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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 6
exit pursued by javert
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
[Round 6: No vacancy]Official rules/FAQ/Page-A-Mod post is there for reference, but you know how it works by now. Be nice, no kink-shaming, this is not the place to have it out with people who are Wrong On The Internet, detailed lists of kinks in headers are good, no RPF except for historical figures. Link to your fills (complete or incomplete) on the Fill Post. NKMWA = No Kink Meme Warnings Apply; see rules post for details. Mods reserve the right to enforce reasonable standards of conduct even if they are incapable of explicitly enumerating every possible way someone could act like an asshat online.

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Inspired by the Pagan Amis Prompt....

How about Valjean and Santa Muerte?

domme cosette

dommenatrix cosette please. you choose the rest!

les amis/barricade boys all watch porn together (reasoning is up to writer). they thought it wouldn't be weird.

it was weird.

Courfeyrac is the reason I'll bet

Desert Island

All of the Les Mis characters end up on a desert island together* because [explanation not required]. How do they survive? Who has unexpected skills, and who is completely useless? What kind of society do they manage to build together, when it's just them and what they bring with them?

(and by all characters I mean all, Amis and old mens and anybody else you want to throw in - at minimum, all the characters who were at the barricade + Cosette...)

*or some other place where they'll have to be completely self-sufficient, I'm not picky.

Fives times Eponine had sex with a member of Les Amis and one time she didn't.

Pairings and reasons are up to the writer, but I'd love you forever if one of those times was with Enjolras.


Just started filling this! I only have the first chapter written, but it's on AO3. Here's the first chapter:


Hopefully will have the second one up by early tomorrow.

Fill (second try to post) (Anonymous) Expand

Barricade Sex

A couple fucking on/against the barricade while the other defenders are asleep, trying not to wake anyone or be discovered. Pairing is up to the filler, but OP favors E/R and Eponine/Combeferre.

Grantaire, desperate to save him, keeps Enjolras prisoner to keep him from going to the barricades and (presumably) dying. His motivations gradually become less and less pure as time passes.

I started a fill that was like this for a prompt ages ago. It'd take some reworking and I'm busy as fuck atm, so no promises, but hypothetically, what would you not want to see? And what would you want to see?

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Marius and Cosette have their traditional romance; Valjean and Cosette are extremely codependent after their years of being pretty much everything to one another; Marius has the biggest Electra Complex ever and Valjean has very complicated feelings toward him in return. The most dysfunctional threesome of all time is born.

This may or may not be vaguely inspired by that one scene from Savage Grace.

Re: Valjean/Cosette/Marius

I want this more than I should.

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e/R = gilgamesh/enkidu

"Enkidu is a wild man created by the gods as Gilgamesh's equal to distract him from oppressing the people of Uruk and to rid Gilgamesh of his arrogance."

anything with e/R as gilgamesh/enkidu pls


Enjolras walks in on his best friend masturbating and is surprised that Combeferre has any interest in such things. Combeferre is embarrassed that Enjolras catches him like that, but defends himself saying that sex/ masturbation is perfectly fine if you know how to do it. Enjolras does't believe him. Combeferre is willing to prove his point.

Re: Enjolras/Combeferre

Ahh, this isn't exactly what you wanted but I loved your idea so much I took it and ran with it.

Here, you go!

Les Amis are actually a college coffee shop modern AU

"Les Amis" are actually a modern college coffee shop/bar/restaurant AU of the French Revolution being written by one of the other characters (Cossette? Valjean? Javert? Montparnasse? Gavroche and/or Eponine self-inserting?)

Valjean is a software program. Javert is the antivirus that thinks its malware all because the Valjean beta version had some bugs and screwed up some settings.


Becase I'm being hit with a horrible week of failing to sleep - one of the Amis has insomnia. They are getting significantly less sleep than they need - having trouble getting to sleep waking up in the middle of the night etc. Just something dealing with the frustration of not being able to sleep despite being exhausted and zombie like all day

Anon's fav pairing is e/R but I can see most Amis fitting into this fill

To no Man's Lure [1/?]

