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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 6
exit pursued by javert
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
[Round 6: No vacancy]Official rules/FAQ/Page-A-Mod post is there for reference, but you know how it works by now. Be nice, no kink-shaming, this is not the place to have it out with people who are Wrong On The Internet, detailed lists of kinks in headers are good, no RPF except for historical figures. Link to your fills (complete or incomplete) on the Fill Post. NKMWA = No Kink Meme Warnings Apply; see rules post for details. Mods reserve the right to enforce reasonable standards of conduct even if they are incapable of explicitly enumerating every possible way someone could act like an asshat online.

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Check in at Round 7!

I've read a few stories where Enjolras doesn't eat because he's too focused on revolution and all that jazz. What I would love to see is the opposite, where basically he doesn't know how to cook, so he only eats cereal, microwave meals, and takeout. And he eats A LOT. And he is too busy focusing on revolution so he doesn't workout either. So Courfeyrac (and Combeferre?) have been trying to get him to eat healthier with little success, so they plan a beach trip or something where Enjolras would have to take off his shirt, and they could essentially point out what his unhealthy lifestyle has done to his body (aka they want him to be in a situation where he is uncomfortable with how he looks, thus inspiring him to be healthier). But then when Enjolras takes off his shirt, he still has a perfect body.

Basically, I just want Les Amis to assume that unhealthy!Enjolras is flabby and then find out that he actually is just perfect. Some drooling R would be embraced as well :)

Yes omfg I want to write something for this

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Eponine Ageplay

One of the les amis finds out about eponine's family and decides to take care of her. The problem is they're babying her........literally. can be sexual or non sexual.

Bonus points if eponine ends up wearing the poofiest pink little girl dress known to man.

I'd like for her little age to be five and under preferably 2 or 3. Thank you all!

i would love to rp with you can also contact me via: yim: jillrainfall@yahoo.com

ExR Strawberry Panic X-Over

Not sure if anyone's watched the anime Strawberry Panic? It's set in three Catholic all-girls schools situated at the top of a hill in the countryside and basically has a hierarchical system where the schools put forward candidates for the position of "Etoile" - a couple who are basically the "stars" of all three schools, most loved and respected and the representatives of the school in public and who mediate between the three student councils. The Etoile pairs are voted upon by the entire school and are usually a couple/end up as a couple.

So, something like that with Les Amis - but as boys?

Javert as a Sassy Gay Friend

I've heard that Eponine wouldn't have died at the barricade if she had a sassy gay friend. Basically, Javert finds out that Eponine is in love with Marius and he convinces her not to go die at the barricades.

Alternatively if you want Eposette, Eponine goes to the barricades to rescue her true love's true love and Javert convinces her not to, all the while in the need of a Sassy Gay Friend to help him figure out his feelings for Valjean.

Re: Javert as a Sassy Gay Friend

Does Marius die with Eponine personally saving him from a bullet?

Feuilly appreciation

Can I please get some Feuilly love, wether its gen or any ship or just headcanons, can I please just get some appreciation for the fan maker please and thank

All the Javerts selfsest

All the Javerts from every rendition of LesMis meet each other via some plot device and have a gigantic selfsest orgy!

x10000 multiplier for BrickJavert and QuastJavert trying to out dom each other and CroweJavert being the bottom bitch.

My immortal soul for this to be juxtaposed with all the Valjeans meeting via the same plot device and having a totally innocent tea party and gushing about there respective Cosettes.

As cracky or as smutty as the AA sees fit.

Re: All the Javerts selfsest

...And then the innocent tea party ends when the 98 Valjean admits to hitting Cosette and the others either sing their anger at him or monologue at him until he loses his cool and flips over the table and starts fighting everyone.

Enjolras/Grantaire, Enjolras/Other (Unrequited)

Grantaire and Enjolras are together, someone else is in love with Enjolras. One day, this other person (OC or not) comes across Grantaire and Enjolras having sex.

Cue feeling heartbroken, angry, and turned on a little.

He stays to watch the entire time.

Enjolras was never a leader, and Grantaire was never his follower.

^please just anything on that line, because it is stuck in my head and I can't get it out, like when you get a piece of a song stuck in your head and can't get rid of it until you hear the full version
Canon-era please, shippy or not doesn't matter, I just want something on this you are free to do whatever you wantt

Re: Enjolras was never a leader, and Grantaire was never his follower.

do you mean, like, a complete AU (role-reversal?), or just an alternative interpretation of their canon dynamic/relationship?

because, wow, i see what you mean. that line's damn intriguing.

Graceland spoiler kinda

Sooooo mike got a gun shoved in his mouth last night and my mind went to a dark and dirty place

E/R in which grantaire puts a gun in enjolras' mouth

Absolutely no rape/noncon/dubcon. They're just role playing. Role play as mike and Eddie for all I care. Just make it consensual. And just to be safe, no killing either lol.

Re: Graceland spoiler kinda

yes!!!!! mike with a gun in his mouth was so pretty tbh I didn't even have room to be scared for him

Grantaire does capoeira.

Les Amis find out.

(Gen or e/R preferred, but not mandatory)

past the point of no return

Some phantom inspired eponine/montparnasse, pleasy?

fluffy comfort for Bossuet

Most of the time Bossuet laugh off his troubles in the series of unfortunate events that is his life. But then he has one day (or week) that is especially, ridiculously, abnormally unlucky even by his standards, and his good humour just won't cut it. He has a sort or breakdown but then everyone drops what they are doing to comfort him... leading Bossuet to conclude that in spite of everything else that has happened lately, he is actually very very lucky because he has the most amazing friends anyone could ask for.

Please give me some tooth rottingly sweet fluffy comfort.

