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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 6
exit pursued by javert
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
[Round 6: No vacancy]Official rules/FAQ/Page-A-Mod post is there for reference, but you know how it works by now. Be nice, no kink-shaming, this is not the place to have it out with people who are Wrong On The Internet, detailed lists of kinks in headers are good, no RPF except for historical figures. Link to your fills (complete or incomplete) on the Fill Post. NKMWA = No Kink Meme Warnings Apply; see rules post for details. Mods reserve the right to enforce reasonable standards of conduct even if they are incapable of explicitly enumerating every possible way someone could act like an asshat online.

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Check in at Round 7!

Bahorel is a school bully with a troubled home life. Feuilly is a poor new kid who becomes the target of his abuses. But, Feuilly is a kind and optimistic person and somehow manages not only to stand up to his bully, but befriend him. He's just thay awesome. And maybe it also has aomething to do with the fact that Bahorel is in love with Feuilly.

Lolita Crossover (tw: underaged)

Uuugh this is so sick and twisted and I am most certainly going to hell for this, but can I please get a Lolita fic in which either Jehan or Enjolras is Lolita and Coirfeyrac or Grantaire is Humbert Humbert. I'd really really prefer it if you made the pairing either e/R or Courfeyrac/Jehan, but I'll never say no to a fill, even if you choose a different pairing.

Re: Lolita Crossover (tw: underaged)

Huh, at first I thought there was no way this could work, but now I think about it I might actually be able to swing an e/R fill out of it.

*going to hell with you wtf*

Lotus-Eater Grantaire

Somehow (perhaps a supernatural being feeding off his soul or something of that sort) Grantaire suddenly wakes up in a world where Enjolras loves him, they live a happy, normal life, everything is seemingly perfect.

Of course he figures out pretty quick that none of it is real, he is really just trapped in an illusionary dream, and to break out he needs to give up this perfect life.

Bonus for him at some point saying that he would rather have the real Enjolras hate him than a fake one love him.
Ultra Mega Bonus for somehow making a real happy E/R ending.

(Presumably in an AU where supernatural things that could do that exist/are known of but however you want to set it up is fine.)

Re: Lotus-Eater Grantaire

Yes very interesting prompt +1111 hope somebody fills it soon

Javert finds his father

Somehow or another Javert encounters his father in Toulon. The old man has reached the end of his life and has collapsed, dieing while working on the chain gang. The father tries to speak to his son, something along the lines of 'You're a good boy for not choosing the path I did' but Javert is having none of it. Turning his back, Javert ignores his father's words and refuses to even help remove the corpse after his father has expired. He is called heartless and cold by everyone who witnesses the scene, but that's because Javert waits to go home before he brakes down in tears.

Bonus for Javerts father trying to guide the Inspector to Heaven in the end.

Re: Javert finds his father

Ow...my heart ;___; Literally, I felt a sad prickle in my heart as I read this prompt.

I have no words to express the feels that this caused. Only tears. And a borderline masochistic desire to see that someone writes this, despite the knowledge that I will probably cry like a babe upon reading it. Please?

Cosette does not want siblings

After Gavroche brings Marius' letter to Valjean, Valjean feels really sorry for the kid having to live on the streets and mentions at the dinner table that he might want to adopt him. Cue jealous Cosette being all sarcastically like "Yeah, why don't you just adopt all the homeless children in Paris while you're at it?" and Valjean gets this look in his eyes like "Maybe I will" and Cosette is like "Oh shit, now I've put the idea in his head".

Valjean/Javert - Depression, Friendship and Romance

Depressed!Javert has visited a number of psychiatrists during the years, but hasn't really made progress with any of them; Because would you see Javert opening up and telling his most secretive thoughts and feelings to a stranger who constantly keeps prodding him with highly personal questions?

And then, he meets Valjean (Up to anon if he's a new psychiatrist or acquaintance or they simply meet again) who sees that what the inspector truly needs is a friend he can confide to and receive affection from instead of three different bottles of medicine and long therapy sessions. And then, they grow close; Way closer than either of them could have imagined in the start.

