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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 6
exit pursued by javert
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
[Round 6: No vacancy]Official rules/FAQ/Page-A-Mod post is there for reference, but you know how it works by now. Be nice, no kink-shaming, this is not the place to have it out with people who are Wrong On The Internet, detailed lists of kinks in headers are good, no RPF except for historical figures. Link to your fills (complete or incomplete) on the Fill Post. NKMWA = No Kink Meme Warnings Apply; see rules post for details. Mods reserve the right to enforce reasonable standards of conduct even if they are incapable of explicitly enumerating every possible way someone could act like an asshat online.

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After the fall of the barricades, Enjolras' mother finds a series of letters his late son wrote to a mysterious R.

Lay Down Letters 1/2

"Letters are like wine; if they are sound they ripen with keeping. A man should lay down letters as he does a cellar of wine."

-Samuel Butler


It was curious, Adélaïde thought, how little she had known of her only child. Though perhaps curious was not the right word.

Standing in the small, cramped room she had not known her son had rented, surrounded by books and pamphlets she had not known he had cared to read, she reached out and touched the strange little bundle of letters on his desk and wondered what further secrets they might reveal.

Her hands trembled as she began to work the knot of the frayed ribbon tying the missives together. Her hands had shaken ever since word had come of her son's death, and they did not seem inclined to stop. When she at last unraveled the knot, her trembling hands knocked half of the letters to the floor in a sudden cascade of white.

One fell upon her shoe and balanced there, absurdly; a queer, terrible laugh escaped her lips as she bent and began to gather up the letters. Each gesture was slow and careful, as though she picked up shards of glass rather than letters. She placed them gently upon the desk once more.

Adélaïde had assumed with a wistful, foolish hope that perhaps she had uncovered yet another secret, some sweetheart he had not introduced to her for being an unsuitable match, but when at last she looked upon one of the letters, she recognized her son's handwriting.

Her brow creased in confusion, for why would her son keep his own letters. She began to read, choosing first the missive that had so precariously balanced upon her foot.


Perhaps wine does unlock some magical barrier between your brain and your hand, for you did write five pages longer than is your usual wont, but I think you will find the wine betrays you and turns your writing unreadable. I could not make sense of a word of the latter part of your argument; that is to say, I only understood the first two pages of your letter before it all turned to scribbles a child might make during his first attempt at letters. Put the bottle down and write to me sober if you wish to say your piece.

Another terrible laugh escaped her even as she found herself with more questions than answers. She read over the letter once more, frowning in bewilderment. Who was this R? She could not make sense of her son's tone, if this was an affectionately mocking exchange between young men or if her son had been genuine in his exasperated words.

She turned to the next letter.


If you and our bold friend
must initiate a brawl in the streets, could you refrain from doing so all but next door to a police-station? I would not think that I need explain how we should leave the police to their business and us to our own, and yet it seems I must.

Have your injuries been seen to yet, or are you diluting the pain in your usual manner? If it is the former, write us and assure us the blow to your eye was not as severe as our bold friend made it out to be. He is riling up our other friends with dire proclamations that you will lose the eye, which is causing no little dismay in certain corners.

If he breathes without exaggeration and you have not had your eye attended, come here at once. Alcohol does not cure all ills, much as you might wish it.

Adélaïde closed her eyes, for she could picture all too well the face her dear son had made as he'd written this particular letter, the way his brow would have been furrowed in concern, the sideways slant of his mouth as he'd half-frowned at the paper.

So this R seemed to have been one of his friends. Had he been at the barricade? She remembered, dully, how she had read the paper with interest and learned that none had escaped the Chanvrerie barricade alive. She had not known then that her son had numbered among the dead, had read of the uprising with the complacent fascination of one unaffected by the violence. Doubtless this R had been killed at the barricade, and their bold friend along with him.

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Cosette domming Marius while Courfeyrac watches.

Bonus points for Courf jerking off.

Re: MC2

...come on, you have to finish the equation: and it all turns out to be Enjolras' masturbatory fantasy

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Enjolras is always depicted as being mean or harsh to Grantaire. In reality, Enjolras is so oblivious to love and relationships that he thinks he is actually flirting with Grantaire, because he loves R like R loves him.

