bitch, he’s mapped out Bahorel’s body down to the last inch. He’s canvassed the massive girth of his lover with his hands, his lips, his tongue and his teeth. He’s memorised the guttural groan Bahorel lets out when he drags his short nails over a pert nipple, the high keening that sounds when he flicks his tongue over the slit of Bahorel’s cock’s head, the panting breaths through clenched teeth that are inhaled aggressively when he gathers Bahorel’s balls in a light squeeze. Which means he also knows when Bahorel is about to come, which is any moment now, if going by – and Feuilly knows Bahorel’s body better than he knows his own, so he is – the white-knuckled grip of Bahorel’s hand on the sheets, the excessive precome filling Feuilly’s mouth, and the drawn-out moan escaping Bahorel’s lips.

Feuilly pulls his mouth off Bahorel’s cock with an obscene, slick pop. A smug grin curls his lips at the sound of frustration Bahorel makes. “Problem?” he asks, his voice rough from having Bahorel’s cock down his throat.

Bahorel, hard and wet, glares at him through heavily lidded eyes. “Why’d you stop? I’m so fucking close,” he whines. His hand reaches down to grip his own cock, but Feuilly intercepts him.

“I know. And I didn’t give you permission to touch yourself. Now turn around – and no rutting into the mattress or you won’t be coming at all tonight.”

As is the norm whenever Feuilly uses that particular tone of voice, Bahorel obediently submits, turning on to his belly with no further questioning. His body tenses when he feels Feuilly’s weight slip off the bed.

Feuilly can’t help but smile at the compliance. He grabs a brush, a palette and paint tubes from where’s hidden them under the bed, before climbing on to Bahorel’s back. His cock nestles in the cleft of Bahorel’s ass, which prompts a short jerk from Bahorel. It is stilled almost as soon as it’s begun, only to be followed by a hiss when the cold paint is squirted onto his lower back. Feuilly dabs a brush in the paint, swirling it around and across the overheated skin.

“Do you know why I’m doing this?” he asks, almost idly, because he knows without a doubt that his seeming disinterest will drive Bahorel crazy. “Do you get why I’m punishing you?”

When no answer is forthcoming, he squirts more paint down Bahorel’s spine. “You’re allowed to answer.”

“I did something wrong,” Bahorel intones in a wrecked voice. Feuilly hums in agreement, moving the brush in light, teasing strokes that have Bahorel’s breath hitching. “I-I’m being punished because I did something wrong.”

Feuilly sighs. His breath blows over the wet paint, and Bahorel shivers. “Yes, you did. Do you know what it is that you did wrong? No? Well, because I’m so generous, I’ll tell you.” He pauses the rhythmic movement of the brush for a moment. “I don’t like it when people other than myself touch you, Bahorel.”

Bahorel groans loudly at that – he loves it when Feuilly gets possessive, a fact that Feuilly knows and exploits regularly.

“So when those girls at the bar draped themselves all over you, I saw red. How dare they touch what’s mine? And you just let it happen, Bahorel. You even let them write their numbers on your arm.” He can feel Bahorel trembling slightly underneath him. “Aren’t you mine, Bahorel?”

Bahorel nods.

“Say it.”

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The Day When Javert Gave No (&$^s

For no self-apparent reason, Javert decides to take a day off from his duties. Something about how he woke up, or the way the sun is shining, whatever...the world seems different to him. He finds it hard to care about anything. He doesn't even put on his uniform. So he ignores the shocked looks his inferiors give him and takes Gymont outside the city (doesn't matter which city or what period) to just...be. Maybe find a pond and swim around in it. Whatever he wanted! The world could be on the brink of destruction, and he could not be bothered about it today.

But someone finds him being slothful and confronts him about it. Who? And how would Javert react?


Enjolras has sex with Grantaire. It's awkward and sweet and clumsy and imperfect.

Grantaire can't help but hate Enjolras in the morning for turning the one beautiful, pure, unattainable dream he had into an ugly human like everyone else.

Re: Enjolras/Grantaire


Re: Enjolras/Grantaire (Anonymous) Expand
Agendered Enjolras, not neutrois. Modern-AU I suppose, just for the sake of providing the language and understanding of non-binary genders. Doesn't actually have to be Enjolras, ey is just preferred. Preferably using brick appearances for any characters involved, especially E and R.

[I am not agendered, nor do I know anybody who is. (I 'know' about 20 people max - family and colleagues only.) I apologise in advance if anything I say is even slightly offensive; not socialising does not help with not offending, but I truly don't mean to and am happy to be educated.]

