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The Les Mis Anon Kink Meme, Round 4
party like it's 1789
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin
[Round 4 is closed]Fills can still be posted on previous rounds, but new prompts go in the post for the current round. Please don't repost prompts from the final pages of Round 3 as soon as this one opens, they'll still be getting plenty of traffic for a while yet.

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On to Round 5!

Inspired by Russell Crowe's fondness for crochet: Anything with Javert crocheting.

Honest Work, Just Reward

It became a ritual. Whenever Javert happened to have a few extra sous, he picked up a skein of yarn. And whenever he had time, or when a case was being particularly troublesome, or he simply needed to unwind from a long and satisfying day of upholding the law, he would place a small log in his fireplace and sit down in his hard wooden chair and crochet.

He had tried knitting, at first, but found the dual needles clumsy in his large hands. The single hook was a far more elegant instrument, and the looping motion of his free hand was soothing. He mainly created scarves, which piled up on his dresser, but occasionally he made hats as well. These, too, piled up.

Javert had entertained the idea of perhaps handing out the hats and scarves to the street-urchins, but summarily dismissed it. The image of the formidable police inspector gifting probable pickpockets with valuable clothing--it was laughable. It would make him appear weak.

So instead, they gathered dust.

He picked up a half-finished scarf--golden-brown--and twisted it in his hands. There was enough yarn to finish it and perhaps a small hat.

Javert remembered a report given by a young widow just that week; it seemed a mysterious burglar had broken into her home and left her a small pile of coins. He remembered relating the information to the Mayor, who had just smiled knowingly. Perhaps he knew the strange burglar. Perhaps if Javert gave the Mayor the hats and scarves, they would find their way to the children. No one would ever have to know it had been Javert who created them.

He contemplated this as he finished a row of perfectly-even stitches. It was a far cry from his earlier attempts, which had been lumpy and not fit for even the most wretched child. No; now his abilities were beyond reproach, as befitting a man of the law.

The fire crackled down and was nearly extinguished by the time Javert completed the scarf. He tied off the end of the yarn and placed it in his chair before retiring to bed. He would complete the hat tomorrow. There was no rush. And if he wished to look upon his hard work for a few nights longer, well, who could blame him?

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gavroche develops a crush on one of les amis

Same Idea

This story has the same idea as your prompt: http://archiveofourown.org/works/704078

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Enjolras/Combeferre. Carbine spanking. I have no regrets.

Avatar: the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra Crossover time: Inspector Javert has just been transferred from the hinterlands of the United Republic to the police force in the capital. Suddenly he finds himself working for Police Chief Toph "Let's Break Some Rules" Bei Fong. Bonus for him bonding with young, new policewoman!Lin

Haha, I prompted Javert and Lin a few rounds ago but would also love Javert and Toph

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Fantine, pearl-handled pistols.

that's it that's the prompt

mini fill: a small gift

She took them as payment from a customer who no longer had any use for them.

She knew little about pistols but good craftsmanship is impossible to deny once it’s been seen. They would probably fetch quite a price, the twenty francs owed to the Thenardiers for Cosette’s care and then some left over, but something held her back from visiting either the pawn shop or Montreuil-Sur-Mer’s small gun store.They were perfectly matched pair of bright polished steel with gold inlay and beautiful pearl embellishments, easy to grip even in her small and delicate hands. Besides, the guns were memorable, even more so than anything in the hands of a prostitute in such a small community. She was hesitant to part with them, even though her need was desperate.

Perhaps even because her need was so desperate.

Why shouldn’t she take a bite out of society, when it was so intent on eating her and her daughter alive? With Cosette so ill -close to death even- and abandoned by everyone save Fantine who could find no legitimate work to provide for her child a rage had been growing within her breast. A rage a Tholomyes, a rage at Monsieur Madeline, a rage at society as a whole, but most importantly a rage at the men who went down to the docks at night and attempted to short change her on what little work she could find. The little guns in her hands felt like a balm, an easement of her helplessness. Yes, she could see why men were so keen to fight wars if holding a gun made the all feel as she did. As she sat and thought in the darkness of the alley a whole new world opened before her mind’s eye like a flower in the sun.

