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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 6
exit pursued by javert
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
[Round 6: No vacancy]Official rules/FAQ/Page-A-Mod post is there for reference, but you know how it works by now. Be nice, no kink-shaming, this is not the place to have it out with people who are Wrong On The Internet, detailed lists of kinks in headers are good, no RPF except for historical figures. Link to your fills (complete or incomplete) on the Fill Post. NKMWA = No Kink Meme Warnings Apply; see rules post for details. Mods reserve the right to enforce reasonable standards of conduct even if they are incapable of explicitly enumerating every possible way someone could act like an asshat online.

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Modern or canon AU, demisexual E finds himself attracted to R
This happens so infrequently that he is initially caught off-guard, but when he figures out that he's pining for Grantaire and not coming down with a bad headcold, he jumps R

Bonus for smugjolras gloating because he's gonna hit thaaattt~

I'm almost done with a fill for this! Just wanted to let you know. I'm not demisexual (panromantic bisexual here, in a relationship with a panromantic asexual), but I've stuck pretty close to my research and the conversations with demi friends. Hopefully there's nothing inaccurate or offensive in it!

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Toulon crackfic

so in most jvj fics that mention toulon valjean always seems to avoid sexual assault by being Huge and Intimidating butttTTTT

i really want crack where he's obviously v innocent and naive as hell, which some of the other convicts find endearing as hell for some reason?? so they band together to keep valjean as pure as freshly fallen snow while he has no idea that anything weird is going on at all, probably via beatings. they also give valjean a heavily edited and inaccurate version of The Talk.

OPTIONAL they see/imagine some mutual attraction btwn javert and valjean so they give javert the U HURT HIM U DIE speech and run away in tears while he stands there in shock like. whaaaaat.

Re: Toulon crackfic

If I could write I would fill this ten times over.

+1 trillion

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The three live together in some kind of ménage à trois

Re: Enjolras/Combeferre/Courfeyrac

I'm writing some ongoing plotless drabbles about E/C/C. It wasn't written for this but it's pretty much what I'd write if I set out to fill this. It's on Ao3: /works/774464

spanking and teacher/student kink (tw: roleplaying underaged)

Stranded on desert (dryspell) island. Please send help in the form of a fic in which either Enjolras/Grantaire, Valjean/Javert, or Courfeyrac/Jehan roleplay being a student and teacher. Caning or whipping happens because the student needs to be disciplined. Other d/s teacher/student kink is welcome too. I've listed my preferred pairings, but I could even go for Cosette/Marius, just so long as Cosette is the disciplinarian and not the one being disciplined.

Other kinks that are welcome in a fill:

Kinks that are not welcome:

You can tweak the prompt to suit your needs. Just keep it kinky. ;)

montparnasse/jehan (tw: blood, murder, gore, possible necrophilia)

Montparnasse is a serial killer who gets sexual pleasure out of killing. Jehan is his boyfriend who gets pulled into the horror that is Montparnasse's life. Does Jehan wind up getting used to Montparnasse's dark predilections? Does he even grow to enjoy it? Or does he become the next victim? If you make Jehan an intended victim, having Coufeyrac/Jehan at some point would be lovely.

Phew. I almost forgot to anon.

Re: montparnasse/jehan (tw: blood, murder, gore, possible necrophilia)

Yes yes yes I would love to read that !

Fight Club Crossover (warning: spoilers as old as some of you)

Enjolras is Brad Pitt's Tyler, and Grantaire or Combeferre is Edward Norton's Tyler. The Amis = Project Mayhem. Sweaty fight-sex is also awesome.

That is all.

Re: Fight Club Crossover (warning: spoilers as old as some of you)

Is this what you're looking for? http://archiveofourown.org/works/808821

On the subject of purchasing children...

Valjean doesn't think much of the Thenardiers or their parenting, even with the children they are clothing properly, and so he decides to offer to take Eponine (and Azelma if brick!verse) off their hands as well. The Thenardiers are insulted and refuse because it's one thing to sell some orphan they can't stand and quite another to sell their daughters who they do adore (especially when they can afford to spoil them).

Re: On the subject of purchasing children...

I would like to fill this except it would end up becoming overrun with feelings about the momes they did sell...