Hey OP, A!Anon is an insomniac too; hope this helps if you're still feeling down.

It’s not that he isn’t tired. Grantaire has had to explain this to many of his friends, and has succeeded less with each attempt. Exhaustion is a powerful, patient, inexorable force that sits on his shoulders, fogging his mind worse than most drinks he has cared to sample. His body is heavy under its weight, and after three days without more than seven hours of intermittently spaced sleep, Grantaire is beginning to ache everywhere under the strain of keeping his eyes open. Which isn’t to say that he’s trying to sleep, rather, it’s more that since he can’t, he’d rather see what goes on around him, even if he does not register much of it.

Joly, because they drink together and because he is frighteningly perceptive, was the first to notice that something was wrong with Grantaire. Bossuet, who is Joly’s other half (or perhaps Joly is his), was the second to notice, but only by virtue of being the third person to most of their drinking parties.

“So soon?” Joly asked one evening, the Corinthe quiet and lonely in the wee hours of the morning.

“What?” Grantaire said, confused.

Joly gestured to his hand, where Grantaire noticed he had let his bottle list, spilling some of the red wine onto the table.

“It’s fairly early for you to be so done in,” Joly remarked. “I’d never accuse you of being unable to hold your drink, but-” Joly shrugged, spreading his hands, careful not to spill his own glass of wine.

“Ah,” Grantaire said quietly, and turned the bottle back up, contemplating the dark green glass.

“Grantaire?” Bossuet, this time, spoke up, and placed his own bottle on the table, worry furrowing his brow. “Is something wrong?”

“The wine is thin,” Grantaire muttered, and put the bottle down.

Joly did not take the deflection, and his face grew a frown to match Bossuet’s. “Do you have a fever? It is far too early in the night for you to be so far gone.”

“I am not,” Grantaire protested, shaking his head. Unfortunately for him, this only aggravated his sleep-deprived headache. At the pain, Grantaire winced a bit, and put his head down into a nest of his folded arms, moaning slightly.

“Obviously,” Bossuet said drily, and Grantaire heard the clink of glass as Bossuet put his bottle down as well.

“I am fine,” Grantaire protested, voice muffled in the wood of the table.

“Now I’m certain you have a fever,” Joly said, and his displeasure was audible.

“It’s nothing to be worried about-”

“R,” Joly interrupted him, careful but firm, “when is the last time you slept?”

At that, Grantaire had looked up, and blinked at the concerned faces of his friends.

“This morning,” he admitted after a pause.

“Did you sleep the night before?” Joly prompted him.

“Define sleep,” he mumbled instead of answering, though from Joly’s sigh, perhaps that admission was answer enough.

“Go home, R,” Joly prodded him gently. “Try to get some rest.”

“I can’t,” Grantaire replied.

“Has your landlord locked you out?” Bossuet asked him. “I’m sure Musichetta wouldn’t mind if we brought you home to sleep on the spare mattress.”

“No, it’s not that,” Grantaire responded. “Though you kindness is noted, not that I would presume on you in such a way-”

“R,” Joly prodded him with a finger, “get on with it, if you will.”

Rue Plumet robbery, didn't expect Javert

The robbery appears to go better than expected, ergo, they get inside. Only problem is they then come face to face with Javert (your reason as to why he is there, but V/J much liked)

Re: Rue Plumet robbery, didn't expect Javert

I immediately imagine Javert in his nightshirt, stumbling out of Valjean's bed and arresting the whole lot.

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Toy Story AU

Sheriff Madeleine has been Andy's favourite toy since kindergarten. Until Space Ranger Javert Lightyear arrives on Andy's birthday.

Re: Toy Story AU


A/B/O Omega!Valjean alpha!Javert. fertility kink! Maybe mpreg?

