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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 6
exit pursued by javert
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
[Round 6: No vacancy]Official rules/FAQ/Page-A-Mod post is there for reference, but you know how it works by now. Be nice, no kink-shaming, this is not the place to have it out with people who are Wrong On The Internet, detailed lists of kinks in headers are good, no RPF except for historical figures. Link to your fills (complete or incomplete) on the Fill Post. NKMWA = No Kink Meme Warnings Apply; see rules post for details. Mods reserve the right to enforce reasonable standards of conduct even if they are incapable of explicitly enumerating every possible way someone could act like an asshat online.

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Check in at Round 7!

enjolras/grantaire, height differences

enjolras is very tall, and grantaire might not be tiny, but he's still pretty small (5'4"ish i guess??)

and just. height differences. enjolras tucking grantaire underneath his armpit whilst they're walking. grantaire sitting on a counter/table so they can kiss more easily. enjolras having to help grantaire get something from a particularly high shelf.

Re: enjolras/grantaire, height differences

i love this prompt

Tumblr Crossover Badfic (or just general fuckery)

Inspired by the suggestion of a Phantom/Les Mis crossover with Erik/Javert and Mpreg.

Show us no mercy.

Re: Tumblr Crossover Badfic (or just general fuckery)

Javert enters the office of the Chief of the Paris Police. A baby, swaddled in a black blanket and with a pristine-white mask concealing half its face, is tucked in the crook of Javert's arm.

Chief: "Ah, Javert. We had wondered where you had been, to not have seen you in - My God! Is that-?"

Javert: "A child? A baby? Yes, this is exactly that."

Chief: "And it's...?"

Javert: "Mine? Yes."

The Chief flounders for several seconds, mouth flapping wordlessly.

Chief: "B-but how?"

Javert: "As I have always maintained, I am no ordinary Inspector."

The Chief steps from behind his desk and takes a closer look at the child. He jumps away almost immediately.

Chief: "Gracious! Whatever is that on his face? Some kind of blemish?"

Javert: "Her -

Cosette's bucket list

Young Cosette has a terminal illness, he and makes a 'things to do list'. Her fathers help her achieve them before she dies (valjean and jab)
Bonus if some are ordinay things

Valjean/Cosette, Marius/Cosette - Infidelity, incest warning

Cosette is married to Marius, and he is good in bed, but Cosette is a total nympho and needs more than just him. Luckily, Valjean and his very large cock is there when Marius isn't. It's very dirty and wrong and they both like that. Daddy kink included because yeah.

Marius never finds out.

Bonus if Valjean and Cosette do kinky stuff that she doesn't do with Marius. (I would be totally cool with d/s elements if you want.)
Also bonus if Cosette gets pregnant its unclear whose it is.

wow i am going to hide forever now.

Re: Valjean/Cosette, Marius/Cosette - Infidelity, incest warning


Javert Petplay


Sometimes Javert needs to strip away his human face and become the wolf-dog that he is so often described as.

+1 when he is in his dog headspace, Javert is actually really affectionate.
+1 million Cosette is his mistress.

Re: Javert Petplay

This just reminds me of that comic.

"I have to warn you: I'm an animal in bed."

-next panel-

"Pet me and bring me food."

Sidenote: Javert is often described as a tiger, so he must take a shitton of naps. It's amazing he gets any work done.

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Javert- Public flogging, chains, stoic whimpers.

I don't know if I got this from watching Master and Commander...Anyway, I loved the fic of Javert's self whipping, but can we get some public humiliation up in here? Maybe there was a revolt in Toulon and the prisoners decide to turn the tables, maybe after he is captured at the barricade les amis want to show they mean business. (without getting shot, somehow!) What happens (and if he gets off on it...) is totally up to the authour of course.

Re: Javert- Public flogging, chains, stoic whimpers.

God yes. And if you haven't read 'behind bars' on ao3, it hits on some of the same kinks. Rhere's this great scene where javert is forced to-- well ok just read it... :)

Les Amis, modern AU, marriage of convenience

Presently, in the US, if you're applying for financial aid for college, the process expects that your parents will be contributing some of whatever money they have unless they're dead/in jail, unless you're--I think it's effectively if you're under 24 when you're filling out the paperwork? definitely if you're trying to graduate from college at 22/23 you're too young. There's supposed to be a third way to get aid based only on your own income, when you have an extremely bad situation with your parents, but that is basically lies and does not work (I was told the people at my college hadn't approved any such requests in the last ten years).

