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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 6
exit pursued by javert
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
[Round 6: No vacancy]Official rules/FAQ/Page-A-Mod post is there for reference, but you know how it works by now. Be nice, no kink-shaming, this is not the place to have it out with people who are Wrong On The Internet, detailed lists of kinks in headers are good, no RPF except for historical figures. Link to your fills (complete or incomplete) on the Fill Post. NKMWA = No Kink Meme Warnings Apply; see rules post for details. Mods reserve the right to enforce reasonable standards of conduct even if they are incapable of explicitly enumerating every possible way someone could act like an asshat online.

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sub Combeferre aftercare

Combeferre's not used to being taken care of, he's always the one to care for others, so aftercare always comes as a bit of a shock, but a nice shock. He loves being held and rocked, having his hair stroked and being told he's a good boy.

Any pairing, just with sub Combeferre and lots of sweet, fluffy aftercare.

Re: sub Combeferre aftercare


Whoever fills this might ruin me.

What if Javert was a talking scottie dog

No one notices except for Valjean and when he's like "Hey why is one of the guards a terrier?" everyone's just like "What the fuck are you saying?"

As coo-coo bananas as possible, please.

I would love a nice Courfeyrac/Enjolras fic.
If you cannot write them as a couple, then a nice friendship fic.
Like the one in which Courfeyrac is trying to be protective big brother to Enjolras and Enjolras being sweet about it.

bless your dear soul, anon

Javert discovers the kink meme and notices how many "My firstborn child for this fill" comments there are. S he decides to enforce it. Cue Javert going gallivanting across the globe, stealing firstborn children and giving them to people who don't actually want them.

My second born child for this.

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Ace!Patriasexual!Enjolras goes into heat

Ace!Patriasexual!Enjolras goes into heat. Cue him desperately marathoning readings of revolutionary philosophy, when the amis come to check on him he's spurting out quotes in a half-manic frenzy, etc

grantaire is the lead singer of an indie rock band
enjolras is his #1 fan (who likes to scare away other fans who think they deserve to stan grantaire because mine)

Help! My dick has disappeared!!!

All of the male characters suddenly have vaginas.

That's it, that's the prompt.

Re: Help! My dick has disappeared!!!

I don't have the skill to write this but, um, shall read it with interest.

Javert and Judje Dredd: BFFs

Twice a month Javert and Judge Dredd meet up for coffee. They talk, argue and generally reinforce each others 'once a perp, always a perp' worldview.

Valvert Mpreg: Seven to Survive

[Hides head in paper bag] Valjean decides to follow in his sister's footsteps and impregnate Javert with seven children over time, except that he plans to see them and their 'father' as well-supported. Probably would have to start in Toulon as a gigantic fix-it, but since this is impossible and all, I say do whatever tickles your fancy. Age is just a number.

[Hides paper-bagged head in ice cooler] Bonus points if Valjean's reasoning is hokey and if Javert has twins at some point.

Re: Valvert Mpreg: Seven to Survive

Yeah, I'll go with seconding this. Can I hide in that paper bag with you, OP?

never have i ever

angsty!never have i ever is basically one of my favourite tropes in fic ever omw. so:

the amis (+ marius, cosette, eponine, possibly musichetta?) play never have i ever. it starts off fun and light hearted but eventually as the night goes on and they all get a little tipsy, the questions get darker until all of them end up revealing something dark about themselves.

Re: never have i ever


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Cosette saves Javert from himself

That night on the bridge, it is Cosette who talks Javert down from his ledge and saves him from himself.

Canon-era preferred (and extra cookies for Quast!vert), but how Cosette got there (and why) and any other logic is left to the discretion of a!a, as is the decision on gen or pairings, style, etc. Whatever it takes to make it work!

Re: Cosette saves Javert from himself

This may be relevant to your interests!

I need a fic where Enjolras/any other ami have a D/s relationship where Enjolras is the needy sub who is only allowed to come every two weeks or something.
But yeah I just really want desperate, begging Subjolras.