Omega!Valjean is desprite for a child, maybe he's suffering some major empty nest syndrome after Cosette leaves and despritely wants something to fill that child shaped void in his soul before he is too old to conceive.

Alpha! Javert is happy to comply to his mate's wishes and they spend all of Valjeans next heat/Javert's next rut in bed, filling Valjean full of cum.

Tons of dirty talk about how full Valjean will be when he is pregnant and what a strong sire Javert is. Knotting is greatly encuraged if the author feels up to it.

Re: A/B/O Omega!Valjean alpha!Javert. fertility kink! Maybe mpreg?


Courfeyrac/Grantaire: Anything

Anything with Courfeyrac/Grantaire fluff! There isn't enough!

Re: Courfeyrac/Grantaire: Anything

would fluffy hurt/comfort be okay?

because i, er, apparently can't write straight-up fluff rn. opps.

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i'm having an awful day and just really want some fluff/cuddles. make it gen or shippy (e/R or J/Courf) i don't have a preference but just something with fluff and cuddles

Marius and Cosette invite Eponine for a threesome. She's hesitant but agrees because Marius but then ends up enjoying herself much more with Cosette

bonus points for cosette going down on eponine and eponine completely forgetting marius is even there

My vagina wants this, and wants it bad.


Combeferre, for some reason, finds himself in trouble. (Legal or physical or ETC.) Montparnasse helps him out... out of the goodness of his heart.

Which he expects to be repayed later (with Combeferre's heart if at all possible).

Enjolras was not being metaphorical

Enjolras's mother really is the Republic, and he really is sleeping with Patria.

Grantaire/Enjolras, first night

They've been dating for a little while and it's their first time spending the night together. Cue both parties being awkward around each other.

This is the first time they're learning more about each other beyond a first couple dates. Sex is not necessary. Maybe they've already had sex but didn't spend the night? Or maybe they just cuddle and have to figure out how to arrange themselves because Grantaire likes to latch on, but Enjolras feels smothered.

I just really want them being really cute and awkward because they both really like each other and don't want to mess up. :D

Fill 1/2

Grantaire paused as he came in through the door to scratch Robespierre's fluffy gray head. Enjolras gave them both what could only be described as an indulgent smile.

“You two seem to have finally resolved your differences,” he remarked.

“Yeah, well, you've just got to let them know who's boss, you know? Like with dogs, showing them you're the alpha. Except with cats it's more like 'I acknowledge you're in charge, let's leave each other alone'. And then you both get to pretend you're right. It's like international politics, except if I get scratched it's less likely to kill me than if we get nuked. Unless he has rabies or something. No, actually, even then. I'm up to date on my tetanus shot. Or is it a different vaccine for rabies?”

“He doesn't have rabies.”

By now Enjolras was used to Grantaire's long- winded replies to even the simplest questions. He found that he actually liked listening to his boyfriend talk like this. Even when Grantaire was just talking shit or rambling, the sound of his voice and the rhythm of his speech made Enjolras feel safe and cared for.

So instead of trying to interrupt him, Enjolras just pressed a chaste kiss to his lips when Grantaire paused for breath, and reached for his bag.

And nearly fell over at the sudden weight.

“Jesus Christ, R! What did you pack in this thing?”

“Sorry.” Grantaire was almost blushing. “I wanted to be ready for anything. So, um, a change of clothes, and then another change of clothes, and a swimsuit, and fancy clothes in case we go somewhere fancy, and my laptop, and a book in case you need to go do work or something- which is totally fine by the way- and I need to entertain myself, and a flashlight in case the power goes out, and extra batteries in case the flashlight goes out, and a box of lightbulbs in case you need a lightbulb changed and also some movies in case you want to watch a movie and some popcorn in case we want popcorn and some food. Then some actual dinner food.”

“I have dinner food,” said Enjolras, bemused.