She left the corpse where it lay with a silent thanks for what it had given her.

oh god this is terrible. captcha: annonet what.

Valjean/Javert, Cosette. AU. In which Cosette is all too mortifyingly aware of the activities her two dear fathers get up to because they are the sort of parents that can't stop sneaking an intimate moment between themselves when they think no one's looking... and they always seem to forget that doors have locks for a reason. A child awkwardly stumbling in on parent sex (more than once) makes for the best and worse of comedy. forgive me Cosette

So tempted to write this as a 5 + 1...

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Has anyone prompted a, well, Revolution AU? (As in, the current TV series.) I can kinda see Eponine, Gavroche, and parents as Charlie, Danny, and parents, but feel free to run with any characters (or not have them map onto each other at all, just Les Mis characters in that setting or something.) (Former-)USA or France, or something else, anything goes!

Grantaire is a celebrity. Movie star, model, singer, athlete, wtv. He's a big name and has always been openly queer.

Enjolras is a former fan, he used to admire Grantaire's work. That was until he discovered that all of the social issues Grantaire supported, the charities he donated to and the events he attended were pre-approved and pushed by Grantaire's best friend (and agent or manager or something?) Jehan.

Now he can't stand Grantaire.

Which sucks, because Grantaire JUST met Enjolras and he's pretty sure he's in love.

Well would you look at that it's hardly been half an hour since the new round opened and there's already a prompt I would sell my soul to see filled.

//aggressively pitches tent

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Inspired by the above: French Revolution AU. Or, IDK, afterlife where after dying in canon everyone wakes up in 1792.

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Joly and Combeferre like to smoke weed and play with those kids' science kits like you get at craft stores.

Holy shit could this be any more perfect? I adore this so much. I'll try!

I would like to see some fluffy interaction between Valjean and Cosette, if it's not too much trouble. Could be canon era or modern era, whichever you prefer, I just want to see this filled. Thanks in advance!

Is post-barricade happy-ending AU fine?

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BSG crossover

Kind of inspired by the Battlestar Galactica prompt on the last round... Grantaire as Gauis Baltar and Enjolras as imaginary/angel!Six. Bonus points for any public interaction and everyone thinking he's just crazy.

Re: BSG crossover

I would sell my soul for this, holy wow.

just a question (in case I decide to write it, which is possible) - would you want it to be modern era, future, etc.?

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AU where Valjean stops Javert from committing suicide and neither of them end up dying and, either because they start a relationship or because Javert has nowhere else to go because he quit his job and Valjean can't just leave him on the streets, they start living together and everything is all well and good. However, Javert can't shake the feeling that he's being watched. He swears that the moment he leaves the house, he feels eyes on him and soon it gets to the point where he feels like someone is watching him from inside the house as well. At first, Valjean just thinks Javert is being paranoid but soon he starts noticing some things too.

Yeah, basically Javert has a stalker. It can be a convict out for revenge, another officer who was a bit too obsessed with him, or whatever you can think of. Valjean/Javert obviously.


I love, love, love casefic!

You know, that student loan spam had a point

OK, inspired by the student loan spam:

R falls behind on his loans. Enjolras, being an only son and rich, tries to find a way to help monetarily without R finding out.

It doesn't work.

Bonus for R looking confused at Enjolras, sputtering "but you HATE me."

Re: You know, that student loan spam had a point

Oh wow most perfect prompt I am greatly inspired

Expect fic sometime soon, anon.

self-destructive Javert, prostituion

Whenever Javert thought he had failed his duty (which is more often than not) he dresses up and whores himself out to some stranger as punishment. He always searches for the brutal customers...

