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exit pursued by javert
10littlebullets wrote in makinghugospin

Welcome to the Les Misérables Anonymous Kink Meme

The basics: People comment with prompts for all the kinky fanfiction their heart desires. Other people reply with fics filling those prompts. Anon commenting is enabled. Nobody gets shamed for their kinks.

Rules in brief: Be nice, no kink-shaming, this is not the place to have it out with people who are Wrong On The Internet, detailed lists of kinks in headers are good, no RPF except for historical figures, AU prompts/fills have to be at least nominally related to Les Mis. Link to your fills (complete or incomplete) on the Fill Post. Off-topic discussion goes on the Chatter Post. Anon posting, logged-in posting, fills on old prompts, multiple fills for the same prompt, crack prompts, non-sexual kinks, short fills, long fills, filling your own prompts: ALL OKAY. Mods reserve the right to enforce reasonable standards of conduct even if they are incapable of explicitly enumerating every possible way someone could act like an asshat online.

Links: Current round (Round 8) | Fill Post | Chatter Post | Pinboard Archive | AO3 Collection | AO3 Anonymous Subcollection | Tumblr Archive

Page-A-Mod: Mods are 10littlebullets, enjolrassy, and scuttlebuggy. If you have questions about the meme, or if you see a thread going downhill and want to bring it to our attention, leave a comment on this post and we'll get back to you ASAP. Comments are screened, but become visible when we reply. If you'd prefer your comment not to become public, mention it and leave a way for us to contact you if you want a response. Alternately, PM any/all of us or email 10littlebullets at 96belowthewave@gmail.com.

Click the links for details on the following:

Rules and Policies

- What constitutes kink-shaming?

Kink-shaming: telling somebody else their kink is gross, creepy, weird, pathetic, morally wrong, etc; informing the meme at large that you "just don't see how anyone could possibly be into XYZ"; unsolicited "ew, not my kink" comments when it really wasn't your business.

Just repeat to yourself: Your Kink Is Not My Kink, And That's Okay. You don't have to be turned on by other people's kinks. Hell, some other people's kinks will probably make you viscerally sick to your stomach, and that's fine. Nobody's forbidding you from avoiding things you find squicky. And yes, some kinks concern things like rape and abuse that are morally abhorrent in the real world. (See also: horribly unsanitary, physically impossible, etc.) But you know what we're not in the business of doing on the kink meme? Getting judgemental about what fantasies turn other people on. Don't do it. The mods will come down on you like a load of bricks.

Also be wary of wording prompts in a way that implies your tastes are more valid than other people's: please no "bottom!Enjolras, obviously" or "Valjean/Javert of course" or "who wouldn't want to read XYZ?" Your enthusiasm is appreciated, but the answer to "who wouldn't want to read XYZ?" is invariably "someone on this kink meme, who is starting to get really sick of having their tastes invalidated."

(Note: talking about "XYZ squicks me out/doesn't float my boat" on the meme is fine and not kink-shamey if it's relevant to the conversation, i.e. prompters and potential fillers discussing what should go into a fill. Barging into someone else's thread just to announce that the kink in question gives you the heebie-jeebies is Not Okay in proportion to how irrelevant and passive-aggressively judgemental your comment is.)

- What's with all this sparkles and joy and rainbows and unicorn farts crap? Why can't I be blunt at this person who is so very, very wrong on the internet?

The short answer is: There are lots and lots and LOTS of sites and communities where nobody will stop you from venting your spleen at people who are Wrong On The Internet. You'll just have to deal with this not being one of them.

The long answer is: For the most part, the Les Mis kink meme is a place of sparkles and joy and rainbows and unicorn farts. Mostly this arises spontaneously from the participants being awesome, but partly it's because the mods try to keep a tight lid on discussions turning ugly. So: Yes, niceness is mandatory. Yes, we are ruthless dictators who are unduly trigger-happy about freezing threads that even look like they're heading towards wankiness. No, we don't care how right your opinion is if you're a snotty jerk about expressing it. Yes, we love meta and discussion, but they are allowed on the meme only insofar as they don't interfere with the meme's main purpose.

