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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 6
exit pursued by javert
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
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Enjolras, broken leg

I just want to read about enjolras in an ilizarov apparatus

or any bone fractures?? a broken back would be very interesting to see too, maybe he defeats the odds and recovers more or less completely.

i basically want enjolras to stubbornly fight his way to his feet, pretty please !!

Re: Enjolras, broken leg

Seconded! I can just envision Les Amis at his bedside.

Welcome to Night Vale AU

Javert is a member of the Sheriff's Secret Police. Valjean is originally from Desert Bluffs and tries to hide this fact. Javert ends up throwing himself off the Night Vale harbor and waterfront recreation area, despite the fact that there is no actual water at the waterfront. Fantine talks to angels. The Les Amis rage against the Glow Cloud.

I don't even know I just need this in my life.

Re: Welcome to Night Vale AU


Enjolras/Grantaire, happiness

Really, really pining for a fic in which e/R are in an established relationship, and they're just blissed out. Sure, in the beginning they argued and had problems, etc. but now...

They have super awesome kinky sex, they cuddle, sit on each others laps, kiss each other on the noses, and just generally do all the sickeningly sweet things couples do.

I don't think I can handle anymore angst right now, can someone give me a schmoopy, loving e/R fic?

(If you write the sex, I prefer sub!jolras)

Valjean, breaking of the faith

canon Valjean is very religious, sort of zen even. So what an awful, bad thing could ever make him ask "what God allows this (xyz event) to happen"?

Re: Valjean, breaking of the faith

I think any of three things could break Valjean and make him lose his faith, all of them involving Cosette. If she:
Stopped loving him
Went down an evil path

I've been watching too many soaps, I'm mexican, it's what we're supposed to do :/

AU where Javert is the young daughter of an important man who used to work in the army, they aren't very well off right now, so a marriage of convenience is necessary. A monsieur Madeleine moves to town and is disgustingly rich, so a marriage is arranged.

Only problem is that the family doesn't know this monsieur Madeleine guy used to be a convict and NO ONE must find out. Cue lots of drama during the wedding night.

Please, someone, anyone, I have a mighty need for this.

i love you. i need it too.

Miss New Javert

Engender a scenario in which Javert twerks it to Miss New Booty. Any other conditions or preferences are acceptable, as long as Javert indeed twerks it to Miss New Booty. The story must also incorporate this in some manner, and some modification is acceptable:


I expect nothing but the finest literary quality from this undertaking. Anyone not in Mensa need not apply. The results will be showcased and performed for deaf orphans in Botswana, so be sure to choose diction that is easily translated to full visual presentation.

One moment, I need to take my medication. Cheerio, mes artistes!

You know that moment in which you laugh so hard you don't make any sound and just sit with your mouth wide open and clapping your hands like a retarded seal?

Well I've reached that stage with this prompt xD

Re: Miss New Javert (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Miss New Javert (Anonymous) Expand

Enjolras and his superiors

Repost from round 2: So we've seen Enjolras and his lieutenants, what about Enjolras and his superiors or his fellow cell leaders? Basically, I want to see Enjolras and his fellows plotting the huge revolt we see happening in the book; Enjolras as a soldier, a cell leader, and co-conspirator.

Re: Enjolras and his superiors

This would be especially interesting since there's a new theory that the June Rebellion was actually started by Royalists, who wanted to kill off as many Reds as possible in a contrived rebellion.
There's a few records of Jacobins swearing they were framed, that the barricades had already been erected by the time they got there and that the National Guard already knew what the barricades' weak points were.
There's another theory that the city didn't rise in 1832 because most Jacobin leaders suspected this stirring of interest was a trap and recommended their followers stay home.
And since reading that, I've really, really REALLY wanted to see someone apply that to Les Miserables.

I saw this post on Tumblr:

"No but

Montparnasse waking up at midday after a long night out killing people and stuff, and watching cartoons in his pyjamas with a bowl of lucky charms and his hair is all fluffy and he probably snorts when he’s laughing."

And I need this fic'd... Especially the snorting while laughing!

I could probably fill this, oh man. I know exactly which cartoon I'm going to use, too...

(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand

Grantaire/Bahorel: Drunk!Kiss

Bahorel and Grantaire share a drunk kiss after getting kicked out of a bar for starting a fight.

OP would love a happy ending with B/R fluff.

marius whump/comfort - torture, possible non-con.