Would probably work best with Modern AU, but can be Musical! or Brick! verse if it suits anon better.

Re: Valjean/Javert - Depression, Friendship and Romance

(sighs loudly) if people need psychiatric medicine to be well (or help at all) ~* the love of their life *~ is not going to fix that and finding comfort in another person isn't any better a solution than taking potentially life-saving medication so let's stop treating psychiatric drugs like they're harmful because they help a hell of a lot of people, YES INCLUDING PEOPLE WHO HAVE OTHERS WHO LOVE THEM

I'm extremely sad right now; therefore I am shamelessly requesting the fluffiest e/R fluff that you can possibly create.

Fill: An Attempt At Distraction

"Enjy!" Grantaire pleaded while sprawled out on the couch.

"No, Taire! I have work to do," Enjolras retorted; his marble face and golden curls illuminated by the light of his laptop. Grantaire sulked and folded his arms in a huff.

"But you're always working," Grantaire whined and Enjolras sighed dramatically.

"That's because I have a lot of work to do," he insisted causing Grantaire to sulk even more. "Just because you neglect your school work doesn't mean I should as well," he retorted and Grantaire replied with a gasp.

"Low blow Apollo," he pouted. "I just want to have some cuddle times," he whined, pretending to cry.

"You can have some when I've finished this. That's not going to work this time, R," he insisted and Grantaire frowned. If begging wasn't going to work then we would have to resort to more extreme tactics. He would get cuddles with his Apollo!

Grantaire stood in the kitchen humming to himself. This would surely work. His Apollo loved his hot chocolate on an evening and Grantaire knew exactly how he liked it. They would snuggle under a duvet and drink hot chocolate by the time this evening was over. He waltzed, with a spring in his step, round the kitchen grabbing all the required ingredients. He created a piping hot chocolaty masterpiece that he knew would tempt his one true love away from that blasphemous laptop. With the addition of a sprinkle of chocolate shavings and marshmallows, it was complete and smelt wonderful. Grantaire carefully took the two steaming cups and placed them on the coffee table. He darted off to get his duvet with a beaming grin of his face. He returned and his Apollo had not moved an inch and was still absorbed in the luminescence of the laptop that caused all this trouble. Grantaire cuddled up in the feathery blanket so only his head and arms were still visible. He picked up his mug and slurped some of the froth that lined the top. Grantaire looked over at Enjolras and softly whistled, succeeding in attracting the blonde's attention. Enjolras turn around smiling and stood up away from the essay. Grantaire’s smile grew as he stepped closer and he offered the duvet out to him. Enjolras winked picking up the hot chocolate spectacular.

“Thanks Nic,” he whispered kissed Grantaire on the cheek and returning to the laptop. “Nice try!” he shouted back while sipping the hot chocolate and Grantaire started to glower at him.

Grantaire spent the next quarter of an hour watching Enjolras work as he sipped his hot chocolate. He needed a new plan to get his baby away from that traitorous object. Grantaire grinned as an idea popped into his head and he downed the rest of the hot chocolate; the mug clinked back down on the table and he slid into the duvet. Enjolras was still utterly absorbed in his essay and oblivious to his partner’s behaviour. Grantaire subtly slid along the floor out of Enjolras’ eyesight towards the over used plug sockets in the corner of the room by Enjolras’ desk. It would take outstanding stealth and skill to remain undetected on his mission. Mission Cuddle Times … and it would succeed. Grantaire slowly crawled along the floor with the duvet covering his body; he moved as close to the floor as he could but Enjolras wouldn’t have noticed his he was on a space hopper singing behind him. He always got like this when an essay was due in but this time Grantaire would not sit back on watch. The plug socket was within arm’s reach but he had no idea which plug the laptop cable was. He stared at it for a few minutes and resorted to potluck. He pulled one cable and cheered as Enjolras’ laptop stopped charging.

“Six hours battery, sweetheart,” Enjolras whispered leaning down and kissing him on the top of the head. Grantaire cursed and glared at him again.

“I will win!” he exclaimed jumping back on the settee again, sulking.

“Sure you will sweetie,” Enjolras chuckled.

