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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 6
exit pursued by javert
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
Since LJ seems to have finally capitulated to the Russian government and is now subject to Russian anti-obscenity laws, I'm not going to take a chance on sudden deletions. The Les Mis kinkmeme now lives at https://lesmiskinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/. (Round 6 here.) Everything has been backed up there. The LJ kinkmeme will stay up, but is now closed to new comments.

But you won't find love in a hole/it takes more than fucking someone you don't know to keep warm
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Combeferre + babymaking

Combeferre decides to try to make a baby. Out of spare parts and carefully-applied electrical fluid, maybe a bit of alchemy too after somebody gives him a copy of Goethe's Faust. (Joly helps with the galvanism part. Jehan helps with the grave-robbing. Etc.)
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Re: Combeferre + babymaking

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Inspired by a prompt on the previous page.
Canon-era Amis de l'ABC being fanboys about the actors of the French Revolution, and I mean lots of squee, not just objective appreciation of why they were right.
Bonus if everyone ships (canon ships, period gossip ships, slash ships, crack ships, whatever) except Enjolras who thinks it's completely missing the point.
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Javert & Jean Valjean || Confusion, hurt/comfort, memory loss?

It turns out that the blow to the head Javert receives from Enjorlas causes a lot more damage than anybody realizes.

When Jean Valjean arrives the scene, he finds Javert is extremely confused. He babbles, sometimes about nothing, other times about people who aren't there, and Valjean is seriously concerned about his mental state.

Cue tons of hurt/comfort.

Bonus if:
-- Javert is nauseous as a result of his head wound and the revolutionaries' rough treatment only makes it worse.
-- He still recognizes Valjean, despite the circumstances, and refutes all of Valjean's attempts to help him.
-- Being so confused genuinely terrifies Javert.
-- Valjean initially tries to take advantage of the situation but doesn't go through with it.

And if you're particularly inspired, I wouldn't be averse to some long-term damage. Maybe (when Javert's living in sin with Valjean, of course) he gets confused at odd moments and forgets where he is or says something odd that has no relevance to the situation. Or you could always go with something more severe.

Take him completely apart, I don't mind, so long as you put him back together again. :)

TL;DR: Javert's concussion at the barricades leaves him a dizzy, nauseated mess and Valjean determines to help him, whether he wants it or not. And perhaps it also leaves some lasting damage?
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A Different Kind of Wizarding AU

Something based on this tumblr post http://grantaire-sleeping(.)tumblr(.)com/post/53573266963/alwaysanoriginal-the-people-too-must-rise

You can change things around if you want (I always see E as Slytherin and Marius and R as Hufflepuff), characters, houses, and the like. I just really want to see it set in that unique version of a Hogwarts AU.
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Re: A Different Kind of Wizarding AU


Just had to say that this is beautiful and I would fill if I had any talent at all.
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Futurama AU

Marius accidentally stumbles into a Polytechnicien cryogenic experiment and wakes up a couple millennia later. While wandering around this brave new world, he runs into the descendants/clones/robot replicas/holographic simulated intelligences/jarred heads/etc. etc. of his former friends -- who all, coincidentally, have the same names, appearances, and mannerisms as their long-dead counterparts.

The future is as full of horrors as it is wonders, but mostly, they all just sit around and watch "Everybody LovALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.
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Re: Futurama AU

oh god this is beautiful can someone fill this
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Grantaire/ Combferre

Just anything with these two! I have seen so little of this ship and I need it! Smut always appreciated;)
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E/R Modern Au!

Jehan and Grantaire have been best friends since they were practically in dippers. They are brothers in all but blood. It is because of this that whenever Jehan writes an original piece on Grantaire, that he immortalizes it by getting it tattooed on.

Enjolras isn't jealous. No. Really he isn't. Grantaire can do whatever he wants, and have anyone he want's love poems on his skin. It isn't a big deal. Nope. Not at all.

So basically, Enjolras is jealous that Grantaire tattoos all of Jehan's writings onto his skin, because Grantaire's love an whack him in the face and dance naked on the French flag, and Enjolras still won't get it.

Bonus points:
Jehan is with Courfeyrac
Smut! Top Enjolras please!

A million cookies and love if at the end, Grantaire tattoos one of Enjolras' speeches onto his skin,like maybe his back or over his heart.
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"We Need to Talk About Kevin" Crossover (Parent!Javert)

Based on the film/novel "We need to talk about Kevin"... (SPOILERS)

Could I have a fic in which one of these things happens:

-Inspector Javert slowly comes into the realization that the serial
killer he is hunting is actually his 16 year old son, Montparnasse.

-Javert and Valjean's child has always had a grudge against Javert for some reason but Valjean is clueless and certain that Javert is imagining it, but then their child (who could be anyone... including Cosette) goes on a killing spree on his/her 16th birthday and kills Valjean but for some reason leaves Javert alive.

-Any variation on this theme of Javert realizing that his child is a cold-blooded killer.
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Enjolras and Grantaire the werewolf

(According to the European werewolf folklore, a child born from rape was doomed to be a werewolf. )
Inspired by AO3 story in the company of wolves!
Grantaire´s mother was a spinster. She was an author and philanthropist rather than married. Local people were angry to her, to this uppity spinster who thought she is too good for their men! Grantaire was born nine months later after the gang rape... and now, as an adult, he finds that love of Enjolras keeps the werewolf away.
No modern AU please... only Gothic/fairytale/canon setting.