I'm so sorry marius but marius getting caught and tortured for whatever reason (modern or canon era), anything goes, non-con okay. rescue & comfort from les amis and/or courfeyrac would be lovely as well!

Bahorel suddenly shouting "I'm in love with you, I've always been in love with you but you only have eyes for him" at Grantaire.

OP doesn't mind what happens to lead up to it, I've just had that line stuck in my head for some reason.

c'est la mort de mon cœur - 1/2

To all appearances, it is a normal meeting. Enjolras is huddled over a mess of documents with Feuilly and Combeferre, Courfeyrac tries to catch the eye of the barmaid while Provaire reads poetry to him, Joly and Bossuet are laughing over god-knows-what with Marius, and Bahorel currently has his chair balancing on the back two legs and his feet on the table.

His eyes have not left Grantaire since the meeting began, but this is hardly a new occurrence.

Grantaire, for that matter, seems oblivious to Bahorel's gaze as usual. He's grinning and laughing at something Bossuet said, leaning over to pinch Marius' cheek, and yet his gaze is focused entirely on the other table. At Enjolras.

Bahorel's fists clench. He hates this, hates feeling like this, and yet he cannot keep his emotions in check no matter how hard he tries.

"So," Grantaire laughs, his voice hoarse as he spits and rubs his mouth on his sleeve. "Same time next week?" There's a scarlet flame on his dirtied cheek that will doubtless become a bruise and a split in his bottom lip, but he's grinning and Bahorel laughs along with him.

Grantaire's always been part of the Musain to him; he seems as much a part of the tavern as the wonky table he sits at, empty bottles pooling around his ankles and the sharp sting of brandy on his breath.

The brandy is on Bahorel's breath that night too, adrenaline from the fight still coursing through his blood, and he grabs Grantaire's waist and kisses him without a second thought.

He plans to blame it on the drink, but Grantaire is kissing back, and his mouth carries all the heat of an open fire.

Courfeyrac steals Combeferre's glasses and the uproar at that distracts Bahorel from the memory - how many months ago has it been? Years, even?

And yet Grantaire is still an idiot who fails to notice Bahorel gazing at him the same way he himself gazes at Enjolras.

Bahorel groans, passing a hand over his eyes and reaching for the bottle.

He's lying in bed, sticky and sleepy and sated, and between half-closed lids he watches him dress. Underneath the clothes, Grantaire is covered in bruises and hair and scars, and he is the most wonderful thing Bahorel has ever seen.

"Come back." His words are slurred but his smile is genuine as he reaches out a hand, gesturing with cocked fingers for Grantaire to join him.

Grantaire glares at him, and there's something in those dark eyes that Bahorel cannot place in his half-asleep state. And then he chuckles, smooths Bahorel's hair back from his forehead, and he must have fallen asleep at that moment for he wakes to an empty bed.

Combeferre has successfully wrestled his glasses back and Enjolras is toussling his hair, saying something to him that causes them all to grin.

Of course Grantaire would stare at Enjolras. Everyone stares at Enjolras. Hell, Bahorel himself stares at him far more than he probably should. Enjolras is special, there is no denying it. It's how he holds himself, how he always stands so tall and radiates such a confidence it is impossible not to be drawn in by him.

But Grantaire stares at Enjolras differently to the others, with a soft adoration in his eyes, and Bahorel hates it.


marius/anyone - marius likes kissing so much he comes from that alone (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)


Combeferre is a gentle, loving Dom who gives lots of praise, and Courfeyrac is a harsh Dom who spanks and chokes and pulls hair and calls names. Enjolras loves them both.

Basically Gentle Dom!ferre, and mean dom!feyrac domination enjolras at the same time.

Re: Dom!ferre/sub!jolras/Dom!feyrac

OP: *dominate

Safe in my arms

For the sob Muse, somthing with Quastvert cradling colmvaljean in his arms. Artfully preferred

Re: Safe in my arms

Not promising anything, but I'd love to give this a shot sometime (when RL calms down at bit). A bit more details on context, scene, position is welcome.

Re: Safe in my arms (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Safe in my arms (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Safe in my arms (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Safe in my arms (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Safe in my arms (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Safe in my arms (Anonymous) Expand


Copy/pasted from a tumblr post, because I'd sell my soul for fic of this:

"headcanon that courfeyrac is kinky as fuck and marius is really awkward in bed so courf just watches a lot of really kinky porn until one day he comes home and marius is laying on bed tied up with a red ballgag between those pretty little lips of his and courf just goes at him"


Fem!R decides that Fem!Enj needs to take a break from all of the hard work she does, and what better way to relax than to masturbate? Fem!Grantaire teaching Fem!Enjolras how to masturbate!