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AU where Fantine lives

Fantine is jealous of the way Madeleine coddles Cosette. Could it be because she loves him?

JVJ meets Georges Pontmercy (Marius' dad) in heaven and the two aww over what a cute couple their children are.

I think my heart just exploded from just how cute the PROMPT is!

They would probably tell stories like "I remember when Marius's behind would break out every time he ate raisins" and "Cosette got chased by a heard of kittens once and she has been afraid of cats ever since!"

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Marius wants to roll with the Amis
But so far they all think he's too white and nerdy

Pfttttt this is amazing

Bastille Day

It's Bastille Day, meme! Can I get some Amis celebrating?

i am having a terrible weekend and would love some e/r hurt/comfort with dom!enjolras and subtaire. Something bad happens to R and he goes to his dom for comfort, and Enjolras takes care of him.

i'm so sorry you had a terrible weekend, nonnie!

this prompt is terrific and i hope it gets filled

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Because I really like the idea of a dom making their two subs fuck, without letting them come before their dom.


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Oh, this is just silly

It's true enough that Valjean's hair turned white because he underwent a gargantuan amount of stress during the Champmathieu Affair. In addition to his hair, the rest of his body changed significantly; do you know why that is?

It was because he was turning SUPER SAIYAN!!!!!!!!!!

*squibbildy blabbidy doo guitar solo*

Re: Oh, this is just silly

I love you


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Pacific Rim AU

Anything where two (or more) characters partake in the soul-bounding mech-fighting badassery that is Jaeger piloting. Literally anything. I need this.

-Combeferre and Enjolras are a top tier piloting duo. When Combeferre is killed by a kaiju, Enjolras new partner is Grantaire, an unreliable, traumatized drunk who is never the less a brilliant pilot when he gets his shit together.

-Marius and Cosette as a married couple who are disgustingly joined at the hip and are so in-synch that they finish eachothers sentences even without the help of the neural handshake

-Joly, Bossuet, and Musichetta as three-way pilots. Joly is more worried about inadequate radiation shielding and neural overload than the 500 foot hellbeasts rising from the seabed. Lesgle's bad luck means that their Jaeger never seems to make it out of a fight in one piece

-Javert was a policeman who was recruited into the Jaeger program. All test results show he has high compatibility with a former National Guard named Madeline who is weirdly opposed to their partnership, until a crisis forces them to pilot together, and now they have to try to save Hong Kong while having mutual break-downs

Seriously, these were just off the top of my head. I just have a huge kink for brain sharing and I really want mind-melding mechs in Les Mis.

Re: Pacific Rim AU

It's a great idea.

I can see Valjean as Raleigh, having been traumatized after a failed battle with a kaiju where his sister was killed and is later brought back into the program. There he meet's Javert who is extremely skilled but has never been allowed to pilot before.

Then when they have first neural handshake, Valjean see's all of Javert's past and tries to get through to him while falling in love at the same time.

Marius, Courfeyrac, Cosette: Cuddles

Marius and Courfeyrac are the best of friends, of course, and Courfeyrac has gotten into the (un?)fortunate situation of being Pontmercy's personal choice of clingpillow and babble receiver. Whenever Marius flips out over the fact that Cosette exists, Courfeyrac ends up holding him and petting him all "there, there" and Marius is just an octopus of affection because he's too shy to direct it towards Cosette.

Naturally, Cosette keeps accidentally walking in on Marius octopusing on Courfeyrac and cuddling in his lap and murmuring incoherently, and is convinced they're dating.

Whether it ends in Marius/Courfeyrac, Marius/Cosette, all three, or just a bundle of laughs when the mystery is unravelled or whatever is your choice, I just want delicious misunderstandings based on Courfeyrac's and Marius' physical closeness.

Feuilly/Bahorel, Feuilly topping

Usually with Bahorel and Feuilly, we see Bahorel topping. That's fine, Bahorel doesn't exactly radiate pliant submissive. However, I'd like to see a fic in which Feuilly is thoroughly done with Bahorel's antics and fucks him into next week.

