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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 6
exit pursued by javert
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
[Round 6: No vacancy]Official rules/FAQ/Page-A-Mod post is there for reference, but you know how it works by now. Be nice, no kink-shaming, this is not the place to have it out with people who are Wrong On The Internet, detailed lists of kinks in headers are good, no RPF except for historical figures. Link to your fills (complete or incomplete) on the Fill Post. NKMWA = No Kink Meme Warnings Apply; see rules post for details. Mods reserve the right to enforce reasonable standards of conduct even if they are incapable of explicitly enumerating every possible way someone could act like an asshat online.

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Check in at Round 7!

Marius/Eponine/Montparnasse three-way

Come on, you know you want it to happen. Preferred locations are: the Cafe Musain, the Thenardier apartment in the Gorbeau hovel, and Montparnasse's man-cave (however you imagine that to be). No BDSM please, just good old wholesome family-fun three-way.

Re: Marius/Eponine/Montparnasse three-way


Real life has been horrible this week. It hurts.

I need some fluff. I need all of the Amis and children and huggles and just general adorableness. I don't care what era. I don't care if there are any pairings. I just need something so sweet it makes me cry happy tears.

If something like this has already been filled, please point me in the right direction. Thank you, dearies.

Fill 1/?

Oh, I'm sorry your week has been that bad, anon. I decided to make at least the start of a fill to see if it makes you feel better, so I'm sorry if there are any mistakes! It's just a fluffy modern AU. Hope you like it! =D

Little Fantine Pontmercy sat on her uncle Courfeyrac's lap, her eyes glued on the television. Courfeyrac was dozing off, his arms loosely wrapped around his goddaughter. They were watching 'The Sleeping Beauty', and it was almost over. The Prince and Aurora were dancing as her dress was changing from blue to pink. Courfeyrac honestly thought the blue one was nicer, and he and Jehan had argued about that in many occasions.

Fantine sighed dreamily as Courfeyrac turned off the DVD, and turned around to look at him, pressing his tighs with her knees.

"Isn't that a lovely story, uncle Fey?" She asked, and Courfeyrac chuckled, kissing her forehead. The little girl was the perfect mix of her parents, with Cosette's golden curls and Marius' warm brown eyes. She was the little darling of all Les Amis.

"It is, sweetheart." He answered, and she rolled out of his lap, sitting on the couch and holding her stuffed giraffe close. "Wanna watch another movie now?"

Courfeyrac had already resigned himself to at least two days of countless Disney movies. Cosette had gone into labor the night before, but apparently the new Pontmercy baby was not making his birth an easy task. Cosette had begged for Professor Fauchelevent to be with her the whole time, though, so his granddaughter had come to her godparents' place. Not that Jehan and Courfeyrac minded; but Cosette and Marius would probably find themselves with a very spoiled little girl when they came back.

"No, uncle Fey. Enough movies" She said, shaking her head, and yawning. "Can I have a story instead?"

"Of course you can, honey. Come here." He said, placing her head in his knees and running a hand on her hair. She smiled contently, hugging her toy closer. "Which story do you want?"

"My Maman and Papa's story." She said, and Courfeyrac looked at her with furrowed eyebrows. What was that supposed to mean? "Did they meet like Philip and Aurora, dancing and falling in love?"

"Not exactly, sweetie." Jehan said, entering the living room with a tray of cookies. Fantine sat up, excitedly, and Courfeyrac glanced at the clock. It was probably past her bedtime, but hey, he was fun uncle Fey. He didn't care for bed time.

"Then how, uncle Jehan?" She asked, taking a bite of a cookie (that Jehan had, of course, decorated with little pink and white hearts)and looking curiously at Jehan, who chuckled and sat by their side. Courfeyrac brought Fantine back to his lap so Jehan could come closer.

"Well, that's a funny story, actually, Fantine." Jehan said, and Courfeyrac chuckled, taking a cookie for himself. Funny indeed.

Well, that's what I have up until now. I can continue if you want me to. :)

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Combeferre, Courfeyrac, Corsets

A few history points:
-In the 18th and early 19th centuries, some men wore corsets.
- Latterly, some men used medical excuses, e.g. a bad back, to justify their wish to wear corsets for fashion reasons.
- The Count Claude Henri de Saint-Simon, the philosopher, "encouraged men to wear corsets because two men lacing each other up symbolized humanitarianism and encouraged male unity"

Now, Combeferre has often been written as a Saint-Simonian. And Courfeyrac has often been written as rather concerned with his appearance and clothing.....

So I would love to see Courfeyrac faking a medical excuse for a corset, and Combeferre not only providing the excuse, but all of the knowledge and assistance with corsets that Courfeyrac could need from his own extensive experience. In the interests of fraternity of course!

Where it goes from there, I leave in your hands!

