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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 6
exit pursued by javert
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
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Check in at Round 7!

valvert high school au

where javert and valjean are both in the debate team and they find themselves on opposing sides of a debate.
the debate gets very heated and they both get frustrated as it wears on, and to prove a point they just grab one another and start making out in front of everyone which only succeeds in making them and the whole room forget the entire debate and causes the security to escort them out after javert takes off valjean’s pants in front of everyone

Re: valvert high school au

hmm I think I'm gonna put a tentative claim on this because a.) I did speech & debate in high school for a year and b.) I have more high school au headcanons for valvert than you can shake a stick at...do you mind if ends a bit differently ? maybe they finish the debate, then afterwards Javert ends up dragging him into an empty classroom or a janitor's closet or something ..?

Greek Mythology AU

Grantaire as Hades and Enjolras as Persephone!

Re: Greek Mythology AU

Just once could we have an Inanna and Ereshkigal AU?
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E and R adopt a puppy

Enjolras and Grantaire have been living together for a little while now when a stray dog shows up and Grantaire does the whole "Can we keep it?" thing until Enjolras agrees. Give me all the fluff you've got!

Cosette + Fantine

The night before her wedding, Fantine comes to Cosette in a dream.

Re: Cosette + Fantine

There is a lady all in white, shelters me by candlelight...
The old song from her childhood came back to Cosette, and suddenly a woman in a thin white gown approached her with soft footsteps. Her blond hair stuck out from her scalp in tiny wisps, and though her eyes and cheeks were sunken, Cosette could tell that she was beautiful. If she had known all along that she was beautiful, perhaps she would not have met her sad fate. Perhaps she would have known that she could do better.
"Cosette," said the woman softly, laying a hand on her shoulder, "my name is Fantine. I am your mother. I have come to bring you good wishes for your wedding tomorrow. Marius is a kind man, and he truly loves you. In this way, your life will be blessed. I have also come to warn you that tomorrow I will come to take your father away. His time has come, and I know that he loves you just as much as I did. But you must be ready to say goodbye to him."
Cosette stared up at her mother in bewilderment. Fantine had come to her in a dream once before, when she was about eleven. But she had not said anything, only emitted a warm heavenly glow. Even then, Papa had refused to tell her anything about her, other than that she had achieved sainthood "through martyrdom". She had almost wished he had said nothing at all, rather than that vague statement, which raised more questions than it answered.
"So he still has not told you the full story," she said. "Well, I will leave that task to him for tomorrow. For now, suffice it to say that he has given his life for your happiness, just as I gave mine for your comfort and safety. You will be taken care of and protected for the rest of your life by Monsieur Pontmercy, and one day, by your sons. You will never experience any pain, any suffering, any inconvenience, they will attend to your every need- "
Cosette screamed. Her scream woke up Marius and Gillenormand across the hall. Of course, her maid, Toussaint, came rushing in to see what was the matter. Cosette ordered her away. It wasn't that she was ungrateful. It was just that the realization of what it meant to be a wealthy married woman in 1833 France had struck her like a ton of bricks. Someone with a wild and brave nature such as hers could not long survive under the strict social conventions and taboos imposed upon her, the illegitimate daughter of a poor grisette. She saw now what all her parents' efforts had amounted to. The Lark was about to be forever trapped in a cage. In that instant, the Blond disappeared in a puff of smoke.

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Any good police dog needs a collar

People always wonder why Javert's new stock is so much nicer than most any other policeman or soldier and why he is so careful with how it is situated. The truth is that it is a collar ment for a pet with Madeleine's name and address on a metal plate riveted to the leather.

I am not sure anyone has prompted this, but the huge amount of Quast!vert made me do it.

So I read somewhere on tumblr that Philip Quast is a teacher at the AIDA (Australia Institute of Dramatic Arts) and when someone is late for his class he either makes them tell bad jokes or makes them go over to where he's standing and spank him.

Therefore: Javert is an instructor in the police academy or something or the other, and when someone is late for his class, he makes them do something ridiculous as punishment.

That's it. That's the prompt.

(Sorry if there's any mistakes, I just put stickers on my keyboard and am trying to get used to them xD)

Can't fill this, too busy, but this would be great to see.

FYI it was NIDA, not AIDA (quast nut here)

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Christening the house

Enjolras and Grantaire move in together and proceed to christen their new place by fucking on every single available surface.

All the porn, please.

Re: Christening the house

seconded like woah

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Re: Christening the house (Anonymous) Expand


So like a 5 +1 thing and the 5 times Les Amis got reincarnated and couldn't find each other again and the one time that they did. Preferred relationships are E/R, Jehan/Courfeyrac, Marius/Cosette and Bahorel/Feuilly, but honestly, I don't mnd. I don't care why they didn't meet each other but I love sad stories.

Re: Reincarnation

Oh my god tentatively claimed I love stories like this

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Supernatural Crossover/Greek God AU

The Amis (plus Marius Eponine Cosette if it pleases you) are greek gods and the Winchester's are on their trail.
All pairings welcome or gen w/e.

(P.S. this is my first time prompting and i am so nervous (>.<))

A mother's view

Please can I have Javert's mother's view on her son, what he was like as a boy, when they were separated.

Also, because I want my heart shredded, please show me her reaction to the news that he is dead, by suicide (Headcanon says she is still alive, around 70 depending on how old she was when he was born)

Re: A mother's view

Seconded! One of the untold depressing stories in Les Mis.

Why, no, this is not another Night Vale inspired prompt, why do you ask?