The trigger-happy modding is mostly because, while the kink meme is 99% joy, sparkles, etc. and we'd like to keep it that way, certain segments of the Les Mis fandom have a track record of dissolving really easily into wank and nastiness. We've no desire to see that susceptibility spread onto the meme, no matter how inhibition-lowering the thrill of anonymity may be. Also, it's a bloody kink meme, not a platform for the airing of grievances. Take it somewhere else.

- What about prompts on inflammatory subjects?

They aren't forbidden, but they're a bad idea unless "no kink-shaming" also applies. If it's a fap fantasy, go for it, the mods have got your back--we'll freeze any subthreads that turn nasty and keep the main thread open for a potential fill. If there's no discernible fetish content, well, there's always a chance that you'll get a thoughtful fill or that people will ignore it, but if it starts generating wank it's likely that a mod will just freeze the whole thing rather than spend all day playing whack-a-mole with subthreads.

To take an example that's not directly applicable to this fandom except through AUs: Nazi uniform kink, look, the kinkmeme exists to be a place where nobody's allowed to talk shit at you for what gets you hot under the collar. Random Holocaust AUs? You're on your own, bub. (Kinking on non-superficial Nazi shit: if you want no-kinkshaming protection, it's in your best interests to give some indication that you can distinguish between reality and fantasy, and that whatever racist/violent/degrading content is in your prompt is about which fantasies get you off, not about what you actually believe.)

If you see a non-kinky inflammatory prompt, best thing to do is ignore it, next-best thing is to raise your concerns politely. Do not deliberately pick a fight to get a prompt you dislike auto-frozen for wank--chances are a mod will just zap your subthread and leave the OP alone. The decision of whether to shut down the whole thread is 100% subjective and liable to be influenced by the quality/actual offensiveness of the prompt, the mod's energy and free time, the nature of the wanky comments, the phase of the moon, etc. Friendly word of advice: don't prompt American Civil War AUs, they are infallible perpetual motion machines of wank.

- What's the meme policy on content notes and warnings?

When posting a prompt or a fill, it's good form to include a detailed, specific list of characters and kinks involved, either in the subject line or in the first line of the comment. This is especially true if potentially triggering or upsetting subjects are involved, but is not restricted to warnings; indeed, prominent lists of kinks can serve as advertisements and also as a great organizational help to our lovely Pinboard archivist(s).

Although they are highly encouraged, warnings and content notes aren't required, and mods will not take action over posts that don't include them. However, if a sufficiently detailed list of kinks wasn't provided, other meme participants may reply with content notes in the subject line, e.g. "CN: Humiliation, bondage, breathplay in fill" or "Note: Dub-con voyeurism upthread." This is meant strictly as FYI, both for people seeking out their kinks and people trying to avoid things they don't want to read; if it takes on overtones of shaming people for kinks the commenter disapproves of, comments may be screened or deleted.

OPTIONAL: if your fill does not contain any of the major triggers listed below, you may include "NKMWA" (No Kink Meme Warnings Apply) in the content notes as a signal that the fic is most likely 'safe' as far as those particular triggers are concerned. This is completely optional. Trigger warnings on fics that do include these subjects are not required, though it's polite to list them in the content notes. NKMWA acts as a whitelist for readers who are avoiding certain content and want to know what they affirmatively can read. It doesn't include all possible triggers, nor is it meant to; it is meant to hit just a few of the most common ones and be fairly narrowly defined.

The triggers that fall under NKMWA:
- Rape/non-con
- Self-harm (including suicide, attempted suicide, eating disorders, self-injury)
- Graphic depictions of violence (including gore, vivid depictions of combat, characters getting killed onscreen, and any other explicit description of violence)

If you actively misrepresent what's in your comment by sticking NKMWA on something that does include one of the above, the comment will be screened or deleted; you are free to repost it with the appropriate content notes, but if you didn't save a copy, it's at the mods' discretion whether to repost it. The mods' discretion depends a lot on whether you act like a total unrepentant asshole. In borderline cases (such as the line between dub-con and non-con), it's your call whether to use NKMWA, but if you use it, the borderline material should be clearly labeled in the content notes.