J/C/B bdsm

Jehan and Courf utterly dominate Bahorel.

Any era, any situation, no kinks barred (although preferably full consent from all parties).

E/R, enjolras in short shorts

it's super hot outside so how about enjolras in tight denim shorts being completely oblivious to the effect that this has on grantaire

Re: E/R, enjolras in short shorts

(I don't want to hijack, but there's a fic that is very relevant to your interests:


More shortsjolras is encouraged, of course!

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Valjean, Cosette/Marius

Valjean isn't an information witholding idiot!AU or Modern!AU

Valjean is the world's most passive aggressive in-law and constantly snipes at Marius under his breath and making comments that Marius is sure are insulting but are so neutrally phrased he can't prove it. He continues to be the most doting father in the world to Cosette which only makes Marius more confuse, especially when the passive aggression edges into outright agression ie "OK listen up you booby I have no idea what my baby girl sees in you but the second she stops smiling you are gone do you hear me I was in prison I know things what, I didn't say anything, pass the pie, lovely weather we're having." It's getting to the point where the thought of going over to Valjean's house for Sunday dinner makes Marius break out in cold sweat.

TL;DR Valjean is bitter as hell and snarks Marius into an ulcer.

Bonus points for Cosette figuring out what's going on and tearing Valjean a new one in the sweetest way possible.

Enjolras/ public humiliation/potential for non-con

Alright, so the barricades fall, but Enjolras (and some of the others?) are captured by the Guard. The Guard decides to make an example of Enjolras and they put him in stocks/something along those lines, (naked? why not) and allow the public to do whatever they want with him. Filler can take it from here-- they throw stuff at him, gangbang him, whatever you want. I would like Enjolras to break at some point, though.

Bonus for the other Amis (coughgrantaire) being forced to watch.

Re: Enjolras/ public humiliation/potential for non-con

Fuck. Yes....

Valvert Modern AU (TW: Child abduction)

Inspired by the advertisement for this film w/ Hugh---- http://www (dot) youtube(dot)com/watch?feature=trueview-instream&v=doPNgss-ntc

Cosette is abducted and the law isn't helping. So, her daddies make the big decision of taking it into their own hands and finding her themselves.

Canine Marius

Partially inspired by the "Actual booby!Marius" prompt a while back. I'm sure we've all seen Marius called a "human puppy" or something similar; so can we get a fic where Marius is literally a lost/homeless puppy who follows Cosette home?

Re: Canine Marius

Omg how adorable! (No promises but I'll see about writing something in the next couple of days? )

Grantaire/Joly/Bossuet friendship/BroOTP

So reading the Brick and loving the bit with Grantaire, Joly and Bossuet in the Corinth and realising we really don't have enough friendship fics between R and those two. In most fics Rs BFF seem to be Eponine, Courf, Bahorel or Jehan.

So I'd love to see (modern AU or Canon) more fics where the three of them are complete BFF - with, if desired, added Joly/Bossuet/(Musichetta) and e/R (unrequited or otherwise) on the side

Re: Grantaire/Joly/Bossuet friendship/BroOTP



Les Amis in the Hunger Games universe

Les Amis are a resistance group in District 12. It is Enjolras' last year that his name is going into the lottery, but as the authorities realize that he is the leader of the group, they rig the draw and his name comes up. Enjolras already has a plan, of course. He is going to use the publicity tour to rally the people as much as he can and then he will die at the beginning of the games, because no way is he killing children for the sick entertainment of the Capitol. He walks to the podium with his head held high, but suddenly there is a voice behind him: "I volunteer as tribute." It's Grantaire....

I'm very interested in what happens after.

Re: Les Amis in the Hunger Games universe


Fantine/Will or just gen

Fantine and Will Graham have a nice day together

Re: Fantine/Will or just gen

OP, I like the way you think.

Orchestra Kink (Is this actually a thing?)

Any pairings... (pref: e/R, or Valvert)

Person A is the first chair violin, Person B is the first chair cello. Sexy music times happen. Inspired partly by that scene in the red violin where that one guy is actually fucking while playing the violin.

Re: Orchestra Kink (Is this actually a thing?)

I don't know about the red violin but I will try to find out what you are referring to and then definitely write this.

And yes, orchestra kink is definitely a thing, because as someone who played in one I love it too.

Javert & his fortune teller mother

fortune tellers, the good ones, anyway, are very observant and are experts at reading people, sometimes using Holmes-like deductive skills to infer information about their clients, beguiling them into believing that the fortune teller truly has magical powers.

Javert turned out to be such a good police inspector because his mother taught him the tricks of the trade when he was little.

Re: Javert & his fortune teller mother

Oooh, I like this. Tentatively claiming? :)

Javert/Valjean, D/s, bottom!J

This world can never have too much of delicious bottom!Javert and I love them all. However, the D/s fics usually feature Crowe!vert. Quast!vert and Brick!vert are more often portrayed as tops or power bottoms. I'd like to see some variation to that and read a hot D/s Valvert fic with someone other than Crowe!vert as the submissive bottom. Perkins!vert and Fresson!vert also welcome! :)

Re: Javert/Valjean, D/s, bottom!J


Fantine/Valjean and Javert/Valjean

Valjean and Fantine were soulmates, but after Javert "killed" her, Valjean has an empty space in his heart where she should have been. But eventually, he finds himself falling in love with Javert, despite the fact that he's (arguably) responsible for Fantine's death. Javert, who doesn't have a soulmate of his own, finds himself falling in love with Valjean as well, but is conflicted because Valjean is a convict and because he's lived his entire life never needing or wanting a soulmate.

Cue lots of pining and angst.


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