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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 6
exit pursued by javert
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
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Check in at Round 7!

E/R, sleepyTaire

Enjolras will never get tired of the way Grantaire smiles at him first thing in the morning when Grantaire is too sleepy to filter himself, or the way he instinctively reaches for Enjolras as he wakes up.

Minifill: E/R, sleepyTaire

Enjolras is the first to wake up. He doesn't know what time is it, but sunlight is already coming in from the open window, and he can hear the sounds of traffic outside. At some point during the night they must have thrown aside the bedsheets, which are now tangled around their ankles. Enjolras kicks them away and rolls on his side to look at Grantaire.

Grantaire hasn't stirred yet despite the movement, he's always been a heavy sleeper. His mouth's half open and he's snoring softly into the pillow, one arm curled under his head in a way that looks uncomfortable, the other arm thrown around Enjolras's waist.

It's late and there are things he must do today, but Enjolras allows himself the luxury to lie back for a few more minutes, blinking away the sleep from his eyes and watching Grantaire's chest rise and fall with every breath. He ghosts one hand down Grantaire's spine, counting the ridges, feeling the muscles under his fingertip, tracing the line of Grantaire's old scar that by now he knows as well as if it was his own.

Then, once he's completely awake and can't put it off any longer, Enjolras leans forward until their noses brush together and presses a fleeting kiss on Grantaire's lips. "R," he says, soft, almost regretting having to wake him up.

Grantaire's eyelids flutter but his eyes don't open. He makes a soft noise and shift in Enjolras's arms, still heavy from sleep. Enjolras kisses him again and Grantaire's mouth moves under his, either trying to return the kiss or mumbling something unintelligible. One of Grantaire's hands tangle in Enjolras's hair, almost unconsciously.

Finally Grantaire opens his eyes, squinting against the sunlight, and smiles at Enjolras. Enjolras's stomach does a little flop because he'll never get used to the way Grantaire looks at him in the mornings, sleepy and unguarded and so soft. Enjolras returns the smile and moves his hand to cup Grantaire's cheek, wiping some sleep residue from the corner of Grantaire's eye with his thumb.

This is Enjolras's big act of selfishness. He'd do anything to keep Grantaire smiling like that for just one more minute, to keep him from frowning under the weight of all the thoughts that plague him when he's awake. Enjolras has always wanted to fight for a better world, that's never changed, but somehow along the way he stopped thinking about amorphous, faceless people and started picturing Grantaire instead. Grantaire, with his dark curls and sardonic smile, and the way he's careful not to care about anything, and how he scoffs at everything Enjolras says but still follows him to every meeting and protest, waiting for the world to change while believing it can never happen. And Enjolras wants to show him already that it can. That it will.

"Hey," Enjolras says, his throat suddenly gone dry, touching their foreheads together. "Good morning."

Grantaire's mouth moves soundlessly for a second, still trying to remember how to form words. "G' m'rnin'," he mumbles after a while. He twirls a lock of Enjolras's hair around his fingers, still smiling.

Enjolras hums his assent and holds him close despite the summer heat that already feels stifling. "Good morning," he says again, because it is. He makes no move to get up. They have some time yet.

Patron-Minette h/c (reprompt)

One member of Patron-Minette is really upset about something and Montparnasse attempts to comfort him, but he's a dick and the other guy is a hysterical violent criminal so it doesn't go very well. Crack is always appreciated.

repost from round 2

Courfeyrac going down on a girl (can be anyone) while they are writing something, maybe schoolwork and he makes them continue while he does it and he stops if they stop. Can be modern au or canon! S&M undertones are lovely (that's my kink) but if not that's fine too :)

Re: repost from round 2

Yes perfect prompt (and headcanon). I'll try and have something done by tomorrow :)

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repost from Round 3: E/R A/B/O

I want the usual Enjolras goes into heat unexpectedly, but instead of happy orgy times or anything, I want Grantaire to be posted (volunteered? mistakenly thought to be a beta?) to watch over him during the duration because he would never take advantage of the situation (and doesn't think himself worthy to, if you like).

Enjolras is damn well able to tell he's an alpha (smell?) and eventually gets to the point where he begs R to take advantage, and R holds firm. I want to see it nearly drive R up the wall to say no, but refuse to give in.

Eventually, the heat passes and Enjolras approaches Grantaire about what happened. Whether sexy times happen or just a shippy moment is up to you.