- What are the details of the no-RPF policy? Who's considered a historical figure?

Fic about real people isn't allowed, with two exceptions: historical figures (i.e. famous people who've been dead at least 20 years), and secondary/background use of public figures as NPCs. This means:

- Modern AU with Les Amis fighting to get Jean Valjean elected pope: OK, and you don't have to file the serial numbers off anyone currently at the Vatican
- Jean Valjean/Pope Francis blasphemy!kink: not OK
- Jean Valjean/Monseigneur Miollis (Hugo's RL inspiration for the Bishop) blasphemy!kink: OK
- Jehan Prouvaire and the cast of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson getting drunk and trading fashion tips: not OK
- Combeferre and Alan Turing killing Nazis with their brains: OK because historical
- Crackfic culminating in a gag that requires a cameo appearance by Cameron Mackintosh: OK

This is an attempt to draw lines in as fair and consistent a way as possible so that you guys aren't unduly constrained but 10littlebullets doesn't have porn about friends of friends landing in her inbox. The theatrical world is small, the fan-performer distance is often short, many people involved in Les Mis aren't famous enough to be considered celebrities with public personas, let's please avoid awkward situations with people who still have their names on Google Alert, etc.

- 'At least nominally related'? How AU is too AU?

Completely AU setting + no character(s) specified + no other clear plot/thematic links to Les Mis = off-topic. If your prompt explicitly cuts ties with canonverse, your pairing/character is "any/any" or "any of the hot male 20somethings," and you're not asking people to translate events from the storyline into a different setting, how is it even related to Les Mis?

Things that are automatically related: Canonverse/canon era of all stripes. Unspecified setting (can be assumed canonverse by default). Fix-it fic and other canon-divergence AUs. Any AU setting with specific characters named, even if the prompter mentions being open to other character combinations. Any AU setting that's focused on how characters would translate or plotlines/themes from canon would play out in the new setting.

- What's the policy on plagiarized fills?

Plagiarized fills are not deleted, they are left on the meme with the ensuing comment thread intact as a monument of shame. In other words, if you see a fill you suspect might be plagiarized from another fic, reply with a link to the original and let every other person who views that comment thread for the rest of time see for themselves just how egregious the copying is.

- Should I say anything to people with terrible kink meme etiquette?

You can, if you do it politely and bear in mind that your idea of proper kink meme etiquette may not be everyone else's idea of proper kink meme etiquette. If you're tempted to get catty with someone you think is Doing It Wrong, hold your fool tongue, because chances are whatever you were about to say was ten times ruder than the original faux pas itself. If you aren't sure whether to speak out, page a mod via the comments on this post, and if the person truly has no idea how obnoxious they're being, one of us can leave a quiet word asking them to stop.

FAQ/How Stuff Works

- When is a new round declared? Can I comment on old rounds?

A new round is declared, and a new main kinkmeme post goes up, whenever the current post hits LiveJournal's 5000-comment soft limit on comments to a single post. (After 5000, LJ makes everybody enter a CAPTCHA to comment, even while logged in.) You can still post fills and reply to comment threads in old rounds, but new prompts should always go on the current post.

If any of the previous rounds should hit LJ's 10,000-comment hard limit, an overflow post will be created where writers can fill prompts from rounds that can't accept new comments. Please post a link to the original prompt and note which round and page it's from. Do not copy prompts to the overflow post just to beg for somebody to fill them.

- How does archiving work? Where should I submit my fills?

The Pinboard archive is thing of wonder and glory, and voksen is in need of volunteers to bookmark new prompts and fills. This is the only archive where your prompts and fills will be picked up without you having to submit them yourself.

Please link to all your fills on the official fill post, which also contains instructions for how to submit to the Tumblr archive should you wish to. The fill post is invaluable for getting things up on Pinboard, and a very convenient post to track new comments for, so linking to your fills there is the best way to get them seen.

If you have an AO3 account, you can add your kinkmeme fics to our AO3 collection or the anonymous sub-collection.