(Can go in any direction author wants...)

Edited at 2013-03-29 03:38 am (UTC)

Re: self-destructive Javert, prostituion

God, this hurts my heart. *camps out*

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Crack! JV/J feat anime thangs

Basically, Javert goes "I hope Madeline sempai notices me" on the inside, but he acts all tsundere. Bonus if he's a magical girl, complete with short skirt of justice and a transformation sequence. Double if Kyubey is involved. If you don't feel comfortable with magical girl, he can be a substitute shinigami or something.

Re: Crack! JV/J feat anime thangs

I know next to nothing about anime, but what I've recognized in this prompt is hilarious and amazing, BLESS THIS PROMPT.

I think someone has already prompted Javert as a magical girl so maybe we could go the shinigami route?

Inspired by this fill: http://makinghugospin.livejournal.com/11667.html?thread=3191187#t3191187. Instead of killing him, the National Guard cut out Enjolras’s tongue. Lots of angst and h/c, please. Gen or any pairings.

...he would write and R would give his speeches omg /runs away sobbing

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Jehan/Courfeyrac. Courf is the first guy Jehan has been with. Ridiculously sweet and gentle first time.

oh my gosh, c ut e. expect a fill soon~

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I just want something where Jehan and Combeferre are student interns at a natural science museum, Combeferre for entomology and Jehan for botany.

Courfeyrac deathfic

I would sell my soul for something based on this Tumblr post: http://sandraisabarricadebabe.tumblr.com/post/46375432113/they-stand-silent-the-triad-had-been-broken-the (From the post: AU where Courfeyrac is shot during the funeral walk for General Lamarque and dies in the Musain as the barricade is built outside.) Any pairing, but E/C/C would be extra super special. <3

Re: Courfeyrac deathfic

Damnit, I knew if I went to that link I was gonna cry. Ugh. But I went anyway.

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Plot twist: Victor Hugo is Cosette (or hired by Cosette to be the name on her book, or something). She has Valjean to talk to about his story and Marius about his story - bonus if you include her traveling and doing research to learn more about Fantine's life and the bishop's life.

Modern AU

Modern AU where Javert is embarrassed by his one and only hobby outside of work, astronomy. he tries to hide it for as long as possible from his new boyfriend Valjean.

Valjean/Javert, Thénardier's Revenge

After Thénardier escaped from prison, he finds some of his old gang and lays ambush for Inspector Javert, the man he holds responsible for his imprisonment and his wife's death. They succeed, and Javert is captured. After a time, Valjean somehow shows up to rescue him. Where do the two men go from there?

The degree of horror that Javert suffers at Thénardier's hands is up to the author, as is when Valjean shows up and what happens thereafter.

Re: Valjean/Javert, Thénardier's Revenge

i'm a sucker for javert suffering at the hands of anybody at all, someone fill this

So since we've had our fair share of serious-and-stern!Combeferre I really wanna see something happy with him being just all kind and compassionate to people and/or animals

idk, maybe him comforting a stressed friend, or being the cutie-patootie of his old landlady who bakes him cookies and he really likes her, or teaching a poor girl to read, idk why I even want this but I can't stop thinking about it so ????


Is modern AU alright? This would take place sometime after the equivalent of the Napoleon Debacle that happens in the brick where Marius makes a dick of himself and Combeferre shuts him down with 'to be free'.
I figured Combeferre would comfort a stressed not-friend too.

It was the only money he had for the whole week and it was gone. Marius paced the sidewalk, frantically begging any force of fate that would listen that he had just dropped it and that it was not stolen.

He saw a scrap of paper tucked under a piece of cardboard and lunged for it, heedless of what the ground would do to his jeans. He fumbled with the dirty paper and triumphantly curled his fingers around what ultimately turned out to be a hamburger wrapper.

Marius let out a wail of frustration and slumped against the brick wall of the nearby building. What was he supposed to do?!

