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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 6
exit pursued by javert
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
[Round 6: No vacancy]Official rules/FAQ/Page-A-Mod post is there for reference, but you know how it works by now. Be nice, no kink-shaming, this is not the place to have it out with people who are Wrong On The Internet, detailed lists of kinks in headers are good, no RPF except for historical figures. Link to your fills (complete or incomplete) on the Fill Post. NKMWA = No Kink Meme Warnings Apply; see rules post for details. Mods reserve the right to enforce reasonable standards of conduct even if they are incapable of explicitly enumerating every possible way someone could act like an asshat online.

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Check in at Round 7!

The Inspector and the Liar

The god Loki decides to teach Javert an important lesson. Friendship, adventure and happy endings ensue! Bonus for Loki and Gavroche bonding and Valjean being honestly overhelmed by it all.

(No Marvel!Loki, please. I like the guy, but Mythology!Loki deserves some spotlight as well.)


I'd love some member of the Amis jerking off to another (or a few others). However, they have little no interest in actually being in a relationship with their fantasy, they just are having a good old fashioned wank starring a friend or two. Weird fantasies 100% welcome!

Some ideas that could be fun (But really, anything works):
-Young Marius doesn't want to date Eponine, but when he accidentally sees her naked, he can't help but jack off to the image.
-Someone secretly thinks Joly/Musichetta/Bossuet is the hottest thing ever.
-Courfeyrac thinks that Jehan and Enjolras fucking would be the hottest thing ever.
-Bahorel wants Cosette to suck his dick. He'd never encourage cheating, and Marius doesn't need to know he's beaten off to his gf.
-Combeferre is filthy in his head. Like, the kinkiest SOB ever.

As a note, I'd prefer if it wasn't Enjolras and Grantaire because I love it when they do actually want to be in a relationship, which defeats the point of the prompt. That said, if that's what inspires you, go for it!

Re: Masturbation!

me too, Courfeyrac, me too

Definitely seconding this and may attempt to fill. This is one of my not-even-secretly favorite kinks, and I encourage as many fills as possible!

Re: Masturbation! (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Masturbation! (Anonymous) Expand

Gavroche adopts Javert

Javert never wanted a child, they are messy, loud and while the logistics of actually making the little ankle biter to begin with aren't unpleasant (on his part, at least) he isn't about to sleep around. Gavroche on the other hand always wanted a father and decides that Javert will do just fine. Que him announceing that the Inspector is his new papa one day.

At first, Javert's like 'I am not your papa! Go away!' But he eventually begins to warm to his self-proclaimed progeny.

Re: Gavroche adopts Javert

Yes, this is all I want and more *-*

Javert bondage

Javert is naked, tied up in a horse stall with a bridle on his head and a bit in between his teeth. How did he get there? You decide!

Bahorel/[Grantaire, Courfeyrac, or both] - Watersports

because there is seriously not enough of it in this fandom

you can literally go wherever you want with this prompt

Re: Bahorel/[Grantaire, Courfeyrac, or both] - Watersports

YES! Seconded!

Enjolras/Montparnasse, Enjolras is off limits to theives

Montparnasse makes it clear to Paris's theives that his boyfriend is off limits to all muggings, robberys, etc. Except a new guy comes to town and, unaware of the rule, mugs Enjolras leaving him seriously hurt. Cue 'Parnasse avenging his lover and then dumb cuddles

Re: Enjolras/Montparnasse, Enjolras is off limits to theives

holy fuck seconded so hard

platonic eating

Eponine tries to seduce Marius by eating something sexily. It goes over Marius' head and out a plate glass window

Cosette kind of has a thing for other men fucking (closeted bisexual) Marius.

Um. Yes. Please.

(That's my ever so coherent response).

Valjean/Fauchelevant, Cosette Has Two Daddies

Domestic fluff of the two of them raising her, whether in the convent or in a modern!AU.

Crossover with the Zybourne Clock

Don't care how or why: Johnny Five Aces at the barricade? LM art in the inimiable style of the original johnny.jpg? I just think this needs to happen.

