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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 6
exit pursued by javert
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
[Round 6: No vacancy]Official rules/FAQ/Page-A-Mod post is there for reference, but you know how it works by now. Be nice, no kink-shaming, this is not the place to have it out with people who are Wrong On The Internet, detailed lists of kinks in headers are good, no RPF except for historical figures. Link to your fills (complete or incomplete) on the Fill Post. NKMWA = No Kink Meme Warnings Apply; see rules post for details. Mods reserve the right to enforce reasonable standards of conduct even if they are incapable of explicitly enumerating every possible way someone could act like an asshat online.

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Pontmercying: The Revenge of the Derps, Ashes to Ashes/LOM X OVER

Somehow, marius pontmercy and Christopher Skelton (from lom/a2a) meet. Shit goes down. Derpy shit. Bonus points if both Gene Hunt and Javert are there (wherever you choose to set it) and just roll their eyes and occasionally make a snarky comment.

Marius/Cosette/Eponine/Courfeyrac, sedoretu

for those of you following along at home, that's Marius/Cosette, Cosette/Eponine, Eponine/Courfeyrac, and Courf/Marius


In the year 1817: Fluff

Can I have some fluff of Tholomyes playing with Cosette when she is a baby (w/ or w/out Fantine) made creepy and tragic by the fact that he's just going to leave them soon? We can assume that Tholomyes knew about Cosette and liked to tease her :)

Re: In the year 1817: Fluff

Oh my goodness this prompt is beautiful. I want this so bad!




Re: thenardier/montparnasse

(whispers) thenardier helping montparnasse lace his stays

gen; role-reversal

so i'd like a fic where the author writes enjolras like the fandumb writes marius (excited about everything, not intelligent, clumsy, totally focused on his all-consuming love for cosette*) and then writes marius like everyone writes enjolras ("i'm too focused on this cause to actually act like a human being even a little bit"), to prove a point!

it'd be cool if any potential author could manage to keep enjolras as the leader of les amis despite the ooc-ness, just for kicks.

(* cosette can be replaced with another ami or something else entirely (NOT patria please) if the author would like)

(Inspired by an add I've been seeing a lot.)

Enjolras is terminally ill, and he has been taken to his home where all of Les Amis are because they think that it's his last day. Grantaire is a sorta vandal but he's still one of their friends. He goes out, and the others are pretty annoyed. He comes back an hour or so later, with spray paint marks on his hands. Everyone else just deathstares him but he just walks into Enjolras's room, opens the curtains and shows him the mural that he had painted.

Combeferre/Grantaire/Enjolras, D/s

Dom!Enjolras directing the two people who complete him.

Re: Combeferre/Grantaire/Enjolras, D/s


Enjolras/Other (female)

Enjolras is dating some girl, preferably Girl!Grantaire or Girl!Courfeyrac, but anything could work. The issue is that he's kind of repressed, particularly when it comes to doing sexual things.

Like, he doesn't want to be some sort of gross dude trying to trick his girlfriend into blowing him, so he doesn't ask for oral sex ever, and he'd totally like to try anal, except he doesn't want to be that dude so he'd never even dream about bringing it up, and sometimes he wants to spank her, but he thinks that is insanely disrespectful to her, and he never initiates sex/does anything spontaneous because he doesn't want to pressure her.

So, in his quest to avoid being a gross dudebro who is awful, he inadvertently becomes the most boring sexual partner ever, and his girlfriend has to convince him that his urges are normal, and frankly way hotter than 24/7 preplanned missionary with eye contact.

Re: Enjolras/Other (female)

so he's this guy?


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TW: rape

Enjolras is so naive about sex and relationships that he doesn't realize that what his boyfriend is doing to him is rape. Because he loves him and that's all you need, right?

Cue Amis being angry, protective, and amazing.

Re: TW: rape

seconded! love me some protective!amis

Javert and UCOS ( BBC New Tricks crossover)

OP repost and tidy-up

The orginal UCOS 4 are called in to investigate a kidnapping, because the girl kidnapped has just turned up, married, in London.
Javert is tagged onto them, because he investigated the original case in France.
He and Jerry do not get on.

The investigation gradually closes in on Faulchelevent, AKA JVJ. At some point, Javert really starts to throw metaphorical spanners in the works, and it comes out that Valjean is his boyfriend.