Re: repost from Round 3: E/R A/B/O

Yesssss damn this is a good prompt. Hope someone fills it soon

Grantaire/Marius, Marius/Grantaire's bottle???

Grantaire gets Marius drunk by fucking him with his bottle

(note: do not try this at home, you'll probably die)

Valjean and Gavroche

When Valjean goes to the inn to fetch Cosette, he ends up with Gavroche too. (He sees Gavroche being actively instead of passively abused and can't leave him there? The Thénardiers offer him a two-for-one or nothing deal? Éponine sneaks him into Valjean's luggage because she's tired of his crying and nobody notices until Valjean's already halfway to Paris? Some...reason, anyway?)

Basically I just want Gavroche as Cosette's adopted brother and them being adorably sibling, and also Valjean having to deal with first, a baby, and later, a kid who is not *nearly* as quiet and cooperative as Cosette.

Re: Valjean and Gavroche

Oh damn, now I have this mental image of Javert catching Gavroche pick-pocketing and bringing him back to notice that Valjean is the boy's father, and launching into some sort of angry lecture about "like a father, like a son.", and Valjean responds by merely standing there and asking that if Javert is not going to arrest him, would he like to come inside for tea as a thank-you for bringing Gavroche home instead of the police station.

But yeah, I'm rambling and digressing, sorry about that. Seconded, though! Oh, the possibilities...

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Joly/Musichetta/Bossuet and a baby

Musichetta has Joly's baby. I need fluff of the trio lying in the bed cuddling with the new born and then all the Amis going loony about the baby, making ridiculous baby and holding it etc!
Seriously, you will have my new born if you write this!

Re: Joly/Musichetta/Bossuet and a baby

You wouldn't happen to have any time period preferences would you? Boy or girl?

Edited at 2013-08-14 06:16 pm (UTC)

There are a lot of stories where Enjolras finds out about Grantaire's love for him, and discovers that he loves him back. Can I get a story where Enjolras finally finds out, but he doesn't love Grantaire--whether he's just not attracted to him or is straight or whatever is up to the writer.

I want this almost as much as the fic where Valjean comes on to Javert and Javert arrests him.

Enjolras/Grantaire, girl!Grantaire

Enjolras tries to be respectful of women. He makes it his mission for everyone to be equal. He tries his hardest not to objectify anyone. He disapproves of the over sexualization of women. He wants the patriarchy dismantled, along with every other oppressive system.

He still loses his train of thought when he sees Grantaire's boobs.

Re: Enjolras/Grantaire, girl!Grantaire

Yeah this sounds like an interesting prompt, I'll try my hand at it

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Little Cosette and Fathers Day Cards

As it's fathers day can I have a fic where Cosette has to make a Fathers day card at school (as I'm sure we all did) and completely confuses the teacher, perhaps it's a fill-in, when she takes two peices of paper.

Extra bonus if the teacher suggests she only write one card and Cosette has to point out that the decoration which would please Papa (V) would not suit Father (J)

Re: Little Cosette and Fathers Day Cards

That's so cuuuuuute!~
(she puts stars on javert's)
(and he acts all grumpy but actually loves it)
(i feel like that is a summary of javert's life as part of that family)

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Javert gets to Cosette first and is a BAMF Papa Wolf

We all know that it takes a lot to even begin to ruffle Javert's feathers. Punch him, he'll just criticize your form and then arrest you. Toss him out a window, he'll dust himself off and then arrest you. Try to dash his brains out with a slab of concrete, he'll call you a she-man and then arrest you. He only has one real berserk button, child abuse.

I humbly implore you great anons for a story where, through some coincidence or another, Javert visits the Thenardiers inn. He witnesses the awful treatment of little Cosette and is absolutely enraged by it. He single handily beats down any one who opposes him then he takes Cosette himself and gives her to Valjean (if it is still the Madeleine era) or to another well to do family.

Re: Javert gets to Cosette first and is a BAMF Papa Wolf

On it
*has image of tac cosette peeping out from inside Quastvert's greatcoat as he glares at thenardiers

Father's Day Sorta

To all of us on the meme who have bad paternal relations, I was wondering if I could get Eponine and Gavroche celebrating Anti-Father's Day? You can include other characters if you want as well.

Re: Father's Day Sorta

any thing in particular you want to see? any thing you want me to avoid?