SECONDING cuz i need some real orgasm control/denial and GUH

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marius/courfeyrac, body worship, slight objectification?

marius is very bottom heavy - i.e. thick thighs, curvy hips, a booty that won't quit, etc. - and he's very self conscious about it.

courfeyrac, however, delights in it (。♥‿♥。)

Re: marius/courfeyrac, body worship, slight objectification?

yes, please

E/R, angst

Enjolras and Grantaire are in an established relationship when Grantaire gets a phone call from a hysterical Enjolras begging him to come home. Worried and afraid, Grantaire hurries home to find Enjolras working himself into a panic attack, and Grantaire manages to coax out of him that someone he loves has died-- a parent, a sibling, or whatever the writer wants. Grantaire helps him through all the panic attack symptoms-- shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea, etc. When he finally calms Enjolras enough to put him to bed, that's when the crying starts, and Grantaire holds him and rubs his back as he sobs himself to sleep. I just want to see Enjolras completely and unprecedentedly unhinged with Grantaire frightened and feeling helpless as he attempts to calm and comfort him.

Re: E/R, angst

this hit's so close to home i'm kinda crying but seconding!

Musichetta/Joly(/Bossuet), pegging

Musichetta takes Joly with a strap-on. And if Bossuet is watching and/or fucking Joly's mouth at the same time, well, I certainly wouldn't object to that.

Re: Musichetta/Joly(/Bossuet), pegging


The one where they're Jaeger pilots

Javert and Valjean are locked in their decades-long cat-and-mouse game and Javert is just catching up - when a fucking Kaiju invades Paris.

Cue giant steampunk robots.


Re: The one where they're Jaeger pilots

Oh God! Yes! My two current fandoms joined in steam punk marriage!

Madeleine has a sore throat.
It is so painful he can't even talk - which Javert doesn't realize immediately, since he's so used to observing the Mayor to try and please him (and, well, that whole suspecting him of being a convict thing, u kno) that he just does everything Madeleine wants him to do, without needing any spoken orders.

Enjolras was an ugly kid

The amis all go to elementary school together and Enjolras is an ugly kid with huge teeth and a buzz cut. Then his parents divorce and he moves away.

Years later, Enjolras comes back to study at university... and boy, did puberty treat him well.

- Courfeyrac always kept contact with Enjolras
- e/R

E and R in have been dating but they've never had sex. they make out and all but thats pretty much it. so one night they are together and R tries to take things further but Enjolras panics and tells him about the sexual abuse he suffered as a kid. tender conforting sex would be nice but not necessary
just please make this happend?? im having an awful day and i just need this rn

Seconded really, really hard.

Combeferre comes from a - although rich - very broken family and he's the oldest son of many children. so while growing up he'd have to take care of his siblings when his father beat them up or whatever and that's what made him so protective of everyone and made him hate violence so much
idk man thats just my #1 headcanon and ive had too much caffeine dont look at me

This is my new headcanon now because it makes a lot of sense. Also, his attitude towards women could have stemmed from how his father treated his mother and sisters.

Murder She Wrote crossover

I'd just like to see how Javert copes with Jessica poking her nose in on one of his cases.

Bonus also if there's some Valvert in there and Jessica finds out about it (A!A choice as to how she reacts)

Re: Murder She Wrote crossover


Book Movie Fusion

The Thenardiers crash Marius' wedding to try and blackmail him about Valjean, accidentally letting him know that Valjean saved his life, when Valjean was planning on confessing his past the next morning.

e/R "I can't whisper while drunk"

So I was reading 'Asco de Vida' a spanish page similar to FML and there was a story about a guy who was going out with his girlfriend, and he was a little drunk in the middle of the park, so in a fit of passion, he whispered to her 'I could fuck you right here and now', and the girl's little sisters, who were playing a little far away, turned to them and told them to at least go hide on the bushes, then the author of the FML said "I don't know how to drunk-whisper"

That's it, that's the prompt.

Asexual!Grantaire/(Enjolras, Bahorel, or Courfeyrac)

Grantaire is asexual, but doesn't mind doing things to please his partner, as long as they don't try to do anything to him in return. However, he does enjoy participating in nonsexual* D/S and bondage where he is in a submissive position.

*His partner wouldn't do anything sexual to him, but Grantaire could do some sexual things to his partner (e.g. give him a blowjob/handjob/etc., but no full-on sex.)

Re: Asexual!Grantaire/(Enjolras, Bahorel, or Courfeyrac)

this prompt is so great

E/R age difference

I want an E/R fic where R is older and E actually looks up to him in their relationship (or lack of) even though they disagree in fundamental things outside of it. Bonus points for smut. More bonus points for E being a virgin and for managing to use "Be serious-I am wild" in any way.


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