Happy end please

Apologies in advance:
Okay so the Amis are all at the baricade and the captain of the guard is yelling at them to surrender and then Grantaire is all of the sudden like "WTF Father?" And then the captain of the guard starts yelling at him to get down and to respect his parental authority. Then Grantaire just starts yelling back about how he can't control Grantaire because he's not even his real father he's just a stupid step father.
They keep yelling for a while until Combeferre intervenes and becomes their doctor Phill by saying things like "I understand that you wanted Grantaire to join the police force but you have to realize his dreams are just as valid as yours." And "I know he hurt you in the past Grantaore but you have to be willing to let him back in your heart if you want to heal." Then the rest of the Amis and soldiers just standing their awkwardly.
Bonus points for Valjean and Javert looking at them and being like if they can try to get along with a relationship that dysfunctional so can we.
Extra bonus point for everything unraveling into a group therapy session and everyone completely forgetting about the revolution even Enjolras who starts crying on someone's shoulder about his lonly soul and love for Grantaire.
There's nothing wrong with me I swear!

I want this. Someone fill this.

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A/B/O AU, the struggles of A/B/O social justice, E/R, Marius/Cosette, any/any.

Les Amis are a modern activist group who champion various causes, but A/B/O equality is a particularly hot topic at the minute in their society, with very public debates on-going.

Unfortunately, their attempts to be effective activists while the topic is so strongly in the public eye are hindered by:

+ group members/their partners getting pregnant (extra bonus points if Grantaire is one of them.)
+ everyone having out of sync biological cycles and having to go off for their heats.
+ their de facto leader being a particularly Alpha-ish Alpha who their opponents (and certain so-called allies) like to point out is playing into the hands of people who think that Omegas need Alphas to fight their battles for them.

Basically anything involving and Les Amis trying to change attitudes and limitations on A/B/O things, but having numerous inconveniences crop up in the process.

Re: A/B/O AU, the struggles of A/B/O social justice, E/R, Marius/Cosette, any/any.

honestly OP, are you me? i was thinking of prompting basically this cause i've read lots of a/b/o fics but they're mostly sex sex sex and that's great but i think that kind of universe it's also a really good oportunity for plot and i just... let me love you? if i could write properly in english i'd write it for you. i really, really hope this gets filled *fingers crossed*

Zombie AU

Les Amis come back as zombies. Marius has to fight them off.

that's it that's the prompt

Re: Zombie AU

Yes, all the yes goes to this post. Too bad CatBountry isint in this fandom, she'd be all over this.

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Nudist beach

Les amis go to a nudists' beach. That's it.

Prompt from a post on Tumblr:

"But imagine an Les Mis AU where R is the son of some shitty politician so the Amis kidnap him but they’re like really bad at it but R humors them because he doesn’t like his dad anyway and instead of locking him up or something Jehan writes him poetry and Bahorel drinks with him and they buy him art supplys and just really like him a lot and then shippy stuff happens and Enjolras panics because

Omg Combeferre

He has stockholm syndrome

And everyone else just facepalms at that."

I will give my first born child to the person who fills this

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Transexual Javert

Javert was born a female but has never identified as one, with his mother's help he was able to hide his anatomy and live life as a man with no one the wiser about what was in his pants.

He lives pretty comfortably until he meets Mayor Madeleine, someone he feels actual physical attraction to. Things get realy intense but Javert is too afraid to do it because that would mean he would have to not only reveal that he is biologically a woman but also risk freaking out Madeleine.

Madeleine finds out Javert's secret and is not only ok with it he goes out and buys Javert a strap on so that the inspector can be on top.

Just a sweet feel-good bucket of fluff, please!

Help, yes, this, I want it.

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R and alcohol, the Amis, modern au

Ok so I've read countless stories where Grantaire has a shot self esteem and that why he drinks but he does things and people are like 'you're a good guy R you just can't see it'. Well, Id like to request something similar, but with a key difference

A drunk R is kind of an asshole. He's loud and boisterous and grabs women without their consent and one time he tried sticking his tongue down Eponine's throat. Suffice to say he makes a fool of himself, frequently.
But R can be a really nice guy, when he's sober. The trick is to catch him when he hasn't been drinking, which is becoming a steadily rarer event.

Ok I'll leave now

Re: R and alcohol, the Amis, modern au

+1. Really cool prompt.

Fem!Valjean/Javert Happy anniversary

Recently downloaded a very amusing song by Quast called Happy Anniversary. Go look it up on youtube.

I want something with that song as reference.

Pretty please with Enjolras covered in strawberry syrup on top *-*

Happy Anniversary 1a

We really need to stop meeting like this(I filled your other prompt on Javert punishing his officers in ridiculous ways). Apologies as this isn't strictly what you requested, but this is something I wrote a few months ago after hearing PQ sing that song - you may find it of interest until someone fills your prompt proper:

"Here" Valjean lifted the magnum from the ice bucket, "Have some more."

Javert's scowl remained fixed as he watched his partner top up his flute glass with more gold fizz.

"Twenty years." Valjean mused; for all that he was addressing Javert, he might as well have spoke to himself.