Unless you're married. In which case they count your income and your spouse's income, instead of your income and your parents' income, to decide how much money you'll need.

So! I would adore the modern AU where some ami's well-to-do family cuts him off because of his politics and he gets married so that he doesn't have to drop out of school. And eventually he and his convenient spouse fall in love, unless you would rather write actually platonic friendmarriage, which would also be okay. (And whether or not they fall in love I'd prefer a happy ending for everyone, please.)

Obviously basically this exact setup happened to Marius in the book and if you would like to write it with Marius you can! But if you'd rather write other people that is also 100% okay. I am not into Enjolras/ladies or to a lesser extent Enjolras/anyone-but-Grantaire or Bossuet/Joly without Musichetta also being involved, but other than that I'm pretty easy! :D

As far as knowledge of the brick goes, I don't care whether you've read it fifty times or you only know a few quotes you've seen on Tumblr. If you want to use musical/movie characterization instead that is totally fine by me. ♥

Re: Les Amis, modern AU, marriage of convenience

OP again, sorry, forgot to mention in the pairing guidelines that I am also pretty much not into R/anyone-but-Enjolras, either. (This is what I get for trying to word things cleverly.)

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my friend just told me about the most hilarious tabloid rumor and now i want a crack fic where somebody (javert?) discovers that somebody? (valjean?) is super hung and has over 30 genital piercings and is baffled by the feasibility of this? is just baffled? is turned on? i don't care, i just want over 30 genital piercings (but how do you even fit over 30 on one penis that is what i want to know)

pls all the crack.

i will seriously take any pairing i really just want something ridiculous like this

Is that rumor about Gackt? Because I swear I read something similar about him a while ago xD If you have no actual idea who Gackt is, please disregard this comment.

Bahorel/Feuilly- anything

Just anything, I would not even mind PWP. Just smut, and Bahorel/Feuilly!

E/C/C fluff

Combeferre/Enjolras/Courfeyrac are in platonic love and they do things like cuddle in bed together and watch Disney films and hold hands in public and just general cuteness pls uwu

Private Public Sex

Les Amis are really close. So close, in fact, that when all of them are piled up on a couch watching a movie, if a couple of them (I picture Courf and Jehan, but up to you) quietly and unobtrusively get it on while on said couch, no one really minds.

Re: Private Public Sex

yes please

Motorcycle gang AU

Since I'm back on my Sons of Anarchy kick - the Amis as a motorcycle gang (with honor code, illegal schenanigans and all). Either the Enjorlas, Courfeyrac, Combeferre triad as President/Vice-President/Treasurer or the Amis as he up and coming new generation butting up against the older generation who still hold the power in the gang - especially with differences of values and philosophies in how to do business

Preferred pairings of E/R and J/B/M

Bonus of Marius as the over-enthusiastic Prospect

Re: Motorcycle gang AU


Javert/Cosette/Valjean - incest, threesome, seduction, modern au

Javert and Valjean are a happily married couple, and Cosette is their adopted daughter. As she grows up however, she starts lusting after the two men who raised her, and decides to seduce them both. She succeeds.

Re: Javert/Cosette/Valjean - incest, threesome, seduction, modern au

This. OMG. This and the other Valjean/Cosette prompt. Utter dirty perfection.

Combeferre/Other, Grantaire (canon time period)

Combeferre is gay, though he keeps it hidden from his friends, because he knows that some, if not all of them, will judge him for it. He just doesn't talk about having a mistress, so people assume he's single, even though he has a lover (not one of the Amis, an OC is fine).

However, Grantaire catches him with his partner (maybe just kissing in a spot they thought was private? He saw them through a window? Whatever). Combeferre freaks out a little, because he wants to keep it his secret, and he's pretty sure Grantaire will drunkenly blab, especially since they aren't that close.

Grantaire doesn't tell anyone. But he does cheerily assume Combeferre is a pervert (which he thinks is just the awesomest/funniest thing ever) and thus is nosey and invasive as all hell, even as he assures Combeferre that there's nothing wrong with what he's doing.

Basically, I just want Grantaire trying to get Combeferre to admit he does dirty, dirty, things, while Combeferre facepalms and is like 'no, Grantaire, I don't tie him up and piss on him WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU GET THESE IDEAS?'