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Javert/Valjean comeplay

Javert gets really turned on by how much Valjean comes. Facials, licking, dirty talk, and lots of precome would be good too, any era is fine

Re: Javert/Valjean comeplay

Yisssssssssss this is so hot i cannot

Valvert, Cosette

Modern AU. When Cosette has bad dreams, she climbs into their bed with them. Which is adorable... until she sneaks into their room when they're in the middle of having sex.

Language Barrier

So I was watching Paris Je t'aime and there's one part of it where a French guy goes up to another man and is like "Do I know you? I could have sworn we have met before." and he goes on and on talking about soul mates and everything and the other guy says nothing, and it's revealed at the end that he doesn't speak french so he didn't understand.

I'd love love love to read a fic where R is French and E is learning French but doesn't understand much (he's a tourist from somewhere- up to author!) and R starts confessing how much he believes they are destined together and everything. It'd be nice if it ends happily, maybe even a hint of reincarnation could be thrown in, with the whole thing that R thinks he recognizes him.

Long!prompt is long and specific!!

Re: Language Barrier

That scene is on youtube at watch?v=NCe7xHPkzUo if anyone's curious.

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Power trio OT3

Can I have some E/C/C in a sexual relationship? Courfeyrac is very physically passionate, Enjolras is very emotionally passionate, and Combeferre is the calming influence that brings it all together

Re: Power trio OT3

God, yes please.


p much anything along those lines. with anyone. i just have a craving.

Fact: I just read Waterloo while wearing a butt plug

...And while I'm a little concerned the above statement could identify me VERY EASILY, I now seriously want to read Enjolras studying his political history while, er, filled with something (placed there by Combeferre or Grantaire? Or anyone telling him to "loosen up," really. Or maybe he just wanted to masturbate and this is his actual introduction to the subject and the association will forever make him politically interested?!).

...I've never prompted anything on here before *shifty eyes*

Re: Fact: I just read Waterloo while wearing a butt plug

I think we should be friends.

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JVJ church sex?

So basically I would love if Valjean and Javert are getting intimate in the organ loft when mass starts so they have to stay quiet and Valjean decides to see how far he can push Javert

bonus points and a plate of cookies if it's Valjean's pov

E/R, Irony

Grantaire strikes me as the kind who would like Alanis Morissette and her song "Ironic." Enjolras strikes me as the kind who would dissect the song, and point out that only one of the situations in it is truly ironic.


(Repost from previous round, not mine but awesome):

Combeferre is in a very dark mood and sexually frustrated.
Enjolras wants him to take it out on him. He relentlessly eggs Combeferre on until he gets thrown on a mattress, his clothes ripped off so that Combeferre can have his way with him.
I want it to be rather rough, and Enjolras enjoying submitting to Combeferre.

Big bonus if you could give Combeferre enough stamina to last for long, long time ( enough to make Enjolras pass out at some point?)

Re: E/C

Yessss I had this one bookmarked on the last round! I sincerely hope someone fills it!


Enjolras playing fucktoy for Javert in exchange for weapons/things for the revolution. Dubcon, ageplay, crossdressing, dom/sub, all that good stuff.

Re: Enj/Vert

Excuse me, OP, I need to check one thing.

..yes, yes I am pretty sure that the sound I just heard was my ovaries exploding because of the deliciousness of this prompt. I really hope someone fills this!

E/R breath play gone wrong

Enjolras and Grantaire decide to try breath control play and... Enjolras accidentally goes too far. I am a fan of duct tape+nose pinching but you can do whichever you'd prefer.

Feel free to include whatever consequences you like

Re: E/R breath play gone wrong

please, someone fill this

Valjean/Javert, ageplay/infantilism

Valjean and Javert work through Javert's troubled childhood by giving him a better one. Valjean is a good daddy, after all.

you're welcome, livestream

Re: Valjean/Javert, ageplay/infantilism

This could be adorable and I approve!

Artfill request - Bishop Myriel & Valjean

I guess this seems weird but I can't draw too well, so I thought I'd see if any of the artists around here would be interested.

But can someone draw Valjean just kneeling peacefully at the Bishop's feet with his head on the Bishop's knee. Bishop Myriel would have one hand on Valjean's head and maybe be reading from a bible held in the other.

actually fic would be cool too

(captcha says "sentiments OritySt" LOL)

Oh God, I wish I could draw something other than furries!

(on the other hand ram!Myriel amd lion!Valjean may be adorable)

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