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Sort of dr.horrible AU (e/R)

It's more inspired than a real AU I guess, because If you could avoid the ending...

Anyway. So Enjolras (and the rest of les Amis) are a group of "villains" who actually just want to change the world. At the laundromat where Enjolras goes every week, there's this guy - cute but SUPER annoying (except, not really) who keeps rambling about all sort of things and Enjolras and him argue about everything, which of course means that Enjolras is secretly really in love with him, but he doesn't want to start a relationship with R without ruling the world first. (well, when I say 'rule' of course there would be fair elections, etc. Because Enjolras.)

R, obviously, thinks that Enjolras isn't interested with him that way at all.

Then one day during one of their operations, R is almost killed but he is "saved" by um, the equivalent of Captain Hammer (I was thinking Montparnasse, maybe ?) and Montparnasse is super beautiful so they go on dates.

Enjolras is jealous. (and he's not Billy, and he may be a tiny bit possessive, and that's how R finally learns that the guy he had a crush on since forever is part of a famous group of villains and there are adventures and kisses and maybe at the end they do rule the world ?)
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Re: Sort of dr.horrible AU (e/R)

Oh no. I guess I'll just have to rewatch Dr. Horrible and then write this. Golly. Way to ruin my night,. ;)
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Inspired by CAPTCHA - Joly cannot prove he is a human via CAPTCHA and therefore concludes that he is, indeed, not actually a human. The hypochondriac goes into Panic Mode.
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Oh, Thank Yous. (Anonymous) Expand
Western AU

Javert is the new sheriff in a one-horse town and the Mayor (Valjean of course) has tasked him with the capture of Monty Parnasse & his gang, dead or alive.

Monty & gang are holding the Mayor's daughter (Cosette) and her dopy fiance (Marius) for ransom in the hills.

Can Sheriff Javert & his plucky young deputy (Gavroche, obvs) get the kids home safely and bring Monty & his ugly rabble to Justice?
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srsly how is your hair even like that

(Skinner!Joly, obvs.)

Musichetta, being able to stand it NO LONGER, chases Joly down, tackles him, pins him to the ground, and combs his hair.
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A Comb A Day (Keeps Joly Away) 1/2

It was a peaceful day in the Musain.

Enjolras and Pontmercy were arguing while Combeferre and Courfeyrac held them back from an all-out fistfight(and if Courfeyrac's grin was a little wider than usual as he wrapped his arms snugly around Marius' waist, everyone pretended not to notice), Feuilly and Jehan were scribbling away on scraps of paper, Bahorel was bouncing his laughing mistress on his lap as he made bets with Grantaire on who would win in a fight between the two, which fast developed into a heated argument - for how could they bet properly if they both believed Enjolras would win? - while Bossuet, Joly and Musichetta discussed plans to refurnish their little flat.

"I cannot move my bed!" Joly exclaimed with a frown, studying the rough plan Musichetta had drawn up within the space of ten seconds. "It is aligned perfectly! It took Bahorel and Feuilly ages to get it as straight as it currently is!"

Musichetta shot a glance at Bossuet, who grinned and shrugged. Bossuet was used to Joly's odd little habits, having known him for longer than Musichetta had. Not that it mattered, Musichetta loved her boys enough to spare no room for jealousy in her heart.

"We'll leave the bed where it is, then." She snatched the plans back, using the side of her palm to erase Joly's bed until her hand was black with charcoal.

Joly leaned back as his attention wandered to the Enjolras vs Pontmercy battle, running a hand through his hair absentmindedly.

Musichetta loved Joly, really she did. And she could live with his habit of constantly touching and fiddling with his hair, she had lived with it for quite some time now.

And yet she still could not understand the physics behind his hair at all. How it instantly went everywhere from only the tiniest hint of a breeze. How he could rub strands between his fingers that caused them to stand out at unnatural angles. For the entire time she had known Joly, his hair gave him the appearance of a man who had lazily rolled out of bed before strolling through a tornado.

She kept staring at his hair even as Bossuet took the paper from her and began adding his own ideas, and then she began to pat down her pockets. Nothing.

She leaned across the space between their tables, ignoring the rip of paper as Bossuet accidentally used the charcoal too firmly and tapping Bahorel's shoulder to get the attention of him and his mistress. "Do you happen to have a comb at all?"

A comb was soon presented to her with glee.

It was as she turned to Joly that the noise from the people of Les Amis suddenly became a hush.

The attention had shifted quite suddenly from Enjolras and Pontmercy to the little table that Musichetta, Joly and Bossuet were seated at. Jehan and Feuilly abandoned their doodling as they glanced up, and even Enjolras had stopped going on about the Glorious Republic.

Joly glanced at Musichetta, then at the comb in her hand.

And then he jumped up so fast his chair fell backwards with a thud as he bolted for it.
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Bahorel- Bruising

Bahorel has an obsession with marking up his partners. Biting, grabbing, spanking, etc. welcome 0u0
Bahorel/Grantaire, Bahorel/Feuilly or (esp.) Bahorel/Jehan are preferred, but if you have better ideas, feel free to use your own ships!
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Re: Bahorel- Bruising

Ooh yes I do like this prompt. I shall see about writing something, can't promise it'll be soon but definitely within the next few days
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