[My number one reason for asking is in fact that, about 10 years ago, fanfiction introduced me to the concept/brought about an awareness (can't remember which, exactly) of homosexuality. Then, about 2 years ago, it did the same for trans-genders and sometime since for non-binary genders. However, I have yet to see an agendered character.]

Bonus: Not asexual; sexually (and romantically) attracted to males only. Monoamorous by nature.

[I understand that some people are only suited to monoamorous relationships, some only polyamorous, some can happily have either, and some neither; but it's not an area that seems to have terms for the common sets, so I kind of just added 'by nature' in the hopes it would be clearer that way?]

Double Bonus: Has never been interested in having sex outside of a romantic relationship. Has never been interested in persuing a romantic relationship. Came to the conlusion: if ey were to have consensual sex (or any consensual sexual activity - including kissing), then ey would fall in love first, enter a relationship second, and engage in sexual activity third. Ey expects to die without kissing anybody.

Treble Bonus: Then Grantaire happens.

Quadruple Bonus: At some point someone (asshole stranger) sees E and R making out and calls 'is that a dude or a chick' or similar and R breaks the kiss to say 'I'm a guy, thanks for asking' and goes right back to it.

(N.B. bonuses 2-4 would be a bonus regardless of E's gender, so if you know of any fic with similar, please rec it. Or if you know of fic with an agendered character.)

(Just in case) please no: dub-con, non-con, scat, waterports, not!E/R, not!R/E.

Valvert Uniporn

Unlike the anon who just wanted Quast!Vert and Valjeanicorn hugging it out, I think we need to take it to the next level

Aka, Valjean gets turned into a unicorn by some magic (non-racially-offensive magic because unicorns aren't about that life), and he and Javert fuck.

Re: Valvert Uniporn

That moment when a crack prompt actually has something to say about fandom.

Re: Valvert Uniporn (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Valvert Uniporn (Anonymous) Expand

Joly/Any Ami, Musichetta/Bossuet, 'Homewrecking'

Joly and another Ami begin dating. Joly's partner is surprised at the number of dirty looks and cold shoulders he gets. Turns out that Joly/Bossuet/Musichetta was something of an OT3, and people resent new guy for 'breaking them up.'

If Joly and Bossuet would stop laughing or "pining" for the five seconds necessary to realize this is seriously not funny, you assholes! and explain things to the others, Partner's life would be 1000% easier.

Bahorel/Feuilly: FtM Trans* Bahorel

From Tumblr:

I have this headcanon where Bahorel is FtM Trans* and he wants to tell Feuilly (who is gay) but this voice in his head in just going “how are you gonna tell him that you’re really a girl” and he just silences it with a mental “I AM NOT A GIRL I AM A BOY WITH A VAGINA” and then just marches straight to Feuilly’s and tells him and Feuilly just processes the information and just goes “we’ll make it work.”

Reprompt: E/R age difference

(not OP, I just need this)

tw underage

modern au wherein Enjolras is 16/17 and Grantaire is 25-ish, and they're together. Enjolras doesn't care who knows, R is fascinated by this beautiful kid and his ideas (and a little shocked that this kid wants him back) and Les Amis are concerned

bonus points for Enjolras introducing R to his parents, losing his virginity to R, Les Amis trying to scare Grantaire with the "break his heart speech (who finds lectures from a group of earnest school kids hilarious, unless it's E) or R picking Enjolras up from class in his car

idk just age diff e/r with baby Enj and worried Amis

Re: Reprompt: E/R age difference

Ooooh, I'd like to fill this...

Would you be OK if I took it a little further and mixed it with a few headcanons of mine (as in, Enjolras is Valjean's kid)?

I would like to see a poly-amorous relationship between Bahorel, Feuilly and Jehan. If it's just adorable cuddle time or includes smut is up to author (but if smut omg I will give anything for Bahorel in the middle getting DP'd). Plz & thanks.

Bless you for giving me that delicious visual unf

Awkward parents!Valvert

Valjean or Javert (or both) try to have the birds and bees talk with twelve yeard old Cosette, who just had her first period.

Any era is fine, just gimme family awkward fluff *--*

Re: Awkward parents!Valvert

Valjean would be trying to avoid using 'vagina' and 'penis' at all costs as Javert alternately face palms and snickers.

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Student!Courfeyrac seducing Professor!Combeferre.


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