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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 6
exit pursued by javert
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
[Round 6: No vacancy]Official rules/FAQ/Page-A-Mod post is there for reference, but you know how it works by now. Be nice, no kink-shaming, this is not the place to have it out with people who are Wrong On The Internet, detailed lists of kinks in headers are good, no RPF except for historical figures. Link to your fills (complete or incomplete) on the Fill Post. NKMWA = No Kink Meme Warnings Apply; see rules post for details. Mods reserve the right to enforce reasonable standards of conduct even if they are incapable of explicitly enumerating every possible way someone could act like an asshat online.

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Check in at Round 7!


I'd just really love to see something featuring transman Bahorel!

Bonus for smut (especially masturbation and/or someone going down on him)
Double bonus for including amab!Prouvaire (no preference as to JP's identity)
Triple bonus for not delving into dysphoria-related angst and just letting them enjoy it

(None of these bonuses are necessary to the prompt at all, just thought I'd throw them out there in case anyone might be interested.)

Re: FTM!Bahorel

It's Bahorel/Grantaire rather than Bahorel/Prouvaire, but I'd say this fic seems relevant to your interests: https://archiveofourown.org/works/967180

Enjolras, martyrdom

Enjolras has really intense dreams (maybe with vague sexual/masochistic undertones?) about being tortured and killed for his cause.

(Let's assume for the sake of argument that he got a proper 19th-century religious upbringing and his subconscious has plenty of Catholic martyrs to draw on.)

Re: Enjolras, martyrdom

Is there anything in particular you'd want it to stay away from/ run very fast in the direction of? (Sorry if that's a rubbish and vague question.)

Re: Enjolras, martyrdom (Anonymous) Expand

Enjolras whump followed by E/R h/c

Enjolras gets shanked in an alleyway or a tavern somewhere for being too prominent a revolutionary leader. Pissed-off royalists? Thugs in the pay of the police? Actual intent to kill? Just trying (unsuccessfully, obvs) to scare him into keeping his head down? Up to you, but Grantaire is the one to find Enjolras thrown down in the mud somewhere bleeding from half a dozen stab wounds, half-drag half-carry him home, and tend to his injuries as best he can.

Would love it if, in their miscommunicative dysfunctional way, they end up expressing a sort of baffled admiration for each other that they'd never admit to in public--Grantaire for Enjolras' courage and willingness to take his knocks for his beliefs, Enjolras for Grantaire's odd devotion to him. Make it shippy if you want, just please no suspension-of-disbelief-shattering post-incapacitating-knife-wound sexy tiems.

Whump! J/Vj TW:miscarriage

Too many happy family fics lately, lets break that streak with a fucking power hammer.

Valjean is heavily pregnant and happy as a clam to be having a baby. During the day he putters around the house and helps the house keeper but at night, dispite the doctors orders, he sneaks out without Javert's knowing to roam the streets, giving money to the poor. One night he is assaulted, robbed and beaten by some thugs. He is helped home by some police officers/poor people who have benefited from his charity. Once home Javert begins to bandage him up when Valjean begins to have unbearable pain in his belly. They send for the doctor but it is too late and the baby has been lost. Valjean blames himself for the loss, believing if he just stayed in he could have prevented the loss of his little one.

Re: Whump! J/Vj TW:miscarriage

You beat me to prompting this :) - and for the same reason, too. So, seconded.

beta!cosette/omega!marius, alpha!valjean/omega!marius

*quadruple checks anon*

Cosette decides she wants her omega husband pregnant, however she can't do it herself. Instead she uses her alpha father as a stud to knock him up.

Re: beta!cosette/omega!marius, alpha!valjean/omega!marius

I fully endorse this, someone write it at once!

*triple checks anon*

Marius and Cosette are married, but for whatever reason Marius can't perform in the bedroom. So they come to an arrangement where Cosette brings men home to satisfy her sexual needs. Bonus points if Marius is in the next room listening to his wife have loud, passionate, mindblowing sex with many different men (at the same time or separately, doesn't matter).

Just not the Amis.