Javert/Valjean fluff: puppies

As thanks for his help with some monetary issue, a towns person gives the mayor an adorable, big eyed, cotton ball of a puppy.

Valjean is tickled pink about the dog, gives it a ridiculous name and allows it free rein of his house. He even takes it to his office and lets it sleep on his lap as he does paper work.

Javert is unamused and perhaps a little jealous of his lover's new companion. He hates when the little thing stairs at him while he and Valjean are getting it on. Especially when they are getting it on.

Re: Javert/Valjean fluff: puppies

oooooh can it be a pug please

Les Amis, Pagan AU

The Amis are a "college coven" with all the attached drama and spiritual shenanigans.

Enjolras is a hard-core reconstructionist and is always trying to raise awareness for Pagan issues.

Grantaire is a Discordian and maintains his trolling is a religious injunctive. Enjolras thinks he's just an atheist making fun of them, and maybe it started out that way, but shit, when he prays beside Enjolras, he feels something he can't explain.

Combeferre is a third-generation Wiccan, and handles a lot of the "Paganism 101" questions. Everyone thinks he leads the best rituals.

Jehan is eclectic and always seems to have a new god to worship. He just sees the sacred in everything, ok? He writes really beautiful devotional poems and hymns, which usually get butchered after Grantaire and Courfeyrac lead a raid on the wine and cakes and get everyone completely shit-faced.

Marius is a Celtic Catholic who, to everyone's annoyance, seems to habitually forget the 'Celtic' part, especially since he met a pretty altar girl at the Catholic Student Ministry.

Eponine prays to Santa Muerte and thinks they're a bunch of weird college boys, but has started coming to meetings just because she likes them, not just because Marius is a cutie.

(I don't know, I'm just spitballing ideas. I just really want to see the boys raising the heathen hammer high, as it were.)

Re: Les Amis, Pagan AU

Oh wow, yeah this a really interesting prompt. I'm looking forward to seeing a fill for this

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Enjolras, Modern AU

Enjolras time-travels to modern era and is completely overwhelmed with republic feels. There's a democracy and universal sufferage and freedom of the press and you can protest without getting shot and nobody even considers the possibility of a return to monarchy and France has a welfare state, for God's sake! He always believed he would die in the struggle for liberty- he never thought he'd actually get to see it.

Re: Enjolras, Modern AU

This prompt is so beautiful. It reminds me of that episode of Doctor Who, when Vincent Van Gogh (I'm probably spelling that wrong) gets to see that his art is remembered and appreciated. God it makes me cry every time. 100000 points to ravwnclaw house for this beautiful prompt! If I had any writing ability at all I'd fill this for you. I really hope that someone does fill. So many feels right now. TT_TT

Grantaire + Child!Enjolras - Child logic

Inspired by a fairly unimportant scene from a children's book I don't know the relative notoriety of

Enjolras get's deaged, ending up 6-8, and is gets taken care of by Grantaire. The end up getting into a fight about something Grantaire doesn't believe in (maybe a childish thing like Father Christmas or maybe Enjolras has a faint memory of his adult life so it is something about the rights of man but through a child's view, whatever you want.)
Enjolras gets pissed that Grantaire doesn't believe in whatever, and gives him the silent treatment, even while he is being tucked into bed.

R, for his part, is devastated that even little kid Enjolras doesn't like him, and get's visibly upset while tucking Enjolras in, which prompts Enjolras to break his silence and ask why R doesn't believe in whatever, to which Grantaire responds that he can't believe it.

And then Enjolras' attitude 180s like "oh why didn't you say so well if you can't it's not your fault i'm not mad at you anymore here give me a good night kiss"

Bonus if Enjolras gets re-aged but remembers anything and they have a heart to heart about it and then E/R but if you want to keep it platonic that is cool too

dr. jekyll mr. hyde inspired valvert

so madeleine has repressed and all but forgotten all the violence and hate and anger of pre!digne valjean. life is good liveable. he has his darker side firmly under control.

until m-sur-m gets a new inspector.

(tho the brickier and badasser you can make javert, the better)

Judge Bahorel

Bahorel decides to finally put his law education to good use by setting up a kangaroo court in the back room of the Musain and resolving the petty disputes of the Amis. Once he's heard a case, the argument is officially over, even if verdicts are usually made based on whatever arrangements he finds the funniest.