Re: Combeferre, Courfeyrac, Corsets

bless this prompt and anybody who fills

E/R, Hospitalized Enjolras

Prompt based on this artwork:


When Enjolras is hospitalized, Grantaire visits to drop off flowers while Enjolras is napping, but Enjolras wakes up and catches him. Perhaps Enjolras is adorably stoned on pain medication when he wakes? Whether they're in an established relationship or not is up to the author.

merlin (tv series) au

I ship merthur and e/R, so thought, why not mix my otps? Anyway, here's the prompt: Enjolras is a rebellious young prince who lives in a kingdom where magic is punished by death. Grantaire is basically Merlin, his servant and secret savior who must hide his magic and the fact that he basically saves Enjolras' s ass again and again for fear of being killed. Cynical warlock Grantaire would really make my day, and something involving visible boners and the tights that passed for trousers back then. I'd love a magic reveal, and fluffy stuff too.

But when you come down to it, all that I really need is a Merlin/Les Mis crossover of some kind.

Re: merlin (tv series) au

someone prompted this back way in round 2, it never got filled, but gdi, i hope it is b/c i really want this filled too. ( i personally kinda/sorta ship merthur but no where near as much as i ship e/R, just cause i like their dynamic i guess, but keeping my fingers crossed for this!)

the round 2 prompt:

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helping hands

Enjolras burns/breaks/some how injures both of his hands, and though there isn't any permanent damage, this means his hands are out of commission for a while. This means that he needs help doing the most basic things like feeding, clothing, and nothing himself. His friends take turns helping him out and this leads to many understandably awkward/uncomfortable but sometimes kind of adorable situations.

One situation that definitely is more awkward than adorable is when Enjolras gets a ragging erection and his 'babysitter' notices. While some of his other friends would have mercifully ignored it, one babysitter instead offers to help him with it, and eventually he caves in and lets them give him a hand.

Bonus if the helper is Grantaire, Courfeyrac, or Combeferre, or if Enjolras reciprocates the favor with oral sex, and loads of extra credit if this happens more than once.

Amis A is in a horrible accident (or w/e!) and loses both hands and lower legs, a quad amputee. Family/friends (or w/e!) set him up with home care and all that, but he's depressed and stops allowing people to visit, stops talking except for basic communication necessary with his nurse, Amis B. Somehow, I want Amis A to ask Amis B to kill him, whether a srs plea or an exasperated curse idc. Of course Amis B can't and won't and i just.. want Amis A to say something like, 'living like this is pointless, i can't even jack off!' To which Amis B is all, 'oh i definitely Can and will do that for you!'

then sexxytimes.

if you can take it further, like flash forward (or w/e!) i'd like Amis A to be a sub and Amis B is his doting dom. (i don't actually care who tops or bottoms, i think it'd be intriguing to have bottom!dom in this situation)

ahhhh i'm sorry weird pervy prompt is long weird and pervy D: /run and hides

pssst "Amis" is plural, you want "Ami A" and "Ami B".

/pet peeve

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So Enjolras knows that he is a bit of a buzzkill and not the funnest guy to be around most of the time. So he decides that they're happier when they are hanging out without him and begins to say he's busy and can't come whenever they invite him out.
Then one of them figures out what he's doing so they invade his house and drag him in into a cuddle pile while assuring him they love him.

this made my heart do a little squeezy thing, ow
someone write this please

Deaf!R/Enjolras - first time

I'd like a deaf Grantaire who's very good at reading lips, so he knows what Enjolras is talking about and he's in love with his words, his lips and everything but he never heard his Apollo's voice. Grantaire can talk a little bit, but he knows it sounds odd so he sticks to writing on post-it notes and putting them everywhere, even on people (Enjolras pretends he's annoyed by that but secretly collects them and puts them in a drawer at home)

then a doctor offers him the cochlear implant and maybe Eponine and a few of the Les Amis knows and he's gone for a while and then he comes back and hears Enjolras' voice for the first time and feels like crying and finally thinks Enjolras could love him now that he's closer to a normal person.

and maybe Enjolras was in love with him all along.

basically I want something that feels tragic but is the fluffiest thing that ever fluffied... well you know.

Re: Deaf!R/Enjolras - first time

I need this like I need air, oh my God!


I mean, +1 :)

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Oh i just saw that it got filled so thank God i didnt do this because that was incredibly stunning, anon author!




Magical healing!Joly

Joly naturally heals the people he spends time with of diseases. He gets their sickness for 12-24 hours and then it's gone, and they're cured. So he's always sick with *something*, but it doesn't last and its severity depends on the other person's severity. Because he's around the amis so much, he catches their illnesses when they're just starting, minimizing the affects on everyone. He's never spent enough time with people whose ilnesses kill quickly to pick up their disease.

Then Joly becomes a medical student.

Re: Magical healing!Joly



Yes, Courfeyrac/Enjolras/Combeferre sexual tension fics where CC are topping the heck out of Enjolras.

Slow build sexual tension. Enjolras being oblivious, yet the most sensual, in the way he bites his lips when deep in thought, or the way he licks his lips, or the way he cocks his head and looks at you or so on and so forth.