See AO3's collections FAQ for details on how collections, especially anonymous ones, work. Basically, if you post to the anonymous sub-collection the author will automatically be listed as Anonymous and the fic won't show up on your profile; only you and the collection maintainer (10littlebullets) will be able to see that you're the author, and only you will be able to edit the fic.

Since AO3 fics are still internally linked to the author's account and the author maintains control over them, do not post fills to the anonymous subcollection unless you wrote them. No scooping up random fics and archiving them on AO3 for posterity. Sorry.

- You've redecorated! I don't like it. (Or: URL modifiers and how they can improve your life.)

Yes, some wonderful anon gifted us with paid time, so the community now has custom comment pages that approximate the way the comment pages looked before LJ screwed them up. If you don't like the new pages, you can view the meme in LiveJournal's default/site-scheme comment page by adding ?format=light to the end of the URL. If the URL already has a ? in it, use &format=light.

Useful URL modifiers:
?format=light: Defaults to LJ's standard comment page
?view=flat: Displays comments non-threaded and in chronological order
?style=mine: If you have a LJ account with custom comment pages enabled, this will make the meme display in your journal style

- Help! I think LiveJournal is hiding new comments from me!

If new comments are not showing up on the meme, especially if you're on mobile or not logged in, this is most likely a charming by-product of LJ's caching techniques. You can try brute-force clearing your browser cache, or, if that gets tiresome, fail_fandomanon's wiki has a lengthy writeup of ways to circumvent LJ's fail, mostly by tampering with either the page anchors (e.g. replacing ?page=2#comments in the URL with ?page=2abcd) or URL modifiers (e.g. taking ?page=2 and adding gibberish arguments like ?page=2&whoami=jeanvaljean).

If you're subscribed to notifications and comments suddenly stop landing in your inbox, check your spam folder and consider whitelisting lj_notify@livejournal.com if you can.

- Can I subscribe to get email notifications when new comments are posted? What about in specific threads?

If you have a LiveJournal account, you can track all comments on a specific post by clicking the little thumbtack icon near the subject line. LJ users with a paid account can also track specific threads they're interested in, to avoid the "trying to take a drink from a firehose" effect of subscribing to any of the main prompt posts. Nobody else can see which posts you're subscribed to.

Also note that if you comment while logged in, you'll be able to get email notifications of replies to your comment (though not the entire subthread--e.g. replies to replies won't get emailed).

- I goofed and posted a comment in the wrong place; can a mod move/edit/delete it for me?

Nope, sorry. There's no "move comment" option, and even mods aren't allowed to edit the contents of anything they didn't post themselves. We also don't generally delete comments that aren't outright spam, except as detailed in the rules.

If you post something wanky and embarrassing while logged in, and then delete the comment to cover your tracks, don't be surprised if a mod names and shames you. Deleting doesn't make the wank go away, it just leaves people free to imagine you said something ten times worse than what you really said.

- What is NKMWA? (It's an optional note that stands for "No Kink Meme Warnings Apply." See content notes/warnings policy for details.)

Question: what is the policy on reprompting to new threads, either one's own prompt or other people's? I've noticed that a fair bit, and it's not something I'm used to on kinkmemes (I personally find it kind of annoying and don't think it makes prompts more likely to be filled.

OK within reason. If you're reposting five prompts in a row, or reposting things that are barely two weeks old, or incessantly reprompting the same thing, that's obnoxious enough to be a problem. And if the volume of reposts gets to be excessive, we may lay down specific rules for when it's allowed. But "OK within reason" should cover it as long as it's an occasional thing.

Since Round 3 is nearing 5000 comments, though, I will say this (and will repeat it when I open Round 4): please don't repost prompts from the final pages of the previous round onto the new round as soon as it opens. Believe me, the previous round is still getting plenty of traffic at that point.

(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand
Could you open the new post a bit early (but commentlocked until round 3 hits 5000) so that I can get a track on it for pinning purposes without missing any early comments?