Re: Judge Bahorel

Yes perfect

Javert goes out drinking, and suffers the consequences

for whatever reason Javert goes out drinking one night after work, perhaps his co-workers drag him out. Sometime after he's drunk, he runs into Valjean in one of the bars who drags him home and puts him to bed.

Next morning, Javert is suffering the family of all hangovers

Because quastvert + hangover + caring valjean

Re: Javert goes out drinking, and suffers the consequences



So, in light of recent world events, I would LOVE to see an AU with les amis fighting for abortion rights, or making a stand for trans people, or maybe protesting the anti-gay propaganda thing… pairing or gen, gender flips, whatever, I'm not really sure what's going on in my head right now, but I really just want to see really really REALLY angry les amis. Check tumblr for ideas if you have to!

Pairing: Enjolras/Eponine

Enjolras/Eponine Petplay

Sorry i accidently hit enter

Enjolras/Eponine PETPLAY
Enjolras is Grantaire's Puppy, Eponine is Marius' Puppy, marius and grantaire organize a playdate between them. neither of them know the other is into petplay,some matchmaking may ensue as grantaire and marius may try to organize 'breeding' between the two puppies(really just fucking).

nonsexual ageplay Enjolras

basically Enjolras doing ageplay, you choose the age, you choose the daddy or mommy.

Re: nonsexual ageplay Enjolras

Would you be okay with infantilism (like diapers, bottles, Enj sleeping in a crib)?

I might fill this, but I won't make any promises because I kink shame myself lots.

jvj dirty talk

valjean is usually v polite, cultured, and quiet, but one day he stubs his toe or something and holy shit it turns out he has a sailor's mouth like NOBODY'S BUSINESS

javert is shocked (but also slightly aroused) and tries to provoke this reaction as much as possible. valjean figures out what he's trying to do, cue hot sex with dirty talk which javert enjoys A Lot

Re: jvj dirty talk

my kingdom for this fic, I'd give it a shot if I knew any curse words or actual dirty talk.

-sets up camp instead-

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virgin Enjolras : E/R

I just wanna fic where R finds out that Enolras is still virgin. Grantaire is kind of shock about that because he can't believe that someone so beautiful like Enjolras can be virgin.

You can decide are they already together when this happen or not. But I just wanna happi ending :)

re: virgin Enjolras : E/R

OP there is a fic like this on AO3 by the author Luchia!! It is titled "House of Balloons" and is ~11k words on how Modern!Enjolras is determined to lose his virginity so he goes to a sex club place.

Les Mis/Evita

Bear with me guys

Colm played Che on the concept album
Quast played Peron in the revival 0f 2006 (there are some clips on youtube)

so can we have a crossover, maybe Eponine would make a good Eva?

Re: Les Mis/Evita

I was going to get high and prompt something like this because Evita is my favorite thing when I'm stoned?
Madeleine as Eva has been batting around in my head for ages.

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Post-Seine, Javert decides to arrest Valjean after all and Cosette is witness to the arrest.

Valjean shaving off his Toulon beard.

I always imagined the Bishop doing it for him, gently & calmly, the day after he is brought back with the silver, while reminding him that he belongs to God now and should serve others...

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They've somehow ended up as a comfortable fluffy threesome, much to the surprise of practically everyone

if you want to use the power of au and have them all the same age, be my guest; otherwise some reactions from Cosette, Marius or Montparnasse would be fun

Re: Valjean/Eponine/Javert

I'm trying to write that, but it is quite hard :D
and I'm not the best writer so I'm wondering if I should post it at all...
but it's a great prompt and I'd love to see it filled by someone else ;)

javert is actually scared around jvj

javert is actually very physically intimidated by valjean's strength, and tries to perform all his stalking and arresting duties while still keeping a slight distance and being all nervous and jumpy (and being incredibly angry with himself about it). like, he’s even visibly frightened/uncomfortable/distressed in montreuil-era whenever he has to be near the mayor after that cart incident. maybe he even has an actual freakout when he's tied up/manhandled at the barricade.

it could turn shippy too... valjean trying to get javert to relax around him. but i would be totally fine if it didn't. just some amount of comforting/reassuring and "wow gosh calm down i'm not gonna kill you man" from valjean and/or madeleine. :')


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