Enjolras gets his hair cut. Grantaire swears vengeance on the barber.


Jehan thinks Montparnasse is gorgeous and lovely and dark and walking tragic poetry, and Montparnasse loves being loved. Except Montparnasse is pretty sure that Jehan only loves him for his prettiness (because lets be real, his personality sucks), and that Jehan will thus move on.

Basically, I want Montparnasse angsting about the idea of Jehan leaving him for someone prettier and nicer. Whether or not his fears are unfounded us up to the filler.

V/VJ Knotting

We don't have any knotting fic and it upsets me!

We all know Valjean isin't a normal human so why should he have a normal dick? Valjean and Javert are doing it for the first time and they are unaware that Valjean has a knot until they are stuck together for a half hour.

+100 for Valjean having to carry Javert around while they are tied.

Hey there, thing I didn't know I wanted.

A Little Spell of Vertigo

J/VJ; Post-Seine:
Javert moves in with Valjean, and, over some months, they become friends and finally, lovers, even if their relationship is more about comfort than passion.
But then, Javert starts to try, quite subtly, to manipulate Valjean into changing his appearance: cutting his hair ("you're not a young dandy, shorter hair will give you gravitas"), growing a beard ("it's fashionable"), other things ("that old yellow coat is hideous, you can afford a new one. And reddish brown is more your colour"). In short, he wants to change him back into the man he *really* desires: 24601. (Whether Javert is fully aware of what he's doing is author's choice).

Re: A Little Spell of Vertigo

Oh man, that is fucked up. Seconded so hard.

Percy Jackson AU

Enjolras is claimed as a son of Apollo.

Re: Percy Jackson AU

relevant to your interests:

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Cosette/Eponine, some kind of historical/royal AU

King Valjean and his daughter Cosette are forced to go into hiding (due to unrest in their country or whatever) and have to stay at an old inn run by a man named Thenardier until the danger has passed and they can return.

Cosette hates the innkeeper, but can't seem to stop thinking about the innkeeper's daughter...

oh my god i hope someone fills this I LOVE IT SO MUCH

teaching how to ride a bike

Ami A doesn't know how to ride a bike. All the Amis find it funny and can't believe it when they hear. Ami B teaches him how to cycle. All romantic and sweet, please. Pairings E/R or Courfeyrac/Jehan.

The Wrongest Pairing of Them all: Tholomyes/Cosette

After nearly 20 years away a great provincial lawyer, wealthy and influential returns to Paris to spend a winter there (for business reasons or lobbying at some Ministry or other): Felix Tholomyes.
Still a man of pleasure, he looks forward to a little diversion on the side: not with a grisette - he's not a student anymore, and those girls can get clingy if you're not careful. No, he's looking for a nice, charming young society lady, married, but not fully satisfied with/by her husband, who you can both meet socially without causing a scandal and have a discreet, non-committal affair with. He's sure to have found the perfect candidate when he meets the Baronesse de Pontmercy.

Re: The Wrongest Pairing of Them all: Tholomyes/Cosette

So wrong but so good. I will read the shit out of the fill for this

E/R (non established) All of the Amis are at a bar or something along those lines. Everyone is having a great time until Grantaire gets into an argument with some random guy (not one of the Amis but it could be an OC or someone from the book whether or not R knows him already is up to you) who says some seriously degrading sh*t (like about his alcoholism or something) to Grantaire. Enjolras immediately defends him and is incredibly pissed that anyone would even say that to Grantaire because it's so out of line and is fuming. Grantaire is grateful but confused and says something like "not that I didn't appreciate the help but you said almost the same thing to me last week..." And Enjolras realizes that he has always been unusually cruel to R and feels terrible. What happens next is up to you.

All I want is one of the Amis to accidentally use another Ami's toothbrush. And have a massive freak-out.

this hits so close to home. my brother has been using my toothbrush for god knows how long and I found out yesterday.

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grantaire is no damsel in distress

a group of ocs see a drunk grantaire, and assume that he'll be easy to take advantage of/rob/beat up etc.

they are really, really wrong

cue grantaire beating down those guys super easily, whilst still being drunk

( + 100 for the rest of the amis. some of of them going, "um should we help him??" with the rest going "shh no he's got this dw just watch")

Re: grantaire is no damsel in distress

wow yes, perf.

Enjolras with alternate backstory (TW: abuse)

So all the Amis assume Enjolras is just a spoiled little rich boy with a perfect family, and often comment upon this "fact," saying he knows nothing about the common people and suffering and such. But then it turns out that Enjolras had a really shitty childhood-- his family abused him/he emancipated himself as a teenager/etc. This is revealed to the ones who were teasing him (R? Bahorel? idk) and they realize they had been unfairly judging him.

Re: Enjolras with alternate backstory (TW: abuse)

#1 headcanon right there
Ugh, I'm really tempted to fill this, but I got a bit traumatized by nobody ever giving me feedback for my fills...


... So when Marius is all like "I'M IN LOVE!", Grantaire does his "Oh God Marius, what is your problem" and Marius puts his hand onto Grantaire's shoulder and is all like "You" in a romantic voice and everyone realises that Marius is in love with Grantaire except Grantaire.

Re: Marius/Grantaire

Oh my god it's perfect

Cue Marius trying to demonstrate his love in increasingly awkward ways

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Re: Marius/Grantaire (Anonymous) Expand
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Repost-Grantaire draws smut

From round 4:
I want something based on this beautiful drawing: http://perplexingly.tumblr.com/post/42513425304
Thank you!:)


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