(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand
Could I ask for Old Style / Flat View / Normal Style links on the first fill-post too? I read the meme on my phone sometimes, and it's fiddly to write url-changes on

(sorry for being lazy and demanding!)

Alas, I can't edit posts I didn't create, so you'll have to ask RoboticAnarchy to add them in.

(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand
Hi! Thanks for posting these, I have a question that doesn't really fit in along with general rules, but here it is. Have you thought about making a rec post, where we can recommend other fills from the meme to others?

I haven't thought about it, but makinghugospin is open membership, so anyone who wants to run a recs post can just join and create one if they've got a LJ account. :)

Are trigger warnings needed for canon events? For example, would a prompt need to warn for "Self-harm" if it references Javert's suicide? Should it be listed as "canon self-harm"?

Content notes, including warnings, are at the poster's discretion; the only thing that wouldn't be kosher is putting "NKMWA" on a prompt or fill that involves Javert's suicide. How much you want to note, the point when something becomes prominent enough to merit a note, what things you want to warn for: all your call. If you want to list "canon suicide," "canon self-harm," "mention of self-harm," or similar in the header of a prompt, that's recommended but not mandatory.

Psst! The link at the top still says:

"Links: Current round (Round 4)" instead of Round 5!

Thank you for all your hard work for this meme and for this comm...

Aha! Will run and edit it. I knew I hadn't tracked down all the current-round links...

Er... (Anonymous) Expand


Can we find a new name for the meme besides "Frenchboy Smut Fix"? After all, Cosette, Éponine, Fantine...

Good idea. :) Changed.

Is it possible to post an image as a prompt? Say, I wanted to draw something sexy, like Enjolras getting his angelic, bratty little ass getting savaged by Combeferre's hairbrush, then welcoming anyone to write out to their heart's content. Is this permissible?

I would say so! People often post prompts referencing to tumblr images and such, so to post a link to your art and request a fill/backstory would be fine :)

(It may be helpful to put a little general summary of the art too, as I know some people are not inclined to visit links.)

Should it be listed as "canon self-harm"?

You can list it however you want--there are no rules for how and when warnings must be listed, only rules for when NKMWA can be used.

MODS! Spambot in the House!

Round 5, p. 46 + 47.

Re: MODS! Spambot in the House!

Mods get email notifications of all comments posted to the meme, and the spam comments are really obvious, so we'll actually see any "spambot in the dungeon! thought you ought to know!" replies after we see and delete the spam. We can't be on 24/7, so if the spammers find a weakness to exploit in LJ's anti-bot measures and flood the meme all at once, we'll wade through cleaning it up whenever one of us checks our inbox. If it's been there less than 24 hours, it's not a sign that it's slipped under the radar and needs to be brought to our attention, it just means we're not online.

weird bot

I think this user is a bot: http://makinghugospin.livejournal.com/13289.html?thread=9249257#t9249257

The comment is a copy/pasta from the previous page:

It just adds a tracker (hosted on hdvdu.com). I don't know what that bot is doing but it's infesting (under different usernames) many comms with c/p comments + invisible images.

See here:

Huh, weird! I'll go delete their comments (I think they made one on the chatter post too). Thanks for the heads-up.

I posted a fill in the fill post but i got a message saying it was marked as spam (anon discrimination <\3) and so im not sure if it goes to the mods for approval or if it just went away and i should try to comment with it again?

i just want to make sure so im not submitting the same thing over and over and get annoying lol

Mods go through and check the spam quarantine periodically, so your comment should be approved soon.

This might be stirring up:


Is there some reason several people seem to deliberately obfuscate their links in the fill post, for example by inserting spaces or brackets? This sort of thing is what I mean:

archiveofourown . org / works / 944223


It's kind of a pain in the ass to fix even on a normal browser, but when reading on a phone it's total misery. If there's not some security reason for this I'm missing or something, could the mods please encourage people to post links in usable form?

Livejournal has an unfortunate tendency to mark comments with unmangled links as spam. :( That's why people obfuscate them--mods will eventually fish the comments out of spam quarantine, but we can't be on 24/7, and even when it gets fished out subscribers don't get a new-comment notification for it.

