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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 6
exit pursued by javert
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
[Round 6: No vacancy]Official rules/FAQ/Page-A-Mod post is there for reference, but you know how it works by now. Be nice, no kink-shaming, this is not the place to have it out with people who are Wrong On The Internet, detailed lists of kinks in headers are good, no RPF except for historical figures. Link to your fills (complete or incomplete) on the Fill Post. NKMWA = No Kink Meme Warnings Apply; see rules post for details. Mods reserve the right to enforce reasonable standards of conduct even if they are incapable of explicitly enumerating every possible way someone could act like an asshat online.

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Valjean's sense of humor

Valjean has the most infantile sense of humor. He discovers this soon after leaving the convent, that he won't even crack a smile at a humorous anecdote but he'll laugh uproariously at the stupidest fart joke. He also has a really loud, distinctive laugh. Cue Cosette being super embarrassed but thinking it's awesome at the same time, and Toussaint, Marius and Gillenormand being absolutely mortified.
BTW: I counted four times that JVJ laughs in the entire book.

Dark!Valjean please

That's all I want. Author has free rein; kink it up or don't; anything goes.

Re: Dark!Valjean please

Here's one:


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Re: Dark!Valjean please (Anonymous) Expand

Non bi-lingual Javert

Valjean and Javert go abroad, and it turns out that while Valjean is relatively fluent in English, Javert, for all his talents, can't speak or understand a word of it.

Based on the fact that PQ, though he has played four french characters very, cannot speak the langauge

Re: Non bi-lingual Javert

Hmmm...might come back with a mini-fill based on a RL experience of mine that I'm thinking will fit this.

By eerie coincidence I was reading a PQ interview earlier today (researching something for another prompt) and the interview included him reflecting on the French language - something along the lines that though he can't speak the language, he loves how it sounds when spoken. In another bit of Quast trivia, he mentioned in another interview how he/his family found out that his great (or great-great, can't quite remember) grandfather was French and he was called Philippe.

Btw, I've got Javert, Georges in La Cage Aux Folles, Maurice Gourdault-Montagne in Stuff Happens, who's the fourth? I can't recall at the moment.

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Courfeyrac/Marius: Femme!Marius

(From Tumblr) Modern!AU:

I have a mighty need for femme!Marius - like, he’s always been interested in frilly things and makeup, but he’s terrified of how Gillenormand is bound to react to that, so he’s never done anything about it.

Then he’s dorming with Courf their first year of college and they wind up in, like, Target and Courf catches Marius looking at the makeup section and he leans in very quietly and says, "you know, you’d look very nice in pink."

And Marius turns bright red for a minute and he thinks Courfeyrac is joking but as it turns out he’s not.

And they wind up buying some makeup that day and Marius’s hands are shaking when they pay for it but Courf is staring down the cashier like ‘I dare you to say something’ so nothing comes of it.

Courf helps Marius put on eyeliner and lipstick and slowly, slowly Marius starts getting more confident and then one day Courfeyrac wakes up and realizes he’s been falling in love with him the whole time and he just smiles and smiles and smiles.

Re: Courfeyrac/Marius: Femme!Marius

he’s always been interested in frilly things and makeup

And now all I can think of is Marius in those frilly mini skirts they sale in YesStyle, with over sized sweaters and kitty tights.

Marius is such an ulzzang girl.

They decide to end the revolution with a giant orgy

That's it

Valvert Bad Dragon

For those of you who don't know, Bad Dragon is a sex toy company that makes... unique... toys for the more sexualy adventurous among us. I want to see a fic where either Javert or Valjean picks up one of their toys (either by accident (Valjean) or just because they think it looks fun (Javert)) The partner is wary of the toy at first ("Why did you buy this alien-wearwolf-dragon dick thing?!?") then begins to love it when they begin incorporating the toy in to sex.

Bad Dragon's shop (SUPER NSFW, BE WARNED): http: // bad-dragon . com / products

Super obvious anon, AWAAAAAY! *cartwheels out the window and in to the sunset*

Re: Valvert Bad Dragon

I'll fill this as soon as I stop laughing at imagining Valjean waving around a huge-ass tentacle while shouting "RELEASE THE KRAKEN" on repeat.

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Re: Valvert Bad Dragon (Anonymous) Expand
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Re: Valvert Bad Dragon (Anonymous) Expand
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Re: Valvert Bad Dragon (Anonymous) Expand
enjolras is a badass rapper whose songs have political messages in them because he wants to effect change

grantaire is.......... basically frank turner (i was going to see a cynical taylor swift but)

they make sweet music together (but not really because grantaire is decidedly not going to put a rap about democracy in his song nope)

Combeferre's not used to aftercare. When his Dom (any Ami, or Eponine if you prefer) starts taking care of him after a rough scene, he asks them what they're doing, says that don't need to, claims he doesn't want to be a bother, all that. His Dom won't hear of it and insists on lavishing him with praise and kisses, hugs and hair stroking.

Bonus points if Combeferre starts crying.


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Courfeyrac/Combeferre, not hard kinks

...more lighthearted. Unserious. Just kind of playing around and having fun.

So, instead of a proper spanking, just slapping each other's butts and watching them bounce and giggling. And instead of serious daddy kink, just trying to keep a straight face when talking about being a naughty boy who needs their daddy to punish them. And no rape roleplay, just overly dramatic protestations about the other being an evil brute while falling around swooning. And using ridiculous pink furry handcuffs instead of any actual hardcore bondage.

Just a lot of fun being had. And sometimes it turns out to be not very sexy and kind of wtf-ish, but that's the great thing about dating your best friend.

Re: Courfeyrac/Combeferre, not hard kinks

Best friends and ridiculous pink furry handcuffs. This, please!