Re: Crossover with the Zybourne Clock




another night vale au

the amis are a group of revolutionaries plotting to overthrow the city council

meanwhile enjolras, their leader, pines for R, radio host of welcome to night vale, with his dry humor and veiled jabs at the state of their city

little does he know that R is actually a member of the amis

Re: another night vale au

okay wow, i think this one is my favorite so far. fingers crossed for a fill!

Re: another night vale au (Anonymous) Expand
Re: another night vale au (Anonymous) Expand
Re: another night vale au (Anonymous) Expand

E/R, finger feeding

Enjolras' fingers slip-sliding in his mouth, indulging him with his favourite foods, lavishing attention on him, and having Enjolras take care of him is actually one of Grantaire's favourite things. All D/S undertones/overtones/explicit references are more than welcome, as is making it part of a larger scene. Canon is preferred, but modern AU is also fine :)

Re: E/R, finger feeding


Re: E/R, finger feeding (Anonymous) Expand

Enjolras/Grantaire: Modern!AU, Collared!Enjolras

Established Domtaire/Subjolras.

Enjolras loves earing a collar as often as he can, including during the meetings at the Musain.

During a meeting someone (an OC?) says Enjolras cannot be a reliable leader if he's someone's sub, Enjolras then proceeds to rip them to shreds and continues the meeting like nothing happened.

+ Smut (because OP loves d/s smut)

Re: Enjolras/Grantaire: Modern!AU, Collared!Enjolras

p l e a s e

Living in poverty

Basically, I'd like to see Les Amis without their trust funds.

I'm okay with poverty in an urban location, but I'd be curious to see what happens if they were put in a poor, rural area.

So, Enjolras can't own a large collection of expensive books, and Grantaire has nowhere to buy art supplies (and it's not like there's a school that still has a functioning art program, really). Jehan can't wear floral print jeans (where would he get them?) and god forbid anyone has premarital sex, because its not like you can pick up condoms from a conservative nurse's office, or from any drug store (people will gossip.)

To add to that, homosexuality (or really anything beyond straight, white, republican and christian) may not be widely or publicly accepted, and you know that Cosette and Marius would get hitched during high school, that is, if they got around to graduating. And no matter how pretty and sweet you are, you still need to shoot raccoons (they taste like pork...).

It doesn't have to be exactly like that, my experiences with poverty stem from my experiences with my family, which is exclusively in the northeastern part of the US. I'd be happy to see the rural south, west, some other country, but I'd love to see something dealing with this issue.

Re: Living in poverty

This is beautiful.

Eponine/Marius, Marius/Cosette, pregnancy

Marius is terrified that he'll be bad in bed with Cosette. Eponine offers to help him practice, just as friends, no strings, to make sure he'll be up for finally sleeping with his girlfriend.

Eponine really just wants to sleep with Marius, and will take whatever she can get. And frankly, Marius is getting quite good in bed. And part of her loves knowing that it may be Cosette he's fawning after, but it's her that he's going to bed with.

All is well. Until the condom breaks, and Eponine gets pregnant. And Marius doesn't want it. And Cosette, considering the circumstances of her own birth, is furious when she finds out.

Basically, a giant, angsty clusterfuck that doesn't have to resolve peacefully.

Re: Eponine/Marius, Marius/Cosette, pregnancy


I'll make a revolutionary out of you!

A Les Mis remix of "I'll make a man out of you" with Enjolras as Shang.

Please, this is all I could ever want, ever.

Re: I'll make a revolutionary out of you!


Fem!E/Fem!R - stripper AU

Fem!Enjolras gets dragged to a strip club by someone for some reason, and is fully prepared to hate it. Until a stripper only calling herself R catches her eye.

So you know. She goes back the next week. Just to keep an eye on the conditions the girls are in and make sure their rights are accounted for and they aren't being exploited. Right. That's the only reason. She's certainly not pining over a stripper. That would be silly.

She doesn't figure R would notice her anyway...

Bonus: At some point R goes and tries to get The Pretty Blonde Who Sits in the Back to buy a lapdance and somehow they end up bickering about philosophy or something equally nerd right in the middle of the club.
Other Bonus: Grantaire is specifically stripping to pay her way through school.