Is there a policy on how closely fills have to match up with prompts? Like, if I see a prompt and I want to fill it, but some very minor details don't match up, could I post the fic as a fill anyway? What about slightly larger details/is there any kind of guideline or rule of thumb for where the difference between "okay as a fill" and "you should just post it elsewhere and post a relevant-to-your-interests? link" is?

There's no hard-and-fast rule for how off-topic is too off-topic. I think this is a situation where you should check in with the OP and ask them which details are particularly important to them and whether they'd be okay with a fill that strayed from the original prompt on points X, Y, and Z.

(In any case, this is more of a kinkmeme-etiquette issue than something the mods are going to get involved in, unless you're pulling a total dick move like throwing in unsolicited non-con without clearing it with the OP.)

prompt freeze

heey, mods
can I be so bold as to propose a prompt freeze? Because round 7 already has almost three hundred comments and just four or five feels, so... Yeah.
Just a suggestion, though, feel free to deny it!!

Nope, sorry. The whole point of the filth fest was to get some momentum going and build up an easy-to-find bank of really kinky prompts that potential fillers could keep coming back to for inspiration. That means the prompt:fill ratio will be skewed at the beginning of the round, but I predict it will go up as authors catch up and the rate of prompting falls back towards where it was in Round 6.

(I've been meaning to take prompt freezes out of the rules anyway--they exist as a brake on the momentum of fast-moving megafandom kink memes, but Les Mis is no longer the megafandom of the week. Unless it starts getting 400+ comments a day again like it was in March, putting on the brakes is the exact opposite of a good idea.)

tumblr prompts - please consider

I'd like you to consider not opening a witch hunt on prompts that stem from headcanons on tumblr.

What I see now is people happily crediting the original "authors" of those headcanons on tumblr. Making those kind of prompts suddenly a problem is not going to continue encouraging that behaviour but is probably going to have the exact opposite effect in which people don't link to tumblr, paraphrase the headcanons and so steal people's ideas.

Another reason why this method of prompting these things here, instead of keeping them on tumblr is so popular, might be that tumblr itself really provides very little opportunity to create a tumblr-based meme. It just doesn't provide an appropriate posting or submission format.

And on a personal note (and I am a completely different anon to the one you've been telling off): I don't see the problem. As long as people DO credit the original source and maybe we put a rule in place that if people don't want their headcanons used as prompts they can cobntact the mods and ask them to take it down, why is this such an issue? Surely even if only ONE person posts such a prompt there will be enough others who might be interested as well.

But yeah. I think suddenly coming down on this is probably going to cause more problems and not solve... whatever problem you think there is.

Re: tumblr prompts - please consider

There's no witch hunt--the rule on reposts, whether from previous rounds or other sites, has always been "okay, but not in excess," to keep the meme's energy geared towards generating new stuff.

The person who got a tetchy mod comment (a) was responsible for almost all the prompts reposted from Tumblr, (b) never seemed to prompt anything besides reposts, and (c) went on a spammy binge with multiple reposts on every page, then resorted to subterfuge when asked to stop. That's "in excess." The "delete first, ask questions later" approach applies only to prompts from this one person; everyone else can still go by "okay, but not in excess."

(On a side note, no, I don't know who any of you are, but mods can (roughly) tell people apart based on IP address; this round of Tumblr spam was similar enough that I suspected it was all one person before I confirmed that it all came from the same IP. Generally mods don't look at IPs at all unless someone is already being a nuisance. So yes, IP logging is on, but no, we really don't care if you want to fill your own prompt or be harmlessly silly and stealthily reply to yourself, and we're not matching your IP address to your kinks or anything.)

this is an odd question that i just honestly don't know the answer to since nobody else is doing it

is it required to post anonymously? am i allowed to post a comment in a kink entry under my lj username?

Ack, sorry this slipped under my radar--anonymous posting is encouraged, but logged-in posting is also ok.

