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Ten little bullets in my hand

Les Mis Anon Kink Meme Chatter Post

Here it is, a chatter post for all your off-topic needs!

What the chatter post is NOT:
- Les Mis fandom's version of an anon hate/gossip meme
- A venue to vent your spleen at people who are Wrong On The Internet
- No, seriously, I don't care how stupid someone's opinions are, there are a billion places on the internet where you can give free rein to your scorn and hostility. This isn't one of them.
- A place to whine about anyone else's kink meme etiquette. You want someone to police etiquette, talk to a mod, we can put in a gentle word with people who truly don't realize how obnoxious they're being.

What the chatter post IS:
- A place to discuss Les Mis, resources and writing questions, possible additions or improvements to the meme, how awful your day was and why you imperatively need to be plied with espresso and a puppy and a good H/C fic rec, etc.
- Friendly, supportive, and respectful
- A goddamn resource goldmine
- A place to squee
- Off-topic, so it doesn't have to be about the meme or Les Mis
- Probably NSFW
- Ruthlessly moderated to ensure that everything is sparkles and joy and rainbows and unicorn farts at all times
- Subject to an immediate total comment freeze if it starts going down the tubes or if we go from zero to the front page of fandom_wank while the mods are asleep

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