*triple checks anon and runs away*

Oh nooooooo, Marius will be listening and crying as he realizes what an awful husband he is.

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Papa... Goes Bump in the Night?

J/VJ. Post-Seine, but before Cosette's wedding.
Javert has recovered, and lives now in the little house in the backyard of Rue Plumet.
As he has no kitchen of his own, the housekeeper brings him coffee for breakfast, and in the evening, he eats with Valjean and Cosette. And then he takes his leave.
But as soon as he thinks Cosette is asleep, Valjean slinks over to the little house, trying to be verrry quiet...

Re: Papa... Goes Bump in the Night?

"Cosette, why is this priest here?"
"Papa, I keep hearing such awful moaning and thumping at night! I am just taken precautions against a possible haunting."

X-men AU Valjean is Wolverine

So we all know that Valjean was sort of a proto-superhero, he could climb walls, lift several hundred pounds like it's nothing and is an excellent shot. I want to pose the possibility that he is Wolverine. Perhaps he never dies and, realizing that he is unnatural and dangerous, leaves for Canada. And that is my head canon.

(OP's note: I realize that this doesn't comply with x-men's canon at all)

Re: X-men AU Valjean is Wolverine

YES, a THOUSAND TIMES!!! Seriously, it could work with the proper tweaking and whatnot. :D Someone please write this!

E/R romcom?

I'd like Grantaire to be that guy, the guy who's been there and will always be there for you no matter what happens with your life.

Enjlras who has the worst luck when it comes to his love life. His good looks comes with price. People has cheated on him, took advantage of him,etc,etc. Yet, he refuse to lose faith in people.

I want Lots of heat break. angst. OCs.

Please someone put Enjolras in Grantaire's arm.

Cosette/Other, Cosette/Marius

Cosette really wants to get fucked by someone who isn't Marius, even though she adores him. She confides this to Eponine, who in turn tells Marius, who has a brilliant idea.

Marius enlists the help of his friends. It really doesn't take much to convince one of them to seduce his wife. (Courfeyrac, Bahorel, Grantaire, Jehan, whoever, I don't care). So, one day when Marius is away, the friend visits Cosette and offers to have super secret sex with her. Cosette agrees, and though she feels kind of guilty, it's also incredibly exciting and pretty much straight out of her fantasies.

And then at the end, Marius, who has been watching pops out and is like 'Surprise! I love you!'

And then Cosette stops feeling guilty and Marius is happy that she's happy and then maybe they have a threeway.

Re: Cosette/Other, Cosette/Marius

Hee hee hee! I love this, its adorable and sexy, it's adorasexy!

e/R, Semi-public car sex in a homophobe's car for revenge.

Through various means, Enjolras manages to acquire an arch-nemesis in the shape of a particularly homophobic and generally bigoted political opponent/business owner/landlord.

Enjolras discovers the guy is the type of asshole who has a prized car he ridiculously babies and preens over...which he somehow manages to find himself with unsupervised access to.

And, well. What better way to deal with this ass-hattery than to fuck his boyfriend in the backseat?

(Grantaire’s only in it for the getting sexed-up on plush leather upholstery, he swears.)

Re: e/R, Semi-public car sex in a homophobe's car for revenge.

I am plotbunnying this without an established relationship, where Enjolras just walks up to Grantaire and is like "I have access to a homophobe's car. Have sex with me in it." And Grantaire's like "For the revolution?"

Anyway, would you be interested in that, or should I back off your prompt and write my own damn thing?

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Canon or modern AU where Joly dies and Bossuet and Musichetta grieve and are weird around each other because they met through Joly and it's always been the three of them or Bossuet/Joly or Musichetta/Joly.

Wicked Crossover

uh so
for like the past week or so I haven't been able to get the image of Enjolras fucking Fiyero (both the Tveit versions) out of my head

i don't care how it goes down and you can work in just about any kinks you want

Montparnasse: The evil king

Montparnasse is use to being consitered the most beautiful man in Paris, and of course, he basks in it. That is until he hears word of a golden haired student trying to start a revolution that is more beautiful than even him. Montparnasse is suddenly obsessed with this golden boy and will not stop until he is either dead or made ugly.