“Just in case!” Grantaire waved his hand. “Then I brought toilet paper, in case you needed anything, because nothing can ruin the mood like needing to run out for toilet paper, not that I'm expecting you to have sex with me, but I did bring condoms and lube just in case, but no pressure. Oh, and speaking of pressure, I brought balloons, because balloons are awesome. And then I brought blankets and a pillow and a sleeping bag.”

“I thought we were sleeping together.”

“We are! I mean, I want to. We don't have to. You know, if it doesn't work out or anything.”

“Grantaire.” Enjolras stepped forward and put his hand on his shoulder. “It's going to work out.”

“Yeah, but what if it doesn't? I just want to be ready.” Grantaire kissed him. “Don't worry, okay? This isn't me freaking out, I just like to be prepared.”

“Did you bring anything else ridiculous?”

Enjolras couldn't keep his voice stern. It was light and affectionate, as it always was when he spoke to Grantaire. Sometimes he worried that it was almost too fond, that it would somehow reveal how deep his feelings for the other man went. Right now, though, he couldn't quite think of this as a bad thing.

“Nothing ridiculous!” Grantaire protested. “Gloves are important, and playing cards, and an oxygen mask, and a crowbar in case of emergency, and a towel, well, two towels. Then I brought a first aid kit, and a lighter-”

“Are you smoking again?”

“No, but we might need to light candles or something. I brought a spare tire, well, two spare tires, but I left those in the car, because that would be silly. And a bathrobe, and pajamas, and toothpaste.”

“How many toothbrushes?” Enjolras teased.

Grantaire turned pale. “Oh my god. I forgot my toothbrush.”

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A bet (Courfeyrac/Amis, possible pre-Jehan/Courfeyrac)

Courfeyrac makes a bet with Eponine that he can get into the pants ever every other ami in a week's time. Can I have a fic in which he does this? It can be incredibly smutty, or it can just show how he seduced/convinced/conned his way into everyone's pants before fading to black. Either way, humour would be great.

Also, super bonus points if he saves Jehan for last and then Jehan/Courfeyrac relationshipping happens? Like maybe seeing Courfeyrac with everyone else has been absolute torture for Jehan, who has been in love with Courf forever, and then comfort happens because Courfeyrac adores Jehan?

All kinks welcome. I have zero squicks. Can be set in canon or modern AU. I'll love anything you write!

Grantaire/Eponine Pity sex and then Slow build?

Grantaire and Eponine have unrequited-love blues and so they pity fuck each other to make it better. Possible bad!sex, but also maybe they realize that their angsty pity sex was some of the best sex they've ever had. So they have some more sex. What follows is a backwards-fucked up fairy tale befitting two backwards/damaged people: in the beginning they have sex without having any romantic feelings for each other but then, after the sex becomes fairly regular they begin to slowly fall in love with each other. Maybe they're not with their 'one true love', but they find that they've got something pretty good, something that makes them both happy. They don't remember when they stopped pining for their unrequited loves, but at some point they did.

Sorry if this is too specific. Feel free to change it as you please.

Re: Grantaire/Eponine Pity sex and then Slow build?

I'm not crying, I just have a branch in my eye.

The Most Popular Girls in School---- Amis Edition

I NEED a good laugh. Please send an ami a laugh or two and give me some TMPGiS inspired barricade boy crack, and I'll send all of the positive vibes I have left in your direction. Bonus points for every quote from the show you manage to squeeze in there.

These are some suggestions for casting?, maybe??, but they're not set in stone so you can totally disregard this???:

Marius "The New Boy" ---- Deandra "The New Girl"
Enjolras ---- Mackenzie Zales/Cameron Van Buren
Courfeyrac ---- Brittnay Matthews/Shay Van Buren
Combeferre ---- Trisha Cappelletti
Grantaire ---- Lunch Lady Belinda/Bridget Tice
Jean Valjean ---- Amberlynn
Gavroche ---- Mikayla Van Buren

Re: The Most Popular Girls in School---- Amis Edition

Have you seen this Tumblr, by any chance?


It's in brackets so I don't get confused for a spam bot. :/


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