Re: e/R

*rolls around in this prompt*

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Enjolras gets drunk and has sex with Grantaire. Grantaire wakes up the next morning, and feels horrible because he took advantage of drunk Enjolras. But while Enjolras was drunk, he really did want to have sex with Grantaire--the alcohol just made him brave enough to go for it. So when he wakes up with the memories of the night before, Enjolras is really happy. But then he opens his eyes and Grantaire isn't there. So he thinks Grantaire left because he did something wrong or was unappealing in some way.

And of course both are too stubborn to talk about it, so we just are left with guilty!R and self-conscious/sad!Enjolras.


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Thenardier family time

Something about the Thenardiers teaching Eponine all the dirty tricks they use to skim off the inn customers. I'd prefer something light-hearted/funny, Master of the House style.

Re: Thenardier family time

Hey....do you mind if it's in a list form, and then the rest of the chapters are the Thenardiers teaching Eponine the tricks described in the list, i.e. one trick per chapter?

Valjean finds the kink meme

And freaks the fuck out.

Re: Valjean finds the kink meme

He would. And then in gurns out that Cosette and her convent school friends are responsible for all the hardcore porn prompts.

Tumblr AU

Grantaire is an embittered Tumblr social justice warrior who spends all his time yelling at people for celebrating small victories when the world is still an oppressive shithole in a gazillion other ways, and who has never met a piece of media he couldn't skewer for being problematic somehow or another.

Re: Tumblr AU

Thank you, this has made tumblr so much more bearable a place.

supernatural crossover

based on this (http://acynicnamedgrantaire.tumblr.com/post/54872093881/based-on-this-x)

because dean and r in a hole of self-loathing and alcohol

Re: supernatural crossover

Oh my God, mine. I'm so filling this.

Female Character/Fantine FILL

This is on AO3, so I'll link it in brackets :)

Re: Female Character/Fantine FILL

I'm sorry-meant to post this as a comment! Forgive me, kinkmeme!

Repost from Round 4:

"Enjolras and Combeferre are in a relationship, are completely in love with each other, but they never have sex because they're both alphas. They give each other hand jobs, blow jobs, have non-penetrative and/or intercrural sex, but neither of them really fancies the idea of taking the other's knot when their body isn't built for it. Somewhere over the course of the relationship they develop the fantasy of having a shared omega that they can take turns fucking, or fuck at the same time. They're both aware that they would both be willing to enact this fantasy if they had the chance, but neither of them knows any omegas and they're too busy with their cause (whether its canon era or some modern cause is up to you) to search out an omega that is compatible with both of them and will have no problem being shared between the two of them, so it stays as a fantasy.

And then the obvious omega Grantaire starts showing up at their meetings. He's a drunk and he's not particularly attractive, but both Enjolras and Combeferre are drawn to him somehow. Grantaire doesn't try to hide the fact that he doesn't believe in their cause, so at first they can't figure out why he continues showing up week after week. Eventually they notice the hungry, wanton gazes that he throws at the pair of them.

How much of this backstory you want to include is up to you, I'm really looking for Enjolras and Combeferre accosting Grantaire and inviting him to join them for the first time.

Bonus points for:
- E&C showering R with body worship and R being totally overwhelmed by it and not expecting it at all because he knows he's ugly
- Double penetration and/or E&C both knotting R at the same time
- If you can somehow slip in that at least part of the reason Grantaire drinks is because he's always fantasised about having two alphas at once and he feels like a dirty greedy whore for it
- (yet when E&C call him a greedy whore it sounds much more like praise than an insult like it does when he says it to himself)

Please and thank you (◡‿◡✿)"

I am still waiting for this like Marius waits for his Cosette.

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Enjolras Won't Say (He's In Love) e/R

I just finished watching Hercules for the millionth time, but when Meg started singing about not saying she's in love I suddenly just could not stop imagining Enjolras singing about not admitting he's in love with Grantaire!! XD

Song: hxxp:)))//www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_bEWXs_FX4

I'm fine if it isn't a whole Hercules!AU, but something similar would be greatly appreciated. (Like maybe Enjolras is Apollo and he's in painfully extreme denial about his love for Dionysus (Grantaire)?)

I feel like this fandom doesn't have nearly enough pining!Enjolras and that's sad because that's my favorite Enjolras :(

It would also be pretty epic if some of the Les Amis are the sassy Greek Muses and helped Enjolras through his denial of R's unbelievable sexiness.