A light tink to his left drew his attention and more followed. It was beginning to rain.

"Are you serious? ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" he screamed to the sky and a large drop of water that had collected on the eave of the building dropped onto his face.

He wiped it off and scrambled to his feet. If the check was still around here, it would be ruined!

He was past the point of caring what any passerby thought at this point and started tearing up the trash around the street.

The rain started coming down harder and he shivered. His tee shirt was not going to do much to keep out the water or the cold, but Marius did not have the luxury of thinking about that right now. His grandfather's voice echoed in his ears, telling him he would never make it on his own. He remembered his aunt pleading with him to accept the money his grandfather sent.

Now, through no fault of his own, he would have to slink back, hand outstretched, true to his grandfather's words, unable to make it on his own. He clenched his hands. He would not allow that.

He would have no choice if he could not buy food this week.

He reached a trash bin and was about to go through it with the vague hope someone had accidentally picked it up and thrown it away when a voice startled him to turn around.

"Pontmercy? Marius Pontmercy?"

It was a man his age clutching an umbrella. As he came closer, Marius realized it was one of Courfeyrac's friends, he could not recall the names very well, in particular one of the two who seemed the most offended at that meeting he had gone to and then made a fool of himself at. This was mortifying.

"What are doing out here without an umbrella?" he looked at Marius's hands and Marius's position and asked, "Were you looking for something?"

"Am looking for something," Marius replied stiffly. He could not find it in himself to dig through garbage with this guy here, "My paycheck, it went missing."

He looked away and muttered, "I think it might have been stolen."

Marius looked up when he felt a hand on his shoulder, "If that's the case, staying out here won't do you any good. Come with me," he held out his umbrella and Marius took it without thinking.

The guy pulled up the hood of his jacket, "I am Combeferre, by the way." He eyed Marius, "I'm not sure if you remember, but I am a friend of Courfeyrac. We met-"

"I remember you," Marius said hastily before Combeferre could recount anymore and felt a blush creep up his cheeks. Combeferre seemed to notice that and raised his eyebrows.

"Ah, so perhaps I did make as big an impression on you as you did on me. It is fortunate for it allowed me to recognize you."

Marius wisely did not prod that subject. Combeferre led him to a fast-food diner. Inside was warm and dry.

"Are you vegetarian?" Combeferre asked abruptly.

"What? No, why?"

"Just making sure. Go wash your hands and sit down somewhere."

Confused, Marius found a booth and leaned the umbrella next to it. What was going on? He went to the restroom to wash his dirty hands and came back to sit down.

Combeferre returned a moment later with a tray with a hamburger and fries on it.

"Here, eat."

"I couldn't, I-"

"It's already been bought. Just eat and tell me what happened."

Marius bit his lip and unwrapped the burger. Why was Combeferre doing this? Didn't he hate him after what happened?

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E/R, established d/s relationship, dub or noncon threeway

Canon or modern setting, whichever is easiest for the potential filler. Enjolras and Grantaire have an established d/s relationship, with dom!Enjolras and sub!Grantaire

Enjolras thinks Grantaire is beautiful when he's getting fucked and decides he would like to share Grantaire with someone (or multiple someones) of the author's choice. Grantaire isn't completely into the idea (or maybe is completely not into the idea) but for some reason, agrees without voicing his hesitation (he's insecure in the relationship and doesn't want to lose E? he's willing to do anything to please E even if it's something he really doesn't want to do? he thinks he'll like it more in practice than in theory? any reason you want)

When they have their session(s) with their guest partner(s) Enjolras gets off hard on seeing Grantaire's ass and/or face fucked by someone else. Grantaire does not like it, but pretends to to please Enjolras. Level of dub or noncon is up to author, but Enjolras should have no idea that Grantaire doesn't like it. (pls no vilifying of Enjolras for suggesting it or getting off on it ;u; I'd love it if it were very clear that he had no idea Grantaire was against it)