Re: Montparnasse: The evil king


The film kiss, which was real

Valjean and Javert are both film stars, who are quite well known for working together, normally on opposite sides. So it's quite a surprise when they play the leads in a romance film.

By word of mouth and critc, the film is stellar, with one especially moving scene, when the two share a last kiss as Jean lays dying from illness. It is so real

What nobody realises is that it is actually real, they are lovers Valjean only has a short while to live, and Javert is back-to-back booked to go and film overseas. The kiss, filmed or not, is their goodbye.

Angst galore please, and if you can weave in an awards scene where Javert has to collect both trophies due to jean's death, I will love you

Re: The film kiss, which was real


Grantaire & Les Amis, wanderlust

Grantaire likes to disappear off the face of the earth for months at a time, with no communication whatsoever. He needs to travel to new places, meet new people, and mainly he needs to not feel so trapped and claustrophobic all this time. One time he spends a year away and his friends get really fucking worried and they're very, very relieved when he gets back. You can make it shippy if you wan't. Any ship, but I just really want this plot.


(Inspired by a scene in The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, but would prefer canon era if possible :D)

Bossuet has recently just moved in with Joly, and they're still in the awkward, somewhat formal, getting-to-know-you stage of the relationship (i.e., before they're 100% cool with letting their freak flags fly in front of each other), when Joly, apropos of nothing, asks Bossuet to hold him. Bossuet is slightly confused; Joly explains that sometimes he gets worn out and has trouble sleeping and his eye starts twitching because his body's electrical patterns get out of sync blah blah funny pseudoscience, and all he needs is to lie against someone for a little while and re-harmonize. Bossuet agrees, even if he doesn't completely understand. Then cuddles happen.

Valjean/Paris or M-sur-M officers, Fucked by the Police

Valjean's darkest fantasy involves him being the well-loved fucktoy of either police force (though M-sur-M would make it extra dirty). Basically, they treat him and spoil him like their pet, filling him with tons of cum and dirty-talking him about how good he is and how well he looks after a few facials...
Bonus for him coming while imagining Javert being possessive/claiming him for his own in front of the others.

Re: Valjean/Paris or M-sur-M officers, Fucked by the Police

I want to read this. Someone please write it.

Pokemon AU

Where, instead of buying Cosette a doll, Valjean bought her a pet Pokemon.

Re: Pokemon AU

can i ask hypothetically what pokemon lineups you think everyone would have?

Miming: The Revolution Will Not Be Silenced

On the eve of the revolution, all the film characters suddenly become deaf-mutes. And they still express themselves in this really melodramatic way, but they have to find a way to communicate with each other without using words. Drawing, charades, etc., but they're all really bad at guessing what each other is saying. Because only when they get desperate do they resort to TALKING. Javert and Eponine would be especially hilarious in this vein. Gen or shippy, but try to include the love triangle, E/R, or the conflict between Valjean and Javert.

Re: Miming: The Revolution Will Not Be Silenced

...I keep trying to find a way to interpret this prompt that isn't,"BEING DISABLED IS HILARIOUS HA HA HA" but yeah I've got nothing.

Department of No.

Sleepy Valjean Rescues Javert

Jean Valjean is bone tired from the barricade and the sewers. He notices that Javert is no longer outside his house. He decides to go to sleep. He fitfully wakes up some time later and faintly registers how odd that is for Javert. He forces himself to get up and look for him.

By the time he finds Javert about to fall off the Pont-Au-Change, he is so fed up with the day and with Javert and with revolutions and Marius and sewers and lumpy mattresses that he grumpily yanks Javert off the bridge, drags him home, takes Javert's cuffs to secure him to a bed post, and finally goes to sleep in earnest. All of this without saying a word in explanation.

Javert finds it difficult to explain what happened afterward.

- Peter Yellowhammer

Re: Sleepy Valjean Rescues Javert

I love you *offers you small animals of your choosing*

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Blind Valjean

and Javert is his failed police-dog, guide dog

[Fill] Pack [1/3]

[A/N: This prompt needed a lot of real life handwave, but oh well, AU…! :3 Also, no bestiality in this fic.]

