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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 6
exit pursued by javert
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
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Joly/Bossuet, rimming

I have a mighty need for Joly rimming Bossuet and using a dental dam.

That's pretty much it.

Bahorel/Feuilly, Others/Others

Bahorel and Feuilly are happily together. They started in high school, worked their way through their closet/denial/freaking out stages, and are settled, both best friends and boyfriends.

So they get to sit back and watch their friends have the most complicated love lives ever. Like, Grantaire is pining after Enjolras who got drunk and hooked up with Courfeyrac who loves Jehan but also bangs Combeferre and once did Cosette, which he's hiding from Marius, who Eponine wants desperately, but she's hiding it by hooking up with random strangers, which worries Joly, who's dating Musichetta, who's cheating on him with Bossuet, and so on.

It doesn't have to go that way, but I'd love Bahorel and Feuilly with their love life completely together, watching everyone else screw up in complicated, soap opera ways.

Re: Bahorel/Feuilly, Others/Others

Perfect prompt
Gotta love the drama

Javert in Barricade Heaven

Javert is, in fact, in the ending with everyone. He is not happy about it since he is not a fan of any of these people and certainly doesn't support their revolution.

Re: Javert in Barricade Heaven

"Do you hear the people sing, singing the song of angry men- "
"Wait a minute," interrupted the inspector, waving his hand in the air to silence the revolutionaries. "Why are we allowed to sing catchy showtunes in hell? Shouldn't the devil be putting a stop to this?"
"Oh no, inspector," said Enjolras, standing directly above him in a celestial glow. "You see, you are mistaken. This is heaven. Why you were allowed to enter, I do not know. But the rest of us are here because we gave our lives for the revolution. Some directly, others indirectly. But we are all martyrs here."
"I'm sorry," said Javert, "I was just confused by the fact that we're on a barricade. You know, the thing you guys all died on. Seems like a shoddy deal, if this is heaven. I mean, it's God rubbing your defeat in your faces for all eternity. Also the fact that I committed suicide, so I can't go to heaven."
"Oh, do abandon that superstitious nonsense," said Jehan with a wry smile. "We are happy to be standing on a barricade for eternity. The sun is shining, the wind is blowing in our faces- "
"It'll get boring after a while," said Javert. "I mean, sooner or later you're gonna want to sit down, and there's no real comfortable place to sit, and you'll probably end up breaking some bones climbing over all this furniture- I mean, I guess you can't really injure yourself once you're already dead, but-
Hey, that's another thing. Isn't heaven supposed to be perfect? If it is, then there should be no need for barricades, since all the world's injustices are already resolved."
"Our paradise should reflect the current state of human civilization," said Enjolras harshly. "As long as there is a nation or a people that remains enslaved, we in heaven stand on a barricade built in solidarity to remind ourselves of their plight."
"So it's your CHOICE to keep things like this?" Javert asked, bewildered.
"Mes amis, leave him alone. I think he's finally starting to get it." Combeferre approached the inspector and put a hand on his shoulder. "The fact that you would even acknowledge the better world for which we fought shows that you deserve to be here."
"Wait a minute- YOU decided that I should get into heaven?"
"It was a close vote, but Valjean over there lobbied really hard for you." Javert turned and looked at the white-haired man who smiled and waved down at him. Javert waved back awkwardly.
Suddenly Javert saw an old Gypsy woman climbing up the pile of furniture towards him. Upon seeing his face, she broke out into a smile.
"Son? Is that you?"
Javert covered his face with his palm. "Oh merde."

Javert gets off on arresting people.

Don't you dare tell me he dosn't. After many arrests he needs to take himself in hand under his desk if he hasn't spent already.

Re: Javert gets off on arresting people.

+100000. My firstborn and a cookie to whoever fills this!

Quastvert and Gavroche

Can I have an art fill with TAC Gavroche sitting on Javert's shoulder.

If they appear to have swapped hats and Javert is laughing, all the better

tw: parent child incest, abuse, underage, Eponine/M. Thenardier

M. Thenardier isn't being satisfied by his wife. However, Eponine is a pretty thing, and he can't help but notice. Eponine, is, in a fucked up way, happy to be her father's favorite.

Extra hell points if he buys her trinkets for being a good girl.

Re: tw: parent child incest, abuse, underage, Eponine/M. Thenardier

"extra hell points"

Les Amis playing Cards Against Humanity.

That's it. That's the prompt.

Bonus points for Marius not knowing what some of the more inappropriate cards mean and Cosette having to explain them.