Is there some sort of rule/etiquette with regard to taking ideas from already-written fics and using them in prompts? I'm sure this is not the only time it's been done, but I'm referring in particular to http://makinghugospin.livejournal.com/13775.html?thread=11647439#t11647439 , which is pretty obviously, uh, "borrowed" from here with no acknowledgement: http://archiveofourown.org/works/980927?show_comments=true#work_endnotes . Not sure how to address it since it's a prompt rather than a fic, but it's still blatant plagiarism.

As with fics--a comment pointing out that it's been taken uncredited from somewhere else and a link back to the original.


So. I'm meme-deficient and am trying to fill a prompt, but either my computer or the thread is messing with me. I posted all of the fills in different comments and left it, but when I came back later it only had three of them. So I posted the fourth again but then it showed all five parts?? Um??

Anyway, the original post is here: http://makinghugospin.livejournal.com/13775.html?thread=11589839#t11589839

I don't know if they're all there or not at this point, because when I go to look they aren't, but when I go to reply they are and I'm so confused! I apologize for my noob-ness!

Sounds like a caching issue? LiveJournal's comment caching is a bit weird and sometimes (especially if you're not logged into an account) new comments take a while to show up. Try this (third FAQ from the bottom of this post).

what's your stance on people (not the OP) chiming in and adding kinks that weren't there in the original prompt? is that bad etiquette?

It hits a point where it becomes bad etiquette, yeah. Elaborating/squeeing about the possibilities of a prompt is one thing, but it gets rude when it starts tacking on requests for kinks or plot elements the OP might not want. The mods aren't going to go after you for it or anything, but yes, I'd say it's bad etiquette if you're obliging the OP to go "Actually, no, I prompted flogging/impact play and I'm really uncomfortable with it getting hijacked into a request for hardcore D/s and humiliation." (Which the OP is always free to do, btw.)

Valvert A/B/O meme suggestion

Instead of making a new meme, would it be possible for the mods to open up an a/b/o valvert 'round' or page or something? I think the topic's a little narrow to warrant an entire meme, but it could be good to not clog up the existing meme, as well as have a place where people can go to find that precise kink.

I've seen similar things on other memes (the RPF section in some memes, one fandom had a page for the main pairing, then a page for all other prompts, and on the Hobbit meme, they have a separate spot for generic LOTR prompts) It seems to help prevent friction between people who are there for different things.

(Not trying to suggest that you do a lot more work for something that you don't get a huge reward from if you don't like valvert a/b/o, I've never been a mod so I don't know if it would be too much trouble.)

Re: Valvert A/B/O meme suggestion

I'm not really a fan of the omegaverse/mpreg/lactation kink stuff, no, but if people overwhelmingly want this instead of a separate meme, I'll open a round for it. Maybe ask what people would prefer on one of the threads where this is being discussed? (Would do it myself but I'm about to have one hell of a busy weekend and I have to run.)

suggestion: beta

I was hit with some sudden nostalgia and decided to check out the Hetalia kink meme today. I saw that they have a kind of "beta express" over there where people offer a QUICK beta-reading, mostly for grammar and facts. (http://hetalia-kink.dreamwidth.org/77534.html)

Now, the demography of the Hetalia kink meme is obviously very different from this community - the readers/writers tend to be younger, there's far more active people, and Hetalia has a lot of people who don't speak English as their first language. (Though I'd bet the amount of French anons on this meme is larger than on other memes.) Those are all specifics that support the usefulness of that beta thread.

I know that I would certainly be happy about the possibility for a quick once-over, and I think the overall quality of the fills might increase. But as the Hetalia meme and this meme are so very different, maybe it wouldn't make as much sense over here. Thoughts?

You could start a thread on the chatter post for it? And since a lot of people seem to have forgotten the chatter post exists, feel free to plug it on the main round too.

Community description

The community profile seems to date from the early days of the kink meme, when non-explicit fanworks weren't really the thing here. Could this use an update? If you'd rather incentivize explicit kink that's fine, of course, but it seems like at least some of the prompts and fills have unofficially ignored those guidelines.

i can't access the meme at all on flatview--is it just me?

It's not working for me, either. Time to poke LJ and see what they've screwed up this time.


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