Javert sits up at attention when his old handler, Gisquet, lets himself into the mayor's office, excited, but Gisquet doesn't immediately look at him - Gisquet glances over at Javert's new human, instead, and only after receiving a signal does he amble over to give Javert a pat. Maybe they're going home, back to the precinct. Javert hopes so.

"How has he been, Monsieur?" Gisquet asks, and the new human, Madeleine, gropes fingers awkwardly against Javert's scruff until he reaches his ears, tickling them.


"You don't need to do this for him," Gisquet continues doubtfully. "He was too aggressive for the police - that would make him far too aggressive to be a guide dog. And aren't guide dogs usually trained from puppies? Monsieur le Maire need not force himself to-"

"I was not lying." Madeleine's hand drops away, and a little disappointed, Javert lies back down. "Monsieur Gisquet, surely you understand - a man like me is more than willing to extend another a second chance."

"Ah, Monsieur," Gisquet mutters, "But you are a man, and Javert is a dog."

"And he is indeed the most intelligent dog I have met."

"Even so-"

"Putting him down would have been a waste," Madeleine declares, with heavy finality. "And I have managed with no dog before and just a cane. Javert's company is a pleasure, and again, I thank the Sûreté for their handsome gift."

This seems to tie up the conversation. Javert does not quite understand the words, but he knows when he is being praised, and he wags his tail, pleased. Gisquet pulls up a chair, and he talks to Madeleine for a while. Javert ignores most of the chatter, watching the door, instead. He's on duty. After all, he understands that as long as he wears the harness currently over his back and shoulders, he is working, and as different as his current task is, it is still a task.

Gisquet leaves, eventually, after giving him another pat, and Javert feels a little disappointed. He's not being reassigned, then. His tail droops, and he ignores Madeleine's secretary as she walks into the room to update him on his schedule. He doesn't like her. She always smells a little of fear when she looks at him, a little of lust whenever she looks at his new human. Javert doesn't like it. He sits up noiselessly as she leans across the table, reaching out to touch Madeleine's wrist as though to emphasize a point, and he bares his teeth silently.

Startled, she draws back, frightened. "Alice?" Madeleine prompts, frowning and puzzled.

"Oh, no, your dog, sir. It startled me."

"Oh?" Madeleine half-turns, and Javert takes the opportunity to settle his muzzle over Madeleine's lap. As he had thought, his gets him another scratch over his ears, and he thumps his tail. Madeleine isn't anything like Javert's old handler, but he's a pleasant enough human, and he's Javert's. Gisquet had been clear enough on that account. "As you can see, Alice," Madeleine adds, gently, "There's nothing to be worried about. He's a very friendly dog."

"All right, sir," Alice says doubtfully, and finishes whatever she has to say quickly. Javert is glad. Madeleine's pack is as big as Gisquet's, but unlike Gisquet's pack, he's chosen his packmates poorly. Javert instinctively dislikes most of them: they are soft humans who easily show fear. Only the packmate who guards the door is tolerable, and Javert always allows him a quick pat in passing.

"Javert, I have a meeting - we need to get to the car," Madeleine tells him, and Javert gets to his feet, waiting for the grip at the handle of the harness before moving.

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Fem!E/Fem!R - cuddling

I just really need this.

Post coital cuddling, sleepy early morning cuddling, comfort cuddling, I literally don't care. I just want detailed Rule 63 E/R cuddling and fluff.

Valvert- boot fetish

This is the weirdest prompt I've ever made.

Valjean has a strange fetish on Javert's boots. So, whenever he carasses and licks them, Javert feels aroused and moans.

Madeleine era is suitable for this.

*runs away*

Re: Valvert- boot fetish

I second this! *runs away in the same direction*

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combeferre/grantaire, h/c

grantaire has a bad day and goes to combeferre for comfort

in the middle of all that crying, somehow they start making out and then comfort sex

combeferre is all horrified like oh shit i took advantage of him and grantaire thinks its all his fault angst angst weeps

all i want thereafter is a happy ending

Re: combeferre/grantaire, h/c



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