Fill: Hey! Stripper! (Don't Know What You Think You're Doing To Me) [Part 1a/?]

I... have no idea how this happened, okay. One moment I'm scrolling through the kink meme, the next I've written 2000+ words of R being a sexy stripper and E being aroused out of her mind. So, yeah... Anyway, enjoy! And do tell me whether I should scrap this or continue.

Oh, and this is un-beta'd and I couldn't be bothered to read through it because I'm lazy like that.


Courfeyrac is practically buzzing as they wait in line to get into the strip club. The chill in the air does nothing to dissuade her from her manic plan to make sure Enjolras gets a lap dance – Enjolras muses, even as she feels her nose turn blue, that nothing short of her breasts turning black and falling off because of the cold will make Courfeyrac turn back. Then she wrinkles aforementioned frozen nose at the thought of Courfeyrac’s breasts – it’s bad enough that the woman barely has any modesty around their shared flat; Enjolras will not be adding to her own mental scarring.

Finally, after what seems like an hour of Courfeyrac’s excited babbling, the bouncer waves them through the door after they show him their IDs. Combeferre’s hand gets stamped because she turns twenty one in a couple of months, but Courfeyrac promises she’ll buy her a coke and rum that will most definitely get declined because no matter how much Courfeyrac pretends otherwise, Combeferre is their designated driver for the night.

“Sometimes I wonder how Courfeyrac is older than me, for all that she acts like a five year old,” Combeferre yells into Enjolras’ ear over the thumping music, tone wry and dry.

Enjolras rips her gaze away from the gleaming poles placed on top of a stage on which several scantily-clad girls are writhing. “Sometimes?” she asks, sardonic eyebrow rising so that it disappears in the blond curls hanging in her eye.

A laugh trills out of Combeferre’s open mouth. “Good point. Should we get something to drink? I feel weird just standing here.”

Of course, they’d already lost Courfeyrac, who has melted into the crowd. She’ll probably mingle and knock back a few drinks before finding her way back to them, so Enjolras simply shrugs her bare shoulders at Combeferre. “Sure, why not?”

At the bar, Enjolras gets a Shirley Temple while Combeferre sticks to cherry Coke. The drop into a comfortable silence as they lean against the bar, watching the proceedings going on around them with unveiled interest. Neither of them has been in a strip club before, so there is much to observe.

It isn’t long before Courfeyrac finds them, face flushed and breath sweetened with various alcoholic cocktails. She grins at them, teeth flashing under the strobe lights, and places an arm around each one of them. “So?” she prompts, pulling them against her sides to emphasise her question. “Whaddya think? Fun, right?”

But Enjolras isn’t paying attention to her anymore, gaze focused instead on the preternatural creature prowling the stage in the highest fucking heels Enjolras has ever seen. The woman – girl, really, her youthful face seems to scream – is gorgeous, her mile-long legs clad in black fishnet stockings that reach up to her thighs, which are a creamy white underneath. The stockings are clipped to her lacy underwear, also black, and arching high on her hips. A corset shows off her hourglass figure, tiny waist cinched in and breasts barely contained and almost overflowing at the top. The baby pink laces of the corset match the pink blush creating two spots of colour on the girl’s cheeks.

Joan Jett’s Do You Wanna Touch Me is blaring from the speakers, and the girl moves to the music. Her hips sway enticingly as her hands trail over them, talon-like nails scratching lightly across her thighs in a way that seems to drive the crowd mad. Faintly, Enjolras notices that she’s alone on the platform, which means that this is a special act, that she is special.

Clearly, that much is obvious. The faux innocent expression on the girl’s face is in vivid contrast to the gleam in her blue, blue eyes, which seem to say I know what I’m doing to you and I’m enjoying driving you mad with lust. Or, at least that’s what Enjolras thinks they say. It’s a little hard to decipher the exact words being conveyed, but there is no doubt that there is wickedness in those eyes.

Edited at 2013-08-05 05:51 am (UTC)

Any and all pairings encouraged.