On Our Own

So I know that there are fics where Grantaire overhears Eponine during OMO and commiserates with her, but what if Javert was there too? And he has no idea what he's doing seeking comfort in a filthy gamine and a drunken revolutionary, but he just can't help it; Valjean is breaking his heart.

Organ Donation

Modern AU. Cosette has a terminal illness and needs a kidney (or some other organ) in order to survive, and she has no other living relations. Valjean wants nothing more than to give her his kidney, but of course only he knows the problem: he's not really her dad. So Cosette finds out that Valjean is not her biological father in the worst possible way. Lots of angst, please.

Re: Organ Donation

Would OP be OK with character death?

*pitches tent on this prompt*

ami sickfic

One of the students with an embarrassing childhood illness? Chicken pox or mumps or measles etc? Preferably Enjolras?

Re: ami sickfic


Valvert, Valjean in Lingerie

We've had a few Javert-in-lingerie prompts/fills, now how about one for Valjean?

Re: Valvert, Valjean in Lingerie

I support this message.

Valvert, picnic gone wrong

Valjean wants to have a picnic, Javert is not amused but humors him anyway.
Every single little thing that can go wrong, goes wrong: It's too hot outside, so the sandwiches turn bad, there's no ice for Javert's beer, on trying to get some jalapenos from a can they remember they forgot to bring the can opener, it rains, whatever you wish to do with it.

Bonus points and cookies for
1) Them being the adoptive fathers of both Cosette AND Gavroche
2) Gavroche actually discovering that Javert isn't just a 'dumb old man' because he knows a fuckton of things about nature
3) Marius being 20+ years and Cosette being 15 or something, Javert does not approve but if he says something, he's scared Cosette might leave the house.

Okay, so Combeferre spends so much time with Enjolras (the most gorgeous being you'll ever see) and Courfeyrac (whom girls can't seem to keep their hands off of), he must feel self conscious. Of course he'd try his best to hide it, but he'd totally feel, y'know...kinda unwanted.
Combeferre getting lots of body worship, any ami doing the worship, or eponine if you'd rather.

Anything that contains Grantaire pining after Enjolras saying "He doesn't even sweat; he glistens."


Courfeyrac plans an Ami get together at a paintball arena thing including an extremely reluctant Enjolras. They end up all getting super competitive over it except for Enjolras who just wants to read or do work or something. So then they pick teams and Enjolras is last pick, but then he essentially kicks everyone's butts because the sooner they finish, the sooner he can get back home.

Re: Paintball

I can totally picture him doing that hahaha seconded!

E and R

E/R in relatively new relationship.

Enjolras gets hit on a lot everywhere "they" go, yet Grantaire dose not seem to get jealous at all. Grantaire is a talker and more often than not he ends up holding some good conversation with those who initially were trying to flirt with Enjolras.
Ejolras is OK with that most of the times, but secretly fantasizes Grantaire in jealous rage and taking him in the post possessive way.

He dose blurts out his fantasy one day when he got too tipsy, and Grantaire happily shows him how he could be the most jealous man in the whole world when it comes to him, and Enjolras ends up staying in the bed the whole day next day because... well you know..

Valjean and Cosette: Strength

Valjean insists on carrying everything for Cosette. Literally everything. It drives her crazy. Like, whenever she has more than one book to carry, he picks them all up and brings them with him, no matter how much stuff he has to carry of his own. Finally Cosette gets fed up, she picks up something really heavy and ends up injuring herself.

Re: Valjean and Cosette: Strength

Fully endorsing this fic because it's the story of my life.

ruby sparks au

grantaire is a writer who ends up writing a story about his dream guy, some blonde, beautiful, passionate revolutionary

one day, he wakes up next to him

Re: ruby sparks au


Re: ruby sparks au (Anonymous) Expand

Valvert AU- Roaring Twenties era

Somehow inspired by The Great Gatsby movie.

Anyways, Valjean (or Madeleine, as he's known by that name) throws big parties where there are flappers, jazz, booze and everyone is invited.

But the reason why he's throwing all those parties is because he wants to get the attention of a certain police inspector, who is not much of a party animal.

His colleagues try to convince him to go because he needs some relaxation. But one night, Javert really did go only because he got a tip that the party host is someone who seemed to have a suspicious past.

And it's up to you on how to do it. Fluffy or with porn. Whatever. I don't mind if there's some angst. :)


Eponine tries to show his undying love for Marius by being really, aggressively chivalrous.
Running to open doors for her. Pulling out her chair so hard she Pontmercies and falls on the floor. Trying to carry her over puddles even though she weighs more then him.
Marius (Marianne?) is very Pontmercy, so she's trying to be polite and honorable but doesn't know the protocol to let him down gently so whenever she gets close, Eponine's face falls and a warning goes off in her head like !MISTAKE! MISTAKE HAS BEEN MADE! FIX OR FACE GRANDPA!! and then Eponine thinks he has a chance and they're back at square one.
Marius' friends just like watching the show. Sometimes they give advice. This advice should never be taken.
Bonus for cis!Cosette

Re: FTM!Eponine/MTF!Marius

Do you want endgame Marius/Eponine, or some other pairing, or do you not care?

Fantine the Dom

Fantine is a Dom and either Javert or Valjean is her beloved Sub (or they are both her subs and are constantly competing to see who can please Mistress more)

That's it, that's the prompt.

Re: Fantine the Dom

If I could write sex I'd be all over the second part of that prompt.

Valjean the hippie

Modern AU. Valjean teaches Cosette how to smoke weed responsibly- by sharing a joint with her. Bonus points if he tells her Woodstock stories.

Re: Valjean the hippie

seconded. I really really want to read hippie!valjean


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