So I guess all I really want is a really hunky Grantaire who's either Dionysus or a 'Zero to Hero' type of character, and an Enjolras who is madly in love with him but denies it with the flames of a thousand suns. I'd also love a happy ending please!

Enjolras Won't Say (He's In Love) e/R

I just finished watching Hercules for the millionth time, but when Meg started singing about not saying she was in love with Hercules I couldn't help but imagine Enjolras in her place pining for a 'Zero to Hero' Grantaire!! XD

I don't mind if it isn't a whole Hercules!AU (Maybe it's a GreekGod!AU and Enojlras is Apollo who is madly in love with Dionysus-Grantaire- but he denies it with the fervor of a thousand suns?)

I also think it would be pretty epic if some of the Les Amis were the sassy Greek Muses and helped Enjolras come to terms with his feelings.

So, I guess what I want is pretty much a pining!Enjolras who denies his pining for the hunky Grantaire who could be Dionysus or a Hercules. I'd like a happy ending too please!! But angst is surly welcome :D

E/R, Role-play

Grantaire is into role play, though mostly conventional 'scenes'- teacher/student, jailer/prisoner, etc. Enjolras gets annoyed and demands that he get to pick the scenario for once, and Grantaire agrees.

Then he finds out Enjolras wants to play Robespierre and Danton.

He's not sure whether to be offended at being cast as the notoriously ugly of the revolutionaries or worried about the possibility of the scene ending with his execution, especially with the increasingly frustrated looks Enjolras gives him when he flubs a historical detail.

Re: E/R, Role-play

SECONDED. this is adorable and hilarious.

any/any, modern au

character a can't have sex with character b because something in b's room is creeping them out

examples include any number of things jehan would have in his apartment; grantaire's/feuilly's paintings; cosette's stuffed toys that stare into your soul; etc

Marius/Courfeyrac Fill - 1/2

The kisses were lazy at first, so absentmindedly placed upon Marius' cheeks and mouth that he almost believed Courfeyrac continuously mistook him for one of his countless mistresses. And so Marius would blush, turn away and say nothing against them. If it was because he found the touch of Courfeyrac's lips against his own rather enjoyable, he did not admit it even to himself.

At least, not until Courfeyrac's hand cupped his chin and made the kisses deliberately for Marius alone. That was enough for him to return the favour with a new-found eagerness.

There was only one little problem.

And that problem was Marie.

Marie was not one of Courfeyrac's mistresses, but a cat that Courfeyrac had taken into his apartment out of pity one day ("I have developed a habit of taking on strays!" he had joked, naming the cat after Marius to prove his point). She was a fine tabby, with elegant markings and a habit of stretching herself out in the thin patch of sunlight right where she was most likely to be tripped over. Courfeyrac doted on her and every night she slept curled at his feet.

It may be expected that Marius was jealous of Courfeyrac's love for a simple cat, but he was quite fond of Marie himself. So how did this present a problem?

Marius had been straddling Courfeyrac's waist, the two of them with flushed cheeks and laughter on their lips, when Marius glanced up from unbuttoning Courfeyrac's shirt to find Marie sitting on windowsill. This would be harmless enough, but she was staring at them with such an unblinking dedicated gaze that the smile suddenly fell from Marius' lips and he became self-conscious once more.

Courfeyrac instantly recognised Marius' sudden reluctantness, for he cupped the man's freckled cheeks and kissed his nose. "Why, whatever is the matter?"

Marius tore his gaze from the cat and met Courfeyrac's eyes instead, silently scolding himself for being so ridiculous. "It is nothing."

"I certainly hope not!" He kissed Marius' jaw with relish and Marius could not help but curl his lips back into a smile, continuing to fumble with the shirt buttons.

Courfeyrac was a handsome man when fully-dressed; when nude, Marius found him irresistible. He knew this was a pleasure that many others could lay claim too, but he also knew that he was the only one Courfeyrac cared enough about to allow residence within his quarters (even if the mattress on the floor Marius had for a bed was barely used nowadays). Courfeyrac swore that he had not glanced a second time at anyone since the day Marius returned his kiss, and Marius was content to believe him.