Re: Combeferre/Other, Grantaire (canon time period)


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Combeferre impregnates Courfeyrac.

Alpha-beta-omega!verse or Strange-biology-but-these-are-normal-people!verse are equally acceptable; I'm also flexible on whether or not the two are in an established relationship or not, though the pregnancy should be unplanned/accidental, though Courf should, regardless of whether or not he debates alternatives in the beginning, do his best to keep the child.

Perhaps Courf is kind of a slut (either because he's a hormonal omega or just because he's kind of a slut), resulting in some surprise amongst the Amis when the comparatively tame Ferre, with all his pure, unwavering emotions turns out to be the father. Or, alternatively, perhaps the two have been monogamous for some time, but their friends are still perplexed that even Ferre is incapable of the self-control to practice safer sex--unbeknownst to them, behind closed doors they've been screwing like rabbits and semi-frequently are too occupied to bother with condoms.

E/R age difference

Adult Grantaire seduces virginal Enjolras, a 17 year old student.

Re: E/R age difference


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I'm appalled by the lack of Sub!parnasse on the kinkmeme.

I'd prefer a caring, consensual relationship instead to non-con or dub-con. No era/pairing preference.

Re: Anyone/Montparnasse

I think someone should write Brujon into this, just saying... (;

Valjean/Cosette, Pregnancy

*hides in corner*

Cosette gets pregnant (either canon-time or not) by Valjean. How does this work out? Does Valjean guilt-trip himself and yet wonder happily if the baby will have Cosette's eyes and his hair? Is Cosette just over the moon? Does she have to banish Valjean after he fusses over her constantly?

youtube vloggers au

i just want an au where the les amis are all youtube bloggers and they're just this tight-knit group of friends and they like to collab on videos together and it's all cute and fun

like courfeyrac and grantaire turn one of their rooms into a ball pit
or jehan and combeferre read each other the lamest lines from the most popular young adult novels
enjolras and grantaire always end up fighting (even when they're doing a disney challenge and wtf how do you even debate over that) and even the viewers can feel the tension

bonus if courfeyrac reads e/R fanfiction dramatically on his vlog

Re: youtube vloggers au

Oh God I need to fill this more than I need to breathe but I am much less acquainted with Youtube vlogging and vloggers than the rest of you here :(

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Friend or patiant

Valjean is a St john Ambulance volenteer (or whatever the foreign equiv).

He goes to help an injured man, who's first comment when he's asked his name is a snarky equiv of "It's me, idiot" (or whatever Javert would say)

V has to put aside his feelings and remain professional, even or especially when it becomes clear that Javert is badly hurt

Re: Friend or patiant

Sorry for shouting but... SECONDED!!!

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Bishop/Valjean HELL TRAIN (tw: teacher/student)

All aboard!

Valjean is Myriel's troubled student (maybe he teaches at a Catholic school?) and the man starts to develop feelings for the young man who seems to cling to him after he helps him out of a theft charge.

ALL the smut and desk sex and sad blowjobs.

Re: Bishop/Valjean HELL TRAIN (tw: teacher/student)


i'm so on board this train of shame

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Repost: Combferre/Bahorel,Jehan

From round 5:
"Bahorel and Combeferre make a tape of one domming the fuck out of the other (I prefer dom!Combeferre but I'm open to it being the other way around). Jehan finds the tape and is extremely turned on. Cue masturbation."
Please someone!


Please please please someone give me angsty h/c where enjolras goes WAY TOO FAR while fighting with Grantaire. Grantaire's runs out in tears and one of the ami's goes to comfort him with copious amounts of cuddles and kisses.... Then enj shows up and apologizes
Canon era would make me happy

I check the MHS tag on ao3

Sub Combeferre being coddled. His Dom, any ami (or Eponine if you wanna), shaves him, bathes him, dresses him, combs his hair, has him sit at their feet so they can hand-feed him, collar him, all that good stuff. And of course Ferre is the sweetest little sub ever.

Enjolras/Grantaire, Marius/Cosette, reincarnation!AU

Everyone is back (Les Amis, Eponine, Cosette, + anyone else wanted), and everyone except for Enjolras and Grantaire gradually remember. Neither E nor R will admit they like the other, though everyone can see it...

and then both of them remember simultaneously, but the other doesn't know; neither of them wants to admit it, so they don't know everyone else remembers too, and there is angst and pining

(eventually they both let something slip that neither should have known and there are reveals and there is kissing)


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