Courfeyrac's Collection

All of the women in Courfeyrac's Collection find out about each other, and instead of fighting one another, they team up to enact their revenge.
Aka, ambushing Courfeyrac at home, tying him to his bed and domming the hell out of him before leaving him a sweaty, cum covered mess.
Bondage, pegging, dirty talk, orgasm denial, the works, just no scat, watersports or blood play please. Modern AU or Canon era, I don't really mind, just someone please write this!

Bonus points if Marius is the one who finds him afterwards

Double bonus points if Courfeyrac loves every minute of it.

Re: Courfeyrac's Collection


Costume Porn

A pairing (Les Amis preferred, but up to you) has reached the stage of undressing each other with the writing focusing on describing the 19th-century clothing itself. This section need not make up the entirety of the story so feel free to stray from the prompt to include more feels and character interaction.

too upset to finish speaking

Modern au, colmjean has to make a live emotional plea to camera's (maybe cosette's been kidnapped, isl) but cracks two lines in. Javert(his partner)t continues it for him, almost seemlesly, but even he has a wobble in his voice at the end. If thee is j/v comfort involved, all the better. Quastvert preferred

Re: too upset to finish speaking

I don't normally like Valvert in any form, but I love this prompt.

Enjolras can't say "I love you"

He doesn't even realises that he says "you too" or never says it himself. Not to friends, not to family, not to his lover if he has one.

valvert invisible marraige

Valjean and Javert get married or civil partnered...and no-one notices. Not Javert's boss, when he changes status, not his co-workers. Despite the fact they are wearing new rings, practically flaunting them.

Everyone is just so used to them being together they don't blink, while gisquet is merely relieved his officer is taking his month of accrued leave,after being nagged.

Bonus if it is the apparently most inobservent officer in the station who wishes them a happy honeymoon.

E/R or Courfeyrac/Jehan and lingerie

I've read those beautiful lingerie fics in which the lingerie is black or red etc, but after stumbling upon this stunning picture
I desperately want a fic in which Enjolras or Jehan loves wearing satin suspenders and/or corsets in soft tones like this.
I'm not even ashamed.

The Amis need to wear diapers to the meetings because Enjolras talks and talks and doesn't let them stand up to go to the bathroom because they distract him and who cares about their bodily needs anyway! We're planning a revolution here, people!

seconded for perverted reasons

Enjolras/Grantaire: Grantaire has synesthesia

From a Tumblr post that popped up on my Dash:

But what if Grantaire has synesthesia?

Enjolras’ laugh is orange, and his speeches are red. Sometimes he slips up and tells Jehan his poems are purple with pink flakes, but everyone laughs it off as him being drunk.

But then Enjolras sees his paintings, and he gets it, with a tiny gasp of blue realization. And R hasn’t ever shown anyone his paintings, because he didn’t want to have to explain, because well, he doesn’t know how. But then Enjolras is asking him what other colors he is, what do the all of the others sound like? Grantaire is flustered because Enjolras is in his space, panting wisps of carmine, that dangerous dark red fire gets, and he’s never seen Enjolras like this. He doesn’t know what it means - until Enjolras presses their mouths together.

That night he learns that Enjolras’ pants and whimpers are gold, when he cries out in desperation — hips canting upward seeking anything — he’s azure, and when he’s curled up on R’s chest, sated smile stretched wide as he sleeps, his little breathes are orange contentment, which match Grantaire’s own.

Re: Enjolras/Grantaire: Grantaire has synesthesia

Wow... just, wow.

I was debating writing a synesthesia!R fic before but it never came out right. Now, though, I really want to give this a shot.

in sickness and in health, grantaire/enjolras

(◡‿◡✿) modern!au - char1 has been diagnosed with a terminal/deathly (your choice) sickness and char1&char2 have been dating for 3-4 years prior, and char2 doesn't want to leave char1, even though char1 wants char2 to leave him because he feels that char2 should "move on with their life" because he feels that char2 deserves better than a sick person!!! but they end up together in the end again?? who g/e are is up to you (but preferred char1!grantaire and char2!enjolras, oops). i just want lots n lots of angst + fluff (⊙‿⊙✿)


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