Courfeyrac was playing his usual game, his fingertips warm and enticing as they traced lines between the many freckles covering Marius' chest, and even as Marius gave a soft groan he accidentally met the eyes of Marie once more.

She had not moved, yet the twitch of her tail seemed to add something more to her gaze. A mockery hung in those moon eyes, as if she were judging Marius for permitting, nay, encouraging his roommate and best friend to teach him the joys of a lover.

His cheeks were flushed, and this time it was due to embarrassment. He longed to grasp his shirt and cover himself up, but that would only cause further embarrassment on his behalf.

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E/R Little Mermaid AU

Grantaire is the mermaid who falls in love with the human Enjolras and gives up his voice to a sea witch in exchange for a pair of legs. How will R woo his Apollo when he can't tease him or make disparaging remarks to get his attention? Will Prince Enjolras be more concerned with trying bring down the monarchy from the inside?

Would love R's internal monologue at some point; ending entirely up to whoever fills (can be inspired either by the fairytale or Disney movie) though I do love a happy ending! :)

Re: E/R Little Mermaid AU

Erm, I may be including something like this in a really really long fill for another prompt I am working on... /runs away and drops link as she goes


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Enjolras/Grantaire: Doctor!Grantaire/Patient!Enjolras

There isn't enough Doctor!Grantaire/Patient!Enjolras so:

Enjolras is a frequent patient of Grantaire (because, like, 90% of his protests turn into riots) and they fall in love.


Re: Enjolras/Grantaire: Doctor!Grantaire/Patient!Enjolras


Enjolras/Grantaire: Enjolras in a coma

After a protest turns into a riot Enjolras gets hit in the head and goes into a coma.

~Flash forward~

When he wakes up Enjolras tells Combeferre (or Courfeyrac) that he could hear someone talking to him and he fell in love with them, but doesn't know who it was.

Eventually he finds out it was Grantaire, who was to embarrassed or shy to tell Enjolras it was him because he still thinks Enjolras hates him.

Re: Enjolras/Grantaire: Enjolras in a coma

...Seconded. So. Hard.

Valjean/Javert, established relationship

Valjean likes to do things for and given presents to the people he cares about. With Cosette, it was protection, love, and knowledge (answering nearly any question she asked him, except about Fantine and their past).

With Javert, it's a little harder. He doesn't need protection, except perhaps occasionally from himself; he's still uncomfortable with outright declarations of love; and Valjean doesn't know what knowledge he might offer that he hasn't already given or that Javert doesn't already know.

Cue Valjean's increasingly disastrous attempts to give Javert gifts.

Re: Valjean/Javert, established relationship

seconded so hard!

La Comédie humaine crossover, Montparnasse &/ Vautrin

Montparnasse and Vautrin meet. (That's it, that's the prompt.)

Whether they actually have sex or just UST at each other is entirely up to the writer.

Body horror wingfic with javert

so I want javert to violently sprout wings (think haibane renmei). I just like seeing javert in pain, for some reason. Can be gen or Valvert

Re: Body horror wingfic with javert

Have you read archiveofourown*org/works/776274 ?


Enjolras and Grantaire have been working towards building a close relationship as friends, much to the pleasure of the Amis. They hang out alone, have philosophical debates that don't end up as screaming matches and are really comfortable with each other.

Grantaire's boyfriend gets jealous and gives him an ultimatum: Enjolras or him.

Anyone bitten by Eponine/Cosette/both/just any fem character ends up turning into a lesbian vampire.

Make of this what you will, but if this results in Les Amis finding their revolution supplies are suddenly needed for 'right we need to defend ourselves from this lesbian vampire plague' reasons, that'd be a bonus.

As would any inclusion of Montparnasse.

Combeferre stuck in subspace and panicking because he can't get out of it.

Any era, any dom(s), lots of snuggles and kisses and hair petting.

Re: sub!ferre

i need this like burning

Re: sub!ferre (Anonymous) Expand
Javert's suicide is prevented by the love and affection of his beloved loyal Face Squirrels who juST WON'T LET HIM GOOOOO

Uh, voksen wrote this exact scenario today, before you posted? It's a little strange to prompt the exact scenario of a fic someone's already written...


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Domtaire/Subjolras, collars

Enjolras wearing a collar for Grantaire.

that's it that's the prompt

Re: Domtaire/Subjolras, collars


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