Bonus points for:
- Guest partner noticing that Grantaire isn't 100% into it, and really guiltily getting off on that fact.
- Grantaire getting off during the session(s) because Enjolras keeps telling him how hot it is/how beautiful he looks, or even just from seeing how much Enjolras is enjoying it.
- When Enjolras realizes that he's basically allowed one of their friends to rape his boyfriend, he freaks out and angsts everywhere and apologizes profusely and gives Grantaire lots of loving, attentive, cuddly aftercare and assures him that he never would have set this up if he'd known Grantaire wasn't okay with it.
- Happy ending? ;u;

(omg long prompt is long I'm sorry I'm not as needy as I sound I swear this is just an idea that came to me and everything on here is just a suggestion I really just want Enjolras unknowingly getting off on Grantaire being taken against his will and then preferably making it up to him [or at least trying to] ahhhhhh *backflips into the sun*)

Fill, 1/3 (probably), NKMWA for this part

Grantaire breathes in a deep sigh as Enjolras moves around him, untying the ropes that have held him face-down to the bed. Enjolras’ hands are gentle and careful, brushing over the few places where there are marks left in the other boy’s skin.

“I have not hurt you?”

Grantaire stretches slightly, all sensation returned to his limbs, and smiles. “No, sir.”

“You are lovely,” Enjolras tells him, his eyes soft. Grantaire basks in the heat of Enjolras’ glance, feeling still safe, protected, and treasured. It is a good deal he strikes for this, when all he has to offer in return is his self, body, and soul. Enjolras reaches up to stroke Grantaire’s hair, sitting down on the bed and urging Grantaire’s head onto his lap. “So lovely when I’m inside you.”

Grantaire blushes. He never would have expected, before this, that Enjolras would be the one with a foul mouth and fouler mind, saying things dirty enough to embarrass even Grantaire, but there are many surprising things about Enjolras he’s discovered rather recently.

“There is something I’d like to discuss with you, my heart. To ask of you.”

Grantaire’s heart quickens. He said, once, that he would do his friend, the man who was then his untouchable Apollo, any service he pleased. He did not expect to ever get the chance to render so many, or to take so much joy in doing so. “Anything,” Grantaire breathes.

“How many times must I ask you not to say that? You may always tell me no.”

This is Enjolras the revolutionary, Enjolras the man who cannot leave his convictions at the door on his way to bed. “I know,” Grantaire grumbles, annoyed more than anything else—an annoyance that fades as Enjolras returns to stroking his hair, gently soothing him back into the strange, hazy happiness that comes when he is with Enjolras in this way.

“I enjoy watching you. During the act.”

Grantaire waits. In this state of mind he feels terribly patient with Enjolras’ awkwardness..

“It is difficult, however, to fully enjoy this. Looking on you. I wish sometimes I could simply watch as you give and receive pleasure.”

Grantaire waits again, for an explanation of why he’s being told this.

“I want to bring another into our bed. For just one night. Someone known to both of us, someone I can trust not to take advantage of you, someone who wants no more than a single night. I want to watch you give another pleasure, only as I direct you to, and to watch you in the beauty of your bliss.” Enjolras looks at him intently. “Do you consent to this?”

“Yes, sir,” Grantaire says, without thinking. If he thinks he won’t be able to make himself agree. If he thinks he’ll think about how he thought this was special, how he thought this was the one thing he alone could give to Enjolras. He would consider how sacred these times are to him, let alone to the other, and how frightening the thought of another seeing him in his vulnerable state truly is. He would be forced to admit how worthless, how unconsidered, the mere suggestion makes him feel.

But he does not want to displease. He is, after all, a drunken cretin with little to offer the likes of Enjolras. He is foolish and cynical and alone in the world except for this man, his only guiding purpose.

And he has long since decided to go wherever Enjolras leads him, whether he likes it or no.

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