They conveniently all live together.
C&C realize they both want Enjolras. Instead of competing against each other, they decide to share and make plans to slowly seduce Enjolras in to their bed.

something like that.. please?

Re: C/E/C


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enjolras/grantaire high school AU

Grantaire is failing Math, so the school assignes him a tutor: beautiful, haughty, student body vice president Enjolras. After their first hellish study session, Enjolras makes an interesting proposal: he will deliver the answers to every test if Grantaire tutors him in the art of love, having noticed his libertine ways at parties. After a while, feelings of the romantic sort develop between the two.

Okay so there was a post floating around for a while about Les Mis being back on Broadway, and there was a lot of 'Oh ha ha yes imagine having barricades in Manhattan'

But no seriously
Have you ever seen Gangs of New York?

Bowery Boys Les Amis. Maybe a few of them are from the nicer parts of the city uptown/better-organized towns in the Southern States and operate out of the Lower East Side because it's easier to hide their intentions, but wow gosh is the crime rate high down there
Maybe the boys are all immigrants and the Bowery still sucks. There's just bonus suckage due to xenophobia and an intense language barrier.

Ah, I was thinking of this a few months ago!

queer E/É, canon-era, NKMWA

Enjolras is panromantic & asexual, Éponine is a queer trans man (although they don't use those terms for themselves obviously), relationships happen

AU: Grantaire is clairvoyant

Grantaire knows the revolution will fail before even setting foot in the Cafe. He attends every meeting anyway, he makes friends anyway, and he falls in love knowing that his love will die. It is then he has to make a hard decision.

Bonus: Grantaire tries to warn them, perhaps unsuccessfully? whether this follows canon or not, writer can decide. I'd prefer e/r but any pairing is whatever. I just want Grantaire to be a sad baby.

Re: AU: Grantaire is clairvoyant

hope someone'll take it

Crack (?): Tour de France

It's the centennial of the Tour de France, so how about some cycling fusion fannishness? Any era. Maybe Combeferre tries to talk his friends into the newfangled machine? The bishop likes to cycle for long trips to visit his parishioners? Some of Les Amis are humble domestiques for their team leader? Javert carries out doping tests and prosecutes wrongdoers without fear or favor?

Re: Crack (?): Tour de France

Ahhh, I'm not sure this is quite what you had in mind, but I had to draw Valjean and the bishop riding a tandem after I read your prompt. I hope you like it :D

(you didn't mention any pairing, so I put a hint of Valjean/happiness, hope that's okay)

Javert makes a PSA about how pornography will destroy civilization.
Based on this video:

Grantaire/Combeferre (or Courfeyrac): Enjolras Tries To Set Them Up

Modern!AU: Grantaire and Enjolras have been best friends forever and they tell each other everything. One day Grantaire tells Enjolras that he thinks he is falling in love with Character B* Enjolras decides to set them up.

* OP would love Combeferre or Courfeyrac.

Re: Grantaire/Combeferre (or Courfeyrac): Enjolras Tries To Set Them Up

I am so tempted to fill this - especially with Grantaire/Combeferre

Outsider POV

I don't really know how to put this properly! But here we go!

Snippets of the Amis in Kindergarten from the teacher's POV. (Mr. Valjean, maybe?)

+ Baby!Grantaire trying to impress Baby!Enjolras

~Time jump!~

Years later the teacher is surprised to see the group again (who are now in their late teens/early 20's), who's friendship is just as strong is it was when they first meet on the first day of Kindergarten.

OP would also love you forever if you squeeze ExR in near the end.

Re: Outsider POV

Oh my gosh, how cute!

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Someone (maybe Bahorel or Joly or Grantaire idc) sleeps with Combeferre's little sister(an oc). They probably wouldn't have done if they knew she was his family, but that doesn't change the fact that it happened, or that it was fun.

Maybe she was staying with him and they did it in his guest bedroom. Basically I just want big-brother Ferre getting mad at a guilty or amused Ami, and their reactions basically. Hope this makes sense?

Re: Combeferre

Might fill this, any preference for era? Also, how much younger should the sister be?

Regency romance

Regency romance AU! Valvert or Enjolras/Combeferre or Combeferre/Courfeyrac would all be awesome in their own ways.

Re: Regency romance

Seconded because of Regency Romances and E/C.

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beauty is truth

Les Amis are all figures on Greek pottery/ancient art.

Period comfort

I know that this is absolutely ridiculous but period pains are murdering me right now and I would love some Eponine/Grantaire friendship/bromance comfort fic while she is on her period, badass and moody and dangerous.

Re: Period comfort

Not exactly what you're looking for, but this is a little thing I know is on AO3 about Ep having her period. It's not Ep/R-bromance though though... it has Ep/Combeferre as a couple in it, but maybe you still like it: http://archiveofourown.org/works/841398/chapters/1707024

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valvert foodpoisioning

Valjean goes down with food. Poisoning, good thing he has Javert to watch over him.


Re: valvert foodpoisioning



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