Had it really been that long? He laid the bottle back in its icy casket and noted that Javert's expression was unchanged; his thick eyebrows knotted in displeasure.

Valjean had plotted this night for months, with the sort of precision Javert often demanded of his officers. Valjean had procured the best champagne, the tickets lay in wait upon the mantlepiece, and now he was attired in that chocolate-hued suit that Javert was rather partial of - even if the years had made it a little tighter.

It must have been the flowers that set Javert's mood. Maybe he should have gauged how Javert would have reacted before settling on the dozen red roses. Javert, for his part, had sat all the while (his apparent displeasure notwithstanding), still in his uniform; only sips of fizz seemed to settle him enough to prevent an eruption of emotion. It wasn't that he disliked surprises per say, rather that he wished he knew about them in advance, though Valjean tried to argue this was entirely against the spirit of surprise. Then again, it also didn't help that Javert's suit - the one Valjean had dispatched earlier in the week for a dry-clean - had yet to arrive.

A large hand rested heavily on Javert's shoulder. "I'm sure it won't be much longer." Valjean tried to placate him.

Javert responded with an obvious turn of his head to the clock, now inching towards a quarter-to-eight, then fired an eyes-narrowed look to Valjean.

"You said that at six-thirty, then again at seven-thirty. Will it be too much to assume you will say it come eight-thirty too?"

Valjean padded over to the window and craned his neck to glance down the stretch of road. "Just the Gods testing us, I'm sure."

"Ah, yes. The God-of-fucking-useless-delivery-people-being-fucking-useless-at-delivering-dry-cleaned-clothes-on-time."

Valjean pressed his rough fingertips to his greying temples in a vain effort to soothe a building headache.

Javert slurped at his glass, "What was his name again? He was the one I could never remember during my classical studies."

"Gerald." Valjean answered, only paying a modicum of attention to Javert's grumblings.

Javert paused in lifting his glass to his mouth. "I was jesting, Valjean" his voice had a gruff tone.

Valjean set his glass on the coffee table with a not-to-careful ploink and shouted back to Javert as he headed for the front door: "Gerald from the dry-cleaners - he's just pulled up outside, with your suit, no doubt."

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Joly/Bossuet/Musichetta; d/s

Joly and Musichetta doting on their beautiful sub.


A night of drinking at Bahorel's house gets a bit more intimate than either of them had expected it to, though neither of them can say they really mind it.

Bonus points for:
*casual friend cuddles being a thing that they do sometimes
*Bahorel giving Grantaire an awkwardly-timed first kiss
*Bahorel playing with R's hair and giving him lots of kisses and praise
*they don't regret it/feel awkward the next day and it sort of becomes a friends-with-benefits thing

Re: Bahorel/Grantaire

I love you for asking for this. It's something I didn't know I wanted until right now. Going to attempt to fill this.

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Ten francs may save my poor Javert

Just been rewatching the TAC and Ruthie's long 'Cosette', seems to morph itself into 'Javert'.

Astory with Javert's mother in Fantine's place, perhaps to fund her son through school rather than paying inkeepers

Re: Ten francs may save my poor Javert

Love this

Amis, Enjolras is the actual embodiment of France/patriotism

Or something along those lines. But he only exists as long as people believe in him, and when their faith in him wavers, he gets weaker and weaker, until he dies. Nobody knows, they just think he's a really charismatic guy.

Taking this as a premise, I would like a scene at the barricade when spirits are low and someone (anyone at all) notices Enjolras getting weaker. Cue someone figuring out what is going on.

Bonus: Since he cannot actually die, Enjolras comes back every now and then when spirits are high. Maybe he meets reincarnations of his old friends?

Re: Amis, Enjolras is the actual embodiment of France/patriotism

woah seconded really hard

Jehan/Courfeyrac sickfic

I just need the fluffiest fluff ever written, please? Guest platonic Combeferre or Joly would be lovely as well:)

cRebel!Enjolras x Police!Grantaire (Modern AU)

Enjolras, having voiced his political views a bit too loudly, is threatened by some sort of terrorists or political opponents; Consequently, he's put under police protection. Of course he's super annoyed by this because he wants to keep doing speeches, changing the world, helping people and stuff - also, that stupid police guy who's supposed to watch over him (Grantaire) is infuriating!

Bonus points if
- Enjolras tries to escape (he's not worried about his well being - his friends are)
- Enjolras is being hand cuffed at some point

I'd love to read this, seriously <3

Re: cRebel!Enjolras x Police!Grantaire (Modern AU)

This is actually genius.

Cosette hates being called cute, in the "So adorable!" sense of the word. That's what she was trying to stop when she got her nose pierced. That didn't work so she cut her hair short and dyed it. Yet people were still calling her cute.


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