Omfg. I want this so badly.

(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand

marius doms someone

I have never seen Marius written as a dom, so, yeah. That'd be really cool. Any pairings/kinks are good. (I can see him being a good petplay dom, but that's just what came to mind first. Go wild.)

Grantaire needs alcohol

...Literally. Not because he's an addict, but because his weird physiology runs on alcohol (handwave science).

I'd like to see the complications with this. No one believes him, so he's mistaken for an addict, but any 'help' he gets is killing him. He has to hide bottles in his house so his friends don't get worried about how much he drinks, but sometimes they find his caches and panic. He doesn't get drunk, but in order to keep up appearances of someone who drinks, he has to pretend.

Bonus points for E/R.

Re: Grantaire needs alcohol

omg yes

ok I'm in a really really bad place right now and I need some subjolras to make me happy again ;____________; anyone? pretty please?

I want to see Enjolras coming out to someone as panromantic. Modern AU is fine, but if there's any way you can make this canon era I'll love you forever.

C/R/E (or C/R/E/C?)

Meme, I'm seriously in the mood for Combeferre and Enjolras spit-roasting Grantaire: a cock in his mouth, a cock in his ass, and Grantaire completely getting off on it. If Courfeyrac wants to be involved too, that's fine! Basically the point here is cockslut!Grantaire being used.

I've no preference for modern or canon or whatever plot elements you'd like (Grantaire's just really desperate, and they lend a helping hand? He's annoying, and they want to shut him up? ABO? No plot at all?), and please throw in whatever kinks you want. Dub con is fine.

Bonus points for D/s with sub!R; dirty talk, especially if it's degrading and directed at R ("comeslut," "whore," "hole," etc.); lots of comeplay.

Re: C/R/E (or C/R/E/C?)

I would totally read the fuck out of this. Also, love the idea of putting Courfeyrac in there too :)

Re: C/R/E (or C/R/E/C?) (Anonymous) Expand

I'm in desperate need of some sort of D/s scenario in which R is Dom and Enjolras sub, but Enjolras is always doing things to piss off his master (not so drastic things--disobeying his orders idk something like that (well, if you'd like to go drastic is totally perfect too)) in order to get punished (bondage, spanking (spanking is important, can grow to caning if needed. Deeply encouraged), breathplay, face slapping, etc) and keeps talking and rebelling up to R even as he's being punished, enjoying the way he's treated for it.

Bonus for R fucking E rough after being spanked/caned.

(OP would appreciate no scats/watersports here thank)

I'm in for all the subjolras in the world

precocious crush e/R

Grantaire is one of the ami's younger brother who develops a huge crush on Enjolras. Most of the amis find it incredibly amusing. Grantaire's brother takes every opportunity to tease them both for it. How to Enjolras feel about it?

Re: precocious crush e/R

Haha omg yes!!!

so i haven't seen any reverse prompts on here, but i feel like doodling something tonight but don't know what. give me some suggestions and i might try my hand at it (and maybe if i like it, i might put it up on tumblr or smth).

have at ye!

Re: Reverse art prompt

I don't know how this is going to work but anyways, I'd like all the main girls of Les Mis, (Fantine, Eponine, Cosette, even Madame Thenardier if you want) in a drawing together. It'd be awesome if Musichetta and Azelma were there too, but I don't mind.

Re: Reverse art prompt (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Reverse art prompt (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Reverse art prompt (Anonymous) Expand

So this needed to be it's own prompt


Peter Pan AU

^ That's pretty much it. I don't mind if you have Peter Pan coming to rescue people or if someone is Peter Pan, I just want a Peter Pan AU.

Enjolras/Grantaire aggressive seduction?

Enjolras knows what he wants: Grantaire.

Unfortunately, when he confesses, Grantaire doesn't believe him (self-esteem/trust issues? up to author) and takes to avoiding Enjolras whenever they're in the vicinity of the other.

Enjolras knows it's only because Grantaire won't let himself want him, but he won't take no for an answer so he begins aggressively seducing Grantaire at every opportunity. Crowding him against walls/doors/tables, eliminating all personal space, constantly touching and kissing him until Grantaire finally relents.

Sexy times not necessary, but would be awesome. OP just wants massive amounts of UST. Thank you!!

Re: Enjolras/Grantaire aggressive seduction?

Enthusiastic second, especially for crowding Grantaire into things!

Established Enjolras/Grantaire

Enjolras finds out he has cancer and that his odds aren't very good. He breaks up with Grantaire and moves away without telling anyone why in order to spare them from his possible death/agony of treatment.