There was a fic that mentioned briefly that the Amis create their own symposium by locking the doors at one of their apartments, argue philosophy and have sex.
More of that please.
Bonus for stilted, pre-victorian concepts of sexuality and how to explore it.
One of them actually sinks on another's cock and everybody is totally scandalized until they hear the noises he's making.
At least one isn't actively aroused by their friends, but assume that's the point, it's just about camraderie.
At least one is, and feels a little embarrased.
Double bonus for two Amis stealing away to male out. Too intimate for the orgy.

Re: Any and all pairings encouraged.


College AU where Javert is a professor and all the Amis (and Marius, Cosette, and/or Eponine if you want) are his students who have not so secret crushes on him. Javert is completely oblivious to this.

Reprompt: Enjolras/Grantaire, comfort sucking

Not OP, but this is something I really want and if someone were to fill this, I would love them forever and ever.

Even after Enjolras has come, Grantaire likes to keep sucking on his soft cock as a source of comfort. He just likes it resting in his mouth while he suckles on it. Enjolras doesn't quite understand, but he's not about to tell him to stop if that's what helps calm him down. He eventually gets used to it and always keeps a book nearby so he can read and pet Grantaire's hair until he's satisfied.

Re: Reprompt: Enjolras/Grantaire, comfort sucking

seconded it then, seconding it again now.

Valjean's tenderness makes javert cry

No AU but post-canon ok. Doesn't have to be sex, can be just Valjean (or Madeleine) being kind or touching Javert's hand. I am hoping for a very in-character, reserved Javert who hates the thought of showing emotion but in this one instance can't stop himself.

Bonus points for creating an explanation for why Javert turned out so rigid and alone. Ending is up to the author.

Re: Valjean's tenderness makes javert cry

Have you read Halfway to Halfway There by Stonecarapace, anon? Parts of it might be up your street: archiveofourown.org/works/697539/chapters/1283672

Criminal Javert: Street Justice or Devil May Care?

I'm surprised that I haven't seen this, especially for valvert fics. Then again, maybe I just wasn't paying attention DX

I'd like to see what would happen if a paroled Valjean met a Javert that surrendered to the "vagabond order" and created his own microcosm of order by a band of thieves. Maybe Valjean would join them, and become a master thief? Maybe Javert would feel hollow at the prospect of what his life could have been? Maybe the thieves become ambitious and start hitting big targets? Lots of potential!

If anyone's thinking of filling it, I want to stress that I don't mind if it's valvert or not (even if it is my weakness). Completely up to the author. Please consider this thoughtfully!

Whenever Javert has trouble repressing something, or is down on himself, or just needs a boost of self-confidence, he gets a pep talk from the talking can of vegetables from Wet Hot American Summer.

Bonus points if Javert reveals some hidden kink and the can of vegetables admits that he can suck his own dick, so who cares, be honest with yourself.

E/R hurt/comfort after Gavroche's death

Going off the American touring production, Gavroche is close to Grantaire rather than Courfeyrac. When he is killed, Enjolras tries to comfort Grantaire. Either gen or E/R. <3

Re: E/R hurt/comfort after Gavroche's death

Oh dear God yes

E/R, downtime

From Tumblr:

"what i want is an all-too-human enjolras who is still fierce, still magnificent and wonderful, still completely awe-inspiring in his revolutionary fervour, but who at the same time has days where he is so completely burnt out by the constant fighting and railing and screaming that he has to just stop for a while

and i can just imagine him curling up with his head in grantaire’s lap, wearing too-big jogging bottoms and one of r’s ratty old paint-spattered hoodies, letting grantaire gently run his fingers through his hair and just looking soft and young and exhausted

and even though it was the fiery, incredible enjolras that grantaire first fell in love with, it’s in those moments that he can’t help but just look at him as he is (all sleepy and warm and human as he pretends to pay attention to whatever film’s on tv and nuzzles into grantaire’s thigh) and know that he would follow him willingly to the ends of the earth & back again without even a second thought"

Someone make a fic of this, please!

Re: E/R, downtime


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