Whether they have a prior arrangement of Bahorel topping or if it's just the bubble of UST bursting, I don't care, I just want Feuilly angry and dominant and making a bit of a mess out of Bahorel.

Re: Feuilly/Bahorel, Feuilly topping

omg yes! Seconding!

crack pairing


Because reasons.

the newsroom recast

SO sometime during last night's s2 premier i suddenly decided will is grantaire and mackenzie is enjolras. (tho i could be talked into the reverse fairly easily) and now i want an xover or recast or whatever you want to call it with the amis as the crew. just ANYTHING! I could even see a charlie!valjean (and so a javert!leona?) i ship all the amis in most all configurations so feel free to play with it. tho for the newsroom i ship (mac x will obvs) don x sloan and jim x maggie (surely that's not a shock...)

Re: the newsroom recast

i love you

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Canon Era Intersex!Marius/Cosette

Marius is intersex and has ambiguous genitalia. He does everything he can to hide this from Cosette: their wedding night was a lot of cuningulus (because I don't want to hurt you, darling), they do frottage a lot, etc. Cosette's happy with their sex life, but she'd like a baby.

Javert/Valjean, tutoiement

When he confronts Valjean at Fantine's deathbed, Javert makes a point of tu-ing him out of anger and scorn. And of course he would have addressed Jean-le-Cric as "tu" in Toulon. But as middle-aged virgins growing more intimate, they pass the point where it would be normal to address each other as "tu" - except there's their whole history between them, and difficult memories attached to the simple pronoun. Does one of them blurt it out? Does the other react badly? Maybe they get around the awkward by using "tu" in the context of D/s scene, a kind of tenderness masquerading as dominance?

TL;DR - post-Seine, the first time they "tu" each other in an intimate rather than a disrespectful manner.

Re: Javert/Valjean, tutoiement

oh man, what a great prompt! i really hope it gets filled!

Feuilly/Bahorel super gentle vanilla love-making

So I think most of us share a headcanon that when Feuilly and Bahorel do the thing it's rough and it hurts and it's loud and hot and angry. And in an established-relationship-verse, I guess their friends think so as well.
And that's exactly why I would absolutely love to read something where they're their usual selves around each other but as soon as they're in bed it's all cuddles and gentle kisses and body worship (nnggn) and shit.

+100 if the fill has anyone commenting on their supposedly rough sex life in front of one of them/both of them ("oh nice bruise got that from feuilly" "no you lil shit i got in a fight last week" "aw yeah suuuure you did ;)" "yeah i actually did shut up.") when really they got the gentlest and most loving sex life ever (and they love it).

Modern AU Amis; everything was a tabletop RPG

Les Amis de l'ABC is a group of friends who meet regularly in the back room of the Café Musain... to play alternate history tabletop roleplaying games.

I don't care who the Game Master is, but all the Amis, including Marius (who has, naturally, been invited over by Courfeyrac to try out tabletop RPGs), play themselves as characters with various skills and attributes in their aptly-named campaign Les Misérables.

I want roleplayer shenanigans, creative players (Courfeyrac spending half his points on sexual prowess, Combeferre starting out with a ridiculous arsenal of weaponry?), annoyed GMs whose plans have to be swiftly changed because a player went entirely off-rails (such as Marius threatening to blow the barricade), the works.

Optional: Cosette is a NPC controlled by the Game Master as an intentional plot device for whoever first pays attention to the blonde lady.

Re: Modern AU Amis; everything was a tabletop RPG

OMFG. I was about to prompt a D&D AU just now. We're like... psychically linked or something.

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Canon Era, Intersex!Cosette and Marius

Cosette is intersex and Marius thinks she's perfect. Loving fluff, please.

e/R public sex

ok, i just want to see enjolras fucking grantaire while everybody else is watching, i don't care why (maybe it will work better in a fantasy au when they have to publicly consumate their union for some reason ??? idk) my only preference is that they want to have sex (so not non-con) just not in front of people.

bonus points if:
-they start shy, ashamed and trying not to be loud but they end going wild
-they have never had sex with the other before, so everything is ten times more awkward at first

Re: e/R public sex

I want this desperately.

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