Re: Established Enjolras/Grantaire


Enjolras/Grantaire with BFF Courfeyrac

I want a fic of Enjolras and Courfeyrac being besties. Grantaire has to learn how to deal with his boyfriend's best friend being a third wheel in their relationship.

Revolutionary Guard Javert

Toulon-era crossover. 24601 is the 'Rose Bride'. Javert has to free him from the insanity of the mysterious, privatized Bagne to ensure a simple, fair sentence by the Code. Maybe he sneaked in as a fake guard to reveal the shenanigans within, but his arm got twisted into dueling. I've considered filling this on my own, but I have other stuff I'm working on right now, so I wanted to throw the idea out there. Canon characters could duel (Enjolras as Touga, for example). Could be valvert or completely platonic; consider your options XD

'Before the wrath of Napoleon, a young and homeless Gypsy bastard of Toulon struggled day by day for the bare essentials. His mother was killed by a lustful stranger, and his father had collapsed from labor in the galleys. As the survivor of the family, he bitterly fought to keep other vagabonds from his honest wages as best he could.

But one day, the bastard beheld the sight of a wealthy gentleman upon his alleyway. When offered a handful of silver, the urchin spurned him, touting his own handful of sous to be spent for supper. He imagined the gentleman would scoff and leave, but instead he said:

"Dear child that bears his burden proudly through the dignity of toil...never lose that valor or nobility, no matter how much it may hurt."

The bastard gaped as the saintly gentleman withdrew his coins and instead presented a handsome rosary, which he tenderly placed around the boy's scarred and dirty neck.

"Keep this rosary close to your heart," said the saint, "and you shall see me again someday." Without another word, the man tipped his hat and walked around the corner.

The gamin felt his anxiety melt away as the rosary was tossed in the light spring breeze. The spare roses of Toulon were in bloom, and a covenant was forged. As he pondered the dreamlike encounter, the Gypsy became so admiring of the justly saint that he vowed to become one himself! But was that really the message to take from all that?'

Re: Revolutionary Guard Javert

I second this with a flowery burning passion

Javert & Fauchelevent

Sometime soon after Valjean is installed at the convent, Javert & Fauchelevent run into each other at the tobacconists' near the Petit-Picpus. They are instantly suspicious of each other's prescence, and decide that it's their duty to keep an eye on each other, just in case. Cue endless arguments about snuff, lots of ridiculous shenanigans as they try to get information out of each other, and so much petty bickering that they accidentally end up friends. (Fauchelevent never mentions any of this to Valjean.)

Re: Javert & Fauchelevent

That's pretty fantastic. Seconded.


I don't know if this has been asked before, or at least I haven't seen it filled, but I really want bottom Courfeyrac with anyone (although preferably Enjolras, Jehan, or Combeferre). He may be open about his sexual endeavors, but in bed with the right person he dissolves into a soft, sweet mess and loves being ravished.

Please this is all I've needed in life


I'm really in need of a fic where Courfeyrac's reputation as a lady's man is actually because he's a prostitute, who offers himself up to both men and woman for pleasurable company in order to get a little extra money since his parents cut him off and he wants to keep up appearances so as not to worry anyone, which none of his friends know. Cue someone finding out because they tag along with some of the others to the more unpleasant side of town and find him, and Courfeyrac being very ashamed and possible h/c and tension. Can be shippy, am partial to Courf/Enjy and Courf/Marius, maybe they try to convince him to stop doing it, maybe he gets hurt by a customer, go wild!

Re: Prostitute!Courfeyrac


Enjolras/Grantaire, Courfeyrac, fairytale style rescue

Enjolras and Courfeyrac are close friends from childhood, so when Courfeyrac gets put in an enchanted sleep and kidnapped by a wizard, he grabs his sword and horse and sets off to rescue him, though obviously he'll refuse the offered reward of Courfeyrac's hand in marriage.

Along the way he meets Grantaire, a drunk excuse for a knight with surprisingly awesome fighting skills. They team up to rescue Courfeyrac, even though Grantaire admits he's mainly doing it because he's bored, and marrying a prince would be a mad bonus.

However, at some point in the trip, Enjolras starts to fall for Grantaire, who's falling for him, but they both think the other wants to marry Courfeyrac. Thus, mutual pining occurs, while fighting monsters and trying to save a handsome prince.

Re: Enjolras/Grantaire, Courfeyrac, fairytale style rescue

D'awww,I hope someone fills this


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